Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Greatest Accomplishment Thus Far

Khloe Nichole Allen is my greatest accomplishment thus far. She's such a SWEETHEART!! I'm in awe of her and totally obsessed! All the kicking, punching, stretching, bedrest, gestational hypertension, 13 hours of labor and 20 minutes of 4 full pushes to deliver is nothing compared to spending my days with her!
My second greatest accomplishment so far:

Lort it's difficult producing this liquid gold but I'm doing it! (Breastfeeding blog coming soon)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

As The World Turns (In Real Life) Episode 8

"Contact me if you'd like to talk woman to woman."
"I feel the need to clear my name of any lies spread about me."
"I don't bother anybody."
"I know (x, y or z) is about to happen. I'm shocked and thought you should know (a, b, and c)"
"If you know (said name's) wife please let her know that her husband has a mistress."

I could go on and on with the different scenarios found in the inboxes of me and or people I know; perhaps yourself, but for the purposes of this blog I think five real life examples is sufficient.
Let's begin by addressing the biggest elephant in the room...more than likely if you have to attempt correspondence with someone per their inbox on social media that they won't see for months and in some cases years because that isn't there apparent form of social contact with "friends" you are way down the totem pole of importance or relevance to their life. You could possibly be having an accurate and beneficial conversation BUT with the WRONG person. Try talking to the person you believe has a reason to discuss you. Try speaking to the person that actually wronged or addressed you in the first place. If you've NEVER been in contact concerning a particular issue that is obviously disturbing you; seek the closure you need from the person you're actually in disarray with and not the person that has no personal personal investment in you. Speaking woman to woman will not change your situation. It only airs your dirty laundry and what doesn't come out in the wash WILL come out in the rinse. It's best to just go about your business and be more productive in other facets of life. Try a woman's group or some other social organization geared towards women.

To clear your names insinuates that you've even been discussed. *Newsflash* Entering someone's inbox gives you a false sense of self-importance. You've never been discussed and in most cases don't ever need to be especially if it's a historical presence. Expect some backlash and slander when it comes to a break-up...usually from both parties...God's timing is always best and He takes great care of His children, so if you're a child of God; you're in great hands. Watch Him work and you rest your weeping eyes. They did it to Jesus, what makes you so special?
The above mentioned goes for two through four. It could also go along with number five.

Obviously a mistress likes her role or she wouldn't be a mistress knowing the man has a wife or vice versa. Know your role and stay out of it! The mistress isn't the one speaking up...you are. Offer positive and inspiring messages to your friend because they are obviously lost, sad, and pathetic. Admonish your friend for their bad behavior instead of spreading their bad behavior to other people. All you do is help to spread negativity and you could use your power for good over evil!

That's all for now folks! I'm sure my inbox will blow up once again...it always does when folks think you're writing about them. Keep my episodes coming though...they give me great inspiration! Just know I don't have messenger so you won't get a response!