Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Thoughts of 2012

Came and went! I barely remember any major, let alone minor details! The road hasn't been smooth, but it's been full of hidden blessings and more lessons learned! It was an awakening that's for sure... I'm wide awake and READY to LEAVE 2012!
I'm prepared and fully vested...Are you?!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012!!

Love, peace, and blessings to you All!!

Leaving It In 2012!

I'm LEAVING stupidity, weakness, fear, and resentment in 2012!

What about you? What are you willing and able to leave in 2012 as you plan and prepare for 2013?

Be reasonable! Be HONEST!

For me, as they say..RIP stupidity, weakness, fear and resentment! I have NO room for you in 2013!!

❤K Digga

Monday, December 24, 2012

What You Remember...

It's interesting what you remember about your childhood! I remember my great-grandmother, whom I called Lessie B. She passed away when I was about fifteen years old and at that time death, I want to say, was very surreal to me. I just really didn't understand it or think of losing people around me and never seeing them again (on this side for us believers) as a reality. Even at the age I am, knowing and surviving and understanding the things I do...sometimes it's still unfathomable! :-/
With that said, I don't want to place a damper on this entry because that's certainly not my I'll carry on to the exact point of it all.
In remembering my great-grandmother; I remember her house around the holidays! Just to be clear, she was a pack-rat! She always has whatever's all around her house: on tables, counters, name it! She always had food too, not food like snacks either, I'm talking full-course meals: hog, pig feet, pickled this or that, smoked this and that, coconut cakes, tea cake cookies...whatever!
But I distinctly remember during the holidays- from about September through February being her "peak" season for desserts! Lol! I especially remember on the holidays Gingerbread houses!!!
All types, large and small! They weren't the greatest to eat, in fact they tasted weird to me although they were edible! I remember thinking, "Let me stop sneaking to eat this house, you can't eat it...but it smells SO good!" The funniest part is that, there was absolutely no reason to sneak! They were there to eat, but I always thought of it as more of a display :-)
Lessie B! That was her thing and I remember those houses vividly! I don't see them when I visit people's houses anymore, I don't hear people talking about them anymore either... I wonder why that is?! Maybe I've outgrown them and so like on some of those movies, like... who remembers Drop Dead Fred?! Lol! Remember she got too "grown-up" to remember Fred and only when she got back "child-like" did she remember him ;-) Maybe that's it! I don't "see" the Gingerbread houses because I'm not really looking for them...subconsciously.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas Eve is my night to be with my family and love!!! I watch my fav holiday movies, get tipsy off egg nog, sip cocoa, wrap gifts, bake cookies, bask in the beauty of the occasion and usually fall asleep some time thereafter❤

Santa Claus is coming to town!! So Merry Christmas to All and to All a GOOD night! ❌⭕❌⭕,


You can be a whole lot of EVERYTHING and still not be enough. Don't allow someone else's issues to undermine your self-worth! You have value and those that truly love you see it even when you don't!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Enough Already-We Get It! You Don't Participate!

It's true that America is a melting pot for all types of people, with all different beliefs and religions! Who cares?! To each their own. I begin to have a problem though when your beliefs are so dogmatic and judgmental that you begin to impress them on others even after its been quite routinely expressed. We should all be respected no matter your religion or belief.
To me, it's personal! A personal decision! Just like who you decide to bed-down! I don't need to wear a shirt that says, "I'm sleeping with him!" Just like there doesn't have to be a parade where I march around chanting how free I should be to have sex with Tom, Dick, and Harry! That's what we call PRIVATE! I'll just never understand that -_-
Moving on though
As free as people should be to practice their religions is as free as people should be to NOT partake in other certain religions...I get that. Don't participate! But don't send a generic letter legitimizing your beliefs AND then further attempting to brow-beat or explain why the practice of another religion is wrong and why you think they're all going to hell. It's not your place! Have a seat!
The most grounded and learned scholars will tell you everything must, not only be done in decency and in order, but gently! Didn't your parents ever teach you: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!
Decency and in order means: You're not going to write to your child's teacher to let them know- especially after the first generic note- why you're not celebrating holidays and how wretched holidays are!
You're not going to write the banks and grocery stores formal "generic" letters about how offensive their decorations are to you when you're shopping for eggs or cashing a check!
You especially shouldn't write a letter where multiple recipients read it and KNOW it's generic because you didn't take the time to proofread to know you have wrong names in the damn letter!! I mean really?! You already know what I'm going to say...Get YOUR LIFE!

That Awkward Moment #508

That awkward moment when someone spends more time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, emailing, googling, or just plain old staring at the screen of their phone when they're actually supposed to be spending "time" with you.

I can truly appreciate the person that doesn't have to capture every moment socially...but would rather LIVE in the moment! The person that's actually living their life, instead of documenting it. The person that can recognize the worth of the person or people they're in a moment with instead of minimalizing it!
Just Saying,
"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." ~ Robert Brault

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Lord!

You NEVER know what somebody is going through!! We all have our crosses to bear, demons to bind, lions crouching at our doors, and such! Life as we know it collapses sometime, dreams get crushed, love gets lost...through it ALL...Trust. Stay Strong! Someone loves YOU!
Offer KIND words to others, give off positivity, love others! Life is short! Be mindful of the words we say and actions we deliver. God bless and continued faith!
I love you if you hadn't heard it today❤

Love and War

Laaaaawwd! I'm definitely in love with this song!!

Somebody said everyday was gon' be sunny skies
Only Marvin Gaye and lingerie, I guess somebody lied
Started discussing it to fighting then don't touch me please
Then it's let's stop the madness, just come lay with me
Truth be told, I'm waving my flag before it goes bad

Cause we made it this far on for better or worse
I want to feel it even if it hurts
If I gotta cry to get to the other side
Let's go cause we gon' survive

We stay on the frontlines, yeah but we're still here after the bomb drops
We go so hard, we lose control
The fire starts, then we explode
When the smoke clears, we dry our tears
Only if love and war

Sometimes you're my general
You gotta let go of this place
Sometimes you're my enemy
And I'm throwing grenades
We'll just be chillin' and laughing
And im laying on your chest
Dont know what happen, cause things just went left
But here we go back down that road
That's just the way that it goes

Cause we made it this far on for better or worse
I want to feel it even if it hurts
If I gotta cry to get to the other side
As long as you're there i'll survive

We stay on the frontlines, yeah but we're still here after the bomb drops
We go so hard, we lose control
The fire starts, then we explode
When the smoke clears, we dry our tears
Only if love and war

As long as we walk out that door every fight and when its over
You know im going home
Right back where I belong
I take it up inside me

And We stay on the frontlines, yeah but we're still here after the bomb drops
We go so hard, we lose control
The fire starts, then we explode
When the smoke clears, we dry our tears
Only if love and war

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Diva~Sexy~Cool K Day!

December 4th! 12/04! I love my birth date! I know everybody probably says this...but...I really do LOL!
I'm so thankful to everyone that thought of me today! Offered well-wishes, blessings, and favor. From family, friends, associates, students, and even strangers! I'm absolutely grateful that God has allowed me to turn another year. Another year to be wiser, stronger, kinder, and BETTER! Like fine wine, we all should aim to get better with age! Today has been simply lovely! Perfection at its best❤. I've eaten my favorite...crab legs, been gifted, and spent time with those that truly love me for me...and to end my blissful evening I'll be curling up, relaxing, and watching my DVR'ed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!
It's one of my absolute favorite holiday past times and a highly anticipated fashion show to watch!
Here's to another year of Diva, Sexy, Cool!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Traditions

I have a few Cunningham family traditions that I believe I'll keep with me as I grow into my own family! Beginning with Thanksgiving here are a few:
*Baking at the start of the week
*Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm
*Games/Karaoke after dinner and football
*Tree decorating on Black Friday night
*Christmas Eve baking cookies for Santa
*Last minute gift wrapping Christmas Eve
*Leaving out cookies/milk
*New Years Eve Champagne toast
*Chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentines Day
*Easter egg hunt-Golden egg with money
*Sack race, egg race, three-legged race, bobbing for apples
*Crawfish for Memorial Day
*Barbeque for 4th of July and Labor Day
*Month of October scary movie a night

I want to start having a costume party for Halloween

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December!

My favorite month of the year! D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R! The month of giving, celebrating, recognition, reflection, change, resolution, and most importantly the month of my birth! Happy Birthday to ME!!
What does your December look like?!