Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father’s Day

My growing family is excited to announce we’re expecting a baby!!!! 

My baby doll is the perfect spokesmodel to announce our newest addition! 

Happy Father’s Day!! These are the captured moments that joins a man to the club of fatherhood🥰

Friday, June 19, 2020

Happy Juneteenth 2020

I would be remiss to NOT blog Juneteenth for the year 2020, and simply repost a blog I wrote ten years ago given the ongoing Civil War we are actually in. Race relations, civil rights, injustices, and inequalities have been going on for well over 401 years but Juneteenth marks an Emancipation Day, a holiday in the United States, that 155 years before 2020 has become a notable day of emancipation for the last freed slaves commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865. Abraham Lincoln actually issued the Proclamation on September 22, 1862 where the effective date of freedom was January 1, 1863 for all slaves! Texas slave owners ignored the order, and most slaves were unaware of their freedom in Texas. It wasn’t until June 18th, 1865 Union Major General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to enforce the emancipation of its slaves. Yes! Two years later. On June 19, 1865, as the story is told, while standing on the balcony of Galveston’s famous Ashton Villa, Major General Granger read the rights and emancipation for the slaves! 
I get emotional just thinking of that time. What it must’ve been like to be in bondage and enslaved and to learn you’re FREE-ish! What a time that must’ve been! What great empowerment that must’ve felt like!
There are things, evil principalities and such that African Americans STILL face, TODAY! That’s why I don the tee shirt Free-ish Juneteenth because although an Emancipation Proclamation was ordered back one hundred and fifty five years ago people that look like me are still...FIGHTING for rights and justices that we should NEVER have to fight! 
In 2020 we are STILL learning our history- the right side of history! We (American people) are seeing major changes and revelations that African Americans have had to experience all our lives. Contrary to what Donald Trump says, Juneteenth has been “very famous”! His attempt at holding a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, Oklahoma the site of the Black Wallstreet or Tulsa Massacre brought about outrage which in turn brought more attention to the historical day. With heightened and increased exposure of movements such as Black Lives Matter occurring at this time, big corporations and people across various states, cities, and towns are continuing to celebrate the occasion and NOW 155 years later are making adjustments for the day to be celebrated with paid holiday and/or company holiday pay! 
The statement all lives matter can’t be true until Black Lives Matter. Hence the celebration of Juneteenth! For those that continue to make it a fight...if we all mattered Juneteenth wouldn’t exist! Hence Juneteenth! We ALL mattered when Jesus died on the cross and then rose again three days later. But we won’t NOT acknowledge the skewed history of this country, of the United States. 
I want to send a reminder however, with the climate of our country, it seems no one can “get right” so please uplift those that make efforts to celebrate Juneteenth! Unfortunately, many are learning for the first time TODAY. Unfortunately, many are celebrating for the first time TODAY, or this weekend. Please uplift, don’t criticize. Each one, teach one #Juneteenth is OUR celebration! As President Obama has said, “it has never been a celebration of a victory or an acceptance of the way things are, BUT it’s a celebration of progress and an affirmation that change comes!” It’s American history! It’s a story that has to be told and taught! 
Good day all! I’m off to continue celebrating Juneteenth as only a former Miss Juneteenth from 1997 can do! 
#Crowned #GalvestonCounty #EmancipationProclamation #AmericanHistory 
Love and light!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Another Day, Another Murder

This Rayshard Brooks case is yet another controversial case between race, right and wrong, and equality. The man was asleep in his car, he admittedly was attempting to rest up/sleep off his intoxicated feeling from having 1-2 Top Shelf margaritas. I have SO many directions I want to take this blog post but it would seem scatterbrained for me to do that within one post. 
First I want to say, there was another to end that incident than death! Plain and simple. There are NUMEROUS known cases of other races of men that have attacked, threatened, tased, shot at, been known criminals resisting arrest of police officers and they are simply arrested and detained. They live to tell their stories not have news outlets, strangers, and family members tell their story for them. Below are some of those instances for those bigots that want a debate they definitely won’t get from me: 

It’s insane to think that the sensible conversation they were having with this man turned into his death. He pleaded; “I don’t want to be out of compliance.” “I can walk to my sisters house.” “ Could I call someone to come and get me?” 
I’ve heard both sides. The legal side and I’ve lived the human side. The legal side said that if their superior would have seen on the body cam that they allowed this man to “go free” knowing he was intoxicated they would have been demoted or fired. The human side of me has seen MANY instances where a ride home was offered, waiting on someone to pick them up...simple human decent leniency. How about just speaking to him and explaining the part of their job that they have to be safe for each of them and assist him further instead of having him, willingly take a breathalyzer test, after he told them he had been drinking, then attempting to place handcuffs on him. 
This type of incident just vexes me because I can remember many times when myself and two other college friends would ride home together for the weekend on a Friday after (not mine but someone’s) 8am or 9am class. We’d get on the road and, yes there were three of us, after stopping a little less than half way at this Whataburger that was close to this busy truck stop, we would go through the drive thru, eat our food, talk and then after being full decide instead of getting on the road and risking being too tired, an accident or worse; we would take about a 15-30 minute nap. This was our ritual. It wasn’t done purposely, but it was done, almost EVERY Friday mid afternoon. 
We were three young (skinny Minnie) college students asleep in a car that was owned by us in a public parking lot dosed off after eating food we paid for in full. I would hate to think what two officers would have thought had they come up on us. I would hate to think what frame of mind we’d have been in woken up out of our sleep by police officers “questioning” our motive for being tired and thinking we’d made a good decision. 
I hate to think of the calculating moves we would have had to make in order for the POLICE to FEEL SAFE while we got our bearings, reached for the door knob and had gotten out of the car, possibly cross. 
In my opinion Rayshard Brown was absolutely wrong for resisting arrest, even more wrong for scuffling with those men, and wrong for grabbing or using the taser. I can’t speak for what went through his mind during that time that he obviously felt and actually was fighting for his life. I can’t tell you how the past few weeks since the recorded and constantly streamed video of George Floyd’s murder may have done to his psyche which caused his reaction when they attempted to place cuffs on him. 
I can’t tell you what his relationship in the past has been like with the police. I can’t tell you if his experiences, whether positive or negative could have been a determining factor in the way he responded and reacted to the police officers and the events that led to his death. 
What I can say, again and again, is that night for Rayshard Brown should have and could have ended in another way. A way that he would still be alive to see his children grow. A way that his children would still get to see their father again. A way that the officers can go to bed peacefully at night. A way that this man’s death isn’t broadcast on news outlets and social media posts. It’s difficult and it’s trying times but there has to be a better way to disarm and detain (black) people without them dying. 
If equality were PRESENT for black (men) people I wouldn’t have had those other headlines to post in my blog and I wouldn’t even have a perspective about this “issue”. But because there’s a systemic way that causes black men to pose a more dangerous threat than other nationalities and races WE have to have this discussion. WE have to have change. WE have to be upset, mad, unruly, demanding! We have to fight for EQUAL justice. EQUALITY in ALL things. People don’t have a problem following the laws when the laws are set up for ALL to WIN...or at least come out ALIVE!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Everyone loves to trample on the real meaning of the Black Lives Matter movement! I don’t have the indignation to further clarify, explain, or help YOU understand what Black Lives Matter means, stands for, or drives because it’s a ridiculous notion, in my opinion, to go in to detail. Hence my previous blog post, “Why Try..”
Ignorant people do, however, go to great lengths to minimize or trivialize Black lives. Thank you Rithka Ayers, MS, PHR for this

post on LinkedIn. It truly brings perspective into the unkind and ignorant behavioral rants of some Americans. Below is a rant for all lives matter and attempting to smear Amazon for their support of Black Lives Matter. 

*Remember* If Black lives don’t matter, All lives can’t matter!

Update from Baller Alert

Continue to SUPPORT Amazon! Thank you Jeff Bezos for remaining human 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We are...

“We are BLACK WOMEN!..... We build .... We don't tear down other BLACK WOMEN ! .... We have felt the pain of being torn down and we have decided we will be deliberate about building others! If I didn't tag you, please don't be offended. I tried to pick people I thought would do this challenge!! All too often, we women find it easier to criticize each other, instead of building each other up. With all the negativity going around let's do something positive!!✨ Upload 1 picture of yourself...ONLY you. Then tag as many sisters to do the same. Let's build ourselves up, instead of tearing ourselves down.  Copy and Paste 🤰🏾🤱🏾👭🏾✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Thanks”

I know this is the height of movement and changes so I won’t go too far with my assessment of the above post but I have a major EYE ROLL at this “new” movement of not tearing black women down. Most of the (black) women posting and tagging are the main (black) women that are quick to call another woman out of their name, criticize, belittle, destruct, or invalidate another woman’s natural beauty! *Updated August 12th* They are quick and quite swift to defile another (black) woman’s accomplishment or change! They will remind you of your pitfalls, and exasperate all and any flaws! I’ve read it on comments, I’ve seen it in action. It’s been documented either by recording, texts, social media, or tv.
Some (black) woman do it for sport, some (black) women do it because they weren’t raised any better, some (black) women do it because of a man, some (black) women do it because another (black) woman has a difference of opinion or lifestyle than them, some (black) women do it because of social or economical status differences...whichever the case or even one I haven’t written (black) women do it! They tear each other down! I have witnessed it, been victim to it, and if you come at me in the wrong way this beautiful dimpled smile (black) woman will tear you down back to which you came, in the same spirit in which you came attempting tear me down.
I think it’s cute and all, and if (black) women, now, in the height of this revolution want to have a “new” more clear perspective of how they treat each other let’s start with rectifying how negative or destructive some of us have been. Start being transparent and say something along the lines of, “if I have ever torn you down, for ANY reason; I apologize TODAY! I am a new (black) woman that can admit I may have been wrong in the past but TODAY I will no longer tear down other (black) women...” I mean IF we’re making declarations and all.
Start with a positive narrative, not hypocrisy.
And it’s ok if you acknowledge you’ve torn someone down in the past. Most, if not anyone, willingly put themselves out there and apologize for errors of judgement, or simply being in a bad space, but IF you do; most people are ready to accept you for who you were and who you’re trying to be. A better (black) woman! Let’s do it! Let’s give flowers. Let’s praise other (black) women. Let’s help someone when they ask or when there is a need. Let’s BUILD each other up! I’m here for it! I love it! The world would be a much better place. However, the narrative has to be correct. Precise. Truly deliberate. The movement has to be true!
*And most recently, the way they are tearing down (black) performers and government officials is absurd. Everyone is entitled to opinions but it doesn’t justify making declarative statements about a person...especially that you don’t even know personally. People been making socially inappropriate or sexually overt songs with rated triple X limits longer than I been alive. It’s not the first and won’t be the last. Art most times includes pushing the envelope and making folks gag! Government officials won’t make everyone happy. It’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations. Everyone in the United States has needs...and everyone’s needs are different...and everyone’s different needs are specific. Nothing is too impossible for God! Government officials are not gods, no matter what Trump has stated or implied so the notion to tear down a (black) woman in a political office...I mean the highest office a (black) woman has gotten to date as of 2020 is just another example of why I’m writing this post! A (black) woman did her job, at the time that she was purposed to prosecute criminals for crimes they committed against the law. She used the evidence provided to her! If it’s no longer her job, she’s not doing it. She’s now tasked with something else. People usually can’t see past their own judgements and persecution so I don’t expect anyone to cheer for a (black) woman they don’t know or have preconceived opinions on. I don’t even care that they do it, because in some ways it’s human nature. 
This blog isn’t about changing opinions or being upset that anyone has one; this blog is about the hypocrisy of (black) woman to have the audacity to post and tag other (black) woman claiming to not tear ((black) women down when that statement just isn’t true and they need to own it!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

To Open the Economy or Not

I promise. Social media is can be used for good and bad, like all things. What one man makes for good another man turns it and makes it bad. What the devil means for bad, God is still in control and turns it around for our good!
When the law makers were shutting everything down and placing stipulations on public places most Americans were outraged! Shouting from the rooftops how it was the worst mistake in history (really history because I can think of quite a few things worse in history...) Certain individuals were taking to social media to address the economic fail of our government officials and how they were leading us down a wrong path. The people demanded the cities be reopened; public parks, recreation centers, businesses, beaches, etc. be opened!; it’s slowly opening and most parks and beaches are allowing the people back on the them to (drum roll) boost the economy and NOW some people are still pissed...dismayed...saddened...angry!
People are now upset that there are too many people in one place or area. Well who did you think was coming? What did you think they would be doing? Of course people are’s a public place and just like you needed to have the economy open, they need to be economical. People are publicly posting outrage over people not social distancing, or wearing masks. Now all of a sudden, instead of protesting the right to NOT wear a mask because we’re in the land of the FREE is overshadowed by the, dare I say it, protest for Black Lives Matter. Le sigh!
I guess as long as you can live in your bubble world without “other” people you’re fine but the moment it’s “other” people now areas are unsafe, unnecessary, or unnerving to be present or attend! That’s what ECONOMY being OPEN means! It’s for EVERYONE (duh)

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Easy Access Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race and Racism

While perusing social media one of my sorority sisters posted a link to 31 children’s books that support conversations with young kids about race, racism, and resistance. I thought it was, not only a great time, but also a phenomenal topic to discuss with young children in the form of story telling through book.

I’ll be checking out these books for my little one and I encourage you to do the same if you hadn’t already. I’m thankful to The Conscious Kid from Journal Blog that did the research so I didn’t have to. 
A doctor on 3rd Hour Today said children by the age of, as young as 6 months, notice change in color, recognizes family...they can’t label the differences, but they recognize differences. At ages two to three children recognize race differences. She doesn’t suggest being overt but the conversations can begin with reading so children can be as diverse as possible. Normalize differences and begin to see themselves through stories.