Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Year, New Tasks, New Journey 2015-2016

Growth is a good thing! If you're not developing and changing; there's a good chance you're not actually alive so, yea...let's keep growing and changing! 
Anywho...the start of a new school year is upon us and this will be the first time in eleven years that I won't be preparing a classroom, eyeballing a class roster to read familiar names, preparing a name tent so the students can mimic one for themselves on their desks, creating seating charts, etc, etc...
It's exciting! It's definitely new! I'm officially ready though with a growth mindset! 

Here's the first looks of my office! 

Wishing myself and all my friends in education a great start to a great year! 

1st day of my eleventh year in education

Single Girl EATS! Food Chronicles part 7

I needed something quick, healthy, fulfilling, AND delicious all wrapped into one dish and I got it with this pasta meal I created...thanks to the inspiration of my cousin Kisha whom was getting home to cook a meal for her family! F.O.E! Lol 

Ingredients include:
Chicken breast strips (cut in half)
Penne pasta (or your preference)
Vegetable oil
Half Onion 
Half Bell pepper
Yellow pepper
Half JalapeƱo pepper
Tomato sauce and paste (or just get Ragu)
Can of rotel
Onion powder
Garlic pepper
Garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Season chicken then grill along with veggies. Once chicken is done, add tomato sauce, paste, rotel, and all seasonings to taste. Bring to boil then simmer (low). Boil pasta. Drain. Add pasta to sauce and Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Straight Outta Compton

Great movie! Nice story. It was about N.W.A. The rise, the fall, the ups and downs. It was not about the independent artist DJ Yella, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, or Eazy E. It was not about Ruthless Records. The story of N.W.A made a path for the artists' successes and sometimes detriments, but it was not a story of their independent legal matters, outside relationships, film careers, record labels, or anything else attributed to their individual names or fame. If it would have been some type of elongated mini-series and not the two-hour theater movie those of us whom have seen it, thoroughly enjoyed. The movie that gave us a nostalgic remembrance of an era that revolutionized hard-core, gangsta, misogynistic, realistic rap that was played, banned, talked about, played again, and opened up numerous doors for so many other producers, artists, labels, free thinkers, activists, and executives!
Everyone is coming up and out of the wood works as contributors to the story of N.W.A. I'll say- you may have been around at the time, an artist in the studio, a label mate, riding in the car, on the tour bus, at Eazy E's Wet and Wild party, you may have even been the specific Felecia at the hotel during one of their numerous wild nights, but you are not; I repeat NOT one of the contributing members of N.W.A which the movie was based upon. Knock it off...enjoy the film...let your memory take you back...then, get over yourself. 
If you hadn't seen the movie; I highly suggest you do. I couldn't actually "relate" since I was seven and eight years old at the height of the groups commercial success, plus the fact my mom wouldn't allow me to listen to or watch rated "R" things...let's face it- I was sheltered- but I sure did enjoy the film! 

Cruising down the block in my six fo' 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

...there is always hope...

Sometimes life's disappoints can gut punch you. There is always hope. Sometimes you feel all alone in a room full of people. There is always hope. Some days you feel lost and misguided. There is always hope. Every now and again you want to retreat to your bed, cut off the lights, hide under the covers, and disappear from the world. There is always hope. It may storm unmercifully for months, even years. There is always hope. God hasn't left you. He hears your cries. He heard your thoughts looping through your mind and your innermost fears and desires. There is ALWAYS hope!