Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm in Love

Have you ever been in love?!

The consumable, uncontrollable, and most definitive feeling in the world. I'm not talking about the type of love that is known when a mother loves her son, or the love of a bestest friend, or even the love of a pet; I'm talking about the love that is not forced or innate, it's nurtured over time like a seed planted in fertile ground and watered and lit by the light of the sun, so it grows healthy, strong and full bloom.

I have found my true love...REAL love. Kind, patient, not boastful, or envious, or proud. I am in LOVE!!

I've known it for awhile and only now have the courage or the words to put it down.

I am so in love I'm smiling as I write this blog. I smile with the thought, I smile daydreaming, I smile driving to meet up. I get butterflies; just like we've never met, even though we are old friends...

There has been some distance between us. But you know they say, in love, the shortest distance is too far and the greatest distance can be bridged. We have had many mishaps and misunderstandings, stumbling blocks and trip ups; as most do. Wounds have been healed, bones have been mended. Sometimes the pace gets hectic and crazy, sometimes we get a little offbeat, but we've learned to improvise, keep smiling, keeping it moving. We've settled into a really satifying groove. It is so always the greatest feeling in the world to know love is recipricated. I have learned to go with the flow and move in a steady rhythm. So the music can be turned up, the tempo can change; but my LOVE remains constant.