Monday, September 28, 2020

Breaking News!

Breaking news, smaking news! For those that continue to spread the local, national, and international news of all of Trump’s salacious moves, gossip, and real deal exposures I must pose the question:
His backers, fans, and cult-followers aren’t trying to hear it and just like Trump himself; continue to make excuses for his behaviors AND just when you think there’s NO excuse for his actions, behaviors, or speeches; the cult, who I call Trumpers; decide to drudge up anybody from the past that they can attempt to compare or minimize Trump’s actions against.
I’ve never seen anything like it! From powerful positions to minimal positions; people that back this man do so in such a way that they’d rather bring up the past “tax receipts” of a dead man, whom, mind you they don’t provide the proof for...they just put out the “thought” by saying, “I wonder what everyone would say about ______________ (insert any innocent dead man that has NOT one thing to do with Trump, or 2020, or the life we’re currently living) taxes” 
They say something along those lines rather than to admit Trump is not the President they imagined him to be, or even the human being they imagined him to be! That he has a multitude of indiscretions and an innumerable amount of misconducts on his record. That he’s an American citizen, just like any other celebrity or person that has been placed on a pedestal and doesn’t for the most part, do the best job, but he gets something done. I could respect that MORE than attempting to deflect his actions by comparing someone else.
These people are not logically thinking. 
The only concern for them is to re-elect Trump.
So why?!
Why continue to go back and forth with them?
Why attempt to speak logic to the illogical?
Don’t even argue with them because the moment a dead man’s past doesn’t work they will bring up Obama, or Biden, or George Washington...anyone but keep the focus on Trump. 
Strong eye roll and loud mic drop because I’m sick of the “breaking news” that doesn’t hold the man accountable. The news has turned into a gossip magazine that just spreads information to us (American citizens), we discuss it, possibly get angry, spew the “news” on social media, get our timeline into a frenzy, find out who our “real friends are”, determine many people think differently than us, then we get back to whatever it is we’ve been doing. Trump obviously sleeps well at night and everyone is in a tizzy behind what we watch, read, or hear from the news. 

The real breaking news is when he’s held to the same standard as every other American citizen. Until then...Miss us (well me! I’ll only speak for myself. Some people want to know it) with the Breaking News alerts on Trump

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Personal Investments

When a person has no personal investment in something or someone they can and will act an Ass. Jackass that is! It becomes real easy to walk away, give up, renege, not give effort, show no concern, etc. and on and on when a person feels they have nothing to lose. No personal investment.

An investment says, "I take stake in what's about to go down. I take ownership in the decisions I choose. Choices matter for the time being as well as for long-term." 

When an investment is made, a COMMITMENT is made. An investment says, I'm planning for my future. 


By all means avoid anyone that doesn’t make a personal investment in a situation or relationship.