Friday, September 30, 2016

Praise Reporting

Every now and again you have to take a moment and reflect on just how good God has been to and through your life. 
It's not about the tangible but the intangible! Praise Him for all He's kept you from. He spared you! He's kept you from losing your mind when that was all you had left in this world. 
He's sheltered you from life's storms and disasterous situations. He's provided for you when your conduct and actions weren't deserving. 
God is amazing and He does amazing things in our favor. Take time to worship and praise Him! Give Him benevolent glory for forgiving your indiscretions. 
I don't want any rocks crying out in my place. I don't need the leaves to praise in my place! I'm grateful all on my own. 


The WE Factor

The beautiful part about being in a meaningful and successful relationship...any relationship... is that you are not alone. Success is shared! Failure is shared! There is not an ounce of competition within the union and both win or lose TOGETHER! When congratulations are in order; it is from a place of shared growth. Where there is sorrow or pain the burden is divided and mutual. 
A relationship or partnership means less of "me" and more of "WE"! The ego has to be crushed. Ego is a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. In a relationship there is no selfishness only selfLESSness!! <-- Please, catch that...I'm trying to help somebody today! 
The sooner you are a giver more than a taker...the sooner you are a listener rather than a speaker...the sooner you are less reactive and more proactive...the sooner you are more involved and less disassociated...the sooner you view things positively rather than negatively...the sooner you are more cautious and less wreckless....the greater you are considerate less than disrespectful...

I could go on and on but this is not a relationship course, only my blog; I'll leave it there.

A meaningful and successful relationship is beautiful. Enjoy the contributions of each other. Celebrate each other. Comfort each other. One does not function without the other. 

Happy bonding! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

NOVEMBER to remember

There's going to be many sad, upset, disgruntled, and mad faces come November! But! It'll also be some thankful, grateful, happy, cheerful, and beautiful faces come November! 
...only time will tell...
Just know...
There can only be ONE! 
It's happening regardless of your feelings!
There's nothing you can do to put a stop to it!
It was ALWAYS part of God's perfect plan!
Stranger things have happened!
Time's'll be here before you know it!
😜 smooches

Monday, September 19, 2016


I saw the below meme and originally agreed...
Then just like the prodigal son, "I came to myself (my senses)...

I may not leave church or stop going because of hypocrite members of a church. We're all studying, learning, walking by faith together. (Lesson) The church IS the people; let us keep that in mind. The church is NOT a building! The Father is coming back for a church without a spot or a wrinkle <-- that is not a building! He's coming back for us. The people are the church. Church equals people. People = Church (Okay: end of lesson) So no, I wouldn't dare blame attendance issues on church. However, I will leave a church because of a hypocritical Leader of the flock i.e Pastor. Referring back to the meme: I don't want any out of shape, ill-prepared trainer working me out, pushing me to the limit, telling me what I can do, and encouraging my inner fatty that loves cupcakes to just; put it down and walk away. How could that trainer obviously work with me when it's obvious the said trainer can NOT themselves work it out?! So yes! I don't intend to attend church, or class, or anything else where the LEADER hasn't been properly trained and prepared for the task at hand. If they don't follow the same expectations they encourage for me how should I expect any different results than the one's they themselves are "advertising". Ever heard the saying; you are a walking advertisement for your business? It's true! 
I'd rather try it alone and study to show myself approved than to be made twice the son of hell as the teacher of the law. Them that don't follow the law (let's be real), respect the law enough to not appear or live hypocritically. 

That's just me though O_o