Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Felis Cumpeleanos!!!

..or something like that!! So I'm a year older!! I can't complain and things are good! I have a few minor alterations to iron out, but that will all come in due time! One year down, Lord willing, many, many, many, many (ok, did I stress that enough) more years to go!!! I'm so thankful and grateful for God blessing me with yet another year!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving...Yes I'm late...but oh well!!
This year has been really great! The normal culprits still top the list– family, close friends, my health, the health and happiness of those I love, etc, etc.. However, the list I’m going to compile for you today are those things that I may not always express my thanks for, the things I am more apt to complain and whine about. At the end of the day, my problems are not that big, and if looked at them in the correct light, they actually have blessings written all over them.

1. my job...I didn't actually like my job at first, but it really has major and almost incredible perks. I have vacation time that is exceptional. A week off for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks off for Christmas, Spring Break, and summer...it's like I'm still in college, except I get paid!

2. the economy sucks...well it does and there is a recession and all that other jazz; except I haven't actually been feeling it so much. I still travel, shop, fine dine, and splurge on the occasional "necessities" I feel I deserve.

3. i'm about to be a year older...trust me, it's clearly better than the opposite!

4. i'm still single...however, I am single by choice; I am thinking of changing this status really soon ;) though. There are major perks to being single- no unnecessary drama being at the top of my list, the added bonus being instead of one birthday, Christmas, or Valentines gift. I get several.

5. i'm flat-chested...there are push-up bras that are my quick-fix love!

6. my computer is acting up...I have an I-phone that serves the same purpose I really need my computer for

I suppose my point for this blog is that I'm pleased with my life and I really don't have anything not to be grateful or thankful for!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bringing in the 44th President of the United States

This is such a historic night that I am pleased to be apart of!!! I already knew this evening would come, I saw it back when he first announced that he was running for the highest honored and most prestigious office; but to see it come into fruition is even better than how I dreamt it!
I have a President that looks like me. He can relate to what I struggle with and he's smart and admirable and has integrity.
Message***One thing America has to understand is that this man is not some super savior that will change the outcome of the American economy over night. It won't take 4 years, as he's stated throughout his campaign; but the greatest achievement he will and has already brought to our counrty is hope for what is to come and the change that has been needed since the conceptualization of this great country.***
Race shouldn't be a factor, as this man is clearly just the best person for the job! God bless Barack Obama, his family, and the United States of America.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things I do for Change!

So today is Halloween right!?!

I have been planning to early vote since...well everyday! I've been really busy with work though, so I hadn't been able to get a free minute. Well today is the last day, so I decided to take half a day off from work to go and make a difference in the country by voting.

Okay...long story short, at my one job, it's Drug-Free week and today is the day the staff could dress up for Halloween. This is a first that I've been able to do this and I wanted to be a team player, so I came dressed as a Tiger. Well due to me leaving early from work, and dumbingly (if that is even a word) thinking I could quickly run in and vote, then get something to eat, and then change to go to my next job; I went straight to the voting poll. HAHA!!!!

The joke was seriously on me, as I pulled up and saw the line wrapped around the library twice!!! UGH! I wanted to collapse right there. This was the last day to early vote, and if the lines were this long during early voting...I could just imagine how long they would be on election day! So, I stood in line-

...and yes I even had on the tail!! Many people did love my costume and I got a lot of praise for how creative it was from the people in the polls! LOL

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm in Love

Have you ever been in love?!

The consumable, uncontrollable, and most definitive feeling in the world. I'm not talking about the type of love that is known when a mother loves her son, or the love of a bestest friend, or even the love of a pet; I'm talking about the love that is not forced or innate, it's nurtured over time like a seed planted in fertile ground and watered and lit by the light of the sun, so it grows healthy, strong and full bloom.

I have found my true love...REAL love. Kind, patient, not boastful, or envious, or proud. I am in LOVE!!

I've known it for awhile and only now have the courage or the words to put it down.

I am so in love I'm smiling as I write this blog. I smile with the thought, I smile daydreaming, I smile driving to meet up. I get butterflies; just like we've never met, even though we are old friends...

There has been some distance between us. But you know they say, in love, the shortest distance is too far and the greatest distance can be bridged. We have had many mishaps and misunderstandings, stumbling blocks and trip ups; as most do. Wounds have been healed, bones have been mended. Sometimes the pace gets hectic and crazy, sometimes we get a little offbeat, but we've learned to improvise, keep smiling, keeping it moving. We've settled into a really satifying groove. It is so always the greatest feeling in the world to know love is recipricated. I have learned to go with the flow and move in a steady rhythm. So the music can be turned up, the tempo can change; but my LOVE remains constant.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ode to Summer '08

This blog happens to be inspired from my dear friend Kym.

The summer has come to an end. Inevitably it was due. Because my main profession is a teacher...it is my years thrill to enjoy summers!!!

Summer 2008 was awesome! It began with some slight down time...I attended two of my linesisters weddings at the beginning of June and then I was off to South Beach, Florida!! I had the best time with some of my old highschool friends...it was something like a reunion since, now; in our careers, we hardly get to vacation with one another. We stay'd on Ocean drive just feet away from the Versace Mansion, lounged on the beach by day taking in the atlantic ocean, ate crablegs at every outdoor patio resturant we could find, drank daquiries, mimosas' and mixed drinks from the time we woke up to the time we fell asleep, ate breakfast at 4:00am around the time we went to bed...popped bottles at the hottest nightclubs of the night, danced in the night air and had twilight conversations...

Industry mixers were next in the lineup...american woman in radio and television, all white-parties, wine and food tastings, and my ever fascinating Monday Happy Hours! Scattegories, watermelon vodka and cranapple juice on ice or red wine...whichever my taste buds called for, Taylor's

Summer Camp...I never went as a child always wanted to go and I went as an adult and got paid to be there! horseback riding, boating, jet skis, slides, mango tango, teenage mutant ninja turtle, high school musical, pasta alfredo

Next on the summer line up was brunches, shopping and Viva Las Vegas!! Golden nugget, all-u-can eat buffets and open bars, underwater aquarium water slides, poinsettas, downtown, dueces, sights, sounds, 40/40, playboy, popping bottles, moet and chandon, the man of the hour

Close to the end came the start of birthday celebrations, of old and new, jumping toys, pig tails, barbie doll house, disney princess' aged fine as wine

Last but not least came partying with a purpose; those near and dear know just what I mean in fact they benefit as well....

In a nutshell summer was the BEST! I couldn't have asked for a better one...I only pray there are more summers this fantabulous in my near and dear future!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

new day! new pay!!

I'm so excited I just hired onto yet another job!! 2 days out of my week, 2 hours out of my day! It is so amazing to be trained in what you LOVE to do and be paid top dollar to do it! God is Good!! Just thought I'd share in my excitement!!!!

Lesson Learned

...so i went to karaoke wednesday night. it was unexpected, but mos def one of the many forms of entertaining myself i partake in.
the day began quite normally; i was watching duplex, ben stiller and drew barrymore, when a friend of mine asked if i'd meet up with her at the kona grill for happy hour. i was hungry so i went; not to mention i love a good margarita. in the midst of reminiscing on our recent trip to vegas we simultanously said karaoke would be fun to do next.
because we were there so early it was only about 5 people in the building. lucky for us, becasue that means we get to sing more songs. i sang; girls just wanna have fun, weak, cater to you, and redneck woman, the night was going well.
a little later in the night this girl got up and began singing a song with the most buttery smooth voice i had heard in awhile. her sound was so amazing it made me stop looking through the book of songs and i began singing along with her. after she got off stage i immediately complimented her and asked her who's song it was. i knew i knew the song, had heard it before, but didn't remember by whom. she said alicia keys' a lesson learned!
that song hit the spot for me:

"I was burned but I call it a lesson learned Mistake overturned but i call it lesson learned. My soul has returned so I call it a lesson learned. Another lesson learned.... Life perfect, aint perfect if you don't know what the struggles for Falling down, aint falling down if you don't cry when you hit the floor It's called the past, 'cause im getting past and I ain't nothing like I was before. You ought to see me now."

i came home and put that song on all the playlists i have-iphone, ipod, project playlist, myspace lol. life is all about lessons learned. i went through, as i'm sure we all do, alittle something last year. the funniest part about my ordeal was that i used to be so judgemental of others. so quick to disregard how others felt and unwilling to place my self in their shoes. i was the friend, and i still am; that everyone comes to for the absolute truth, no holds bar! straight-forward spare no punches. but this time last year i was so down about what i was going through that at some points i could barely recognize who i was. this time last year i wouldn't have uttered a word about it, i wouldn't have been honest with myself and say i was hurt or in excruciating pain; i wouldn't have had so much passion behind recognizing how others feel when they go through any type of pain. and i mos def wouldn't be writing a blog about it for everyone to read. for me life was simple. it still is. your past is just that... your past and the right now is a gift that's why its called the present, and i'm thankful that i recognize that. i'm in such a great place. i love what i do, my family, my friends, where i am in life, my belief in God; and not many people can say that. I am glad God has a way of putting us through things and placing certain people in our lives to teach us valuable life lessons. lessons that you can't be prepped for; you actually have to go through them yourself, live through them and triump over them.
lessons learned makes you stronger and builds your character. last year i asked why?, now i just smile and thank God because He brought me out of the situation. God could have taken me out of here when i was in my misery. But He saw to it that i had yet another lesson learned. God is Awesome!

Here is the site to here the full sing if your interested

Friday, August 1, 2008

My So-Called Fabulous Life!

I had such a great time out with a few of my friends last night. I say that because my Thursday began like any other regular Thursday for me. I woke up, ate little something and smashed out in front of the television ALL day watching reality tv. Keeping up with the Kardashians had a marathon on. I would look at my phone each time something popped up, a text or a call and wouldn't answer it unless it was my mom or any other immediate family member. It was just one of those days. You know, "that a girl goes through", quoting Monica lol. Anywho; at about 5 o'clock, simply put; tired of just wasting my day, I answered a text from my good friend Brandy. She wanted to go to a happy hour and catch up. She seemed all excited at first, which got me in the mood, but I still would have to shower, get dressed, do something to my hair; which had been dried up from the wet look for atleast 2 days, and then drive to meet her. To top that off, we had no idea where exactly we would meet. So I called my girl Tay and asked if she knew any spots. She mentioned that another friend Kate wanted us to go to Venue that night, so reluctantly I agreed. After about another hour I called to tell Brandy I was ready and she bailed on me! I would have easily just went back to bed, but something told me to get up and do something, especially if I planned to do something later...you know keep the momentum going! I then called my down-the-street-partner-in-crime (lol) Danielle and we decided to meet at Cheddar's for dinner.
Dinner was great. We caught up. After dinner it was time to fixer myself up to go to a club. Honestly I wasn't in the mood because my hair was still crunched up from what I told you already the wet look. I had to keep telling myself, "Get up and stop watching other people's life and continue creating your own."
Disaster struck as my hair was a complete horror and at about 20 minutes till Tay called and said she would be on her way in 15 minutes!! Yikes! I was moving like a bat out of hell and threw my head under the bath tub sink to wash out all the mousse, tied half of my wet hair into a ponytail and left the front half out to blow dry. I self created some type of bouffant style ponytail and finished applying makeup, slathered on Vaseline oil, dabbed on perfume and was ready by the time Tay got there.
Arrival at Venue was cool, however I was little worried about my car in the downtown parking area...but I left it in God's hands! When we got to the club, there was a line. I should have known since Kenny Smith, ex-Rockets Championship basketball player, was throwing the shindig. Whatever, our name was on a list so we didn't wait for long, and soon we were enjoying long island teas, vodka cranberry, and patron shots (my personal favorite) in the exclusive VIP section. By the end of the night total count of patron shots was 7 and we were only there for 2 hours...but because I ate so well earlier I was fine last night and doing great today! Oh and my car was absolutely fabulous! LOL!!

Access Granted!

I ripped this from another blog page I saw...my brain didn't know where to begin with a blog and this seemed like a great start! Enjoy...

Maybe I should…really stop wasting time and get my poetry published.

I love the smell of…rain. Its one of those things I can't explain, but I love rainy days. I also love the smell of gardenia, that's why I wear Micheal Kors LOL!

People would say that I…don't know...I've gotten lots of things from being high maintenance, party girl, mean, brutally honest to a good wholesome young lady

I don’t understand why…some things happen the way they do.

When I wake up in the morning…I'm praising God for one more day to get it right!

I lost my willpower to…care wholeheartedly about things I can not change or people that don't deserve my concern.

Life is wonderful…even when it kicks you in the butt.

My past has…set me up for my future.

I get annoyed when…I don't succeed or get my way.

Parties are not…the only way to have a funky good time.

Dogs are…cool as long as they're hurt or limp...nah j/k; but seriously as long as they stay over there...waaaaaaaaayyyy over there!

Cats are…not my thing, but they're all good too. They keep mice away!

Tomorrow I’m going to…rest, rest and more rest!!! That's what you do when you on vacation!

I have a low tolerance for…bullshit and lies.

I’m totally terrified of…Freddy Kruger

I wonder why I thought my life would be…perfect at all times.

Never in my life…will I not have unconditional love for my family.

High School was something that…I enjoyed thoroughly; I made great friends, got involved in everything, and have a gazillion memories!!

When I’m nervous…I shake LOL! from my hands to my voice.

Making my bed is…something I do if someone is coming over, I'm leaving for more than a day or I'm cleaning up my room and its early otherwise I'm in it and there's no need. Making my bed is not a necessity, but it looks good in a clean room ;)

I’m almost always…thirsty.

I’m addicted to…spending money, coffee, soda, my IPhone, beautiful things, buying swimsuits; even though I can't swim, watching comedies over and over again...okay I will stop now

I want someone…who wants me back. Someone that is honest, charming, funny, God-fearing and kind. I would love someone that is respectable, understanding, generous, forgiving, romantic, spontaneous. The someone I want is the one who together with me makes perfect.