Friday, April 8, 2022

My Very FIRST Assistant Principal’s Week

Wow!!!! What an amazing year of growing and learning I have had…and it’s NOT over yet!! I overheard a burnt out teacher say, “5 Fridays and 7 Mondays left” LOL 

As a first year AP, my current principal has been THE best motivation and mentor I’ve ever had! About seven years ago I had another principal that PUSHED me to get out of the classroom and expound on the talents and learning I had acquired in a ten year span. 

I work along side one of the most efficient and professional assistant principals I’ve encountered and he has helped to guide me daily through this journey! To say the least; my first year has been cultivated with support and for that; I thank God everyday along my drive to work. Thankful I wasn’t thrown into the fire without protection or support!

The journey hasn’t been easy, BUT, I can tell you I’m grateful for the experience…the experiences I WOULD change and those I wouldn’t! 

*Gifts provided by Caytlyn Stanley with Hospitality Health Er, Dr. Burchfield, and Mrs. Towels!