Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Observation

The world we live in has people so disingenuous as it comes to their indiscretions and wrong-doings. Most people expect you to "take them as they are" quickly "forgive and forget" or simply "get over it" as they continue to make bad decisions in life and coincidentally affect you with their mistakes, mishaps, misconception, or misconduct.
Now a days there is no true accountability for actions. There is no remorse for bad behavior. Very seldom is there acknowledgement on the behalf of the transgressor.
The apparent lack of restitution or restoration for violations of any sort has left those of us with actual consciences to feel jaded.
When did this begin, you ask? How did this behavior start? Who's doing these things?
Sit back.


Certain groups of people feel as if they can do whatever to whomever and live however and then make excuses to justify their circumstances. Play victim. Become cowards searching for easy ways out.

If I had the answers to the above questions  I think I'd have hit gold! But...I don't know, I can't say, but I know it's becoming an increasingly prevalent culture.