Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Episode #4

I'm not understanding that when I actually attempt to do something well, it doesn't work out, but when I have no true concern then it does! What happened to the laws of attraction as it relates to me? 
Case in point: 
My class quiz is timed and online. They are to be completed by the end of the week. For the past two weeks I waited until the last minute. Part of it procrastination the other part...no valid reason except that I waited because I'm a procrastinator.
I did just okay on the quizzes. The first one I scored a low B and the second one I scored an A! I figured I was getting the hang of procedure and format of the test so for this third one I decided to not stres myself our or raise my anxiety and complete it at the beginning of the week WAY ahead of time. 
I totally just bombed the damn test. Why? 
What in the world just happened? I was prepared and able to take my time AND I wasn't going crazy, moving fast trying to race against the timer before the test could be counted invalid. 
Go figure...that's just my luck, I tell you. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tray 6

Tray 5 had my gums itching, but now that I'm in tray 6 my gums are still itchy but the good thing is my two front teeth don't hurt anymore. At first they were sensitive and I couldn't chew my Chewies in the front of my mouth without holding it. 
My mom asked if I was aware that I chew my teeth, like bite down my mouth often. I told I was aware but not sure why until I remember it's because my teeth/gums itch! 
I can feel a difference in my mouth shifting and most definitely my bite is still off. I can barely enjoy my food. I'm getting there! I only have fifteen more trays to go!

Writers Write

They indeed do. There are some days I wake up and want to do nothing so that's just what I've done. I believe Terry McMillian recalled that behavior as simply lazy and in my case she would be very accurate.
I've had to consciously WORK and push myself to complete this first book. Not because I didn't want to but simply because either I was tired, sleepy, both, or my mind was going a million miles per second on other things. Things that are important and things that I really shouldn't give a hoot ninny about but I did!
I have indeed completed the manuscript for this first book and it feels amazeballa and I am now editing it, however I must began again with the next project along with plotting the other ideas and stories I formulated while in the process of completing my book! My mind is bogged and must be purged! Lol
This picture signifies completion (-:

I'm So edition

I'm so Dickinson I used to sit in Ms. Elnora's shop all day listening to the latest town juice because my mama started her nail brand in her shop!

I'm so League City I went to the movies at Baybrook Mall when there was a cinema there before the Dollar Cinema came!

I'm so League City I went to Hall elementary and every year I went to the "HallOBooLoo" 

I'm so League City my class was the very first 6th grade class at Creekside 

I'm so Lamarque I went to Happy House daycare and ate beenie weenies

I'm so Lamarque I played at Carver park in the summer time when I went to Aunt Vee's house that was directly across the street. 

I'm so Lamarque I started going to the Front Door at like five for Halloween parties and the fashion shows that I participated in

I'm so Lamarque I was a part of the Jaguars track team and would always admire those Willowridge Wings!

I'm so Lamarque I know the Cougarettes used to be called the Ma'maselles and was Captain in 1999 through Mrs. Criner's growling and Mrs. Robertson becoming Mrs. Wilson, part of the family.

I'm so Lamarque my great grandfather owned Rosalee street and named it after his wife, my great-grandmother. 

I'm so Lamarque my god mother is Coopers BBQ so I ate it anytime I wanted especially after school those links and jacks cookies! 

I'm so Lamarque I was Miss Juneteenth 1997

I'm so Texas City I lived in Sundance apartments and walked to the store in front of the apartments for now and laters

Im so Galveston county I owned the teen club that advertised to all the high schools in the county and I skipped school at the end of days to pass out fliers 

I'm so Galveston county I participated on the Marcus Truscott Youth Explosion

I'm so PV Walmart WAS the mall.

I'm so TSU I didn't live on campus.

I'm so sheltered I didn't see the complete movies: Boys in the Hood (and I still haven't seen) Menace to Society or Belly until I was a sophomore in college eventhough my cousin tried to make me sneak and watch them when I visited on the weekends to play with my cousins 

As Published on Poetry.com

Cat's Meow

By Khrystian Nichole Cunningham

Cat's Meow, always, somehow 
A woman's pleasure can be described as this 
The love I'm speaking of brings ultimte bliss 
Sisters you know what I'm saying 
After 48 hours it'll have you on your knees still praying 
The passion was like a shot of penicillin injected 
As your body reacted and didn't reject it 
With all your might u tried to hold it in 
The feel the touch let's face it you fought but did not win 
From that one long stroke 
You purred a long note 
Cat's meow, always somehow 
Caressing your hair 
Child I'm talking about everywhere 
U want to hide your face 
Don't just sit back and embrace 
It's all so simple 
Like a smile without dimples 
Cat's meow always somehow, somehow always, always somehow 
And the feeling begins right now

This is my original work 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tray 5

I'm starting my tray five six days earlier. Now my dates of change will be on Mondays. I sort of think I should be calling to ask about that though. 
They ARE the professionals...BUT I am the patient and this is just their PRACTICE! There's money, my sanity, and smile at stake here! 
Today I got an IPR. Interproximal Reduction. That means Dr. Brown created spaces between my top front six teeth. They are now slimmer, or narrower, and I literally have a small gap between my two front teeth. I've never had a gap in my life!! With the last tray, my teeth were actually so close together it was difficult to floss.
The procedure was quick. I'd say it lasted about 10 to15 minutes at the most. It was uncomfortable if anything. It only hurt slightly but not for long. I didn't know that's what I'd be doing when I arrived at my appointment so you could imagine my surprise to hear and read about the procedure. 
Had I known, I would've invited somebody to hold my hand...yes; I'm a grown baby! Leave me alone about it.
Any who; I'm on to the next tray and it is tight today. It should loosen up soon on the journey of my straighter smile.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pro's versus No's

Cosmetologists, Artists (makeup), Stylist (hair) any of the above mentioned are not. You attend classes and schools to get licensed, right? Right! If we wanted to look like clowns after make up applications...if we wanted to burn our faces and necks with hot irons...if we wanted to misalign our eyebrows or scold ourselves with wax...if we wanted to leave from the salon looking worse than we did when we arrived...if we wanted to nip our toes or cuticles with burning electric files or razor sharp utensils we could stay at home, keep our money, and do it ourselves! 
We go to you all because you're the professionals! We expect professional work.