Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

That's all I can really muster up to say about this year...
Prayers up for a prosperous, joyful, and exhilarating 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013


If someone says they "may" do something for you, or "may" come and see you, or "may" have you over....I dont know; in my mind it seems as if what they "may" do is an inconvenience? Or am I overreacting...reading too much into it...or just plain ol' doing the most?
I just figure if you really wanted to do any of the above mentioned, or had any interest in any of it whatsoever; "may" wouldn't be the word I'd use.
I'm just saying...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Sad things is...it less than 12 days til Christmas and I'm not in the spirit at all (sad face here) I don't know why either! No day have I felt like getting in the crowds, hustle or bustle of shopping! I don't even feel up to internet shopping! Actually, at the the time I'm partially in the mood- when I'm leaving with rehearsing with my kids- I'm discouraged though to actually get in the parking lot of any store alone hearing all the tragic stories of young, old...hell; it doesn't matter, something's happening to any one going out to the stores alone! (Sad) 
Yes I have protection...mace, a stun gun, two stun guns actually...but who wants to even place themselves into the situation where they may actually need to use it?! 
I don't!
The roads are a mess! Traffic everywhere! Rude drivers! Yesterday:
I was driving to my second location and of course there was traffic. The red light had us at a standstill and this driver behind me had the nerve to blow at me to move up so she could get into another lane to pass by. I obliged, but first honked for the car in front to scoot up. My Texas friendly driver in front obliged as well. So here I am thinking I'm being a courteous driver and that raggedy heffa had the nerve to slow down beside me as I allowed her to pass with her window down saying some explicatives! As if I didn't just move up for her. Of course; I ignored her! Ain't nobody got time for that...I was singing along to my music! Her friend in the car must've agreed with me because she had her head down motioning for the raggedy heffa to keep it moving!
But do you see my point? I'm not in the mood! Point, blank, and the period!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grown Woman

Let's be clear:
Yoncé has been giving you hints that she's a grown woman for years now! I don't follow her lyrically enough to speak intelligently about the "demonic" references few are referring to, or the culturally "religious" credence she's been given but what I do know is all the hoopla over her supposed "too" explicit lyrics are ludicrous! Yes! They are a tad bit more explicit than some more previous albums but REALLY?! When did you ever feel her music was based towards a "family" or "tween" or "children's" audience?! It certainly hasn't been gospel or christian contemporary since Destiny's Child's Silent Night, Holy Night rendition! Even when she was with Destiny's Child...did you actually think young girls in high school, middle school and younger or what-not should be focused on a MAN that could pay their "Bills"?  On being "Bootylicious"? At that age is there room for concern of being "Dangerously in Love"? 
Get real! 
Having "Resentment" towards a man or needing and wanting a "Soldier"? Oh, my bad...it came out around 9/11 so you literally thought she meant a soldier in our beloved United States Army? What did you think "Check Up On It" meant...actually?! Checking on homework?! 
When has her performances or albums ever been kid-friendly? 
It must have been when she recorded "Baby Boy" or the duet between she and Luther, "The Closer I Get To You"? No; I got it! It was when she recorded "Ego" and "Video Phone" or when she told us all about sleeping in her mans "T-shirt"? Nope! My bad; it was "Dance for You." Better yet! "Love On Top"!?
Be for real! The woman has always used sexual prowess and innuendos when creating her music, lyrics, and performances. You LOVED it before! You've always LOVED it! Bought albums, shirts, concert tickets. 
For as much as I've known; she's always taken her actual experiences, thoughts, feelings, or inner conscienceness as most all ARTISTS do and created her work with it!
Now she's in her thirties! She been through some thangs, she's experienced LOVE, and all the emotions and side-bars that go with her specific love and she's creating her work with her experiences. Maybe it's "Déjà Vu" to you? Or maybe you felt those experiences were "Irreplaceable" and they'd never be spoken of but I think it's ridiculous that now all of a sudden she's "too" explicit or classless? Why? Because she's not just using the term bitch anymore? She's not placing a finger over her lips when cursing or giving a sly grin? She doesn't say the word over a bass or other riff-type sound, now she's extended the vulgar language to four-letter words of her choice? Has her "persona" now exposed you for the person you truly are and, although she calls hers "another character" you're who you really are? Now's not the time to decide whom you really "belong to" by osterisizing the artist! You knew it all along! 
By the way; her exploits are with her HUSBAND meanwhile some of you use her music as a background for your "many" boyfriends! Hello?! (Wow)
So, why are you really mad? We all will sleep well. Trust. No one really cares. I'm just wondering why it was ever discussed in the first place. Ok. Bye!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lumps on Logs

If you can't skate, don't attend a SKATE party.
If you're not going to dress up, don't attend the COSTUME party.
If you're not into games, don't attend a GAME night.
If you don't like to read, don't join a BOOK club.
If you don't indulge in meat, don't attend a BARBEQUE! What do you think they'll serve...only salad?!
Moral of the story:
If you don't participate in the required or, shall I say, specified activity, regretfully decline. You serve no good purpose watching everyone else partake in the said activities. You tend to make others feel uncomfortable ogling and onlooking. Seat holders are only useful at award shows, and even then; they ask you to clap, cheer, and stand at particular times. I'm just saying; it's annoying to the other guests and especially the host if and when you don't participate after saying you would by accepting the invitation! It's a sure-fire way to never be invited again! After all that is the point of extending an invitation, you know? The request that you WILL participate or at least...what's the word: ATTEMPT!


How you invite some one over and they end up having to supply the food, drinks AND entertainment?! Really? 
It was YOUR big bright idea! Everyone was minding their own business!

All GREAT Things Come in THREE's!!

I've had yet another excellent birthday! It was the first birthday I didn't spend with my Ganny, so I did, at first; think it would be horrible and emotional. It was quite the contrary! Although she's no longer here physically, I felt her spiritually :-)
Originally, back in August, I had another idea of exactly how I'd plan my birth DAY party (parties) but that plan was quickly dismissed when another person I exposed my idea to during my planning stages, took it. Now, I'm not naive enough to think I'd have the idea first, last, or anywhere in between; but it was a deep side-eye situation and I've learned my lesson (I'll just say that) 
Needless to say; everything happens for a reason and my THREE-part (and then some) birthday went on without a hitch! 
There were a few people that were on my nerves, slightly, because (my opinion) they're not "used" to the spontaneous type of fun-loving girl that I am...yet! I mean, yes, I plan...in detail...but there are times...I don't! Either way...fun will be had by ALL! I think they get it now! Lol! 
Happy Birthday to Muah!! 

She's another year GREATER!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013



How dare I have to be on a liquid diet for a day?!!!!! ...and ten hours?!??!

I'm starving! 

I want a baked potato, French fries, roast, rice and gravy, a hamburger...with cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard and ketchup, lobster, green beans, blueberry muffin, banana nut bread! I'll take some pizza, blackened fish, pasta, fried chicken wings, a salad...loaded! Put Italian and ranch dressing on the side; I'll figure it out later! Give me pepper jack cheese cubes, a ham/turkey sandwich, chicken and dumplings,...NO SOUP! I'll have some bread pudding, lasagna, spaghetti with every meatball, chocolate covered strawberries, a banana split, steak...it don't matter the cut! Slice of cheesecake, ribs, pork chops, macaroni...the kind my mommy makes, egg rolls, shrimp fried rice, an orange, some whip cream, in fact...give me fruit salad, chicken salad, potato salad, smoked boudain, steamed crab!  I just want some FOOD!!! NOW!



To be standing in the same spot, doing the same thing, never actually achieving anything is a curse. It's some type of curse to also be chasing your tail, like a dog would! 
Now, the question remains; what do you do to change your current situation?
The answer is what makes you a conqueror, a mighty warrior in the world we live in, or a coward...a victim of what lies in front of you. Which do you choose? How do you choose? 
You only get one life...on this side...so make it count!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Words Have Meaning

Have you ever found yourself taken aback by the words someone says or writes? Good or bad? Words have meaning. Words have power. That's why it's important to watch what you say and almost just as importantly...HOW you say it!
There's someone in my life whom uses words (in a great way) to their advantage however; as kind or as generous as the words may "seem" this person always ruins it by their actions. We all know and have been taught: Actions speak louder than Words. 
I'll leave my comments to that. Actions speak louder than Words. There's really nothing left to say.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

No matter the circumstance practice being thankful for where you are and what you have in life! Remember practice makes PERFECT! Enjoy your day with food and family❤️


Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Man Holiday

I get it! I really do...they needed a REAL reason to come back together again after all that went down during the first installment of the Best Man! I understand! It's real difficult for a man, especially, to look past and willy nilly accept an "apology" and continue on a "friendship" like family with another man whom bedded your wife down...and to add insult to injury, he's the best man in your wedding, and then to add about a pound more salt to your wound; you find out through a book he's making money off of. Then, even after all that, everyone in your circle knows before you! So yeah, I get it alright! Lance is a better man than most! But hey, love is an invitation to crazy (as Ernessa T Carter says it in her book) and love will make your behind do some strange thangs (not things LOL)!  
So on to the Holiday; I liked it! I enjoyed it even! I went with a large group and the theater was packed considering we went on opening night! However, I'm not quite sure I could see it again, eventhough I need to in order to really hear every single punch line and/or get every single aspect of the movie I may have missed the first go around. Thing is...the film hit way too close to home for me...and although it's most people's reality and YES, it had a greater tone than extreme sadness...and YES at the end and even throughout it was, actually, (in a mature person's mind) a celebration of LIFE. It was still too soon for me! I as, the 35 million other people that saw the film that weekend, went through an abundance of emotions. I'm not sure I would've went through as many emotions (phyically) had I not had first hand experiences (twice) with what the film exposed to us. 
But in the end; that's what makes great cinema! Art imitating life; life imitating art! So, kudos to Malcom D. Lee and the entire cast and crew! Life isn't all peaches and roses and every aspect of our lives won't always be 100% percent...but it's always a blessing! And Malcolm D. Lee does an impressive job of illustrating those concepts through film in both installments of the Best Man! I'm looking forward to Three! What's in store for Lance (L Boogie), how will Harper and Robin be doing? Will Jordan make it work with her new boo or will work consume her as always, and like so many women in this day in age she be left serial dating and in dead-end relationships? Can Murch and Candy endure all that come up against them since they married not fully knowing "all" about each other? Is love enough? When will Quintin and Shelby stop monkeying around and actually get together and raise their child together (side-eye)? Yes! I believe that's their child together! I wouldn't be surprised if Shelby wouldn't be the reason Quintin doesn't get married to anyone but her. If he attempts to marry someone else...Shelby will spend half the movie trying to get her man! After all; that's the only real reason she'll eventually leave Murch and Candy to their happily ever after! 
Well, if you haven't seen it yet! You're late! Get it together and go and support! If you have, share your thoughts! 

Happy Holidays!

Great Season, Not-So Great Hands

I'm just saying the Fall through Winter season is great and I'm a all for it, but what I'm not all for are the GERMS! YUCK! 
Sneezing, wheezing, running noses, coughing, etc., etc., etc.!
"People" are bad, this season more than others, about their germs! Not washing hands and what-not!
This is the season where it's chilly out and everyone wants to snuggle and or stay warm. They'll attempt this by hugs, even if it's the sideways-church hugs...it's still a hug and germs are atill transferred! Because, most people, don't readily carry sanitizer and/or tissue around with them...as soon as they sneeze or cough it's either with an open mouth spreading germs like wild-fire at about 20 miles an hour OR they wipe the germs, which were placed into their hands onto their clothes OR they've sneezed or coughed into their shoulder, sleeve, or pants. These same people will hug, shake your hand, or give you dap.
Get my picture?! YUCK! This season is YUCK! Lol! 
I still love it though!
Keep it safe! Keep it clean! No bacteria! No germs!! Wash those hands...and clothes real good! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

32 Candles

A book by Ernessa T Carter, her first book actually. I quite enjoyed it and found myself pleasantly tickeled throughout the page-turning thirty-two chapters. 
Without giving too much away- 32 Candles was nostalgic and reminiscent of 80's movies mostly starring Molly Ringwald...well the official "Brat Pack" of the Eighties!  In my honest opinion; it also coupled the thriller Carrie, not with such chilling allegations of morbid actions and plot lines, but with hints of sordid overtones and themes. The book did however, pay homage to the Nineties film, Fatal Attraction. 
Most times during the plot, the author, makes her references to any outside influences known and uses them as catalyst to further develop the story, other times if you consider yourself a movie buff, as I do, and clearly like the author; you recognize quirky indirect suggestions to otherwise well-known films in the Eighties and Nineties. 
After fully reading the book my rating out of five; I give this book a strong five! I enjoyed it and I believe you would too! 
My only advice to you, that I've taken from the book, would be; "Don't accept the invitation to crazy...unless you really want to!" (said with a wink and a smile) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buzz Word

I'm sorry and I certainly don't mean to be insensitive to those that have experienced bullying in any form or fashion. I have the upmost empathy for you, as any form of verbal, physical, or mental bullying is outright wrong, humiliating, and could cause serious psychological long-term effects. 
I must. I'm obligated. I'm led to put out there however, that "some" of us have taken the term to an entire different level. It's ridiculous! You, if you have experienced or made these claims are, in fact, making a complete mockery of the seriousness of those affected by bullying! 
Bullying is defined as the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or impose domination over others with forms of aggression. The behavior is (often) repeated and habitual

Bullying is not: 
1. Looking at
2. A "perceived" insult or rude comment
3. Not being "friends" with
4. Disagreeing
5. "Accidentally" doing anything to you 
6. Getting shoved or pushed in a small, yet, crowded area 
7. Debating or Confrontation 

The list could go on, but these are some of the "bullying" tactics said individuals are using to make a mockery of a serious matter.  A more timid individual or quiet individual is no more a "victim" than an outspoken individual or boisterous individual is a "bully"! 
Building "intimidation" in your mind or feelings of inferiority is your own insecurity rather than everyone else around you is victimizing you. Ralphie in A Christmas Story got bullied. The Karate Kid was bullied.  Your child is not getting bullied because another child doesn't like them. 
Children make faces...so do adults! 
Children hurl remarks and sometimes insults...especially in competition...so do adults!
Children gossip...so do adults!
Children disagree...so do adults!
Children fight...so do adults! 

The point of if all is that life won't always be lollipops and gum drops! Everybody won't always think your idea is the best. Everybody won't always like working with you. Everybody doesn't want to be your friend. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone won't want to sit by you...especially of you stink! Everyone will acknowledge our differences. Everyone won't understand our differences. Everyone isn't born on the same level and everyone won't die on the same level. There is a season for everything and everyone. 
If you walk around believing everyone is on your side...you are sadly mistaken! There are lions crouching at our doors! 
I'm not telling anyone that it is ever ok to be bullied, or accept bullying....if it is indeed bullying! But what I am saying is chill out with the use of the buzz word. There are really people experiencing terror daily from abuse: mental, physical, verbal! 
Lay off the caffeine! Stop taking all these "medications" for nerves or other created disorders that cause anxiety, tension, stress, heightened anything else. Get out the house! 
Exercise more! Build your own self up! Stop the expectations from others! And if nothing else...PRAY! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Getting into the fun of Halloween, I figure, just like I did for Christmas time; I'll give my movie picks for the season. My favorites to watch for the month of October's Fright Fest in no particular order:
Booohaaahaaahaaaraaa ;-)

10. Freddy Kruger (all the series)
9. Candyman 
8. The Skeleton Key
7. Child's Play (all of Chuckie: although it's comical)
6. JoyRide
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
4. Amityville Horror
3. The Ring
2. Shutter
1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (I can't lie...I'm scared of this one!)

Those are my pics! I enjoy ALL scary movies so it was sort of hard to just name 10! 
Eve's Bayou still creeps me out! The Haunting was okay. I still will watch Scream's and I Know What You Did Last Summer. High Tension almost made the cut. Vampire in Brooklyn is a fan favorite! (Even though it's not scary) Bram Stoker's Dracula and Poltergeist too! Children of the Corn and Jeepers Creepers could easily be apart! I love to catch Silver Bullet, Wolf, The Shining, The Rite, and Halloween when they come on! I've recently seen Wrong Turn 2, and enjoyed it as well
What are some of your favs?!

Happy Halloween 2013'

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Extra Gorgeous

I have this little Angel of a colleague that's stopped me in the hallway twice this week to comment that I'm looking...her words, "extra gorgeous!" She makes me smile each time, because I think I look a confused, frazzled mess walking fast getting stuff done like a chicken with my head cut off. We see each other often, in passing, in the morning then again in the afternoon. We always smile at each other and continue our fast-paced walk through the whirlwind day...But today, as we were doing our routine fast pass walk this afternoon, she stops, steps in and says, "I just have to ask. Is there a new man in your life?" I laugh and say, "Seriously! Why do you say that?" Her reply, "You just have a glow! You're glowing! You're gorgeous already, but here lately...I don't know. You've been extra gorgeous!" I laugh and say, "You're too kind and too funny! That's so sweet of you to say. Thank you!" She winks and says, "I tell you what! If you don't have a new man...a new one's coming! Extra gorgeous!" Then we both laugh! I say, "You're a mess! You've made my day! Have a great evening!" 

...I guess the jig is up, the dogs have been let out, and the gate is open! Lol

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pet Peeve Número Uno!

I'm such a life-long and avid reader that it really just chumps my chops when people don't read!!! Family, friends, students, anyone!! 
If I've taken the time out to WRITE it down and include it....don't even get me started on...and STATED it VERBALLY...
1. Invitation
2. Directions 
3. Text
4. Email
5. Letter
6. Etc.
Damn it! You need to read and reread it and then read it again, if needed. 
The absolute worst is when you send an invitation with ALL instructions, directions, or procedures WRITTEN and immediately following the "send", your phone rings and the questions PRINTED are asked!!
Seriously, man?! Get your life!!!!! 
It's PRINTED for your viewing pleasure! 

R. E. A. D.

I'm working on it...God's not through with me yet, because I used to just hang up on a person that would do that...or read them up one side and down the other! Now... I just breathe, and say, "Did you get the (invite, evite, text, email)?" 
When they say, "Yes." 
I just breathe and say, "Did you read it?"

When all I really want to say is, "You goofy @*# it's on the m~@~£,>#{].,^+[*=g  (invite, evite, text, emai!) if your dumb $@% would READ!"
But of course...I spare feelings ;-) LOL

Blame me for being a communications major!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh me, oh my! Cooking for a Large Family Pt. 2

So after brainstorming all the meals I've already cooked in my repertoire...and all the meals I'd like to cook but haven't yet...and all the meals I don't know how to cook, just yet; I've narrowed my menu options down.
Main course:
Chicken (not a huge fan of chicken but hey, it works baked)

Homemade macaroni
Green beans with red potatoes 
Rice and gravy
Sweet Potato casserole 


Chocolate chip cookies 

I'm leaning towards the roast as the main course. Should all be really good though! We'll see...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Last First Kiss

I just have a few things I wanna tell you
Don't be nervous: 
When it comes to you I wouldn't change a thing
I wouldn't even change the things I could change
Cause baby your perfect, perfect to me
Simply means that you are perfect for me
Your the answer to a prayer I haven't prayed
Gotta me ready to settle down
I think I wanna say, I'm falling in love with you
I'm so feeling all of this
Baby I'm praying that your.......
My last first kiss
Baby want you be my last time kissing somebody
For the very first time
All my ladies say la la la la la
Our first time making love
Baby I pray that this is the last time that I
Make love to for the very first time
My ladies say la la la la la
Feel what I'm saying I hope that your the last
Somebody to take me home to meet his mom and dad
I hope that it's the last first 
Time I say I love you
Hope that it's the last first
Time you say you love me too
Don't wanna ever kiss and say goodbye
If you just wanna kick it
Then your wasting my time
Cause my plan is to not just have a hit and quit
My plan is to make you.......
The first time I kissed you 
I just knew it felt right
Then when I'm with you, I'm walking cloud nine
Just being with you makes my whole life shine
Whenever I'm with you, whenever I kiss you....

No, I didn't write that, but I had to share the sentiments in Tamia's song Last First Kiss. It's one of my favs! Go download it on itunes! 

Baggage Claim Review

Cute film...reminiscent of Jumping the Broom...maybe it's because of Paula Patton starring in both. Baggage Claim could've easily been the prelude to Jumping the Broom. (Message- see them both! Lol)
Nice eye candy! Between Trey, Boris, lil' Terrance J, Taye Diggs, Derek Luke, those names alone, makes you want to see the movie. Can't forget Affion, Ricky, Dijiumon. Then, not leaving the men out: there was Tia, Jill (who recognizably lost weight and looks great) Christina, LaLa, Lauren London and Paula Patton (both happened to be my Sugar Honey Iced Teas favorites). The film visually is pleasurable!
Overall I liked! The story line- who isn't getting pressured to, not only find the one, but marry them by their parents...namely MOM! Who hasn't felt the pressure of having and keeping Mr. or Mrs. Right? Who hasn't endured date after date whether the outcome is good or bad? Ok then; who hasn't taken a trip that requires carrying baggage?! 
Lol! You get the point? See the movie! It's delightful! 

AND...read the book by David E. Talbert! 
*Disclaimer Since I've personally met Paula and sincerely worked with Derek I must strongly advocate supporting those two in all that they do! They both have great hearts and kind spirits! May God continue to bless their endeavors!

Some People...

Never, hardly EVER see the good in things! No matter what...the glass is always, almost empty...and there's probably no more left for a refill. These type of people could ruin a wet dream, as the expression goes. 
Just know that what some mean for bad, God will make your good! I've seen some instances of this theory strongly for the last week. All things work for the good of those that love Christ! And sometimes, even those that are "working on it" and aren't quite there in their faith get some residual effects of those around them that do believe whole-heartedly. Count it all joy! 
LOOK for the positives in your situation! Actively! It's not always easy. Trust me! But, certainly, don't start creating negatives in your situation! And that's what I've been running across people doing. 
Creating issues! Why?! Life already kicks us around enough! Hush that negativity in your mind! Silence the mental adversities you conjure up! 
You won't be so quick to be defensive, angry, and all that weight will be lifted! 

God Bless...(try it)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No more Pappas HH for me

No more Pappas Seafood House for me during happy hour! 
First I ordered the happy hour hot boiled shrimp with corn and potato. The corn came out ice cold and potato ice cold in the center on my HOT boiled shrimp with corn & potato hh snack I was anticipating. 
Then after being returned by HAND to the bartender she returns the same bitten into corn the cooks just "warmed" up that she'd previously HELD in HER HAND to take back to them! WTF!!!!!!?
She was like "they just heated it up for you, is that okay?" I was like "Ugh...No. I need new corn" she was like "ok" As if they're doing me a "favor"!
Mind you! By this time the shrimp is gone, so is the "reheated" potato. Only thing coming to me is corn a la carte, however before it comes out she's asking do I want the check! 
Finally the corn a la carte comes out...PLAIN  I had to ask for the original butter and seasoning to complete the meal 
Where they do this at?! #Pappas 😏😒
Out of control!!!! I frequent the Pappas franchise often, and I do mean OFTEN! Whether it's Ya Ya Marys, Pappadeaux, Pappasitos...Pappas Seafood, Pappas BBQ, etc...I mean...I'm there! So as I told my bartender: Are they new back there because this is not the Pappas Franchise I know!
Clearly, I just don't understand why I can hardly ever get GOOD service...especially after a long day :-(

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello Fall❤


Excellent film! That's all I can say, other than, you experience almost all emotions, otherwise I'd give away apart of the storyline ;-)
Go see it!

PS Hugh Jackman most definitely made up for Wolverine with this film...although, ok; I get it...it was the writers. But whatever! You get the point :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mental Notes A Khrystian Tid-Bit

Word to the Wise:
Not everything requires a response or needs to be addressed. There is such a thing called mental notes...
These are snapshots, if you will, of collective memories stored in your mind for (in this case) later use. Ever heard the phrase: Silence is golden!
You can do much more with silence than you could ever do with menial words. No need to address every issue, concern, situation or instance. Take note every now and then. Keep a mental photo album, if you will, for my Instagran fanatics. There will come a grand time when all the stored information and memories will come in quite handy AND for your ultimate benefit. Tread lightly. Speak easy. Take mental notes. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh me, oh my! Cooking for a Large Family Pt. 1

You know that "joke" conversation you have with someone about the next meal eaten by the group being your cooking?! Yea, well...for me that "joke" conversation has came to fruition! 
I have been given the daunting task of cooking Sunday dinner for a family of about 15!!!! Yes! Me! The girl that doesn't cook! The girl that is known by her FIRST name at all area restaurants! Yes! (as I raise my hand in the air) ME! 
It's no holiday! It's no special occasion...it's just a good old Sunday after church! 
Oh me, oh my! What am I going to do?! 
I've never cooked for more than like nine...and that was pasta and chilli for my work family during LUNCH time, not a full-on DINNER. On a Sunday, at that! A Sunday where I will surely be judged as if I've entered into some type of cooking contest! 
Yes, me! The girl who's just begun using appropriate kitchen utensils! The girl that stays on the telephone asking "how" "where" and "when" as it relates to ingredients and all things cooking! 
Egad!! I'm soliciting all ideas for menu options! 
I've thought of pasta- but that's the easy way out. It's something I know I can do and therefore, it bores me to allow that to be my go-to meal. I thought of a roast...and that's kind of what I'm leaning towards...but believe me! All options are being considered!! So, if you know of great menu ideas...please spread the wealth and let me know. Nothing too fancy and surely nothing too complicated! My name is Khrystian...not Betty or Martha! 
I'll keep you posted as I plan, prepare and host! Stay tuned...

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Relationship Rule::::::

Timing is Everything and in more ways than one!
1. When dealing with hectic daily schedules, like work, it could seem difficult to make time to spend together. Cut that issue off at the head- Make the time! It'll take extra effort at first, and some compromising on the logistics (where, when, for how long, etc.) but once it's established; you're back smooth sailing :-)

2. Response time is critical. When replying, confirming or denying. How do you respond to conflict? How you handle or, not handle, praise. How often do you accept or reject new and different ideas? It's all relevant. It all matters and it all can add value or devalue your new relationship. 

Just a couple of things to think about as you begin and maintain your new relationship.  Make time for each other both physically (seeing each other) and emotionally (genuinely set aside time to concern yourself with how your significant other thinks or feels about situations, no matter how small) Consciously map out TIME for each other (even if it's a short, simple, and sweet Thinking of u text ) 
Always think- little ripples can eventually make a BIG splash! Especially if you allow it, and this can be positive or negative, right? So let's at the very least start off in the positive
Use your time wisely! Have fun getting to know each other!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tamartian Fans: Love and War Review

Well...as you may already know...I AM a fan of Mrs. Tamar Braxton-Herbert's crazy, over-the-top personality of talent! Her album...it's been good...but I do have the critique that each song truly felt like a teaser! Maybe I just can't get enough...but! I felt the songs were TOO short ( or shawt) That just means: I enjoyed the album and didn't want any song to end :-) 
My favorites are...of course; Love and War, The One, and then there's Hot Sugar, Pieces, One on One Fun (reminiscent of her sis I may add), All the Way Home, I'm really enjoying this Where It Hurts (it's giving me that Barry Manilo, Mandy life!) Well...just go listen! I'm in the middle of playing the album now! 
#SheWins ;-)

I tried...I really did!

I am unofficially and officially dubbed the "Party Girl"! Each year when my birthday comes around...I'm the girl that's planning themes, venues, styles, menus, etc. months ahead! Ordinarily, by the start of December 4th; I already have my head turning for the next birthday celebration and what, how, where, and when it will be to be more fabulous than the last!
Last year I decided to be low-key like some of my other Sagittarius counter-parts that enjoy quiet, quant dinner parties or small intimate gatherings instead of my month-long engagements that often times require specific dress codes! I thought: let's see what this is about! The intimate gathering. I figured: Khrystian, you always surround yourself with EVERYONE and invite EVERYONE...this time; don't plan or strategize, just do a small (family) dinner and let it be! 
I tried...I really did!
I had that small intimate gathering that was slightly last minute, which led to very perplexed phone calls and texts from friends not quite understanding WHY in the world I wasn't celebrating like "usual". 
Well to that idea, my counter-parts whom prefer that "quiet" "private" style of celebration I say more power to you and continue to enjoy but this Chick is back!! 
Get ready, get ready, get ready because I've already begun the planning for December 7, 2013! Stay alert for your official save-the-date in celebration of ME! The Party-Girl! The Sagittarius! Diva. Sexy. Cool. Khrystian Nichole. 
I'm ready, planning, and excited to bring that old thang back! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Butler

Reminiscent of a Forest Gump type of film, in my opinion, where blocks of history are broken down and given a first-hand account through the eyes of a character! Let's be clear! I'm not, in any way, taking away from Forest Gump, or minimizing the originality of either film. 
The Butler will hold significance or a special place for each person independently. Some will view it as a love story. Others will see it as a dynamic father-son relationship story. A few will view it as a story of one mans struggle to find himself in a world where he's not accepted for himself, regardless of what he does or whom he knows. For some it will serve as a catalyst to showcase the overall plight of a black man beginning from nothing, but obedience, and a will to have better. Someone may say it highlights the Black family through significant life points and conflict. Another person may say it tells the story of the inside entities of the White House. A group of people may say it's highlighting another form of, the Help, a meaningful profession and important role in our United States history.
Whichever story line you recognize as prominent makes no difference...you'll understand that this film encompasses all elements of a great historical film. It affirms nobility, hard work, passion, conviction, and love.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and take from it, an enlightenment, or cognizance, of both education reference as well as entertainment. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grown-Ups 2

Waste of film reel! Just because you have a budget to make a film does not necessarily mean it needs to be done! 
This movie was crass and down-right gross! Adam Sandler should've left well enough alone with the first one! Not everything needs a sequel! And the saddest part is...the films that need sequels hardly, if ever, get them! 
A total waste of my time! Literally! I wanted to leave the theater!


I found the film to be rather subpar! No offense to you die-hard Wolverine fans, but I'm quite certain you'll agree the film didn't live up to it's predecessors! 
I went all in expecting something...let's just say...different! 
I'd say they should've waited or not made it at all...because with all the other comic strip films out there; this film just really went to the bottom of the barrel...okay maybe not the rank bottom, but pretty low! After the film was over uou felt like you had an itch that you just couldn't scratch! Sorry Hugh, it was just okay. I'd probably watch it again...if nothing else is on and I'm bored channel surfing.

White House Down

Jamie Fox never disappoints
Channing Tatum, well...he gets my vote

The movie was great and can't wait to buy it from Fry's when it comes out! Go support those great men!

The Conjuring

It's no secret I'm a fan of Vera Farmiga! I first fell in love with her performance in Nothing But the Truth (check it out if you haven't seen it) but since then, I've attempted to view the films she been associated with or at the very least starred in. (ok, ok...not really! Lol! Hey, I do what I can when I can do it)
In wanting to see the Conjuring, it was primarily simply because it was the newest scary movie, or thriller, released. I actually hadn't any idea she was apart of the film so I was pleasantly surprised when she appeared on screen. I knew then, I wouldn't be too disappointed in the film! 
Suffice to say; I wasn't let down as far as jumping thrills and anticipation are concerned. My one critique is that the end was rather vague. The entire story centered around demonic spirits, possessions, and infestations but when the climax of the film came and it was proverbially the "conjuring", I felt the exorcism was cut like a short roller coaster...a few high drops, maybe three and then the end we're coasting back into the station, if that makes sense. 
My favorite- and by favorite, I mean most terrifying scary "exorcism" movie I'd suggest is the Exorcism of Emily Rose! I still won't watch it again! No way...to realistically scary! Not to take much away from the Conjuring, but it was no Emily Rose! 
Who knows if it's a true story....of course demonic spirits and possessions do take place, but who knows if these accounts are actually true. 
All in all I'd give the film three out of five stars. If you've seen it; let me know what you think. 

Wants, Needs, Expectations

Have you ever been asked, straight-up, what it is you want, need, and expect from your significant other when you first began dating?
It could be a daunting question, seeing as how it's a three-part question, but the response could be even more daunting, right?! Or not!
Some of us know exactly what we want, others of us don't. Majority of us don't realize what we want until it's too late, or the opportunity is no longer there. Then there are others of us whom have known what we wanted, needed and expected since we got out the womb! 
I suggest you take a moment and consider or REconsider exactly what it is you want, need and expect out of your relationships! But also, take it a step further; and figure out what you want, need and expect out of life! What is it you want, need, and expect for your day to day regiment in order to get there...to your goals?
Actually create the list, the guidelines, put it on paper, if you need to! This provides focus! Focus is the key to getting anything you want, right? Once you have focus, the vision is clear, the goal is attainable!
Same thing for the relationship: Once you have focus on your wants, needs and expectations in your relationship; the vision and direction of your relationship is set. There is no miscommunication or confusion on what you BOTH see. The gps is set and it's up to the both of you whether or not you're willing to spend the money on gas, upkeep, and maintenance. Are you willing to go those miles? Are you going to take the same route, or does one desire to take short-cuts and dead-end roads? If you can travel that same road the goal is most certainly attainable and you're on your way to your destination!
Problem lies when you hear or set the wants, needs, and expectations without being genuine. Masking what you really want. 
Save time! 
Save heartache! 
Be authentic! 
Mean what you say, and say what you mean!

Good dating!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Today my Ganny would be 80 years old! I still remember the wretched phone call I got letting me know she left this place as if it were today! Every day since then seems as if I'm coasting through a weird dream that I can't wake up from. It's one of the worst feelings I've ever felt in my life! Have you ever felt that way? Sort of like you're not in control of your thoughts or actions. Sort of like you're actually watching your day play out, as if you're watching television. Sort of like at any moment you'll hear a loud, obnoxious alarm clock ringing...you'll wake and be relieved it was all a dream! 
...except...it's not a dream! But it sure feels like it...

Well today, I still have to press on and party like she's here! Ganny was a true Leo, lioness that LOVED celebrating her birthday! She actually celebrated all month (that's probably where I got it) 
Happy Birthday Ganny!!!!!!!!! 
She was definitely a Diva! She definitely loved living the life she lived! And I'll definitely honor her TODAY! 
Opening Curtain August 5, 1933- Closing Curtain April 18, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2 Guns

Forget that Denzel and Paula Patton are back on the big screen together if that was ever your reason for going to see it!
Forget that Denzel is back on screen period...if that's your reason for seeing it!
Forget that Mark Walhberg, Markie Mark (ya; I'm biased) is an added bonus if that was your reason for going to see it!
Forget that it's an action flick surrounding Wild Wild West gun downs if that was your reason for going to see it!

This film was raw, wildly comedic in timing, and breathtakingly fresh and witty! It wasn't your average "Bang, bang, shoot 'em up" film! Yes, duh! The film is called 2 guns, but the writers added a flair, I think, that suggested another caliber of your gun-toting bad guy-good guy film! 

I don't want to give anything away so I'll leave it at: 2 Guns gets 2 Thumbs....
Way Up!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Online versus Library versus Book Store

The debate, with myself of course, being should I continue to purchase Ebooks and read them off my phone's Kindle app, or should I borrow from the library when available or buy from the book store!
Anyone that knows me, knows I'm an avid reader! I love, love, love to read! If you've been keeping up with this blog you also know this. It's no secret...I do! Most times I'll finish a book in a day, interruptions included, especially if I enjoy it! Yes! I'm a Book Worm and I wear it proudly! 
As economical as Ebooks can be, because let's face it...sometimes I get them for free or for a penny and if you know me...you know I love, love, love a good bargain; I still feel the need to increase my shelf of books! Then u think, being apart of a book club, what if I loathe the book after reading it and now I've purchased it? But, alas, I've figured it out: if the book is not free or on sale through Ebooks, I'll borrow from the library. If I enjoy the book; I'll buy it. Same basic principle for a book I don't particularly care for. I'll still purchase it...then just either sell it or give it away! Hey! One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?! 
*Yea, I wrote this because you care. Lol*

The Silly Side

You'd be surprised, as you're getting to know someone, just how "silly" they could be!
That is not meant to be a derogatory statement at all. I understand that in logical dictionary terms the word, "silly" is deemed as having a lack of common sense...however; I'm using this word as a term of endearment seen only by close individuals to a person whereby you wouldn't normally see these characteristics. This is not "them" in a professional setting. This is not "them" even in a large group of friends or associates. Sometimes, it's not even them with extended or close family. 
This "silly" side is meant: at a certain point in a relationship with another person you begin to see a side of them that not everybody sees! It's exclusive! VIP's permitted only! It's not meant for everyone! It's an intimate moment when guards are down, masks are removed, the armor is off, there are no aires, the unveiling....the REAL DEAL HOLLIFIELD.
It's beautiful (if you're sentimental, anyway) because it's an extremely vulnerable place when you are your naked self! You become wide open for judgement, but again, not everyone sees it....so it makes it that much more special! Letting go and being YOU, with your imperfect self is...fabulous! Sharing that with someone feels...magical! (again...if you're sentimental)
If someone has shared their "silly" side with you, be honored. It's not planned. So many times we, just in human nature, are striving to be who we imagine ourselves being, rather than just being who we truly are without fictionalizing a character. Make sense? Fake it 'till you make it! Meaning...when meeting and maintaining relationships nine times out of ten someone isn't always their authentic selves. 
Why would you be?! They may not like the "real" you! It may be too much to take in! You may be offensive! They may not take you seriously! You might be rejected! 
So, in order to deny any rejection or even give-way to the clue we're not all we say at this moment, however, we're working on it; we put up facades. We "look" and "act" the part. Not fully understanding that in our vulnerable, and most imperfect moments there's a beauty that's incomparable! 
It's that "silly" moment when a person feels comfortable enough around you to be comfortable in their own skin. The moments you are a REAL person with quirky traits, habits, and idioms! Sharing your "silly" side, should indeed be limited editions. It's not for everybody...
That's not you? Oh. You still don't get what I'm saying?! You're your "naked" self at all times? Oh. What you see is what you get? Oh, okay. My bad then! Carry on. Lol


Rule of Thumb

Don't make promises you can't deliver or have no intention of delivering. I was raised in a home where we were taught: your word is your bond! 
So if you say it mean it! Practice, not only saying what's right, but; doing what's right! Integrity is important. When all material possessions are taken away, and all the "things" you worked toward or built are destroyed the one and only thing you have left is your word...your word and your faith! No one, not one person can strip you of that! 
Ironically, and so beautifully prophetic is the immutable fact that Jesus is the Word! So in essence you're not only keeping the "words" that come from your mouth, you're also keeping Jesus with you at all times! 
Isn't that amazing?! That's cause for a praise break, right?!
On the realistic side...if you're not keeping your word, if you have no real meaning or truth behind your words, if you deny your words after they're spoken, if you don't maintain your words...you are not keeping Jesus!
At the start of this blog I had no idea that revelation was going to be written, and definitely not spoken! Interesting...the power of words...

*Aside* I just love the phrase "immutable fact" ever since Angela Bassett said it on the film Jumping the Broom! If you hadn't seen it yet...you're late...Lol!


Take a Page Out This Book

How are you a nail tech and underneath your fingernails are dirty?
How do you style hair, and your hair stays raggedy?
How are you in fashion, owning a boutique, and you're not fashionable?!
How do you advocate and sell health and wellness when you, yourself, are not healthy or well?! 

Take a page from Corporate America, Small Business Owners and contract workers! When you work for companies you are required to wear AND sell their brand, right?! So why wouldn't you use that same, exact, initiative when you work for yourself! Who better to advertise and brand your ideas, your gifts, your talents than yourself?! 

One Man's Trash is Another's TREASURE

Don't be down in the dumps! So what you didn't get that one job you thought you were perfect for! So what you felt rejected time in and time out by others! So what, so what, so what to the countless other things you have running through your mind that signifies feeings of brokenness, disturbance, or stenches of funk you still have lingering around! Dust yourself off! Clean yourself up! Wash all the mundane nonsense from yourself! 

Fact of the matter is: Everythang Ain't for Everybody! (Yes, it's bad grammar, but it's great philosophy!) 

Just because you didn't get the job you "thought" was perfect for you doesn't mean the "good and perfect" career is not coming your way! Just because that seemingly beautiful relationship ended, doesn't mean your "good and perfect" for you-relationship isn't around the corner! Just because you lost your mind, man and money doesn't mean it's the end of the world! Lol! Ok...that's alittle tragic...but you get the picture!
The point is life will sometimes deal you a card you're just not expecting...just don't ACCEPT it! Make it do what it do, Baby (in the famous words of Ray Charles!) It takes time, heat and pressure to create fossil fuels- an invaluable natural resource  that we use up by the second! (Ok! That's the fifth grade science teacher coming out of me...but it's logical and conducive to what I'm saying lol) 
You are invaluable! You are a natural resource! God made you! Your value increases throughout your lifetime! The heat and pressure allows you to shine brighter than any diamond! Value yourself and your worth before allowing someone else to stamp a clearance tag on you! 
They don't want you...their loss...you are of value! Imagine where Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Vanessa Williams, Michael Jordan, and our very own President of the United States, President Obama would be, had they taken in to their spirit the fact that they were discounted as trash! Really?! Listen...this world owes you nothing! Not anything! So what! Keep it moving! One man's trash is another man's treasure and I'm just simply telling you there's a message in the mess! Don't take for granted something covered, that you're too lazy to uncover, and miss your treasure!

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Relationship Rule:

You and your Significant Other should ENJOY each other! Spending time together, getting to know each other. If, when you make plans together, you feel like you're doing a chore...move around! Time won't make it any better! 
Word to the wise...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Resurrection

Just when you feel a situation is dead...and even sometimes buried...the resurrection happens! A renewing of your mind, an awakening of your heart, a refreshed attitude, an adamant desire for revival! The dead situation I'm speaking of could be ANYTHING that's dead-end: job, relationship, health, family, finances, you name it! 
The honest to goodness truth is that this unproductive or dead situation within your life can and will come often and without warning. Keep hanging on! The elder-folk used to say, "Just keep on living..." That phrase is all too often an omen of certainty! If you have yet to experience a dead situation...just keep on living! But, on a more positive and uplifting note...If you are in a dead situation right now, feeling at your witt's end, broke, busted, and disgusted...just keep on living!!
Because just as Christ was resurrected, although He miraculously did it in three days, there's hope in knowing our resurrection is indeed coming as well! We may not know the day or hour, but we know that as long as there is breath in our bodies and we keep waking up to a new day; there will be NEW, different opportunities! What a difference a day makes?! 
That dead situation you're going through is just REST for your mind, body and soul! So rest in PEACE! Rest in comfort knowing that no matter how detrimental or tragic the situation may seem; God is still in control! Glorify Him through it all! RIP that dead situation because sooner than later the RESURRECTION will occur! Just remember; the night is darkest just before the dawn! 
In the words of Max Lucado on twitter: Next time you're disappointed, don't panic. Don't give up. Don't run away. Be patient and let God remind you He's still in control!
Happy Personal Resurrection day to YOU,

*Inspired by this life I live and I'm loving my resurrection*

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Single Girl Gem #86

So many times you may find yourself out with a Lame, or just someone that you find yourself disinterested in and it almost always happens DURING the date. Couldn't be before, right?! That's too much like RIGHT!  
You may have begun the night with great expectancy, but let's face it; sometimes a guy will say something, do something or just plain old turn you all the way OFF! A way to politely "rid" yourself of their petty advances->
Guy: When's the last time you were held (insert any verb here)?
Doll: Last night

Lol! Trips them up every time! They don't know what to say next! Of course you probably weren't even with someone the night before...but if you're disinterested in the said person, and they say something disengaging; that's a great comeback/response to "end the night" sooner than later. 
Your welcome

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Words Than None

Take away RACE in America and just focus on HUMANITY! A man serves time for killing dogs in his yard. Another man actually takes a human life by following, persuing, attacking, and then not being able to handle his bluff; kills a child and is found NOT guilty! A human life can be TAKEN and there is no accountability!! I would be appalled, if I didn't know what country I lived in and what dark powers and principalities ruled this world!
Let's be crystal clear: this verdict does not mean he did not commit murder, it simply means this jury did not convict him! As difficult as it is, we should not forget that God does NOT sleep!  Just as other defendants found not guilty of murder have paid the penalties for their crime, this heinous crime will not go unpunished either.
A conversation needs to be had about race relations because whether you understand it or not; racism and predjudice has never NOT been a factor in America, it doesn't matter that it's 2013! 
This only furthers my divine purpose to fight for social justice within and through the classroom where I teach young, impressionable preteens of all races.  I teach Trayvon Martins. I teach George Zimmermans. 
The question is: You're mad now. You're upset in this moment. Imagining being apart of the Martin family and placing yourselves in their shoes...but what are YOU going to do! Posting black screens in support is not enough. Going on social media rants is not enough. Looking upside someone's head is not enough! Be angry enough to turn that rage into work. Teach, educate, Do better. Be an example. Hold conversations. VOTE! Use your voice and be heard!! Love one another. It won't happen overnight at all...but one small step is all it takes towards progression! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Single Girl Gem~ Khrystian Tid-Bit Edition #88

When you can't see past what you want, you don't receive what you're WORTH! 
You have to make them WORK for it!