Monday, March 25, 2013

Being Nice Doesn't Cost....

...but don't push it! Just because I'm an adult, professional and cordial to you does not mean we are friends! We aren't enemies, but my dear, we are not FRIENDS! I supremely believe in turning the other cheek, I mean; it is the Word. But I'm also no fool.
You may have done ill-will to me in the past but I've moved on. No more grudges! (Pray for me! God's NOT done with me yet and I'm a work in progress!) but to be crystal clear: we are NOT friends!
Don't bad mouth others to me the way you attempted to do me! Your credibility is shot, because you lied on me so whether they're in the wrong or not; I think you're lying on them!
Do not come to me for sympathy trying to vent! I don't care about your problems. Deal with it. Take a picture of it. Write it down. Pray to God, but leave me out of it!
Don't, now, praise me for the very thing you ran my name through the mud for! It's not genuine today.
Don't apologize in private to me when you openly and pubically bashed me behind my back!

Learn your lessons, apologize, and DO better!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

...It happened one night

Every now and again you have an incredible day that turns into the evening. Well let me rephrase that have a day- good or bad- and so you pull over from a drive to sit at a bar on the way home from this day. This bar can be is simple as a restaurant bar, it's nothing fancy, in fact; it's not planned and so you're in your work clothes, or perhaps worse (Hey! Stranger things have happened.) But every now and then, this night happens: For instance-
Traffic is horrible. You pull over to let the traffic pass because you have a long road ahead. While sitting, minding your own business, someone, someone attractive, introduces themselves to you. A conversation ensues and you enjoy each others' company profusely. One drink turns into another, and another, and another, followed by a great dinner. You find you enjoy each others' company so much, neither of you are quite ready for the night to end so you move to a new location...let's say a game room. You further enjoy each other by gaming and drinking. Before you know it, it's 1:30 in the morning and you both need to go to work in the morning!
Your goodbyes are said but not for long because you call each other to talk to one another until you can't control what comes out of your mouth or keep your eyes open. You wake to a, "Good morning! I hope you have a great day" text!
~~Sounds like a cool first date? Maybe, however; it's really the beginnings of a beautiful, unexpected FRIENDSHIP to me...or is it?! happened one night.

New Relationship Rule

If you've found your self in a relationship, fresh and new or old and established, it's important to remember to handle with care! If your mate hurts your feelings by something they've said or an action they've shown; it's important to openly express the way they made you feel exclusively with them instead of retaliating with a negative snow ball effect!
Because in a relationship, two people are intended to generally care for each others' feelings; I'm quite certain they didn't intend to harm you, cause ill-will or hurt your feelings and if they knew they did, I'm positive they'd truly want to rectify the situation.
All I can say is: Don't be so quick to jump to the defensives. Acknowledge that if you've chosen to be in a relationship with them, you've also chosen to trust them with your heart, and although there's no guarantee you won't get hurt or heart-broken, believe that if you express your feelings in a mature, sensitive, and proactive manner; all things will work out just fine!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using Your Talents

Love, love, LOVING this quilt! My coworker did an absolutely Perfect job styling my vision! Now, not only do Pretty girls wear Twenty Pearls they also stay warm with Twenty Tees! Lol
I think it's totally fantastic when someone is talented like this and can use their talents to make others happy! It's even a greater BLESSING to have your hobby, something you enjoy doing, produce a profit for you! You Go Girl!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sheer Reality

I know no one is exempt from the pains, trials, and tribulations of this world but sometimes, you pray real hard, possibly harder than and with much more persistence than ever for God to step in. To intervene. To remove. To add. To HEAL. To provide. Just to hear you and move on your behalf.
You pray so vehemently tears fall from your eyes, you lose your breathe and all you can really do is...speak from your heart! Imagine in your feeble mind that God's finite supremacy understands all that you mean to say. Feel His mercy because after all, who are you that you'd be exempt from pain, trials, and tribulations? Who are you that God will answer your prayers above all other prayers from all of His children?
No one is exempt from pain, trials, tribulations. That is a harsh, sheer reality but, we can pray and have extreme faith that God is listening and will move on our behalf...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break 2013

One very talkative man (whom I loved) called it Paradise and I can do nothing but concur!

Photos courtesy of Me...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Check Up on You

We're three months in! Where are you? Have you left 2012 where it belongs and embraced 2013?! Have you remained focused?
If you've experienced troubled waters since the start of this year just remember God didn't bring that or this to you to drown you nor to overtake you BUT to cleanse and purify you! Rev. Run said something like that at the end of last year and I feel it necessary to remind us of that with just three months in.
You're a Conqueror! We're Conquerors! So Conqueror your moments! Make it a better day today than yesterday! Sometimes it can be difficult, but we will Conqueror those few and far between instances! Right?
Peace, blessings, and a good strong Coke to you!

Monday, March 4, 2013

So NOT up on the Popular Sex Culture Lingo

Excuse me (taps mic)
So when did the terms laid-up, kickin' it, or chillin' become the equivalent to what my old Pastor used to say, shackin' and smackin'?!
I don't know if that's just a way for someone to talk under your clothes, meaning: see where you are sexually or if the vernacular truly has changed amongst the masses and those statements are code for:
Don't bother me, I'm getting booty!
I'm with a significant other-type

Just to be frank, although my name is indeed Khrystian! I'm just saying! Here's what these following terms mean to ME:

Laid-up-> laying on the bed, couch or floor. Usually significantly over the eight hour requirement for a good nights rest. Preferably in your pajamas or some other alternative that you wouldn't ordinarily leave out of the house in. Occasionally family members or someone rather close to you could be present but don't play an active role in the equation. All forms of communication are applicable, except, coming over with out warning because what you know of my beauty will be eluded by a bare-face, more than likely ashy skin, hair tied or all over my head, etc. However, if you don't hear from the person laid-up they've more than likely dosed off.

Kicking' it-> enjoying oneself whether alone or with a large group, laughter is usually heavily involved, sometimes music is included. Text messaging is the preferred communication because other wise I can't hear my phone and checking it or watching the screen is unacceptable.

Chillin'-> primarily solo or could be with up to three others. It's low key or more subtle. You can more that likely hold an applicable phone conversation.

Now that I've lined them out no one should be confused about what I mean and there's no code to break! Certainly no knuckle-headed "boy" should be questioning my interpretation further!
Thank you and Good day! (drops mic)

That Awkward Moment #27

...when you see your ex out and about, hold a conversation to catch up, and exchange numbers knowing you won't be in touch. Pleasantries!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vicious Cycle

Why does a person feel the need to excerpt themselves into your life? Even after you've made if clear to leave well enough alone.
Be grateful someone is willing to be kind enough to be upfront and honest in saying they want nothing to do with you and nothing from you. "Thank you but no, I don't want a friendship with you." "It won't work between us for multiple reasons you already are well aware of" "I'd appreciate it if you just stop calling me." "Please stop calling me. Have a nice life."

There are so many people that get strung along, misused and abused so if a person can openly express how they really feel about you, or the intentions they have for you: you should accept it and move on. Right?
Especially if they're not insulting you. Yes, perhaps your ego is tarnished, but come on...Get over it! They could've said it in a rude, disrespectful way and then we'd have an entire other beast on our hands!
Why harry ass, as my grandmother says, them about this incessant need to speak with them? Why must you need closure for a friendship? Why begin to insult in an effort to evoke an exchange? Why bribe with idiotic gifts that will never come to fruition?
I just don't get it!
You're damned if you do and damned of you don't! They make you out to be the "bad guy" regardless when all you're really trying to do is save time, effort and energy!
If you continue a friendship with someone even though you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt it's going down a dead-end street; you're leading them on and wrong!
If you let them know upfront that you're not interested in them and have no desire to start or continue a relationship with them you're wrong and a plethora of other things!
What gives?
Take a hint. If a person wants you in their life; they'll make some type of conscious effort. Don't you agree? I mean seriously, there's other fish in the sea! If they don't see you're a great person; it's their loss! Right?
You're great for someone! Consider yourself better off. You shouldn't have to throw yourself at anyone. Right? Besides you too old for that! (as my good friend says)

"I guess you really don't want me in your life."
-Seriously! Don't text a person this idiotic statement especially after it's been expressed. If it hasn't been expressed how about you just disappear anyway!
"I guess your cousin was right about you."
-Goodbye! Get lost. Now you're fishing.
"I just wanted to say goodbye"
-Bye boo. Bye!
"I guess I'll remove your name and number from my phone"
-Well considering I never call you anyway. Ok. Moving right along!
"I really need to talk with you."
-Really?! About what and for what? Sit down clown!

But low and behold even after never responding you get a call and text from the number again during a holiday!
-Thought you removed my number. Damn Gina!

Then calls and text come from unidentified numbers.
-Really?! Oh, sure; I'll answer an unknown number that's calling AND texting me saying the exact same bs!

Even if you decide to be "nice"! You think, I wouldn't want anyone to do this to my brothers or cousins or ME! So you answer or respond. Try to be "nice" but making sure to be clear there's no light at the end of the tunnel for still gets misconstrued and the vicious cycle begins again because the very thing you stopped communicating with them in the first place for is the very thing they continue to do: Annoy you.
Against your better judgement being "nice" doesn't pay.
Why can't people just take a hint?!

Super Sunday Power Hour

The evil of this world stays busy and is a force to be reckoned with!
No sooner than the Pastor of Greater Barbours Chapel Baptist Church, Andrew Berry II, completed his magnificent and enlightening sermon out of John 4. Reminding us of an extreme makeover to ourselves, spread the Good News of God, and to fight the flesh daily because although you may be so "uppity" that you don't believe you have five husbands; you have five vices in your life that keep you or hinder your faithfulness in God. He reminded us as well, instead of being angry for everything, be grateful for one thing...God and His grace!
No sooner....
No sooner...
No sooner than that message left his lips, entered my ears and heart, and no sooner than benediction was over and I was walking out of church, pleased I'd made the decision to come against my better judgement of staying in bed to fight the sinus infection forming, did a chick, unbeknownst to me approach me to say: "Hi. Um. You know the lady you passed in the pew earlier? That was my mother and you almost pushed her over the pew."

"What? I don't recall pushing anyone, but I did pass a lady, touched her arm and said excuse me, she said sorry and kept it moving. Is that the one?"

"Yes. It just kind of irritated me cuz she almost went flying over the pew!"

"Listen. We're in CHURCH. In no way did I push or intend to push anyone. You even saying you're irritated in the church, honey; I'm not trying to be irritated after service behind nothing, and that's not good for you to say you irritated in church still."

"No. I know. That's why I just wanted to tell you-"

"Is this your mom." (pointing to the lady approaching speaking to another family)


"Okay. Ma'am, your daughter seems to think I went over to push you and it irritated her, although we're in church. I assure you in no way did I intend for you to feel pushed! Did you fall over and didn't see it?"

"Well, no. I told her to leave it alone. What happened was I think when she saw you grab my arm-"

"You mean walk by you and put my hand on your arm like any normal person does when they're passing by someone in order to be courteous as I said excuse me?"

"She's just real protective of me."

"I'm protective of myself and my family but again I'll say, my intentions were not to push you over a pew in church after service. Now, let me go find my momma."

"Well no, it's no big deal. But thank you for apologizing to her. I appreciate it."

BITCH please! Well....that's what I wanted to say. I'm a work in progress, you all. I'm extremely pleased with the level of christian maturity I possessed today because Lord knows he delivers me daily, sometimes hourly, from having a bad attitude and an even worse mouth if crossed or if I feel as if someone is doing something against me. Although I'll admit I was super condescending while talking with them in a nice-nasty way- God ain't through with me yet y'all!!

I simply said my part to alleviate any evil spirit about to take over me or to avoid further agitation and took it to the leadership of the church!

You can't fight ignorance for ignorance! What person in their right mind, with an humble spirit or with a Godly mind-set, would admittedly look across a room and get upset that someone touches another person in a "supposed to be" God-fearing atmosphere?! What if I did push her over the pew? Were you attempting to whoop my ass? I think not!

A lesser christian could have turned that scene into so much more. However, another lesser christian did make a big deal out of absolutely nothing and that same lesser christian chose to allow their flesh, an evil spirit of contempt and anger to betray them right in the church, not even 10 minutes after service. The work in progress christian in me chose to write this blog about the incident...

If you're that possessive, protective, insecure, ignorant or stupid about being "touched" at a church... Keep your ass at home!! Partake in bed-side baptist every Sunday!

Okay I'm done venting. What's done is done! It'll all work itself out. I'm just disappointed I suppose that a thief would try and steal the good Word I received and now has actually caused me to write about a foul unnecessary, inappropriate incident "up in" the church! Evil I tell you, comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. You gotta be READY! Put on the FULL armor and STAY prayed up!

Here's to a highly blessed Sunday, in spite of ignorant "church folk"

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I LOVE crab! Blue crab is the best for gumbo or just boiling!
Snow crab-yum! They easiest for me to eat and grab lengths of delicious meat! However, Dungeness crab is my all time favorite! It takes so good and is full of meat!!
Alaskan King crab is not one I particularly like, there's nog much meat because it's covered with a fatty skin that's just gross! Also, while I'm cracking shells I get poked by the spines on the legs which can be painful.
Happy crab eating! I'm about to enjoy my boiled CRAB!