Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty Tip #3

Biotin works really well for maintaining hair strength and promoting growth!!
Take one a day with a full glass of water.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why ask Why??

Why do people continually ask the questions they already know the answer to?!
"Do you think he has somebody?  We only text or email, and he never answers my call."
  • Umm, yes!
"Is this dress too short?  I feel a breeze!"
  • Yes!
"Do I seem desperate always jumping into bad relationships?"
  • Heck yes!
"I know for sure he only wants sex from me, that's evident.  It's all we talk about.  What you think?"
  • Do you really have to ask?  YES!
"I hate my job, and this lady just called me about a transfer.  It's totally a different job with better benefits.  What you think?"
  • DUH!!!!!
"He's changed.  He don't even act the same and we are NEVER intimate anymore.  You think he messing around."
  • I'm not even going to say anything else, because you already know my answer if you've even been remotely following my blog.  EXCEPT ;)
I mean really!  Don't be silly!  You already know what sound advice looks like.  You already know if it walks like a duck and quacks like a's a ding-dang-on DUCK!
I suppose some folks just want reassurance...but REALLY!  Like, for real, for real! Get it together!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Death at a Funeral

So I went and saw this the weekend it came out and totally forgot to give my review.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The comedy actually went all out and took you places, least expected...except for the fact we ALL knew the midgit*************************SPOILER ALERT*****************************would live! LMAO!  Overall welcome back Martin!  Loves you! Chris Rock can still border on obnoxious, but that's just me!  Especially with the unnecessary cursing.  The big booty girl (from Lakeview Terrace) wasn't big booty, lol...but she was wanted!  Tracy're goofy is the BEST goofy!  Loved seeing Danny Glover in a comedy.  Nice change!  Too many stars to keep it going....but my absolute favorite character was BOYFRIEND!!  I also loved him from 27 Dresses...he's got all the potential! LOL!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game!

The signs of the time have really changed!  I say this, only because it's more....I repeat MORE evident now that the times have changed!  I've heard Tyra complain about having "real " models on the cover of magazines.  I've heard actors complain that musicians are taking all the box office movie roles; and most recently I've heard teachers complaining about alternative certified teachers! 
I'll tell you this:  people need to step up their game!  Sorry, but generally speaking; with a recession, college education expenses, the demands of the workplace and, not to mention those of us that are go-getters, or highly motivated- you shouldn't even be concerning yourself with the path it took someone to get to their success, but their intentions and/or how successful they are now that they have the position. 
Just to break in to my own conversation for a minute- I don't mean if they got to a position illegally or anything.  I just mean; it shouldn't matter if all your life you were an engineer, or a doctor, or a hairstylist, or worked as a customer service rep for Macy's; if and when you decide you want to be on the big-screen, or open your own franchise, or become a teacher...hell, just change career paths altogether...DO IT!
Who cares that I went to college and got a formal education in Communications Radio and Television.  I spent four years learning and studying everything there is to know about broadcasting, communications law and theory, news writing, digital design, principles of public relations, voice and diction, media criticism, and on top of all that and much more; I interned in my field.  Who gives a flying flip if, when I graduated, I decided to teach.  Or who really cares that, now I want to open my own businesses in the two passions I most love in the world; mentoring and dance.
I know someone that spent their life in merchandising and sales, only to one day decide they wanted to pursue real estate.  I know someone else that spent a majority of their life working on docks and loading ships, now they trade by day making lots of money and offering seminars to those that are interested in building wealth.  Another person I know studied law and passed the bar, only to pursue a career in film.  I also know someone that spent all their life in the medical profession and just continually built upon that.
Who cares?!
It's never too late to start over, unless you're dead! 
In fact, when I was in high school and I received this one scholarship through a college that required us to  participate in enrichment seminars; I learned, or better yet was told, "Don't want to become a doctor and only study biology in college.  It's great if you do, but medical schools look highly and choose students that are well-rounded.  Major in something you love.  Or that's a polar opposite.  Like business or theater.  Do well in it and then do even better on the MCAT (medical school test) and you'll be in the top picks!"
It's absolutely true.  Stop allowing people to stifle your endeavors and dreams.  Go after what ever you want.  There's no need not to.  Stop thinking you can only master one thing in life and that's all.  Something that I bring to my district and my kids in particular, is my unique style of teaching!  It engages them.  I project.  I entertain and on top of that I teach.  I motivate.  I inspire.  I change the game of boring classroom styles and bring in something different, and of course it's due to my background in radio and tv!  Everything else; they made sure I was trained for in my alternative course.  Then I still subbed (interned, if you will) for an entire year!  So get over yourself!  I trained and now am highly qualified, per the state of Texas, to teach any subject 4th through 8th grade!
Now, I will admit that there are some of us that can't see the gold at the end of the rainbow, for watching the storm; but BUMP that!  Then there are also some of us that take a quick run to the grocery store and turn it into a trek!  (Meaning that, they act as if they can't plan anything else for their day, due to having to make groceries!)  I absolutely loathe that type of personality.  But you know what?!  Do you!  If that's how you are, do you; but for goodness sake, leave the rest of us alone!!
So I'll leave you with all that to ponder on....and then this...Step Up Your Game! WWDD!! Stop complaining and make it happen!!  Don't hate the player, hate the game!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Much blood, sweat and tears...but it's finally done!!
Okay, I'm exaggerating about the blood, sweat and tears; but betcha by golly wow the website is done!  I did it ALL by myself too.  If you can't tell...I'm proud of myself!  So go check it out and give me your feedback!  Honest feedback too...I need to know what is missing? what do I need to take off? is it visually pleasing to the eye? all that!  And thanks for the support in advance!
Much love~
Khrystian Nichole

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Have a Dream...

***Inspired by Reagan Gomez, whom was inspired by Martin Luther King***

"I have a dream that black women (and for those that prefer African American) will one day be able to have a nice workout at the gym, get in a nice sweat, and still come out looking civilized about the head!  I still have a dream, that although women of all races face difficulties of finding time within our hectic schedules to get a good workout in, eat right, maintain a fabulous career and enjoy the fruits of our labor; there will be a time when you can place your hair out of your face without having a wet, stringy, frizzy or limp do' when you leave the gym.  I have a dream that one day  no matter if you rock all natural kinky, straight, wavy, curly, move onto permed, jheri, or bags of yaki and velvet remi; you can rest assured that the same way you entered the gym, is the same way you will leave out!   I have a dream today!"

I thought it was just me until I've been seeing it on status posts, hearing it on radio, seeing jokes made about it on television.  I mean, this is a REAL life situation that we're going through! (I had to laugh myself...but it's true)
One of the major reasons I skip work outs is due to my hair.  PUHLEESE!  If I have something to do that day, I will not work out.  I go from this:


to my beloved "Black Fox" bun.  This:

It took a few tries to take a pic of myself LOL!  So there you have it!  You see this bun...I need my wig split, I'm having a bad hair day...or my BEhind has been working out!
XOXO Happy Hair

Monday, April 12, 2010

Angie's Half Crazy!Half Marathon

What a day...what a day...
All my kids had fun you can tell LOL!

I really have to give it to them...they pulled through when no one else did!  i.e friends, family, want to be my men lol...just kidding!  Hmmmm...maybe it's 'cuz I gave them a bonus 100 points, free t-shirt, 10 hours community service and I fed them!!  LMAO!  Bribery will get you everywhere!
~Happy Volunteering, or NOT!~

5 Years in the Game...

Lo and behold I received an invitation in the mail to get honored by Dickinson Independent School District for 5 years of service!  Who'd have thought after 5 years I'd still be in the profession of teaching!  The day I decided to become a certified teacher, I was also contemplating becoming a financial advisor for American Express.  My original plan was to go to law school, and while I prepared for the l.s.a.t (law school admissions test), I was to earn some type of living (I had been living off the fat of the land for 2 years).  And by "fat of the land", I mean "Daddy"!  Anywho, taking the advice of many, I decided to embark on a career in teaching.  I figured it was the best of the best because I would get summer off and all major holidays (Yay me!)  It would be like I was still in college, only better 'cuz I get money twice a month AND insurance!

Nevermind the fact teaching, training and mentoring young lives is a big responsibility!!  Leave that as it may.  I substitue taught to get experience, got certified, and got offered a position before I finished my program!!  (Again Yay me!)  Lol!  Each year after the first, I reluctantly signed my contract; loving my job, but still contemplating and desiring to go to law school!  Well from the opening sentence, you can see where that's led....5 years later, and I'm still a 5th grade teacher.  Still grading papers, still meeting parents, still attending faculty meeting, still holding tutorials, still giving lunch detentions, and still...well you catch my drift!!

So thank you Dickinson ISD for giving me the opportunity to teach and shape young minds!  Thank you parents (of my students) for sharing your children with me!  Thank you mentors and administrators for shaping me into the educator I am today!  I've grown, I've become compassionate, I've become a better speaker and motivator.  I've learned patience and resilence, and most of all...I've learned all the happy hour specials for teachers in Galveston County!!  (just kidding) So again thank you and God Bless...this is my official (teacher) Oscar acceptance speech!
XOXO~ Ms. Cunningham ;-p

Saturday, April 10, 2010

!!Come 1 Come ALL to the Highly Hood Garage Sale!!

I must have laughed for 15 minutes straight at the thought and idea of my dad participating in this community-wide garage sale the neighborhood was doing.  Not only was it about to rain, but I hadn't heard, or seen him organizing or doing anything remotely close to prepararion for a garage sale.  So to my ultimate surprise I hear him dragging my brother, who had come home for the weekend, out of bed to help him bustle things out of the garage and from up the stairs of the house, to place at the end of the driveway.
This stereo has been in the house for over 20 years just collecting dust, as it does not have an amplifier to work.  He sold it for $20!

I'm so sad I didn't get the picture of people running from down the block and cars and trucks pulling up on both directions of the street!  It was hilarious, to say, the least.  I stood in the house at the window and had instant gratification!  It was like watching a movie!  Now after making a total of $40, he sits to watch Transformers Revenge of the Fallen on blu-ray LMAO!

New Relationship Rules::

You know, life is a funny thang!  Who would ever imagine me (?!) giving relationship rules?!  The Queen of Singledom!!  Yes, yes, I know.  All of you that know me personally are mos def reading this how times have changed.  It's amazing where life can bring a person.  LOL!  Okay, anywho...I have come up with a few rules of relationships, if you will, that I think are simplistic enough to follow...and with the right combo can be quite satisfying.
NRR:: 1. See the BEST in your guy (or girl) and help them do the same.

NRR:: 2. Sulfuric acid for love is fighting below the belt, i.e. name calling or finger pointing.  Don't do it!

NRR:: 3. Behave behadly together...harmless guilty pleasures people.  Nothing you could go to jail for!

NRR:: 4. Keep the element of SURPRISE alive.

NRR:: 5. Get rid of EXtosterone!  Yes I made up the word.  I love it.  It means let go of the ex's.

**That's enough for now, trust me there'll be more!**

Yes, We CAN!!!

I am so glad I had an ephiphany during the Wednesday TAKS test I administered!
We, the teacher, or er, test administrator; stand...all day, and walk, even more...all day, moving about the classroom as our students take the definitive test. 
Isn't it funny that sometimes you find yourself not being able to think clearly?  Well, I can only speak for myself here.  It just sometimes feel like I have so much I want to do, and so few resources, and sometimes not even the motivation (few and far between) to do something.  I'll get frustrated, or even angry that things don't happen as I think they should, or when I think they should or WHY I think they should.  It just may have been one of those weeks, I suppose.  'Cause thank you God for bringing me out of that funk!!! 
**What I'm about to blog about has nothing to do with my funk I was in, prior to having my ephiphany; it has everything to do with one of the ideas in itself!  My funk...well, we all go through those at some point in our life, and I could write a few blogs on that topic all in itself; but because I'd rather be (insert wicked grin here) I'll save that (funk) for another time!**
I digress-
In a previous blog, I told you about sticking my BIG foot in my BIG mouth, right?!  Well today, ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce that I have precisely 29 volunteers signed up to help pass out water/gatoraid on Sunday!!!  I'm extremely proud of myself, because as you know from the previous blog; I was stuck between a rock and a hard place!  I had help... but no help.  If you know what I mean.  I couldn't see beyond the number 10 and I couldn't even get that many to volunteer.  I negatively thought that because it was a day...and it was pay, people wouldn't be interested.  
But low and behold, in your darkest hour, just when you think the storm is going to wipe you out.  When there is no interruption or distractions BAM!!!  (as NeNe would say!)  There it goes!  A brilliant idea!  Walking around my classroom (bored), I decided to give my kids extra credit! DING!!!!  I give them extra credit for volunteering their time!  Drama teachers do it to get students to see plays, other science teachers recruit kids to recycle and pick up litter.  Why can't I do the same thing for my students?!
So I did!  I got a great reponse from kids and parents alike!  I don't feel so bogged down anymore and I feel great about being able to help some of the struggling students bring up their grades! 
So...with all of that being said, here's my motivation to you-
Turn the so-called negatives in your life into a POSITIVE!  Sometimes we can't see the road clearly because we're concentrating on ALL the many distractions around us!  Eyes on the road!! Like someone once said..."when life hands you lemons; make lemonaid."  It's TRUE!  Find a way to make it happen!  And when that way doesn't work-come up with something else!
I have so many great things about to happen...I can't wait to share them all with you!  Stay tuned!
Here's to making it happen!
~Khrystian Nichole~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's dis-settling!!

Okay!  I know it's a movie, and I suppose Tyler Perry accomplished his goal; but why did I get married too (I'll say it again) could have easily been anybody's reality and now that I've had a few days to take it ALL in; I am a bit saddened and distraught by Gavin's death!  I mean seriously-did it have to go there?!  The man spent 14 years with a woman that never really loved him.  Now that I write this, I realize it can go in two directions.
1. He lived a miserable life for at least 14 years up to his death!
2. He knew she never loved him, and by his choice alone merely stuck with her, basically causing his own self-destruction up to his death!

Well they both end in death, but whatever, we all must go that way!  For the purposes of my rant, I'll go with number 1.  SAD!  Can I get a tear here?!  I mean, how dare a married woman pretend; with her husband no doubt; to love him, have a child, kill the one and only child they ever had together in a car accident, citing negligence; and then have the nerve to never have another child with him.  Announce a divorce, without his prior knowledge, in front of ALL their mutual close friends on a "family" vacation during the, "Here's why I married you baby, I love you so much." speech, and then desire to continue a friendship! 

I'm actually a bit pissed!
But hey, it's just movies right?!

Did Someone Order a Dancer-Extradinaire?!?!

My tweet for the day had to do with DREAMS!  I firmly believe that instead of wasting time dreaming about what you could, should or would do...make those dreams and thoughts a REALITY! 
**True Story**
When I was a senior in high school, I was apart of the drill team.  4 years.  Officer for 1 year and the Captain for my last year!!  I'll never forget thinking to myself my graduating year, "They have scholarhips for football, basketball, track, swim, tennis and golf...scholastic grants and money, but nothing for dance! 
Do not tell me dance is not a sport or I'll throw you across the football field!!!!   ;)
In the traditional sense, you're right it's not; but for a student (and a great student at that) and a dancer (a great dancer at that) you'd think there would be monies allocated somewhere for the "student athlete" like me!  There wasn't.  I had spent four years dancing my little heart out.  Training and preparing, and for what? To be told,  "That's the end of the line for you pretty girl!  Go run track.  You'll at least get a scholarship and travel."  (Okay, okay!!  No one said that to me; but you could imagine!) I received all kinds of money for college too.  All only for my scholastic achievement...which is great...but it should be MORE out there for the student like me!!
I always wanted to create a scholarship for the "student like me"! is finished and complete!  I have finally done it!  I've wanted it, talked about it, imagined it, dreamt it and now, after 10 years, I've made it into a reality!!!  The Khrystian Cunningham Dance Scholarship, a scholarship designed purposely to provide aspiring dancers with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams whether to begin a dance career or continue with their dance education.  Here is the criteria:


1. Graduating High School Seniors that are college bound.

2. Must be residents of the United States or programs must benefit United States citizens.

3. Overall G.P.A. of 2.5

4. A minimum of 6 hours in community service.

5. All application materials must be submitted in one packet and postmarked on or before June 30, 2010.


To be considered, candidates must submit a complete application packet as follows:

• Printed or typed application form

• 2 letters of recommendation (May be from a counselor, teacher or community leader. Letters must appear on an official letterhead from the school and/or community service organization.)

• Official transcript in a sealed envelope

• 300-500 word typed Essay on how performing arts, particularly dance impacts society, you, and your development as a dancer. (Include how you intend to further your career in dance.)

• 2:00 minute audition video showcasing dance talent and ability (Needs to be a clear, unaltered video of scholarship candidate, with no less than 2:00 minutes of dance. Please label with first and last name)

***Note***Applications received after the deadline or incomplete application packets will not be evaluated, open transcripts will not be accepted, and application materials will not be returned!

Award Recipients will be notified by August 1, 2010!


Crowd Pleasers Entertainment

Attn: Khrystian Cunningham Dance Scholarship

P.O. Box 57911

Webster, Texas 77598
This my moment of bringing one of my many dreams into REALITY!  What have you done today to move one step closer to a goal, ideal, dream, or desired lifestyle?!  Do it!  Don't waste time!  WWDD?!?!?!

Happy Goal Making!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Did I Get Married Too?

*******REAL SPOILER ALERT*******
1. Go Janet!  You really redeemed yourself from the horrific trouble you had channeling your anger last movie!! 
2. Tasha Smith's character gave me more realism and less overt over the top lung rattling!  Thank YOU!
                    (I guess seeing youself on screen and making adjustments always HELPS)
3. Loved the Bahamas!!  I gotta get there!  Beautiful scenery!
4. Loved everyone's "issues" seemingly realistic!  You could have placed yourself in any one of their shoes.  man or woman!
5. Oh La Lawman Rucker brought it once again!  Troy's character mos def grew...and wasn't taken NO stuff!! 
6. (Clears throat) And Tyler could have kept the shirt ON!  Just kiddin! LOL!
7. All I got to say about that ending is-WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY  GGGGGGGAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!  No redeemption!  Perfect Patty's REALLY messed up this time!

Sorry if I spoiled it...welll; you shouldn't have read it!  NOSEY!  :-p
You can still go and see it...I'll see it again!

CRASH of the Titans!

*******SPOILER ALERT*******
I must admit I was less than enthused about this movie after leaving the theater and I was actually looking FORWARD to this movie!  I waited anxiously for months until the opening...and THEN I carried my narrow behind out of the house, dragging my family right along side me at 12:05 AM...YES 12:05AM in order to see the special midnight viewing!!!  This isn't uncommon.  I did the same thing the eve of a work night to see my beloved Sex and the City two years ago...however, despite my excitement; the only parts I remember are the scenes from the previews!  Seriously, those were the most interesting parts and the only time besides the dreadful beginning that my eyes remained open! 
I literally snored...err, slept through the entire movie! I'm sure the Titan Geeks beside me where pleased with my soundtrack!  But you know what?! Had it been a better movie, I wouldn't been SLEEP!  I was soooooo looking forward to the movie! 
That MUST have been it!  They put to much anticipation within my spirit that I overly prepared for a HIT...but it indeed it was a big fat sloppy FLOP!  Sorry folks!  I guess Avatar gave them the bright idea to go 3-D...and FOR WHAT!?!  It added No new dimension.  It was a waste of film and videography!  Let well enough alone, I say! 


I stuck my big foot in my mouth and volunteered to work an aide stand (water) at a marathon!!!!
Number 1- I absolutely LOATHE waking up early on days that I don't have to. 
I don't like to because that means; I then have to go to bed EARLY!!!!  And believe me; in order for this one here to have an early rise and not be Mrs. Grouch...I have to get enough slumber.  Well... who really wants to go to bed early on your free Saturday night?!?!  I could be doing anything else but sleeping early!!
Number 2- I've been having the toughest time getting help to work the ding dang on stand!!!  You would think I asked people to committ a cardinal sin!!!  I mean hello?!  I have offered volunteer/community service hours!!  I know there are a ton of highshool, college bound, college or grad prospective sorority/frat members that NEED community service hours! But where the HECK are they!!  Thank goodness for my babies at the school that LOVE me...a few of them have volunteered to help out! 

Number 3- The entire reason for agreeing to do this was to advertise a joint business venture I've gotten myself into beginning this year; well...let's just say we have NOTHING to advertise!!

Ok...ok!!  Enough of my BIG foot in my BIG mouth rambling!!  I just NEED alittle bit of positive energy sent my way!!
And here's alil' somethin' somethin' for you too                                :-)

-Hey!  Someone's gotta be self-motivated!  If not me...who?!  If not now...when?!  If not here...where?!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

**Happy Resurrection Sunday**

Especially today...don't forget the REASON for the SEASON!
What an awesome God we serve that He gave his only begotten Son to die for our sins.  He Rose three days later with ALL power in His hands! 
In Christ,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Single Girl GEMS::

I more affectionately refer to my "Single Girl GEMS" as SG Gems, as most often seen on twitter.  They are merely little Khrystian tid-bits of treasure I use and pass along to other single women/girls/females/ get the point!  Let's face it!  You're single until, I'm sorry, but you get a ring on that finger, walk down the isle in wedding bliss and say "I do."  Regardless of the mind game your so-called man tells!  Just kidding; let me stop. I'm not a basher of relationships at all!  With the right man they're great!  But being single does have obvious perks (clears throat), so as a mature woman of dignity and character; I feel the need to share what, how and why I do what I do when I do it!  They are "my little secrets"! Or not!
 My list shall begin here; however, you'll see it frequently throughout all of my blog (if you haven't already) and I'll add to it as I see fit or as I remember.  Agree or disagree, but this is how I've lived my singledom!

1. Take the time to get to know YOU first!
-Honestly!  You can't be in a relationship with any one if you don't know what you stand for, believe in, trust, love, what makes you laugh and what upsets you.
2. Why buy the software, when you can download it for free!
-I'm sure you get the picture...if not comment!
3. Options***Important one here***Note the asterisks :-)
-Remember at all times you got 'em!
4. Damaged people are dangerous!
-If someone has issues...let them heal before you begin dating them.  You don't want emotional baggage on your plate.  Take it from me-in the long run, it ain't worth it!
5. Believe in fairy tales!
-They do come TRUE!
6. Don't settle!
-You always deserve more and you always deserve better! Patience is a virtue.
7. Don't settle for anything less than butterflies!
-If you're not giddy and always anticipating being around them.  Move on. A relationship shouldn't feel like a chore. It won't always be Sunshine but you'll still enjoy the rain!
8. Anytime you have to compromise YOURSELF, thoughts and ideas to FIT IN it may be a relationship you should AVOID!
9. No man is worth your tears, and when you find one that is.  He won't make you cry.
10. At all times look your BEST!  Even at your worst! 
11. Stick with LOVE.  Hate is too great a burden to bear!
12. Don't settle for anything LESS than YOUR BEST!
-Make sure he is on your level emotionally, spirtually and physically; otherwise it's a recipe for disaster!
13. Have more than one date a day!
-Keep your social calendar FULL.  Why not?! You are single! If you were dating exclusively you and your significant would probably do more than one activity a day, right?
14. Always keep a "Lawd have mercy" fund!
-It could be for those leopard print Gucci's or for that week long vacation you oh so deserve; but you got to have one, some or a little put to the side for a rainy, cloudy or sunny day!

That's ALL for now folks!  Hope you enjoy!
~Smooches~ Khrystian Nichole