Saturday, January 17, 2009

A loner...or just ALONE?!

I've always been considered a party girl! I don't know when or more importantly how this image or title was bestowed upon me; but over time it seems to be true. I know I've partied enough for at least 15 co-eds in my short life-time. Maybe it's because for a short time I owned and operated my own teen night club, or perhaps it's because I started my own promotions company, it could even be due largely to the fact that I worked for several local radio stations in their promotions department, and I partied for a living! Possibly because I started hosting Monday night happy hours, or because during my birthday; I celebrate the entire month. Whatever the case may be...this is my mantra-Work Hard, Play even Harder!!
I however, sometimes just like to be left ALONE!
I love my close seclution of friends, they're not going any where. Some people come and go; including, but not limiteed to, boyfriends, husbands, co-workers, classmates, but true-ride-or-die friends stick around through thick and thin.
I digress- Anywho, lately I love to catch a movie by myself, or go and have a quick drink and appetizer by myself. Occassionally I will call a partner in crime, to just shoot the shells with, but otherwise I'm good being by myself.
This fetish began around 2008. I had been six months into a break-up with my boyfriend who for the year and a half or so prior, I did everything with. (as far as hanging out) I needed to get my oil changed, and they told me it would be about an hour and a half. Well because I'm a teacher, and most of my friends aren't. I had no one to call in the middle of the day. An hour and a half was a long time to sit and be hungry in a car dealership, and the chips, queso and margaritas from pappasitos were calling my name next door. I, at first was embarrassed to go inside the resturant alone, then I tighten up, and didn't care. You won't always have someone at your beck and call, and what are you supposed to do? Go hungry!? Not me! So I went. I decided to sit at the bar. It was inconspicuous and pleasant, and there were a few other people alone there talking and watching TV.
They welcomed me with open arms. I ordered my drink and my appetizer and sat and looked at the tv. Next thing I knew the bar tender and my neighbor next to me sparked up a conversation and included me. They weren't too talky, I could chime in or not, and I could talk on my phone or not, check my myspace, facebook, or email. I could even just concentrate on my drink and food. No one looked or stared in judgement and no one got too chatty with me. It was the perfect first date! Time flew. The next thing I knew it was the dealership calling to tell me my car was ready :)