Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To ALL My Ladies in the Place With Style and Grace

Happy International Women's Day!! 

Keep it CLASSY!
Keep it SECURE!

And always remain BOSS!

They Stay Mad

So...apparently the public is highly offended that the President of the Untied States can't attend a former President's wive's funeral. 
His WIFE is attending...he had something previously scheduled. Two become ONE in marriage and sometimes that's how it works...unfortunately the circumstances in life don't give precise days and times of death...or miracles of life. 
The real issue isn't that President Obama can't attend; the real issue is that certain citizens of this country will have a problem with our President no matter what he does or doesn't do. The real issue is; he could attend, sit in the front row and then they will say, "he's grandstanding and making a spectacle of her funeral," "how dare he!"
He could go speak and they'll say, "he took way too long", "it's not about him!" Or they'll say, "he didn't speak long enough, who does he think he is?!"
If he doesn't show up to the somewhere he's already scheduled to be at, they'll say, "the nerve of this man!" "He's not for the people!" He's only there for political grandstanding!" 
If he showed and First Lady attended his previously scheduled event instead they'll talk about her like a dog for not, "standing by her man," or say, "she's not a proper or classy First Lady at all!"
IF he shows and has genuine concern and remorse they'll say, "it doesn't take all that," "he didn't know her personally!"
I could go on and on and I'm sure you can figure out the They's by now. 
The solution is; your opinion doesn't matter! No one is asking. You can have one, of course, it is somewhat a free country, right?! But popular opinion for the last EIGHT years (that also means two TERMS) says...just STAY mad. Stay losing sleep over trivial pseudo-political debates. The solution is; our President doesn't need your opinion any longer. Besides; your opinion is probably apart of the "they" that was unpopular. 

Love and light, 
*hopefully I've shed some...light that is*

Photo credit to usmagazine.com

Update:: This happens to be a response from the above shared.

Unfathomable that a topic of attending one's funeral can turn into a moral, biblical and educational debatešŸ˜³ #theystaymad Don't they?!

Monday, March 7, 2016

No vote IS a vote!

As funny as you may think the above picture is...it is NOT! Whether you like, love, hate or have extreme disdain for any, or all, the candidates SOMEONE will be our next president of the United States and it is deplorable behavior on your part if you do not read or hear the issues and stances these candidates take, then choose the lesser of all evils. 
I don't have to remind you that people LITERALLY fought, bled, hung, and died for equal rights of ALL citizens to vote. I suppose we've lived such seemingly "comfy" lives that we've gotten far-removed from the struggles of Civil Rights that slap us in the face, even today! Everyone is affected! 
It's only been 40 years since the Voting Rights law was enacted! Do we forget? Perhaps it's not taught in schools any longer or it's not preached over the pulpit. By the way...those weren't questions for you to answer for me. They were meant so that you could take pause. 
It's NOT enough to register! You must make a choice, get up, and VOTE! All elections are critical. Focus on the bigger scheme of it all. I'm not telling you which candidate to vote for, but I do urge you to toss that sarcasm. Then, educate yourself on these candidates. What do they stand for? What is their "tag" line? If you don't know...Listen to coffee table or water fountain talk...whichever way you learn, but you have to do something to KNOW what issues these candidates are "fighting" for. Don't NOT vote because you're discouraged. Don't say you're NOT voting because no one is "worth it". One of these individuals WILL run this country for the next FOUR years! That's a long time, on our part, to not care about the polls! 
Get there! 

Love and light,

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nina Simone Portrayal

I truly don't understand all this "controversy" and "conspiracy-theory" behind Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. I agree there are other more visually qualified individuals that could have portrayed her, but I've been reading some down-right ignorant/rude remarks which I don't agree with as it pertains to this actress that got cast! Sure casting directors could probably find an actor that looks identical to Nina Simone, but who really cares. Her story matters not the shade or skin tone of the actress that plays the part. John Travolta just had to play a Jewish Robert Shapiro. Guess what?! Travolta doesn't have tanned skin nor does he have bushy defined eye brows...oh and you know what? He also isn't as short as Shapiro but so what he commanded the portrayal of that man and did an awesome job! Meryl Streep (one of my favorite actresses) played in the Iron Lady yet still looked just as she did while portraying Julia Childs! Idris Elba looks absolutely nothing like Nelson Mandela. Heck Eddie Murphy plays a range of 70 year old white men to plus-size women! It's called "acting"! That's why there's wardrobe specialists and hair and make up stylists. They get paid money to...dare I say...create looks, images, and personas! 
Focus on something that REALLY matters...like did you vote? Are you financially empowered? Why would media outlets spend any time debating something so trivial as the amount of makeup Zoe wears to portray her new set character? Did they forget she did complete the project avatar!?! This was a project that she became a 10 foot tall blue "alien". Did they forget they have such things as auditions and screen tests? Prosthetic parts are relevant as it pertains to film and stage. Did anyone realize Nina Simone does have a family of advocates to determine how they want her legacy to continue? If you just need something to complain about with Hollywood, I could come up with a few. But the game is box office sales and not your kitchen table talk about the ignorant light skin-dark skin debate.
Blessings and continued success to Zoe! Silence ignorance and trivial pursuits, everyone! 
Love and light to the family of Nina Simone! 
They're just trying to tell her story!
With the right lighting and makeup you can look like anyone!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Left in the Dust

Some people aren't good leaders! They may be informative and have knowledge of topics but their characteristics are that of piss-poor leaders! In fact; if they hold meetings...no one knows the agenda and they're asking questions of the attendees because the meetings are like socials where everyone comes to talk but the likelihood of anything being accomplished is slim to none. Because of these factors you're left in the dust! Bitter, bruised, and criticizing the qualified persons hired because you suck at leadership! And by "they" I mean the leveled specialists, principals and assistants, leads, and other highly-qualified individuals whom recruited, interviewed...then hired!

Some people are AMAZING and AWESOME followers, but they can't lead "anything" especially a household...that's why they've never been able to have a relationship, partnership, er...marriage longer than six years. Once their spouse figures it out they leave them! Who wants to be with someone that can't LEAD?! Trust me! If this is your third or fourth, you can't lead! If your seed is a damn fool...you can't lead!
If you can't write articulate thoughts...again...you'll be in the dust. If you don't have the significant experience...you'll be left in the dust! You can't be trusted to lead! I just had to say it for you. Sometimes our egos can make us seem like a coward. Sometimes we make up things or find that's the only recourse we have is to simply complain over a sub-par lunch break where no one "truly" cares but they'll listen because you got you mouth open talking instead of looking and learning.