Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Because

Just because you slept with him, doesn't make him your man!

Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you have a job!

Just because you have a passport, doesn't mean you travel the world!

Just because you know scripture, read your bible nightly, sing in the church choir; it doesn't make you a CHRISTIAN!

Just because they made eye contact, doesn't mean they're interested!

Just because you work everyday, doesn't mean you have money!

Just because you listen to a song on the radio, it doesn't make you a supporter!

Just because you vote in the election, it doesn't make you political!

Just because you work with children, the elderly, or overall well-being of people, doesn't mean you care!

Just because you graduated or passed a test doesn't make you a novice or an expert!

Just because you're married, it doesn't make you a housewife!

Just because you're in a relationship, it doesn't mean it's committed!

Just because people have eaten your food, it doesn't make you a good cook or a chef!

Just because you've heard of a person, it doesn't mean you know them!

Just because you have kids, it doesn't make you a good parent!

Just because you sing in a choir, it doesn't make you Whitney Houston!

Just because you argue a lot, it doesn't make you capable of being an attorney!

Just because you know a ton of people, it doesn't mean they know you!

I'll come up with more!
For now...smooches!

Dating 237

Dating CAN be great....with the RIGHT person!
It's hard out here. I'm not going to lie to you. I can't sugar-coat the truth. I won't even paint a pretty picture! It's down-right rough! All you married and engaged and serious relationship people, let's give a toast to YOU. Because although in your own right, you have a ton of hurdles to get over and plenty of mountains to're doing it with (hopefully) one person, (hopefully) exclusively and for that a round of applause is due!
Now a days guys and women are SO crude and rude and straight-up out of line! They say any little old thing that pops up in their head! *Case in point "I wonder if you taste as good as you look." I mean, who in the hell says that?! Folks out here dating and starving for you and your body! That's who! That's all! They're not interested in getting to know you, your family, your goals, your level of education. They're simply looking to get "some tail," as my child-hood best friends mom used to say!
Don't even get me started on texting! I mean really!!! Has dating, let alone, communication gotten SO far gone that NOW it's acceptable to only speak through text. Not only that, text ALL day and then have the nerve to constantly ask for pictures?! Seriously dude!! Like, get a life! Please and thank you! If you can't spare 15 minutes of an actual conversation to offer intonation, inflection, volume, pitch...ugh, don't waste my time! You're either TOO busy to date, have NO verbal communication skills OR you're already in a relationship!
The sad thing is....most of the people "they're" dating accept it, so it becomes the norm and you're the social misfit for going against the standard! How rude! (Michelle Tanner voice)
How about this incessant fixation of getting a picture of you sent to their phone! Yeah, I didn't forget! No, no and no! I will not send you a "pic" of me working, or getting dressed, or laying in the bed!!! What the hell?! Turn to Skinamax!
Okay, and what about this growing population of "whine and diners"?! Where did they come from?! Maybe you haven't experienced them...however; I can't imagine you haven't! They're the ones that offer you diamonds, pearls, trips to the moon, purses, shoes! Why?! Don't get me wrong I LOVE a GIFT! And I do mean gift! NOT collateral!! But some of y'all (yes I said y'all) are doing TOO much after you get that little old outfit! It's bad for business, er, mean bad for everybody else! Calm the hell down, and stop giving your best tricks up for a pair of BAKERS shoes!! Lol! Okay, I laughed myself, but you get the point!
And who is this wonderful new breed of WOMEN PAYING men to be with them?! Who raised you?! (Yes! I'm talking to YOU!)
Why are you footing grown men's bills?! They're not your brother, father, grandfather, son, cousin, hell; they're not even YOUR man and you done went BROKE giving this man money only for him to leave you for the one he really wants!
In the words of Tamar Braxton and now, Khrystian Nichole- "Get your life!" and get it right!
I've said is supposed to be FUN, exciting, enjoyable and exhilarating! You're supposed to come from it either wanting to move forward or knowing to move on and keep a homie at the very least! But some of y'all just ain't doing it right!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kay Jewelers

Back at the end of 2008 a right-hand ring was purchased from Kay Jewelers. It was a pleasure to supposedly receive a ring specifically specialized and crafted by Kay Jewelers craftsmen. At least that’s the premise the ring was sold upon. That’s just one of the many reasons for the purchase of the ring!

Whenever I would go into the Baybrook store the sales people, specifically Joshua Devine, whom profited from the commission, always were prompt and attentive. Over the past 3 years and about a month I've been especially pleased with my purchase and an advocate of Kay's company over other jewelers. I “supposedly” have a lifetime warranty, lifetime cleaning and inspections as long as I maintain coming in every six months. I have done everything I needed to do to maintain my ring that I love, to be at the upmost acceptability because I LOVED receiving compliments on my right-hand ring!

However, it’s disheartening for me to write this note in complaint against the Baybrook store and most specifically the store manager, Ines Kerfoot, whom is supposed to represent the commitment Kay Jewelers prides themselves on maintaining!

When I went into the store on October 31st 2011 to drop off my ring for its 6 month inspection, everything was fine. I was given a date to come back and I returned in December 2011 to pick it up. I remember picking it up then because I wanted it back for my birthday month-long celebration that I do! For whatever absurd reason, Kay Jewelers, Baybrook’s computer system was not working properly and the sales lady (in her haste to get back to sales, of course) reprinted me a DUPLICATE copy along with original copy of my receipts. She told me to keep it and it would suffice for the next 6 month inspection which was scheduled for May.

Here it is January 2012, on the 12th; the center of my entire diamond is gone!!! I have costume jewelry that holds up better than that and doesn't just have stones TOTALLY obliterated!!!

Of course sad, and heartbroken; I immediately go into the store flustered to have the traumatic experience of not having my ring intact and I speak with a lady I assume is the "salesgirl" She makes jokes and attempts to lighten the tone of the experience, and I concur to feel better, believing in Kay and the guarantee and commitment to stand behind your companies work, so I feel a little at ease speaking with her in the store. Then the lady, whom now I know to be Ines Kerfoot, tells me; she doesn’t want to tell me but, in the system it only shows me getting the inspection back in 2009!! I tell her, slightly confused, that the information is wrong and in fact I was just here to pick up my ring. She asks if I have paperwork from when I got the October 2011 inspection because if not; oh well. She was rather rude and ambiguous with her explanation as well. Not quite explaining why that may be the case. I say yes, because I DO have what the lady printed me.

I’ll stop here and say-

I find it odd that there's no record of inspections, but of course when MONEY was being PAID on the ring every month, without fail, Kay's knew and kept record of that. So, realizing to my detriment what the lady is saying and after explaining the situation to my mom she insists I call to speak with the corporate office. I spoke with Ken and he is much more helpful and establishes that it is in fact on record corporately that I got an inspection at the time I reported! If it's there, in corporate record, why doesn't the STORE it occurred at have record?!

After speaking with Ken he also establishes I have a lifetime warranty (which I knew) and the matter will just consist of either: replacing the stone/stones or replacing the entire ring. Calling Ines Kerfoot to confirm this conversation, she is again rude with me. I ask her if she spoke with Ken, she says, "What? He didn't relay that he spoke to me to you?" in a snotty tone. I then say, "No. That's why I'm asking you clearly." She says, "Oh well. Like I told him. You get the paperwork, we can talk." I then say, "No. That's not what he just explained to me. You know what, let me call him on the three-way and call you back." “You do that!" She says matter-of-factly. I then AGAIN call Ken (by now I have him on speed-dial.) He says he doesn't know what her problem is and I won't have to deal with her again because he explained to her what to do and that she shouldn't have responded that way. That the fact of the matter is; the company will honor policy, it’s (again his says) just a matter of repair or replace.

I, from there call the store back #1781, and ask to speak with the store manager, the lady says this is she. I ask for her name, she says Ines. I take down the first name and then ask for her last name and she laughs saying, "Oh I don’t give out my last name." I say. "Huh?" Talking to my mom, who’s now fired up, I say, “This girl said she don’t give out last names…are you kidding me?!” She then says laughing, "Well I guess I could, because it's on my card." I'm thinking of course she could, because it's public record, I could easily come up to the store and get it. From this point I'm supremely aggravated and call Ken back. It is about 8:45pm. I explain my desire to report her, and he says he's the appropriate person to speak with for my complaint. That he will call again and take care of it. Longer story short; here it was January 19, 2012 and I finally go into the store at the request of Ken to pick up my replaced ring from Josh Devine, whom by now, is the only person I care to deal with at the Baybrook store, only to find out my ring is no longer made, its discontinued!! HUH!?! I thought it was specially crafted by Kay Jewelers?! Why wouldn't your company have the design or molding to make another?!

That's fine, I must choose another supposedly. But I just want to place on record that my experience with Kay’s has been horrific! I don’t appreciate the tone, negativity and unwillingness to help that the store manager, Ines Kerfoot exemplified. I was distressed and hurt about my ring and when she wasn't making light of it, she was difficult and absurd and quite frankly "bitchy"! Josh Devine, the day I come in to FINALLY get my ring, tries to “excuse” Ines’ attitude and says, “Really! I’m sorry. She was really the force behind getting this done for you.” No the hell she wasn’t!!!! Ken was. Left up to that cow, I wouldn’t have had squiddly squat!! So don’t even humor me! I must maintain the so-called 6 month lifetime inspection, but I think training on customer service and satisfaction in times where the company or craftsmen is at fault should be taken into consideration. Especially when the premise of Kay’s company is, "peace of mind" stating, "It's our goal to make sure you're happy with your jewelry, from the day you make your purchase through all the years to come." Sorry to say, January 12th has marked my disappointment, and I want to share this with you and others.

Eternally disappointed with Kay’s Baybrook store #1781,

Khrystian N. Cunningham


Do you like Zumba?! Ever thought of taking a class?! Would you like to be motivated AND fit?! Want to give to an awesome cause?! Do you enjoy fun?!

Well now you can do all of that and more...

FTQ's (Frequently THOUGHT Questions)
1. No! You don't have to work out the entire 3 hours.
2. Yes! Medical assistance will be available.
3. You may turn in your money to Khrystian before February 11th and she will GIVE you the ticket before the event.
4. No! Absolutely not! This event does NOT benefit Khrystian or HER bank account.
5. Khrystian will be ATTENDING and has to PAY just like YOU!

Detailed Info:
February 18, 2012
San Jacinto South Student Center

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Watching a show this morning at 11am called Crossroads with host Melanie Lawson on channel 13; my spirit was definitely jolted about the misinformation and to be quite frank-ignorance of the interviewees.
The topic was: A recent book written about the Obama's, with the same name, portraying First Lady, Michelle Obama as an "angry black woman" because of her influence and supposed personality. Three women, Mia Wright, Crystal Washington and Alexis Jones were asked to speak on the claims and give their opinion on the issue of the "angry black women" syndrome.
Mia Wright seems to believe Michelle Obama is the first black woman that has ever had influence over the White House and this was one of the reasons for her portrayal as an "angry black women". Citing that anyone strong and outspoken could be called an "angry black women".
That is absolutely untrue!! Did she and the remainder of the panel forget about Condoleezza Rice?! Rice just happened to be a political scientist and diplomat whom served as the 66th United States Secretary of State, under the administration of George W. Bush. Rice was the first female Black Secretary of State. If that's not an influential black women in the White House, I don't know what is!!! Do you?!
Alexis Jones felt the moniker had to do with race, but she didn't clearly define her stance merely agreeing with Wright. Crystal Washington, on the other hand whole-heartedly believed that the First Lady's tag of "angry black women" had absolutely nothing to do with race, but instead, insisted it had everything to do with gender! Huh?!
I understand that Washington is a social media strategist and Afro puff aficionado, but that logic is simply ill-prepared and wreaks of a lack of understanding into race matters or more importantly the history of First Lady's. Let's do a history check shall we:
Michelle Obama is NOT the first WOMAN( wife) and undoubtedly won't be the last to have influence over her husband or POTUS and his administration. Have we forgotten Eleanor Roosevelt, Laura Bush, and I know, you can't forget Hilary Clinton?!
These are just three women my feeble mind (excuse my sarcasm) can list off the top of my head!
Each of these women were and have been noted as outspoken, assertive, strong, pioneering First Lady's. They were instrumental and on SIDE of their husbands throughout their administration and NEVER, not once was a negative connotation thrown their way in regards to their actions, dispositions, or contributions. In fact Hilary, whom some might argue as notably the MOST aggressive, headstrong and independent of those before her was applauded and ENCOURAGED to run for POTUS!! Did we forget that?! I don't remember anyone calling them out as "angry"! It has nothing to do with gender, and clearly everything to do with RACE!
I'm sorry, but it really chokes my chicken when a racial innuendo is given or assumed and so-called politicos or those given a platform to speak up about it brush it under the rug, call it any other name but the truth, divert your attention from the matter and on top of all that; misinform the general public, that may not accurately know their history, and spew out these so-called facts that are inaccurate!
By the way, Michelle Obama isn't even that vocal throughout this administration, she above all wants to be the First Mom!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New year check!

How's 2012 working out for you so far?! It's time to self-check! Are you keeping your plans, making new ones, revamping old ones??? How about have you fallen short, or gotten discouraged??
Don't count ANYTHING out!
Still looking for love? I know a plethora of people that last year, heck even six months ago, they were wishing death to love, and now they're either married, planning a wedding, pregnant, or a combination of both!
Still tired of your job?! It's never to late to spruce up that resume and get to hunting for the NEXT best thing! I know people that three months ago were ready to walk out on what they felt was a dead-end job and NOW they couldn't be happier with their career!
Sick and tired of being sick and tired?! Well! Get well and get Amped! This is YOUR moment! Your moment to live, make it happen or change your thoughts!
It takes work, it takes dedication, and it most definitely takes active initiation and YOU can get it done!! Once you purposely change your thoughts, you live out your purpose! (and that's a Khrystian Tid-bit)
Let's live out loud!


Went haywire!! That movie was the worst, slowest, intoxicatingly dull movie I think I've seen in awhile!! I wanted my money back and didn't even PAY for it!
It used A-list names like Micheal Douglas and Antonio Banderas, tween eye candy, Channing Tatum and Mr. Man, Bill Paxton to draw us to the film and then left us with a morbid undertone of three minute snippets of the characters dialogue! How rude?! (in my Michelle Tanner voice)
The entire first HOUR moved in slow motion and included very little dialogue to move the story. We were left to decipher bits and pieces of a series of badly directed shots from a narcissist whom clearly believed story-boarding his way through the movie would suffice! It did NOT!
The writing, though not horrendous, was however less than mediocre and childlike imaginative; considering my eight year old cousin could have created a more thrilling and suspenseful version of that mayhem!
All in all it gets a rotten tomato thrown into the face of all whom supported, financed, or backed Hollywood into making that ode to 1920's silent film expression!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What IS MLK?! (huh?!)

It's the DUTY and role of parents to bridge the gap and not rely solely on EDUCATORS to teach YOUR children!

1. You must teach the history of pioneers like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, etc
2. You must practice manners, etiquette, personal hygiene.
3. You must instill life skills: how to interact in social settings, in cases of emergency, etc
4. You should want to encourage READING, creativity, culture, health and art.

Those are my top four! Parents SHAPE our children's success or failure! Do what's BEST for your kids and encourage, instill, practice and teach them responsibly!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox...these are just a few things I've been privy to and witness around me, as I'm sure you have too! It's just sad when a ten year old says, "What's MLK?"
Khrysti Shrug

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Congrats Cousin!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Meal!

....and YES I'm eating a little bit of pig intestines! Get over it! I have :-/
Lol! Happy Holiday!

Happy New Year!

A new year beginning on the first day, week and month not to mention this perfectly amazing weather can only mean God has NEW blessings in store for each of us! Be READY!!! Ask, believe, receive and watch God work!
~ A Khrystian Tidbit