Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I think there are some people that just absolutely have no manners!! Uncouth is the word I use!
  1. Imagine coming home one weekend from college during your freshman year to attend a fair. Your mother is talking to a friend of hers from high school...you approach. Your mom introduces you. You say, "Hello. Nice to meet you." The "friend" whom you've never met before. Well she remembers you from when you were a baby, says, "My! College is agreeing with you." (this in reference to the fact that she thinks you look like Elsie the moo cow!) I mean really! Are you serious?! Did you really just say that to someone you're just now actually meeting?

So when I just stare at her and don't respond. I'm the rude one! The audacity!

  1. 2. Picture being out of town with a friend. You're surrounded by unfamilar settings and unfamiliar people. You're having a great time, but you are ready to go. It's 5 am. You catch a cab. You're seperating from the new people you've met through another mutual friend that met you. While you're saying your goodbyes the jack ass with you (friend) tries to bargain an already cheap cab ride home. The cab driver then refuses to take either of you home, because they believe you don't have your fare!
Now when you go off on the friend for the sheer embarrassment, you're bougie! Mortified!
  1. 3. Think of a time you're attempting to enjoy lunch with your collegues or co-workers. Your lunch is divine, the conversation is going well. All of a sudden the butt munch sitting across from you blows their nose at the table! Seriously dude...you're going to just do that?! And keep going, without so much as an, "Excuse me."
So you don't eat in the faculty lounge anymore! You're anti-social!
  1. 4. Suppose you are at a social function. A food tasting for a catering company, let's say. You've been invited with your significant other (or opposite sex friend) without any pre-requisites. When you arrive however; yes it's an event for the catering company, but also for florists, make-up artists, photographers and cake designers. You indulge in everything. That is, in fact, what you were invited to do. In doing this you are approached by a person whom you have never met and they ask you about your marital status. You oblige the conversation and say you're single. Next thing they say is (the person that doesn't know you) "Well what you waiting on. I'm trying to get you married off. Marriage is a beautiful thing, you know?!" In your mind you may think...no one asked you or mind your own business or even, lady who are you?
However, in an attempt to not be rude, you laugh it off and just say;"No. Please don't do that." All with a smile. No, no, no, no! You hurt her feelings! I mean what is that?!
  1. 5. Don't ask me how much I pay for something.
  1. 6. Matter of a fact don't ask me personal questions.
  1. 7. Don't invite yourself places.
  1. 8. Don't dig through someone's personal belongings.
I mean where do people get off?! Where are the manners? Who taught you social skills? What ever happened to the art of communication? I'm sure this will be one of those blog entries I continually upkeep :)
Happy Tuesday!

!Word to the Wise!

Please be careful in life with those that you call your friend; those that you associate with, those you confide in, those who you enjoy a good time with. A honest and true friend is rare. The friend that you can count and depend on. And there are so many magnitudes of friendship. Many people believe in the saying keep your friends close, but you're enemies even closer. Well I don't need an enemy close to me. ( in fact, remove them please and thank you!) lol! I also think it's rather unhealthy to have frienemies!
I say be careful and tread lightly with folks you call a friend because there are some people in the world that are miserable. They weren't born in misery (well not all) and weren't born miserable (well not all) but they have gotten miserable with age and time. It could be due to life circumstances or poor judgement on their part, but whatever their excuse; they're miserable! Let's face it: Misery mos def loves company. So now; they'll pretend to be your friend: laugh at your jokes, extend a shoulder to cry on, offer you sound advice, and wish you well in all your endeavors. However they're the same friend that hopes you fail, gives the advice they followed to get them in their shitty predicament ( I just love that metaphor, haha), laughs when you cry, and gives a side eye to your jokes! Sound familiar?!...Maybe not. Your "friend" is probably well disguised. Or revealed as the frienemy!
The frienemies are just that! There's no special formula to them...they are the enemy that attempts to be your friend. Many times they are so envious of you...your life; they desperately just want to be around you...know you...understand you. They are misguided and don't know how to be a friend! So...They challenge everything you stand for! Some of them don't just challenge; they actually work double time to disprove, discredit, and flat out dis-count you. Some people thrive on a competitive edge; however, they don't actually challenge to uplift you what so ever. Their main concern or goal is to crush you under their heel! Sound harsh?! It's because it is!
The next is the age old saying: keep friends close and enemies closer-WHY!?? Please somebody that believes in that comment and explain! Enemies aren't in your life for anything other than to be a footstool, so accept it, allow the Forward Motion (notice my plug ;) and leave them there! In fact, having that enemy or hater should just drive you further along! The difference between a hater and an enemy is their approach!
At least the hater is bold enough to reveal themselves and make it known, meanwhile; you probably have someone in your life right now that's been a hater since Pre-k! SMDH! so be careful with your inner circle. You don't have to dismiss friends, you'll just be cognizant of the people you trust with your life. Aspire to surround yourself with positive, uplifting, good and whole-some people! You'll be glad you did!
"Change your attitude, change your life!"
~Khrystian Nichole

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is It me?!

There are some of us that can get into a relationship with someone and everyone else around can tell; you and your significant other are changed! And by changed; I mean noticeably in love, smitten, head over heels! Not because you're dumb in love either. Pretending each of you are something you're not! That's no bueno! I speak of the kind of change that causes you not to drunk call an ex, or "accidently" dial a blast from the past. The kind where you don't begin an internet love affair with someone you meet off messenger. I'm talking about the kind of change that makes you not want to be caught up in any uncompromising positions whatsoever; so you'll be respectful, and thoughtful, and careful with all feelings involved; including the person you're not in a "relationship" with. I speak of the type of love Outkast sang about in, International Player's Anthem! "...hate to see you cry, but I'd rather see her smile." There's no other explanation to me except... Love!

Call me the girl that leaves no room for error, or too frigid, or whatever; but I honestly feel like if you can't let all other acts of indiscretion go with all "others"-how can you truly look at your mate and declare, "I love you."? It's ludicrous to me! Yeah, yeah people make mistakes and mishaps may even happen; but come on, do you really believe that?!

Why are there these phrases such as; sideline chick, honey dip, jump-offs, my #2, and so on and so forth? Honestly, if you need a number 2, you're number 1 probably not doing their job and you need to let 'em go! (As Keyshia Cole sang it) If they were all of that to begin with, you wouldn't have room for nobody else (numbers 2, 3 or 4 as said someone I follow on twitter)! :D

Then there are those of us that can't find an honest and good person if we spoke to God and had him tailor-made (ok I'm exaggerating of course! LOL), but seriously; it's very hard to come across those individuals that are secure enough within themselves to be mature, monogamous, and genuinely good-hearted toward a future with you! Or so it seems. I know I'll step on some toes here-but maybe, just maybe it's us!! (did I just say that?!) Side-eye. Especially if you keep attracting the same loose in the head types (generally speaking) maybe it's something you're giving off intially, or even as time passes. I say today is a GREAT day to re-evaluate self!
Just take a step back, make a list if you need to. How many times have you seriously dated what seemed like the same person? What are some of the qualities you noticed that ALL the men you date share? It could be so much so that they read from the same script lol! If, honestly, they are all different; well you have one up on everyone else and you're probably just not the best at picking a good mate, or better yet, keeping them! ;) That being the case, you should work on that department.
Buuuuuut, if you're in the other group; it's time evaluate SELF, because now you know the problem isn't that those you're dating are habitual liars. It's that you are "choosing" to be with habitual liars! SMH!

Ready... Set... Evaluate!

Happy writing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Sleep!

Dont wait on opportunities to fall in your lap like the plot of some happy-ending fairy tale! MAKE opportunities in your life! Stop waiting for them to happen! Instead of reading about it, BE about it! If you want that new job. Apply! If you stare at the same pair of boots in Neiman's window. Buy them! If you been scheming on that guy for the last decade, now that he's single. Date him! You're tired of your drab wardrobe. Toss them! Stop hanging pictures of Rihanna's ever changing hairstyle up on your bathroom wall. Cut it! You want more followers on twitter. Invite them! But by Golly George; stop waiting! God is not our personal genie! You got to work for what u want! As the Good Book says, "Faith without works is dead," so here's a bit of positive energy to start you on your way ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Good luck

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single Awareness Day!

For all of us that think of St. Valentine's Day as, Single Awareness Day! Here's to hoping you're not drowning in your own tears or bashing all the couples of the world or holding you're very own Waiting to Exhale Party! I love you, even if you think no one else does...

Valentine Rant!

There are some people(couples) that have been brainwashed or, that's too harsh, so I'll say...persuaded to believe that Valentine's Day is this historical conspiracy that shouldn't be celebrated because; lets just say: They show love 365 days a year. Or. There's no need to show love on just ONE particular day of the year!

That's bologne!! Don't let someone feed you that line of bull!! Now granted, there are some people that celebrate NO particular holiday or special occasion due to religious beliefs and whatnot. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the idiots that will celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 4th of July, April Fools Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but when Valentine's Day rolls around all of a sudden; they don't believe in it!

Get Real!!

Truth of the matter is; no one ever said you don't show love all year; Valentine's (for those of us that aren't so literal or radical) is just a day designated to celebrate L.O.V.E.! A day that everyone comes together at one time to recognize love. That love isn't just about husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, but ALL love you share; whether for kids, grandparents, parents, siblings, friends and most importantly God!

Of course we know you're thankful for family; however, like clockwork in November, we come together with our families in celebration of them and all over food. Of course you're loved by family and friends everyday of you're life, but on the day you were born it's nice to join together eat, drink, and bear gifts; that you last yet another year and that we're able to enjoy you on the day you were born. Of course you value the hardwork a secretary (um, excuse me...executive assistant) does; but it speaks volumes when you acknowledge them on the day set aside or know as Secretary's Day!

I say all of this just so people can get it together! It really chokes my chicken that there are actually people that go overboard often times with their views! And it's possibly because, especially in a new relationship; they just don't want to celebrate Valentine's with you. Give them another relationship where the mate is not going for that crock of potatoe soup and I bet you any kind of money they'll be singing a different tune; standing in a line to pick up flowers, candy, cards and a Teddy bear!!! SMDH!

And guess what?! Valentine's Day has gotten too commercial, but NEWSFLASH!! Hasn't every american holiday we celebrate! You damn near go into a great depression around Christmas time if you can't get you're family everything they ask for! So get over it!

Of course, February 14th of any given year, is not the only time you show love!! You ARE supposed to show it everyday; in every action, word and thought; but it is a that everyone acknowledges as a day for lovers!

So get up! Love thy neighbor just as Christ loves you! Be blessed and be in LOVE for God is LOVE!

Don't allow someone to remove the open celebration of love that you have always believed in because they have an idiosyncratic belief of how to celebrate-whatever that is they're celebrating LOL!

~Khrystian Nichole

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pleasantly Surprised!

About a week ago a dear friend and former co-worker of mine told me she had always considered me the glass-is-half-full type of optomistic person! She went on to say, I'm always really bubbly and cheerful, always with a smile on my face.
This was a thrilling peice of information for me, considering those quite intimate with me; although they don't say I'm negative, they always say I'm mean and or rude! I'll mos def blog on why they would say those things later...
Anywho, I simply told her thank you and that I do try my best to be optomistic, even when adversity is staring me in the eye forcing me to shift. A lady nearby commented, stating that her husband thinks she's the total opposite and she then asked me to give her some advice on how I stay positive. My advice is probably the same advice she's heard, you've heard...heck, we've all heard. But you know; sometimes coming from a person that doesn't know you makes it all the more applicable.
I will give this disclaimer and then I'm done-It looks easier than it actually is!

First thing, I'm the girl that likes to think to myself. Meaning, in times of distress, I go to a quiet corner and gather composure. No matter how difficult or challenging or uncomfortable or even how much advice I may need; I always go and compose myself. If nothing else; it's for clarity!

Second, I'm the "lets make it happen" girl! Tell me the definitive goal and I'm on it. Small details and worrying about what you have to do to get it done can be time-consuming and useless. I'll phrase that last sentence loosely; because I'm not here say smalll details are pointless. They aren't. There are some of us that thrive on details and need a year to complete something that takes less than a month to get done. They're not stupid or anything. Procrastinators maybe, but definitely way too cautious. Get'er done! That's all you have to do! The details will come. They have to obviously, but if you waste time being consumed with them...you'll run yourself ragged and this time next year you'll still have this beautiful vision or master plan and nothing to show for.

Next; I don't complain out in the open. Sure some people I work with are trifling. Some are shiftless. More than that, some are down right rude. But if you're going to handle it, handle it! And if you're not, shut up about it! Handling it means to address the problem head on, solve it and move on. If someone always rubs you the wrong way, pull them to the side and tell them. If someone addresses you openly in an offensive manner; stop and correct them right away. But please keep negative and offensive remarks to yourself. It only makes you look like a jack rabbit later. It goes back to thinking to yourself.

Be gracious! There'll be times when you absolutely give the best answers and ideas. Then...there's those times when you will absolutely give the wrong answers! Either way take it and leave it. No one likes the BIG HEAD...and if you are that way...er, just always make a joke of it. Sure, you know you're ideas are the best; but let someone else tell you. Trust me they will tell you especially if you're gracious.

Be pleasant. Pleasant means being an ear to that pessimist. Be shoulder to that detail-oriented person. Be optomistic. Even if you know you're homegirl looks ridiculous in that plaid gold and green dress. Give her a compliment about trying to make a statement and then tell her to take it the heck off! Give sound advice. People that usually vent to you, would like some type of guidance, whether they use it or not is up to them; but give them something to chew on. You defintely won't have all the answers but you can be a helper instead of...well, the opposite! And even if you know you're not going to do something atleast pretend to want to get it done. Geez Louise.

Lastly, be a team player! Enough said!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My major rule of thumb for long-term dating is simple: "Don't expect something from your mate that you're not used to giving yourself originally"! Basically, ladies and gentlemen; stop expecting, asking, thinking, giving wish lists and barking demands!!! And most definetly stop allowing outsiders to tell you their should of, could of, would of's. Seriously! I talk about this often, I talk about it with almost every friend I have; at least the ones that ask :) If you don't already travel, or fine dine, or buy yourself nice things; how in the world do you expect them to provide these things? It's the age-old teaching-"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" So many of us are looking for Mr. and Mrs. Perfect that we're not even preparing ourselves to be that which we desire. (A blog on that topic later.) We're wanting a fairy tale, but are unwilling to put in any work. I'm speaking specifically to my ladies now. Let's face it-I'm a woman and that is my major audience for the purposes of my personal blog. Think of it! How many times have you said I want an intellectual mate. A God-fearing mate. A mate with a sizeable income, enough to where; if I don't want to work, I don't have to work. What about good in bed? Have a good relationship with his family, particularily his momma. Even the smaller, less demanding pre-requisites-like: I want him to be charming, funny, honest, generous, and love me for me. These are ALL awesome qualities to want in a mate, don't ever think I'm saying they're not. However, what I am saying is to prepare yourself. Be reasonable. If you don't have any money in your savings; living check to check. How dare you ask for some Knight in shining armour? If your idea of heavy reading, is reading Vogue monthly; yet, you want a man to hold a profound conversation with you. Think again! If you go to the local beauty shop or purse "party" or Harwin just to get the hottest knock-off Gucci bag; how could you possibly insuate that this guy needs to get you the "baddest" designer bag or take you on a shopping spree!?! You want a spirtual man, yet the only time you set foot in a church house is for a funeral and possibly a wedding, if you're in it. You demand he be the one that "invented sex" yet you're a prude and wouldn't find out what it took to please a man if it cost you .50 cent. Is it absolutely possible for you to demand a guy have his stuff (and you know that's not the word we use) together, when you don't? This is not a female bashing blog, or man for that matter. I'm simply stating the obvious rule of thumb. Expect nothing less than YOUR best. Whatever it is you desire in a mate; make sure it's a mirror of you. We are designed to be help mates. Not these anchors holding anybody down. Don't expect anything from a man that wants to date you and potentially marry you except his RESPECT! If he gives you that-he'll pay attention to the way you treat yourself. The things and people you like. The way your family and friends respond and treat you. He'll want to match and even do better than that! If you treat yourself well. He'll know you're not easily impressed by him opening the car door or picking up a check! Shoot...if he asked you out, he's supposed to do those things. He'll understand that he can't buy you any old hallmark card because what you're used to is hand-made cards. If he truly LIKES you the way he's claimed the spectacular gestures are sure to come! If you constantly have to remind him the "type" of women you are, i.e -"I'm much classier than that. I like ______. I don't do ________." You're NOT living a life he can mirror! He most definitely won't try and do above and beyond what you're used to! At the same time, you should do nice and thoughtful things as well! (A blog on that later.) Become well read and well spoken. Invest. Be you! Be the Best you! Be pleasurable to be around, interesting and an overall GREAT catch! Happy Dating! Our actions speak so loudly, no one can hear what we're saying...

Are You P.O.S.H.?

Dear Friends, Family and Faithful Readers,

The time has finally come...my business partner, Danielle Phillips and I, proudly announce the inception of Forward Motion Productions. Founded in 2009, Forward Motion Productions, strives to motivate and encourage young ladies (pre-teen and teen) to maintain and apply high standards, morals and educational values by providing enrichment opportunities. The first of many programs to come, P.O.S.H. is designed to encourage young ladies grades 5-8 in Galveston County and the surrounding areas to positively develope their talents. If you know a young lady that desires to be Positively Outstanding, Sensatational and Hip-we would love to have her attend our first seminar of the year which will be held on March 13, 2010.
3 programs,
2 sessions,
1 day
A Positively Outstanding, Sensational and Hip event!
Please pass the word along!
Never give up on somethng you can't go a day without thinking about...
~Khystian Nichole
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Who Dat!!

There is a ton of speculation going around; this and that, about who's going to win the Super Bowl game on Sunday! It's not just football fans, not just civilized adults...OH NO! It's my 5th grade students!!!! SMH! On Friday, they actually began a mini-riot in the hallway outside of the classrooms!! Saints! Colts! They shouted adamantly! You would swear they would be in Miami Sunday; either on the field, in the stands or in one of the many locations set for the big screen viewings! I'm hopeful that that same encouragement and fire they have, they continue right on through the end of April! Hey, those of us Texas certified teachers know exactly what I'm talking about! T.A.K.S. and I need them to pass it!!! Until then....Gooooooooooooo Saints! Who Dat!! Otherwise you just Ain'ts!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beauty Tip #2

Before applying eye shadow, apply concealer to your lids! This helps keep the original color of the eyeshadow without changing (looking dull or too shiny) once mixed with the natural pigment of your skin.