Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Last First Kiss

I just have a few things I wanna tell you
Don't be nervous: 
When it comes to you I wouldn't change a thing
I wouldn't even change the things I could change
Cause baby your perfect, perfect to me
Simply means that you are perfect for me
Your the answer to a prayer I haven't prayed
Gotta me ready to settle down
I think I wanna say, I'm falling in love with you
I'm so feeling all of this
Baby I'm praying that your.......
My last first kiss
Baby want you be my last time kissing somebody
For the very first time
All my ladies say la la la la la
Our first time making love
Baby I pray that this is the last time that I
Make love to for the very first time
My ladies say la la la la la
Feel what I'm saying I hope that your the last
Somebody to take me home to meet his mom and dad
I hope that it's the last first 
Time I say I love you
Hope that it's the last first
Time you say you love me too
Don't wanna ever kiss and say goodbye
If you just wanna kick it
Then your wasting my time
Cause my plan is to not just have a hit and quit
My plan is to make you.......
The first time I kissed you 
I just knew it felt right
Then when I'm with you, I'm walking cloud nine
Just being with you makes my whole life shine
Whenever I'm with you, whenever I kiss you....

No, I didn't write that, but I had to share the sentiments in Tamia's song Last First Kiss. It's one of my favs! Go download it on itunes! 

Baggage Claim Review

Cute film...reminiscent of Jumping the Broom...maybe it's because of Paula Patton starring in both. Baggage Claim could've easily been the prelude to Jumping the Broom. (Message- see them both! Lol)
Nice eye candy! Between Trey, Boris, lil' Terrance J, Taye Diggs, Derek Luke, those names alone, makes you want to see the movie. Can't forget Affion, Ricky, Dijiumon. Then, not leaving the men out: there was Tia, Jill (who recognizably lost weight and looks great) Christina, LaLa, Lauren London and Paula Patton (both happened to be my Sugar Honey Iced Teas favorites). The film visually is pleasurable!
Overall I liked! The story line- who isn't getting pressured to, not only find the one, but marry them by their parents...namely MOM! Who hasn't felt the pressure of having and keeping Mr. or Mrs. Right? Who hasn't endured date after date whether the outcome is good or bad? Ok then; who hasn't taken a trip that requires carrying baggage?! 
Lol! You get the point? See the movie! It's delightful! the book by David E. Talbert! 
*Disclaimer Since I've personally met Paula and sincerely worked with Derek I must strongly advocate supporting those two in all that they do! They both have great hearts and kind spirits! May God continue to bless their endeavors!

Some People...

Never, hardly EVER see the good in things! No matter what...the glass is always, almost empty...and there's probably no more left for a refill. These type of people could ruin a wet dream, as the expression goes. 
Just know that what some mean for bad, God will make your good! I've seen some instances of this theory strongly for the last week. All things work for the good of those that love Christ! And sometimes, even those that are "working on it" and aren't quite there in their faith get some residual effects of those around them that do believe whole-heartedly. Count it all joy! 
LOOK for the positives in your situation! Actively! It's not always easy. Trust me! But, certainly, don't start creating negatives in your situation! And that's what I've been running across people doing. 
Creating issues! Why?! Life already kicks us around enough! Hush that negativity in your mind! Silence the mental adversities you conjure up! 
You won't be so quick to be defensive, angry, and all that weight will be lifted! 

God Bless...(try it)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No more Pappas HH for me

No more Pappas Seafood House for me during happy hour! 
First I ordered the happy hour hot boiled shrimp with corn and potato. The corn came out ice cold and potato ice cold in the center on my HOT boiled shrimp with corn & potato hh snack I was anticipating. 
Then after being returned by HAND to the bartender she returns the same bitten into corn the cooks just "warmed" up that she'd previously HELD in HER HAND to take back to them! WTF!!!!!!?
She was like "they just heated it up for you, is that okay?" I was like "Ugh...No. I need new corn" she was like "ok" As if they're doing me a "favor"!
Mind you! By this time the shrimp is gone, so is the "reheated" potato. Only thing coming to me is corn a la carte, however before it comes out she's asking do I want the check! 
Finally the corn a la carte comes out...PLAIN  I had to ask for the original butter and seasoning to complete the meal 
Where they do this at?! #Pappas 😏😒
Out of control!!!! I frequent the Pappas franchise often, and I do mean OFTEN! Whether it's Ya Ya Marys, Pappadeaux, Pappasitos...Pappas Seafood, Pappas BBQ, etc...I mean...I'm there! So as I told my bartender: Are they new back there because this is not the Pappas Franchise I know!
Clearly, I just don't understand why I can hardly ever get GOOD service...especially after a long day :-(

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello Fall❤


Excellent film! That's all I can say, other than, you experience almost all emotions, otherwise I'd give away apart of the storyline ;-)
Go see it!

PS Hugh Jackman most definitely made up for Wolverine with this film...although, ok; I get was the writers. But whatever! You get the point :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mental Notes A Khrystian Tid-Bit

Word to the Wise:
Not everything requires a response or needs to be addressed. There is such a thing called mental notes...
These are snapshots, if you will, of collective memories stored in your mind for (in this case) later use. Ever heard the phrase: Silence is golden!
You can do much more with silence than you could ever do with menial words. No need to address every issue, concern, situation or instance. Take note every now and then. Keep a mental photo album, if you will, for my Instagran fanatics. There will come a grand time when all the stored information and memories will come in quite handy AND for your ultimate benefit. Tread lightly. Speak easy. Take mental notes. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh me, oh my! Cooking for a Large Family Pt. 1

You know that "joke" conversation you have with someone about the next meal eaten by the group being your cooking?! Yea, well...for me that "joke" conversation has came to fruition! 
I have been given the daunting task of cooking Sunday dinner for a family of about 15!!!! Yes! Me! The girl that doesn't cook! The girl that is known by her FIRST name at all area restaurants! Yes! (as I raise my hand in the air) ME! 
It's no holiday! It's no special's just a good old Sunday after church! 
Oh me, oh my! What am I going to do?! 
I've never cooked for more than like nine...and that was pasta and chilli for my work family during LUNCH time, not a full-on DINNER. On a Sunday, at that! A Sunday where I will surely be judged as if I've entered into some type of cooking contest! 
Yes, me! The girl who's just begun using appropriate kitchen utensils! The girl that stays on the telephone asking "how" "where" and "when" as it relates to ingredients and all things cooking! 
Egad!! I'm soliciting all ideas for menu options! 
I've thought of pasta- but that's the easy way out. It's something I know I can do and therefore, it bores me to allow that to be my go-to meal. I thought of a roast...and that's kind of what I'm leaning towards...but believe me! All options are being considered!! So, if you know of great menu ideas...please spread the wealth and let me know. Nothing too fancy and surely nothing too complicated! My name is Khrystian...not Betty or Martha! 
I'll keep you posted as I plan, prepare and host! Stay tuned...

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Relationship Rule::::::

Timing is Everything and in more ways than one!
1. When dealing with hectic daily schedules, like work, it could seem difficult to make time to spend together. Cut that issue off at the head- Make the time! It'll take extra effort at first, and some compromising on the logistics (where, when, for how long, etc.) but once it's established; you're back smooth sailing :-)

2. Response time is critical. When replying, confirming or denying. How do you respond to conflict? How you handle or, not handle, praise. How often do you accept or reject new and different ideas? It's all relevant. It all matters and it all can add value or devalue your new relationship. 

Just a couple of things to think about as you begin and maintain your new relationship.  Make time for each other both physically (seeing each other) and emotionally (genuinely set aside time to concern yourself with how your significant other thinks or feels about situations, no matter how small) Consciously map out TIME for each other (even if it's a short, simple, and sweet Thinking of u text ) 
Always think- little ripples can eventually make a BIG splash! Especially if you allow it, and this can be positive or negative, right? So let's at the very least start off in the positive
Use your time wisely! Have fun getting to know each other!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tamartian Fans: Love and War Review you may already know...I AM a fan of Mrs. Tamar Braxton-Herbert's crazy, over-the-top personality of talent! Her's been good...but I do have the critique that each song truly felt like a teaser! Maybe I just can't get enough...but! I felt the songs were TOO short ( or shawt) That just means: I enjoyed the album and didn't want any song to end :-) 
My favorites are...of course; Love and War, The One, and then there's Hot Sugar, Pieces, One on One Fun (reminiscent of her sis I may add), All the Way Home, I'm really enjoying this Where It Hurts (it's giving me that Barry Manilo, Mandy life!) Well...just go listen! I'm in the middle of playing the album now! 
#SheWins ;-)

I tried...I really did!

I am unofficially and officially dubbed the "Party Girl"! Each year when my birthday comes around...I'm the girl that's planning themes, venues, styles, menus, etc. months ahead! Ordinarily, by the start of December 4th; I already have my head turning for the next birthday celebration and what, how, where, and when it will be to be more fabulous than the last!
Last year I decided to be low-key like some of my other Sagittarius counter-parts that enjoy quiet, quant dinner parties or small intimate gatherings instead of my month-long engagements that often times require specific dress codes! I thought: let's see what this is about! The intimate gathering. I figured: Khrystian, you always surround yourself with EVERYONE and invite EVERYONE...this time; don't plan or strategize, just do a small (family) dinner and let it be! 
I tried...I really did!
I had that small intimate gathering that was slightly last minute, which led to very perplexed phone calls and texts from friends not quite understanding WHY in the world I wasn't celebrating like "usual". 
Well to that idea, my counter-parts whom prefer that "quiet" "private" style of celebration I say more power to you and continue to enjoy but this Chick is back!! 
Get ready, get ready, get ready because I've already begun the planning for December 7, 2013! Stay alert for your official save-the-date in celebration of ME! The Party-Girl! The Sagittarius! Diva. Sexy. Cool. Khrystian Nichole. 
I'm ready, planning, and excited to bring that old thang back!