Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrying Khloe

Who'd have thunk it?!...ME! Pregnant! 

It's been  wild ride...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life Gem #1

Some mistakes you live through, other mistakes you push through, however ALL mistakes you grow through! #KhrystianTidBit #LifeGemNumberOne

Saturday, December 3, 2016


One of my favorite local authors, Mary B. Morrison, posted this meme on her Facebook page to open discussion. My thoughts really briefly is that this situationship is not dating! The two are simply sleeping together and enjoying each other physically. Instead of dating, it should have said, "sleeping with someone for two months," or "seeing someone for two months." Don't get me wrong...the two parties are obviously consenting adults and if they want to call it "dating" more power to them, but dating... they are NOT. Their situationship probably wouldn't exist outside the bedroom. I can probably bet money on the fact that the correspondence through text and phone has more to do with how they feel about meeting up, are they busy, are they available, what time can they meet up, where they will meet up, and when they will meet up (all) to have sex.  Any other compliments or pleasantries, more than likely, stem from x-rated or other sexually-related innuendo. 

By the way...have fun with that fulfillment (insert sarcastic face)


Monday, November 21, 2016

Wedding HIGHS

Before wedding planning I'd heard from various sources that it could be stressful and high tensions, time-consuming, and exhausting. Planning for me went off without a hitch. Holding myself accountable to a budget, figuring non-negotiables that I imagined, location, food, design of dress, etc these things came quite easily and naturally for me since I'd been planning a wedding intricately in my head for a few years. Face it; I'm thirty-five! I'm NO spring chicken. I've lived life, acquired a bank account, been to a "few" weddings in my life time, watched several wedding movies i.e the wedding planner, my best friends wedding, father of the bride parts one and two, bridesmaids, maid of honor, bride wars...I mean the list could go on and on. 

Not only is my life planned out so intricately, it doesn't hurt to be the ONLY daughter of your parents and the ONLY sister to your brother. 

My end of preparation has gone off without a hitch. It's OTHER people that cause issues, doubts, delays, stresses, or tension.  I'm just keeping it real...all the way one hundred!

Here are a list of High's that have helped me maintain (sanity) throughout planning of a wedding and the process of beginning a new life with someone:

Supportive parents

A Maid of Honor that's organized and on top of you and holds you accountable to your timeline and vision

A friend to vent to that's been-there and done-that to help alleviate early frustrations and ask intricate questions to

An all-inclusive venue

A to-do list which continually evolves

A coordinator (either wedding or day of) that can take your vision, work it out, and be "the voice" of the wedding 

WIlLING participants/bridal party members

Praying family and true friends

A bank account

If you've planned a wedding recently or, if you're in the planning process comment below with your wedding HIGHS! Future brides need to know!

Ruined Moments

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Most Important Decision Ever

One thing is sure when deciding marriage, or a lifelong union of any kind, to a person...make sure it's for the RIGHT reasons! 

The number one reason should be TRUST. You trust them wholeheartedly. You trust their flaws, their past mistakes, their decision-making trust their intent, their will to live, their heart. You trust their desires and commitment. 

Above all there should be LOVE, however, too many people use that word cavalierly. It's taken for granted. Because so many people don't understand love or what it actually means, and their only interpretation of love many times is a false sense of security or entitlement we've all seen on television or in movies; I decided to use the word trust. Trust is simplistic in definition that it's understandable even to  three year old. A toddler won't willingly go with anyone they don't trust. Well, the toddlers I know lol. 

Moving on. 

Don't marry someone for financial gain. Don't marry someone for pity. Don't marry someone under an ultimatum. Don't marry someone because it's the "right" thing to do. Don't marry someone because of a kid. Don't marry someone to prove a point. Don't marry someone because it's expected. Don't marry someone because everyone else is doing it. Don't marry someone because you're tired of being alone. Don't marry someone because of the way it'll look. 

Propose marriage because you want to spend your life growing and learning together. Propose marriage because you trust them with your heart. 

Accept the proposal because you're honored to share life with the person. Accept the proposal because you couldn't imagine doing this thing called life with anyone but them. 

These aren't things you think of after you've asked or accepted. They're conversations you have with yourself BEFORE making any moves. The conversations before can save you time, money, heartache, and stress. It's the most important decision you'll ever willingly make in your life so don't rush the before conversations and certainly don't skip them. 

Good luck in Love, fairytales do make your own! 


Don't LOSE Yourself

It's easy to get lost in moments or time.  It's easy to get caught up in other people, their drama, their ways, their lifestyles.  It's easy to misinterpret who you are for what other's see you as.  Do NOT do it!  Don't LOSE yourself.  Be exceptional you at all times. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

"A hit dog will holler"
Of course it will! You'd holler too if you got hit.

"You want your cake and eat it too"
Well, who doesn't?! Of course when offered cake I'm going to eat it. 

"This, that, and the third"

I personally enjoy:
"Turn on the lights and the roaches scatter"

"Expose the devil and he will flee"

Friday, September 30, 2016

Praise Reporting

Every now and again you have to take a moment and reflect on just how good God has been to and through your life. 
It's not about the tangible but the intangible! Praise Him for all He's kept you from. He spared you! He's kept you from losing your mind when that was all you had left in this world. 
He's sheltered you from life's storms and disasterous situations. He's provided for you when your conduct and actions weren't deserving. 
God is amazing and He does amazing things in our favor. Take time to worship and praise Him! Give Him benevolent glory for forgiving your indiscretions. 
I don't want any rocks crying out in my place. I don't need the leaves to praise in my place! I'm grateful all on my own. 


The WE Factor

The beautiful part about being in a meaningful and successful relationship...any relationship... is that you are not alone. Success is shared! Failure is shared! There is not an ounce of competition within the union and both win or lose TOGETHER! When congratulations are in order; it is from a place of shared growth. Where there is sorrow or pain the burden is divided and mutual. 
A relationship or partnership means less of "me" and more of "WE"! The ego has to be crushed. Ego is a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance. In a relationship there is no selfishness only selfLESSness!! <-- Please, catch that...I'm trying to help somebody today! 
The sooner you are a giver more than a taker...the sooner you are a listener rather than a speaker...the sooner you are less reactive and more proactive...the sooner you are more involved and less disassociated...the sooner you view things positively rather than negatively...the sooner you are more cautious and less wreckless....the greater you are considerate less than disrespectful...

I could go on and on but this is not a relationship course, only my blog; I'll leave it there.

A meaningful and successful relationship is beautiful. Enjoy the contributions of each other. Celebrate each other. Comfort each other. One does not function without the other. 

Happy bonding! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

NOVEMBER to remember

There's going to be many sad, upset, disgruntled, and mad faces come November! But! It'll also be some thankful, grateful, happy, cheerful, and beautiful faces come November! 
...only time will tell...
Just know...
There can only be ONE! 
It's happening regardless of your feelings!
There's nothing you can do to put a stop to it!
It was ALWAYS part of God's perfect plan!
Stranger things have happened!
Time's'll be here before you know it!
😜 smooches

Monday, September 19, 2016


I saw the below meme and originally agreed...
Then just like the prodigal son, "I came to myself (my senses)...

I may not leave church or stop going because of hypocrite members of a church. We're all studying, learning, walking by faith together. (Lesson) The church IS the people; let us keep that in mind. The church is NOT a building! The Father is coming back for a church without a spot or a wrinkle <-- that is not a building! He's coming back for us. The people are the church. Church equals people. People = Church (Okay: end of lesson) So no, I wouldn't dare blame attendance issues on church. However, I will leave a church because of a hypocritical Leader of the flock i.e Pastor. Referring back to the meme: I don't want any out of shape, ill-prepared trainer working me out, pushing me to the limit, telling me what I can do, and encouraging my inner fatty that loves cupcakes to just; put it down and walk away. How could that trainer obviously work with me when it's obvious the said trainer can NOT themselves work it out?! So yes! I don't intend to attend church, or class, or anything else where the LEADER hasn't been properly trained and prepared for the task at hand. If they don't follow the same expectations they encourage for me how should I expect any different results than the one's they themselves are "advertising". Ever heard the saying; you are a walking advertisement for your business? It's true! 
I'd rather try it alone and study to show myself approved than to be made twice the son of hell as the teacher of the law. Them that don't follow the law (let's be real), respect the law enough to not appear or live hypocritically. 

That's just me though O_o

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Quotes

Friday, July 29, 2016

History Alive

So it's a great time to be alive and see history being made with our own eyes. Many people that don't like a person will try and diminish or minimize their accomplishments. I've seen this happening all around social media and it's pretty disgusting. 
Hilary Clinton is in fact the FIRST woman nominated by a MAJOR political party for the office of the President of the United States. It's doesn't mean others before her have not attempted or even tried to be considered for President, but it does mean a major politically party has done it NOW, TODAY. 
*BTW Major equals or means Democrat and Republican. 
President Obama wasn't the first Black man to run for president of the United States of America.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I ain't sorry

There were a few comments that resonated with me based on this post:
"Now we have a bank to get loans."
"Is he going to provide loans to AA's?"

I'm happy to see a community of people supporting other's in a community that look like them. I'm all for Unity and the movement to support Black-owned businesses. What I don't have the patience for is anyone looking for preferential treatment because of their skin color in an institution that's set-up just like ALL other institutions. I ain't sorry, but if you couldn't get a "loan" at Chase, Bank of America, or any other banking institution of your choosing; you can not and should NOT expect that just because this is a Black-owned bank; now all of a sudden you can get money out of it that you don't have!! 
As long as you're qualified to receive a loan...YES you can get a loan! If you are NOT qualified...'Ill answer that question for you and say NO!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Life Gems #26

"...Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? 
Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. 
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. 
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." 
~Marianne Williamson

After seeing so many nasty, inappropriate, down-right crude posts and discussions come across social media this past week I feel somebody needs to be reminded that they are WORTHY. They are a descendant of the King! They are a child of God! It is not cute, or smart, to allow someone to diminish you or your worth then; you remain unbothered, underdeveloped, unmotivated to speak, create, or cause CHANGE in your life. Let your light be a brilliant indication of your power and strength, not a black (or other colored) light that presents a facade to the true pain you may be experiencing. That light, although fun and alluring, sexy and wanted, masks the real you behind phony pictures that diminish your worth and reduce you to something merely disposable. Don't give people permission to abuse you by sitting idle and not taking total control over your life. No one determines your worth! Make your own decisions, call your own shots, and set your own path. 
Social media can be entertaining. It can give us the overindulgence of tea we need to get through the day.  Social media can also be uplifting and encouraging, and in the same breathe it can be depressing, sad, and depriving. Social media is not always indicative of someone's REAL life, but, then again; WHY wouldn't it be? It should! Your life shouldn't always be about the "wow" factor. That's not how you live in the privacy of your own home, not even socially in a setting. Every performer takes off the costume, washes the makeup off, removes the wig... eventually. 
Social media is a new way of life and for someone to say they don't "do social media" is absurd because now a days that's how the majority of information (true or false) is passed. Lives are being changed by social media, money is made through social media, ideas are birthed through social media. Social media is big business! Check the stocks. Check what it's selling for! Check yourself don't take my word for it!
Every now and again we just need a gentle reminder. I think Marianne Williamson's words do just that. They were good enough for Nelson Mandela to use, so they're great enough to be heard over and over again.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

When You Can't Run Any Longer

You can run as long and as far as your body will allow...then you can rest up, catch your breathe, and start running again until your legs give out, your heart races, and you begin to see spots in the sky in front of you. That's what I did! I ran. I ran marathons...and I hate running unless I'm being chased. Ironically; I could say God was chasing me. His spirit of giving, or service, could have been chasing me. I. Was. Hunted. Or haunted, whichever way you choose to view the glass. 
The first person that ever told me to take teaching, being an educator, or working in education seriously and all the way to the top was my daddy. He's a hard worker and doesn't believe in just "getting into" something. "If you're going to do it, why not be at the top? Be the best in the business. That's what I would do if I were you." He told me. I told him then, "No way! I'm not going to be in education that long. This is just something."
That was twelve years ago. Twelve years later; I'm STILL in education. Still teaching, training, caring for, and administering to middle school-age students. 
In my ninth year, I think: I want out of the classroom. I can't continue doing the same thing year after year: 1st day, meet the teacher, get to know you, almost identical curriculum in the same order year after year, followed by a brutal testing season that no one looks forward to. End of the year activities and bridge work... I'll go to school to be a diagnostician. I teach special needs students and there are so many students sitting in classrooms every day that are left undiagnosed. I can begin a career there.
Again, once I begin classes, my daddy has another conversation with me and says, "If I were you I'd be a principal or superintendent; what about a job in education on a national level? You should look into being the Secretary of Education." 😳
Me being a child of "obedience" I begin researching then put my special education studies on hold. I continue holding because; I'll be real with myself and say I got too comfortable, too common, too adjusted. I. Was. Content. 
Until I wasn't. I hate being common. I'm uncomfortable being too comfortable. Too regular. I re-enroll in school. Still studying special education. I don't like it. I feel like I'm studying what I already do daily. The monotony is disturbing. Depressing. I want more! I want out of the classroom. I feel claustrophobic. Suffocated. I dread going to work. I dread discussing work. I dread thinking about work. Suddenly Sunday's, which are my favorite day of the week, sickens me to my stomach because I dread Monday's...At. Work. I feel a rut...I get multiple certifications to teach what I like: dance, all subjects 4th-8th, ESL...but it's not good enough. I have a "thirst" and it's not quenched with being contained in a classroom. All the while God has been placing me in positions that I was naive to. Team leader as a first year teacher, which I held throughout my entire teaching career, committee chairs (which I complained adamantly about under my breathe, of course) leading initiatives, writing curriculum, attending conferences, etc. Things I wouldn't have ever "posted" or discussed because I was ignorant to their value.
It took me speaking with university advisors about career options with Special Education versus Education Administration, even then, about another four conversations with my Cookie Monster for me to finally agree to study educational administration. "Now, tell me again why aren't you going to school to be a principal?" "How long will it take you?" "I don't understand why you wouldn't want to be a principal," I'd get asked anytime we discussed our day😳
He has the same mentality as my daddy, if I didn't get a chance to say that before. So now I have it double duty...and heavy! As coocoo for Cocoa Puffs as I am; my internal motivation may just have been to get them to shut up about it. Lol. 
Never the less; I'm studying administration and it's everything I've been doing and not getting the pay for so the work load comes easy for me. Tedious, yet simplistic, and relevant to the job I already do everyday as an academic coach. 
I say all this to say: I'd been running. Around and around (a track) wasting time. Or if I look at the glass as half full, as I tend to do; I'll say I've been in "training". It took a slight push...ok, kick from Coach Daddy and Coach Cookie Monster, much support from my (greatest cheerleader) mommy but I'm completing it! August 20th is near. I'd rush it if I wasn't so self-absorbed about my vacation time. I've now passed the certification test, I'm in my last class, going into completing the final internship hours, then all this hassle will definitely be worth the tassel! goals will be established! Another race will begin.
Runners on your mark...

Transformation Season

Weddings, engagements, graduations, certifications, births, showers, announcements, etc. This is the season for them ALL. June is the season of blessings and multiple correspondences for various life-changing events! It's also, what I like to think of as, the season of TRANSFORMATION! Whether it's your event, announcement, or not; it's the season of dramatic change. You have options of transformation: are you transforming to new thoughts, ideas, goals, etc.? Are you transforming your old way of thinking, doing, or completing tasks? Have you transformed from last year to the new year? Have you spotted someone else's transformation and now you're self-reflecting? I ask, not to judge or rebuke, but, because it's all relative...and...relevant.
The season of transformation is a powerful season when you don't get self-absorbed into the negative aspects of life and once you realize that without change...there is no productivity! Transformation is key to success and recognition. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pleasantries *Summer Edition

*Courtesy of expensivetastecatering Instagram post*

A thirteenth would be 
13. Don't pack plates. There needs to be food available for all invited guests that ATTEND, not your boo, cousin, or self for later.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Le sigh Single Girl Gem 67

I like how now all of a sudden there's a "movement" since Alicia Keys did a photo shoot supposedly without makeup on. We'll call it a natural photo shoot. Women...and men do it everyday. Live life without makeup on. There's no great unsolved mystery or hidden agenda! Makeup is used to enhance natural beauty. Most people wear it to look more outstanding or glamourous. Others wear it to personify a character or look as they desire. Makeup,'s just like designing or enhancing your already lovely home with decorations or upgrading carpet to tile or wood. You do it for aesthetic purposes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I really wish people would "get off" shaming others because they desire something some one else doesn't. I know, I get it; it's TOO much like right for one person to like something, another person to disagree and they both mutually continue to respect each other's differences and coexist in life without placing each other in a box or ridiculing each other. 
Le sigh...
We wake to face another day,

I was a sweaty mess after a Zumbathon! Who cares?! It's not national security to see a woman without lipstick, eye shadow and mascara! #Flawless 
*The deepest love is to be loved flaws and all* ~Khrystian Nichole #SingleGirlGem67

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Single Girl... Eats

Every now and again; I just have to do it! 
Sometimes you get tired of eating out or eating other people's cooking and you want some of your good food! 

I didn't eat too much...I'm watching my figure😜

Friday, May 20, 2016

Year of Yes~Review

Reading Shonda Rhimes self revealing book for my book club the month of May. I wouldn't call myself quite a fan of her work, and that's just because I'm not too familiar with everything Shondaland, but I do love How To Get Away With Murder and I watch Scandal. I'm definitely and without a doubt an advocate of movers and shakers, smart and savvy women, as well as, girl bosses though and she fits the mold...completely! 
Just a little something in my office in case you didn't know. 
Anywho; as usual I've pulled tid-bits that stuck with me from the book. My usual disclaimer *this is in no way a substitution for reading the book.*
Shonda Rhimes, in my opinion, is quite magnificent and most people that work for her and with her agree. I believe it was   a talk show host that coined the term Shondalabra in regards to her. Her book was totally about removing yourself from your comfort zone and owning ALL of yourself, flaws and all. To be great, most times you have to do unusual things; especially things you're not familiar or comfortable with. In all her fabulousness she says, "Standing around like Wonder Woman in the morning can make people think you are more amazing at lunch time." Silly? Maybe! I took it to mean that being awesome is a mind state and once YOU believe in yourself others will too! Not only that; holding yourself in high regard forces others to do the same. As I've blogged before, if a person doesn't know, they don't know (Khrystianism) you have to TEACH people the way to treat and respect you. 

Lesson 1: Ditch the dream! Be a doer, not a dreamer.
I instantly thought of Dory and heard her voice sing, "Just keep swimming." Nothing comes easy! It's hard work to be successful. If you want to be or do something, get it done. Don't waste precious time that you can't get back dreaming and imagining. Like I've said before: Don't think outside the box, kick the box...move that thang out the way!

Lesson 2: Tomorrow is going to be the worst day ever for you. But don't be an asshole. 
One thing she mentioned during that time of dreaming was to keep going. The saying is if you can't fly, walk, if you can't walk, crawl, (I'm adding) if you can't crawl, scoot, but keep moving! "Do until you can do something else," she writes. I take it to mean; if you want to own the company; don't keep repeating yourself and not working moving towards the goal...go work for the company and learn all about it. Master it.

Lesson 3: There's a trade-off. You can't do it all. If you're succeeding at one, you're inevitably failing at the other and anyone who tells you they are doing it all, perfectly, is a liar.
This portion was a system of pleasantries meant to allow yourself time to grow in my opinion. Keep the blood pressure down, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy growth! Coming from someone that's reached her level of success that tid-bit is beneficial and noteworthy!

The last tid-bit was one of my favorites. This one goes out to all mothers everywhere and ALL people that count motherhood as a "job". I've had these exact same feelings for awhile now so to see her place it in print truly resonated with me. I won't write a blurb on it; I've taken the liberty of photographing the section I believe tells it all: 



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Money Matters

A friend of mine posted that Donald Trump has no political experience and yet is a Presidential candidate, while in order to apply for manger at Chilli's you must have five years experience. I was just about to "like" the comment when I remembered money matters
When you have money, most things come easy for you or, at least without many prerequisites. Therefore, if a person with money wanted to manage Chilli's they could go and own part of the brand, open a restaurant then, manage Chilli's. Money has always spoken...loudly. Money usually can get things done. The right amount of money can set rules or change games. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

No Deed Goes Unnoticed

It's an awesome feeling to know my hard work doesn't go unnoticed! It's the little things that make a HUGE impact🤗 Thank you, Amanda! The Internet is such a great tool! #UseYourPowerForGood #Masterteacher #ScienceCoach #11YearsAndCounting #OfCourseIDontMind #AppreciatedFromAfar

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Maximum Tier One Instruction

*Improving Full-Class Instruction
By Pat Quinn

I went to a training this past Wednesday on Instructional Coaching with Reluctant Teachers and got more out of the five hours than I have gotten at any other training all year! There were a few curriculum specialists at the training whom work for my district so hopefully they will pass along to the powers that be how great, engaging and intriguing the training was and the district will bring him in the upcoming years. 

I NEVER purchase supplemental material from a presenter, usually because it's including in the training, but also because I don't feel like I get anything "new" or "fresh" from the speaker, but this time; he made me a believer! I told him as I bought his book, audio and site license. As usual, I'm going to give a few tid-bits from the book. This is not in any way a substitution from reading, but it's nuggets I'm pulling to review! 

1. Students need direction. Self-direction,  Academic direction, Career direction, and Relationship direction. They are like the four tires on a car. If they're balanced and headed in the same direction the car can GO. 
2. Seven essential components to lesson plans: Attention- raise student interest, relevance, and receptiveness to your instruction. Pre-Assessment- it's important to be knowledgeable about your students' prior knowledge in the particular area you're trying to teach. (My thought: it guides instruction). Instruction- Don't just evaluate or give feedback on yesterday's assignment then move right in to practicing a new skill. Connect the new learning to prior learning and differentiate as you tie in the relevance. Check for Understanding- "Are there any questions?" Is NOT checking for understanding and no student is going to raise their hand and be that one student that doesn't get it! Individual accountability and active check for understandings is the goal during this component. Guided practice- students practice the new content in a supervised situation with short feedback time usually less than 3 minutes. Homework- only if required. To give or not to give?
Independent practice- targeted at the level of the student. Giving an assignment that is too difficult is a recipe for frustration or defiance and giving one too easy is a recipe for misbehavior or boredom. This is also a time for students to check as they go and provide instructional support or resources. Feedback- if the only feedback you give students is a grade, you need to improve your feedback. Rubrics and checklists are great for student-instant feedback while they work. The reason we give assignments (or should be) is to give feedback which can be one of the greatest tools to improving student performance and learning. All seven components vary in length so don't feel restricted to how they look in a day, or week but include them in each lesson.
4. Four opportunities to differentiate instruction or MAXIMIZE INSTRUCTION are pre-assessment, check for understanding, end of guided practice, and feedback. 
During pre-assessment, feel comfortable dividing the class into two groups and pre-teach for five minutes KEY prerequisite skills to those that aren't ready for the lesson. Choose one or two essential skills that will help students be successful today. That's the focus. You allow the other students to relax, work on something else, get started, tutor, prepare, etc. Don't try and remediate all skills. No one will ever be on a level playing field. The moment they walked in your class at the start of the year everyone was in different levels and rates of learning. Your goal is just to tip the scale to better all student success. 
Check for understanding- you can't have your entire class always doing the same activity at the same time. 5 minutes (My thoughts-remember my Power of FIVE). End of guided practice- include remediation and extension assignments for various learners. Independent practice-  provide a check as you go opportunity so students don't spend 30 to 45 minutes doing an assignment incorrectly. Feedback- the best feedback tells students what they're doing right, wrong, and what they need to do differently to do better next time. 
5. Focus specifically on what a student needs to be successful in today's lesson because you can't fill all of their gaps, cover all their weaknesses, or teach them all the skills they lack. Your goal in re-teaching is to get 100% of the students ready for today's lesson. 
6. As long as your entire class is working on only one activity at the same time, you'll never be able to maximize learning in your classroom. Students who are ahead can't advance. Students who are behind or struggle won't be able to grasp the skill or knowledge you're teaching. 
(My thoughts- dividing your class is important but management is even more important for effective instructional time.)
7. Nothing is perfect. Don't stress attempting to do it all, but look at your current lessons and ask is there one or two opportunities to maximize instruction that I can build into the plan. 
8. There's isn't a teaching technique in the world that's good enough to use every single day that's why you vary what you do in class and pick and choose techniques to use occasionally.

Follow him at The RTI Guy

I'll blog-review on Five Models of Full-Class Instruction as well as, Instructional Coaching with Reluctant Teachers next...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Live in and Enjoy Your Moments

No matter where you are in life...😊


*as posted on Micheal Baisden's Facebook*

The Termites in Every Profession and Organization

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Until the End of Time...

Until the end of time
I'll be there for you
You own my heart and mind
I truly adore you
If God one day stroke me blind
Your beauty I'd still see
Love is to weak to define
Just what you mean to me

No, not Prince (that's all I could muster to say when I was given the news) Rest in peace musical icon, legend, genius, and BOSS! 
I can only speak on when I saw him live in concert, performing, commanding the stage in only a way he could do; when I observed his non verbal yet wildly expressive body language at awards shows; watching him during interviews or reading his thoughts through the words of his songs. He was a gentle spirit, charismatic, talented, no-nonsense, silly, sweet, and lovable all wrapped into one from this fans point of view. I'll miss the anticipation of new music from him, or surprise performance dates, and tours! I'll miss his smile, laugh, and animated eyes.
I can't even list all the contributions he's made to music, musicians, artists, everybody. I can't list a favorite song or a single, determining factor that attributes to my affection toward him as a contribution to my era of music but I do know a piece of REAL creative outstanding music left this earth along with him. He lives on through HIS music which HE fought SO hard to protect! #PaisleyPark #PurpleRain #TheArtist
"Like books and black lives, albums matter." 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Power of Five! Single Girl Gem #55

Realize the POWER of five. Realize YOUR POWER of five! Sometimes all it takes is five to come to your senses, to trust in the test, to believe in yourself, to rational, to be sincere...etc!
FIVE seconds
FIVE deep breaths
FIVE fingers clenched tight into a fist
FIVE seconds
FIVE minutes
FIVE hard laughs
FIVE cents
FIVE dollars
FIVE one hundred dollar bills
FIVE good thoughts
FIVE kind words
Using your FIVE senses 
There is POWER in FIVE!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Eyes Wide shut

Perhaps I'm not racially motivated, socially conscious, or culturally aware enough...I don't "see" anything wrong with the initial picture. Could someone perhaps The second, more "acceptable", picture shows the same little girl using someone else's head for a pillow O_o
Might this mean she's just lazy? Or perhaps she's just being an affectionate kid? 
I don't "see" what the "issue" is. Why is racial justice always the first "issue" that arises as it relates to various races being together? If they were all one race, would there still be a "issue" of this detrimental resting arm? 


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Straight Talk, No Chaser!

As seen on Mary B. Morrison's Facebook post! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To ALL My Ladies in the Place With Style and Grace

Happy International Women's Day!! 

Keep it CLASSY!
Keep it SECURE!

And always remain BOSS!

They Stay Mad

So...apparently the public is highly offended that the President of the Untied States can't attend a former President's wive's funeral. 
His WIFE is attending...he had something previously scheduled. Two become ONE in marriage and sometimes that's how it works...unfortunately the circumstances in life don't give precise days and times of death...or miracles of life. 
The real issue isn't that President Obama can't attend; the real issue is that certain citizens of this country will have a problem with our President no matter what he does or doesn't do. The real issue is; he could attend, sit in the front row and then they will say, "he's grandstanding and making a spectacle of her funeral," "how dare he!"
He could go speak and they'll say, "he took way too long", "it's not about him!" Or they'll say, "he didn't speak long enough, who does he think he is?!"
If he doesn't show up to the somewhere he's already scheduled to be at, they'll say, "the nerve of this man!" "He's not for the people!" He's only there for political grandstanding!" 
If he showed and First Lady attended his previously scheduled event instead they'll talk about her like a dog for not, "standing by her man," or say, "she's not a proper or classy First Lady at all!"
IF he shows and has genuine concern and remorse they'll say, "it doesn't take all that," "he didn't know her personally!"
I could go on and on and I'm sure you can figure out the They's by now. 
The solution is; your opinion doesn't matter! No one is asking. You can have one, of course, it is somewhat a free country, right?! But popular opinion for the last EIGHT years (that also means two TERMS) says...just STAY mad. Stay losing sleep over trivial pseudo-political debates. The solution is; our President doesn't need your opinion any longer. Besides; your opinion is probably apart of the "they" that was unpopular. 

Love and light, 
*hopefully I've shed some...light that is*

Photo credit to

Update:: This happens to be a response from the above shared.

Unfathomable that a topic of attending one's funeral can turn into a moral, biblical and educational debate😳 #theystaymad Don't they?!

Monday, March 7, 2016

No vote IS a vote!

As funny as you may think the above picture is NOT! Whether you like, love, hate or have extreme disdain for any, or all, the candidates SOMEONE will be our next president of the United States and it is deplorable behavior on your part if you do not read or hear the issues and stances these candidates take, then choose the lesser of all evils. 
I don't have to remind you that people LITERALLY fought, bled, hung, and died for equal rights of ALL citizens to vote. I suppose we've lived such seemingly "comfy" lives that we've gotten far-removed from the struggles of Civil Rights that slap us in the face, even today! Everyone is affected! 
It's only been 40 years since the Voting Rights law was enacted! Do we forget? Perhaps it's not taught in schools any longer or it's not preached over the pulpit. By the way...those weren't questions for you to answer for me. They were meant so that you could take pause. 
It's NOT enough to register! You must make a choice, get up, and VOTE! All elections are critical. Focus on the bigger scheme of it all. I'm not telling you which candidate to vote for, but I do urge you to toss that sarcasm. Then, educate yourself on these candidates. What do they stand for? What is their "tag" line? If you don't know...Listen to coffee table or water fountain talk...whichever way you learn, but you have to do something to KNOW what issues these candidates are "fighting" for. Don't NOT vote because you're discouraged. Don't say you're NOT voting because no one is "worth it". One of these individuals WILL run this country for the next FOUR years! That's a long time, on our part, to not care about the polls! 
Get there! 

Love and light,

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nina Simone Portrayal

I truly don't understand all this "controversy" and "conspiracy-theory" behind Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. I agree there are other more visually qualified individuals that could have portrayed her, but I've been reading some down-right ignorant/rude remarks which I don't agree with as it pertains to this actress that got cast! Sure casting directors could probably find an actor that looks identical to Nina Simone, but who really cares. Her story matters not the shade or skin tone of the actress that plays the part. John Travolta just had to play a Jewish Robert Shapiro. Guess what?! Travolta doesn't have tanned skin nor does he have bushy defined eye brows...oh and you know what? He also isn't as short as Shapiro but so what he commanded the portrayal of that man and did an awesome job! Meryl Streep (one of my favorite actresses) played in the Iron Lady yet still looked just as she did while portraying Julia Childs! Idris Elba looks absolutely nothing like Nelson Mandela. Heck Eddie Murphy plays a range of 70 year old white men to plus-size women! It's called "acting"! That's why there's wardrobe specialists and hair and make up stylists. They get paid money to...dare I say...create looks, images, and personas! 
Focus on something that REALLY did you vote? Are you financially empowered? Why would media outlets spend any time debating something so trivial as the amount of makeup Zoe wears to portray her new set character? Did they forget she did complete the project avatar!?! This was a project that she became a 10 foot tall blue "alien". Did they forget they have such things as auditions and screen tests? Prosthetic parts are relevant as it pertains to film and stage. Did anyone realize Nina Simone does have a family of advocates to determine how they want her legacy to continue? If you just need something to complain about with Hollywood, I could come up with a few. But the game is box office sales and not your kitchen table talk about the ignorant light skin-dark skin debate.
Blessings and continued success to Zoe! Silence ignorance and trivial pursuits, everyone! 
Love and light to the family of Nina Simone! 
They're just trying to tell her story!
With the right lighting and makeup you can look like anyone!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Left in the Dust

Some people aren't good leaders! They may be informative and have knowledge of topics but their characteristics are that of piss-poor leaders! In fact; if they hold one knows the agenda and they're asking questions of the attendees because the meetings are like socials where everyone comes to talk but the likelihood of anything being accomplished is slim to none. Because of these factors you're left in the dust! Bitter, bruised, and criticizing the qualified persons hired because you suck at leadership! And by "they" I mean the leveled specialists, principals and assistants, leads, and other highly-qualified individuals whom recruited, interviewed...then hired!

Some people are AMAZING and AWESOME followers, but they can't lead "anything" especially a household...that's why they've never been able to have a relationship, partnership, er...marriage longer than six years. Once their spouse figures it out they leave them! Who wants to be with someone that can't LEAD?! Trust me! If this is your third or fourth, you can't lead! If your seed is a damn can't lead!
If you can't write articulate'll be in the dust. If you don't have the significant'll be left in the dust! You can't be trusted to lead! I just had to say it for you. Sometimes our egos can make us seem like a coward. Sometimes we make up things or find that's the only recourse we have is to simply complain over a sub-par lunch break where no one "truly" cares but they'll listen because you got you mouth open talking instead of looking and learning.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Black History Saga

I see it every year! We're getting further and further away from reality. People say, "it's the past...forget about it...heal from better...move on..." 
When you lost a loved one did you MOVE on?! Did you forget about them?! It's history!! There's a story there. It's a legacy! It really is (in the dramatic words of Angela Bassett) an immutable FACT- 
They died so we could LIVE! 
They sacrificied so we could prosper!
They suffered so we could enjoy simple freedoms!

No one has the right to diminish the hard work and unparalleled injustice of our past ancestors...Black, African American, Negro...whatever "new" phrases  you want to call my heritage of people. They persevered and this new generation NEEDS to know the sparse rights and freedoms and certain justices and privileges they have now didn't come easy or without struggle.

It straight up pisses me off (sorry mama) when someone tries to dull that pride...that promotion...that admiration WE as a people, and by people; I mean humans, attempt to give. NO it is not the same as your sexual stop saying it! It is human rights! 
The following, in and of itself, is annoying-
I LOVE(s) my heritage...Lord, knows I do, but you have got to FACT check these Black History facts please that are posted as truths! (rolls eyes here) We live in an era where people think of the Internet as truth!! These young children (30 and under) (Yes! I said THIRTY) are googling and looking up, by way of the Internet, information that is truly a lie or a satire and they don't even know what the word satire means! (Sad! It truly is) then, if that weren't the icing on the cake; they pass it along as fact and attempt to invoke revolutions and hashtags that are just as incoherent as a belligerent drink walking the line after a night of binge drinking. They are untruths that no one has truly researched. They may be funny as satire but not funny when "exposed" as truth. The legacy is real and shouldn't be exploited or taken for granted. People can be mad at me if they want for speaking the truth, but honestly you need to do better. Educate yourself on truth and don't perpetuate fiction when it comes to a legacy and history of an entire race of people! 

Here is a site of ACTUAL facts...what has he Internet done to us?!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Khrys and the City (Mile High City)

Denver Edition:
Rent a car or car service for travel through and around the city. 

Mercantile dining and provisions is a great atmosphere and has a tasty, fresh food, made to order (brunch) menu

Take a walk through Riverfront Park- free parking and the sights are amazing! It's totally romantic and "city-esque"

Visit the local breweries! Make it a day and visit ALL of them! Coors Brewery tour has free booze for you beer lovers

Drink lots of water when going further into the mountains to ski or hike or any other outdoor sports

The drive through the mountains is peaceful, serene, beautiful, and exhilarating all in one

Don't let the distance of the ski resorts and mountains or the weather conditions (snow) detour you from travel; the drive is easy and quick! Denver has heated roads  and constant highway cleaners

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Le sigh!

I really could give a rats fat a$$ about the Award shows, the honors, the validations, the boycott, the pettiness, or any of these conversations and debates but social media and news outlets have taken precedence over my timeline and my virtual space, as intended. 

In response to Stacy Dash. I "get" what she's attempting to advocate and coming from her, given her background, it makes sense that she feels that way but just as radio stations, clothing stores, universities, etc. are geared toward are televisions stations that's why we have BET (Black entertainment television), MTV (music) WE (women), Lifetime (desperate housewives), LOGO (homosexuals), Telemundo (Hispanic)...I could go on and on but I won't. These stations and brands are geared to respond and entertain those stereotypical demographics. Whether it does the job accurately or not is up to ratings and sales. It's ridiculous and misguided what she's saying about getting rid of them. It negates the purpose.

In response to Aunt Viv: She spoke nothing but the bitter truth. As petty as it may have seemed our world is solely about self many times. So much so when a true hero, a humanitarian, and good Sumeritan act out such as Jamie Foxx or the countless other people in the world that do it...not to discredit or devalue our Veterans that stand on a Wall and fight for the freedoms and liberties that we, and I say that loosely, because it's I can't even comprehend every day it's amazing to us (me) it's just not seen. People usually don't take to an issue until it's in the backyard or knocking on their front door. So in with Janet Hubert: this has BEEN an issue. Race. It's an issue. It's always been that way. So, now you're finally mad after the multiple years it's been an issue that you want other to jeopardize their careers? 

Stand up! Stand up for something. Have an opinion. Everyone has one. Speak your mind. Have conviction. But ultimately MAKE CHANGE!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Congratulations Cookie aka Taraji

Reading the following link it is expressed that in order for Taraji to be given the Golden Globe she had (among other African American women that win) to become brash, tacky, crude, etc. she down-right says disgusting.
Wait a minute! Hold up! Isn't this (Cookie) the character we love to watch on Wednesday evenings? Isn't this the character Taraji has been praised for since Cookie's inception? Isn't this the same character we create and share memes on every social media site quotting the fascinating comebacks and remarks Cookie makes week after week? This is the same show, and character, that was praised for breaking cultural and sexuality barriers, right? This same show that has been noted in magazines, news outlets and other media outlets for bridging prime time television to to the masses and providing outstanding entertainment each and every Wednesday! 
Open your eyes! We produce the stats. The viewers. Even if that wasn't a true statement Empire, and all the characters; namely Cookie and Luscious have become household names in the short time since the show has premiered. 
It's no secret; winners of these awards -Globes, Emmy's, etc- actually are named based off the outrageousness of character portrayal. It's no secret Black American has to be BETTER than everyone else in the world in order to be considered equal. It's NO secret. Read below and tell me what you think...

I say Congratulations!! You're an actress. You've worked hard to convey the part. You deserve your moment! You more than worthy of the award! We know how it is and we still RISE to the occasion! Congratulations!!
*photo coutersy of Taraji P Henson's Instagram