Sunday, October 27, 2019

Poor Souls

You have to be pathologically miserable to your core, to sit up in the middle of the night (3AM to be exact) concerning yourself with other people. Hunting and fishing for things as old and meaningless as eighteen years ago to as little and minuscule as five years ago that only you feel are disparaging to a person’s  CURRENT and happy life. You cross criminal lines only because your actual life has no meaning and you obviously desire to be physically caged just as you are mentally caged, stewing in agony and self hatred. 
Perhaps you’re  upset with your self but have misguided appropriation of your emotions.  To people this post fits, they won’t understand my words because they speak only ebonics.  They lack logical reasoning and for that reason alone; they may be stuck in a lifestyle that begs for attention and validation that only their lack of parental figures could be to blame. They know the post is about them only because they lurk and remain anonymous hidden in the shadows of everyone else’s success. And by everyone...I mean EVERYONE, including the little engine that could. 
I don’t believe, personally, I know these type people, but what I do believe is that these type people will always be among us, just as the Bible says; the poor will be.  They may not be financially poor, although I don’t believe people that aren’t poor have time for such foolishness, but they are definitely poor in spirit, in truth, and in life. Poor souls. God be with them!