Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Permission for Obedience Khrystianism

God gives us the desires of our prayer is the strength and OBEDIENCE to fulfill them❤️


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

End of Your Rope

So you're finding yourself at the end of your rope. You're at your wits end. You're about to lose your mind. 
Who isn't?! Who hasn't been there?! 
Go head and go into that private area. Your special place that know one knows about. Sob. Cry. Yell. Scream. Get pitiful if you need to. Then. 
Get up, get over it, and MOVE!
Give your self the permission to do it. No one needs to know. You'll find your strength in that place. It's a private intervention. You'll find your peace. Your sanity in the calm after that storm.

It's Me, Not You

I've come to the definitive conclusion; based solely on my life experiences, and with all that continues to come my way that it's me and not any one else that's responsible for the life I live. The life I accept, rather. From my business career choices to my personal relationship choices. 
I used to live in denial. I used to act dense. But now, today, for sure; I know it's me! 
No one else!
I'm choosing the people I meet, befriend, date, fall for...I'm choosing the bad decisions, mishaps, disasters...I'm choosing the heartaches, heartbreaks, headaches...
It's my fault! It's my bad. I'm in the wrong. 
I've been annoyed, offended, and irritated by everyone but the one person that's responsible and that's me! 
I've been blinded. Thinking I was innocent in single-handedly ruining, damaging, and destroying my life. I, indeed, have been the culprit! 
Why though?
Perhaps it was because I was naive. Maybe it was simpler to blame everyone else. Could it have been vulnerability? Or, dare I say, weakness. No! Couldn't be that, right?! Not weakness? No one ever wants to truly admit their weaknesses, right? 
I've lied to myself. I've manipulated myself. I've had a hidden agenda with my damn self! 
The first step to recovery is admittance right? The first stage in releasing demons is to expose them, right...and they flee? 
So here it is:
It's ME, not you!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Silence is Golden


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wake Up!

Waking up to fussing on the phone, holding a conversation of digs and jabs is not a way to start a day with your significant other. Really?! If you're digging and jabbing, sending subliminal that even like? It certainly couldn't be love? Right? 
So! How does a simple hello, good morning turn into this twisted tale?! There must be some underlying issues right? Right! Get to the root! Figure it out!...or hang up the phone and try it again.

I'm just saying...

**Spoken Words Taken Out of My Mouth!**

This lady, this woman of God, spoke directly from my mind, my heart, my mouth this morning as I read her tweets and so I'm obligated to share! I couldn't contain myself! 
If it's good word to you, SHARE, if it's not, just say OUCH and keep it moving! 
Pride comes before destruction so you won't accept the TRUTH!

This is the year many of you will see you were never in Christ but the church...the system. Saul later renamed Paul had the same awakening. For many of you, the awakening will be painful...awaken anyway. Pay attention to what JESUS says: MANY will say I have prophesied in your name, cast out demons..but I will say depart from Me I NEVER knew YOU! Wealth, popularity, acceptance, comfortability, (I, Khrystian, will add tradition) etc have convinced many people they're right standing with God. Jesus says YOU can know them AND yourself by YOUR fruits. The issue is we call bad fruit, imperfection, when there is a difference in bad and imperfect. If you are a Pastor with women in every port, cheating on your wife, into porn, leading people on, using emotionalism to raise money; that's bad fruit! If you are or woman and coaxing anyone outside of your spouse into a romantic relationship for any reason, that's bad fruit. If you gossip, and lie...that's not an imperfection that God has to overlook because "He knows your heart..." that's bad fruit. Don't expect God to overlook what He has given you the power to change. Arranged marriages for image purpose...bad fruit. Orgies, trips out of the country for sex tourism, preying on the next generation, using prostitutes, strippers & escort services...bad fruit. The Bible even talks about emulations...emulating other peoplel...bad fruit. Get YOUR instructions from God. He's bringing YOURS a different way! Tearing other people down to build yourself up...bad fruit. Manipulation...bad fruit. Being two-faced...bad fruit. Jealousy, envying...bad fruit. You will know what fruit you bear when its harvest time...when what's in you, comes out of you. God will set up situations to show you what's in you that needs to come out of you. Stuck in a bad pattern? An ungodly root is still there. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying: MANY of you are mad that this season has shown you that you were deceived last season...don't be mad. Rejoice! It's better to recover from having been deceived than it is to have to spend an eternity knowing you were deceived. If you think you can live any kind of way you want and still see are being deceived. Satan will present you with scriptures out of context to help you be deceived, Matt 4! If you think you can plot, scheme, sow seeds against people, etc...and it's ok because you had a good are being deceived. Stop saying God knows my heart...yes, He does! That's why scripture says the heart is deceitful...full of deception. (Deceitful above all things) If you mislead people...bad fruit. Use people...bad fruit. ORDER!!!! ORDER is what God is calling back to His house! The sheep have gone astray. MARK these words: God is getting ready to bring many men to repentance. When He does, don't beat them up, REJOICE! ...for the ones who are adamant and refuse to surrender, there will be NO QUESTION as to who was in the system. It will be made known to man. God's desire is NEVER to expose. But, when sheep are being slaughtered, GOD HIMSELF takes it personally. If you have been impacted negatively because of the system, take your pain to God to heal. It's possible! Let HIM heal you and teach you.

This was just a mere fraction of all she spoke of this morning! If you'd like to fully read her timeline on twitter, follow her here: @teracarissa


It's interesting what Lurkers see! It's laughable, really. "They" watch. "They" wait. "They" say.
Who is "They"?!
"They" are just Lurkers!
They watch what goes in and what comes out. They watch your spending- worry about your pocket book, your bank account. They count your coins and the hours you put in on a clock that doesn't concern them.
Lurkers! They watch who you talk to, who you speak with, who's speaking and talking to you. They want to know what sounds escape your lips. Wondering the words and phrases that form statements. concerned with your conversation that they eavesdrop, social media stalk, read your lips, side-eye you.
Lurkers! They're concerned with trivial, petty, and minimal things. They're focused on what goes on between your legs, who's in between your legs, at what point and for how long were they between your legs. 
Lurkers want to know what you're doing next, after it, and then after that. Lurkers will most times pretend to be your ally. However, lacking sincerity or generosity all the while twisting a knife into your back.
So you can only wonder if these Lurkers are just attempting to live vicariously through others, your eyes and experiences or are they truly that desperate for excitement within their own lackadaisical lives?

Don't mind me- I'm just venting. Lol


You've been dating for's love...OR something kind of like it. There's some, could be more, outside kids involved but it's love...OR something kind of like it so you marry. There's a break...OR something kind of like it. There's not just one, but two. Same time. Same way. Same...(clears throat and leaves it alone) In addition to. There's love...OR something kind of like it. You stay. A choice. You make. Same choice. Is made. To leave. After time. Some time. Too much time. You're done. 
End Scene!

So why are you mad, son?! You get the erious side-eye...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This discernment of mine...

Discernment is a invigorating but there's nothing quite as exhilarating as Revelation! 

Thank you Lord for the favor you bestow on me with this discerning spirit of mine! You've yet to fail me. Just when I don't understand the how's or why's or what's of your ways, Father, you give me LIFE greater than I could have imagined. Peace beyond my own feeble understanding. Blessings I could've never imagined! Bewilderment, confusion, denials, disgust, dissension, wrong turns, they ALL turn out right! God you are GOOD! 

My heart smiles! My mind is at rest! I can't say Thank You enough! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

106 years! Skee Wee my Sorors! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lose gains! Crowd Pleasing Solutions

Looking to lose those holiday gains? Don't think you have the time? Join our Crowd Pleasing Solutions!  

1. Take the stairs and no skipping steps

2. Walk laps around the mall or grocery store

3. Hand wash your own car

4. During commercial breaks of your favorite television programs alternate between crunches, lunges and push-ups or any favorite

5. Park farther away than your usual close-up spot

6. Instead of sitting "behind a desk all day" or "sitting" anywhere for an extended time, squat (in intervals of course)

Most importantly drink water! Breathe! Feel great in your skin and wear a smile! 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

That Awkward Moment

Don't discount the underdogs, the geeks, the so-called losers, the nerds, the unpopular, those are often the very people in life that actually have a terrific turnaround through life! It's the classic geek to chic scenario or frog to Prince syndrome never discredit someone whom "seems" to not be the "hot ticket" at the time. 


Don't live with regrets:
Mend a broken heart, salvage relationships, build new bridges, pay off debts, and pray more often.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Retail Therapy

I ordinarily loathe shopping...but there are some instances, some rare occasions, that the "mood" hits me! 
Nothing like that beautiful moment that you find precisely what you're looking for!


I woke up like 'dis! I woke up like 'dis! Ladies...tell 'em; we Flawless