Sunday, November 29, 2020

Khloé’s 3yo Interview

Little Miss Khloé Nichole Allen 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

3rd Times a Charm

3 times!! 3 times Joe Biden ran for President!! This third time he WON and won BIG! Congratulations Mr. President. #46 The win is that much greater to have built a lifetime or spent a lifetime SERVING the country! 

President Biden is further proof that God is good, and that you should never give up on your dreams!! 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Day 30

I’m 30 days from 40! I remember about ten years ago when I was turning “Flirty Thirty”, the quote for the years whenever someone turned 40 was, “40 is the new 30.” For me and in my thoughts today; 40 is not the new 30. My 30th chapter has been written, edited, revised and published! So much so; I wrote Single Girl Gems, as a homage to those wonderful, and most times, comical years! 

Too much has transpired over the past decade, I became a published author, a wife, a mother, a homeowner, completed my masters, advanced in my career, been tested only to increase my relationship with God and SO much more! It is impossible to tell it all! What I can tell you is none of it, not one thing, I’ve accomplished or failed, came without fight nor was it free of charge! This JOY cost me something! Joy is different than happiness because as the Good Book says; “...the world didn’t give it to me and the world can’t take it away.”

If nothing is taken from this 30 days to 40 post; take this: In my journey I've learned to love me! Every good, bad, and ugly part of me, even the parts of me you don't see, even the parts of me you think you may know. The hidden parts of me is what keeps me bowed at God’s feet and immulating the reflection of His face. My embarkation on 40 is embarking on the promise, the purpose, and the pleasures of whatever God has for ME! I'm just getting started and He’s not finished with me yet...thank God! 

Here’s to setting sail on 40! The below pictures are me in the prime of my 20’s...maybe even early 20ish. I had just shortly finished undergrad.

Party Secret (Ssshhh)

 NO party, NOT one party...Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, etc. is for ONE race!! Please STOP with this rhetoric.

A political party and your affiliation with it is an organized group of people who have the same ideology, same political positions, and implement agendas to affect changes in local, national, and international views and policies. 

Black people do NOT own democratic views and vice verse. There are all races within each political party and no one should be ashamed to label themselves as either. 🙄

Joe Biden isn’t the face of Black America any more than Donald Trump is. Yes, Kamala Harris is a black female but she does NOT speak for ALL of Black America. She represents America and has to in order to serve the greater good of the UNITED States. Hence the reason our country is divided now. 

Past presidents have stood for money, economics, or the like and whichever race of people have stock or can take advantage of what the president offers is going to be the supposed race that benefits from that president. 

I just don’t want people already bashing the 46th President for what he does or “doesn’t do” for one race of people, like they did and still do our 44th President. 

These men and women serve the country not Acres Homes or Cedar Terrace, or Boyle Heights, or Brentwood, or South Acres, or The Hills, or...well, hopefully you get the picture. 

Hold local politicians accountable for changes that should and WILL be made in your communities and fight for your rights. Then place people in positions to further the agenda you may have for betterment but please for the love of all things Gucci, don’t sit here in a chair watching tv sipping soda; wondering what a party or a term elected president will do for you without placing action behind it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Month Away From 40!

December 4th is a month away. It’s my mother in law’s birthday, so happy birthday to her!! 🎉 

I don’t necessarily have anything nostalgic or momental to write...I’m sort of just documenting my road (as I wrote in a previous blog to 40). Today, has been an uneventful day. I’ve watched the election results creep in for the last remaining states. I’ve hung out with my kids doing nothing more than sleeping, eating, watching tv, showering, getting dressed, and getting back in the bed to watch tv some more. My kids both  fell asleep around 8pm, and I’m not mad at that. Besides my littlest one waking up to eat on his schedule...I’m doing good enjoying the quiet time to myself to watch Housewives of Orange County, Friends, and Can’t Buy Me Love, among other things, until I fall asleep myself. Hey! That’s my life, and I don’t apologize for it. Today was uneventful, tomorrow may not’s all a crap shoot (shrug).

Sans COVID I would normally be planning some over the top event of a party to celebrate my milestone year...actually; I decided after 35 to not plan huge parties anymore and to take the money that would’ve been food, drinks, entertainment and spend it on myself. In actuality, I’m doing as planned this year regardless of a international pandemic! I’m doing it cautiously, with great restraint, and proper planning. I’m excited! I want to seize the moment(s)! God is forcing my hand, or forcing me out of seemingly comfortable situations that I’ve been all to settled in. It’s unsettlingly, scary, stressful, but not totally unexpected. It’s milestone time!

Here’s to all of you planning milestone years and/or moments! 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Halloween 2020

 This year...with COVID-19 as we all around the globe know,  was a totally different experience. Pictures and videos remain the ultimate way to capture memories and moments however; out of the three years I’ve been a mom; I’ve never had my daughter trick or treating.

1st year she dressed up twice (day as Minnie Mouse, night as a pelican) We went to two houses,  my mom and best friend to “trick or treat” and before that she “handed out candy” from our house in her costume 😂 

2nd year her dad works a Hallelujah festival and we dressed up and went there 👍🏾

Year 3 amidst the pandemic I decide to trick or treat! I know: me...friends and family are gasping because since March after I returned from Puerto Vallarta I have been no where around people with the exception of grocery stores for essentials, doctors appointments, and finally the hospital! 

My daughter had been talking about Halloween, ghosts, zombies, costumes, and the like since the summer 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ Before her brother came, she’d already planned out her costume as Moana and he’d be Hei Hei her Rooster friend. It was a must that she dressed up.  I’d bought the costumes late August. Then her grandparents being the, I mean, spoilers, er...let’s just say; loving grandparents they are went ALL in the week before Halloween and took her to four or five different Halloween stores to tour, ended up buying a second costume, along with scary animatronics to further enhance her insatiable Halloween frenzy for their house. 

All of October my doll was fixated on visiting these 3 scary yards that were in my parents neighborhood, then by Halloween my parents had created a scary porch from their animatronics and spider webs! My original plan was to dress my Littles ups, create and decorate a Jekyll and Hyde chocolate cookie house, watch spooky cartoon movies, invite one COVID free cousin over, and have a slumber party in front of the fireplace! 

I could extinguish her excitement for Halloween! I wanted her to be able to few the scary yards, my parents porch and just have a great time! Memories are fleeting remember...

So we got in costume, took a plethora of pictures from Friday until the end of Halloween night, Not to mention; watched FreeForm each day the month of October so she could see some of the movies I watched in childhood like Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus and The Witches, then Saturday went with masks on and flashes ready to safely social distance trick or treat! After we finished around 8ish we sat and watch her Big Daddy pass out candy and scare the neighborhood families coming up to the door! It was such FUN! 

I took away a new and improved way to celebrate Halloween in the future and some pretty neat decorating tips to build in spirit!