Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Shut Up!

If you're not negative this doesn't apply! But for those that are shut up! Up and down my social media timeline I see most good people thanking those that can help. Others I see complaining celebrities aren't doing more, or something. I see comparisons to other people's past devastation and competitions of who suffered worse as if there's some prize attached to devastation. At first before the outpouring of rain people were complaining and criticizing the news for "false information" and "stirring panic". In real time at the groceries stores some people began preparing begrudgingly and laughed off the claims to prepare for five days of natural disaster. Once it hit people complained of not knowing in advance. I don't even regularly watch the news and I knew of the preparation efforts and disaster relief plan warnings. Now that Harvey has hit and devastated us all because simply put; no one could ever predict a natural disaster and the inexplainable damage it could do there's still complaints and blame-placing! Please shift your focus if this is you. Give encouragement and peace of mind if you can't give anything else! Shut negativity down! Focus on what YOU can do and how you can shape the affects of this storm. It's not over! We're moving into Day 5.
I'll leave you with this: a lady got separated from her baby. She was the lowest, down-right most despicable mother ever known to walk the face of the earth until you READ and learned she was separated from her baby once the waters and currents were too strong. She made a brave and probably the hardest decision of her life to hand the baby to an officer that could fit him on the jet ski while she followed behind so the baby wouldn't DROWN they became separated from the rescue efforts and were reunited after both were on safe, dry land! 
You could never understand the sacrifices in adversity you take and make for your children when staring life and support in the eye unless you are in the position making split-second decisions for their safety! Stop judging and condemning and SHUT UP! Do what you can, be good, or in the words of my friend Al "be good at it" 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Khrystian Tid-bits

When a person has the intelligence size of a nat they resort to name-calling, pontificating insults, and foul language.

An unproductive person spends a disturbing amount of time consumed with someone else's life. It's unhealthy to think you know details about a person you don't associate with. Social media is not an intimate relationship...seek help!

Find a positive, stop focusing on negative 

Only buffoons associate beauty with skin color or ethnicity 

If you're over it, you don't talk about it. If you're talking about it, you're not over it.

Mind the gap and reach the next generation 

Deposit MONEY in to YOUR bank account and NOT mess in someone's inbox. 

Expose yourself and be real...nobody respects or honors a fake. Faux merchandise doesn't come with a warranty. It becomes trash once used.