Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Road tripping~Gone Wrong

When road tripping goes wrong...just imagine a hundred and something mile ride, roughly two hours, to a beautiful resort...
You want no sounds, except that of the R. Kelly station you have playing. You're riding and you're rolling, rolling and riding. You would have placed the address into the gps, only the resort, initially, didn't come up on the grid. You're told that signs will be everywhere anyway, so you're good...so you think! 
A nostalgic collection of music playing and sing-along anthems belted, easy breezy traffic flow (exceptional actually) and two and a half hours later you're asked, "Where are you?" "What time did we leave the house?" Then told, "Look for exit 25."
Looking at the sign ahead it reads exit EIGHTY-SIX! 86! Ocho y sies! Yes! 86! Not 25, not even close to 25 if you round! Not even the vicinity, not even close to the same city! 
Yes! That's the story of my life. I drove an hour out from the resort! A nice evening relaxing by the pool that should have began at 6:30...the latest! Didn't begin until 8:30- after I'd arrived! It was dark! It was night! What do you do with lemons? Make lemon drop martini's!! #SingleGirlGem
Late night jacuzzi lounging...a night cap...and bed! The next day would be better! It had to be, right? I was already AT the resort! 

Happy road tripping!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teaching Tid-bit

TWEET board for student responses, exit tickets, or as an alternative to a mail box! This makes for an awesome student-centered learning tool. Post-it notes and pencils should be assessible to students at all times. 

To address a particular lesson question stem or open-ended question where individual student responses are required: each student receives the question stem, along with a post-it to TWEET the teacher their response. 

When using as an exit ticket, use the same procedure except; students TWEET as the exit the classroom!

Take it a step further and create an actual classroom twitter account and take student responses to the net! 

It helps keep students accountable for their learning, engaged in the student expectation, gives you immediate feedback in short chunks, and bridges social media aspects to the classroom! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Not a threat...a promise!

Knowing what you want, how you want it, and the time-frame in which you want it is not a threat! It's setting smart goals! It's making and keeping a promise. Defining your life in stages is not placing ultimatums or vice grips on anyone else.  If you don't define yourself for yourself or know what you want when you want it, or have goals in place and measureable timelines...someone else is going to do it for you and then you'll really be in bad shape. It is a variation of an Audre Lord quote in which she says, "If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive." She was speaking the absolute truth, and I'm fairly certain you may be familiar with the quote. 
If someone feels threatened by your definition or expectations for your life tell them to move around. You don't have time to be confined or manipulated to feel as if you're doing something wrong by mapping out your life, goals, and aspirations. Just putting this out there for the dazed and confused...or as a reminder for those on target and mastering...
Great luck in life! Today is June 3rd! We're mid-year and it's time to SELF-CHECK!