Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Educational (Career) Journey

At no-years in, a mere 11 years ago, I began substitute teaching as a means to an end when I thought I wanted to pursue a higher degree in corporate law. Racked with an exuberant amount of passions and an even greater abundance of decisions; I chose the path of least resistance (to say the least) and chose to get a certification in grades 4-8 since that was the grade-level I had been subbing and was most comfortable. 
I started the career as a NEW teacher leading a cross-curricular team of veteran teachers and boy did I get a crash-course in teacher-parent-student connections professional development! The hiring principal at the time stated, "Oh, being a team leader won't be so bad. You'll just have to spend an extra hour of your Mondays with me after school." Ok! She lied! BUT...she did take it easy on me. All I truly did was relay messages from this Type-A personality principal to the other members on my team and Wha La! What do you know? I'm a first-year teacher with a distinguished title among educators around the nation. I gain a close relationship with the principal, remaining administration, leaders on the campus, and my peers which would follow me for ten full years until I receive my second Service Award. (You get a Service Award every five years.)
Fast forward today, I'm offered, applied, interviewed, and accepted a position as Science Academic Coach. Who knew that my time in the classroom as a science teacher and team leader all these years, additional certifications later, two campuses, four principals, an internship, professional and personal victories and defeats all would be preparing me for this transfer...this moment. Who knew that I would be a valuable asset to a campus all because of my leadership skills, integrity, work ethic, qualifications, experience, relationships, effectiveness, positivity, and professional standing? I'm excited for the change, and open to all it will bring. Boots on and strapped tight as I embark on this next chapter that I've been told, "is seeing education in an entire different light!"
I'm all set with my idealistic views of what instructional/academic coaching looks like and feels like. 
Bring it on!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo!

I love participating in the Cinco de Mayo celebrations around the city! As of late, I've been restaurant hopping to get maximum exposure and FUN! 
Little bit of a history lesson: 
It's the fifth of May celebrated annually by Mexicans, Americans, and other mixed nationalities. It's celebrated in honor of the Mexican army's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla! They were considered the underdog and triumphed! 
In essence, my celebration of Cinco de Mayo is about achievement through obstacles! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Not only did I present Single Girl Gems, get sales, and network with other authors, vendors, book lovers, and avid readers; I got the bonus of getting four titles for six bucks!!!! Be still my heart! 

Create the life YOU want

The number one question I received from middle schoolers at their career fair was, "how much do you get paid, Miss?" 
Kids are curious, but so are adults! So I'll answer this question for both parties. The key word is WORKING. Like I explained to the kids; you can be the best dancer, actress, writer, artist, etcetera in the world. You could even get booked quite often, however; if you don't show up and show out; you won't get paid. In other words: produce quality work. Auditions, contracts, and negotions are always available. They are out there. There's also always a need for creative talent and ideas. All you have to do is constantly produce and you'll constantly get paid for your services. Some contracts are worth hundreds, some thousands, and some millions. It really just depends on budgets. Then from there it depends on how well you extend money. Are you going to invest in yourself to gain more contracts and ultimately more money or will you spend it on frivolous items that won't produce a return? Those items look really good however, deplete your savings.
When going into the business of entertainment or entrepreneurship self-investment is truly the most important thing. It's probably one of the most important life gems I could give as I stood and answered their anxious questions about my life aside of teaching 5th grade science.
The second, most entertaining question was, "how do you have time to do all of this?"
The question perplexes me because I never think of it as much until someone else makes me realize it is a bunch of stuff. Really they're all inter-related if you think about it. Aside from the obvious: Just do it attitude, there's really not much else to say. Of course some things lack. I don't get to audition for roles as much throughout the year, with the exception of summer, due to my schedule and most auditions are held on week days. I prefer stability over anything which is one major reason I've remained in education for so long and have finally decided to take it to another level by completing graduate school by any means necessary. 
Just remember life is what YOU make it! Don't just think outside the box...remove that ding dang on box. There's no limits to what you can do and how much of if you can do when you create your own rules!

The Business behind Boxing

So...obviously the fight against Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paquiao was all  about the money. They could not seriously, actually, fight and not go a full twelve rounds with all the money racked in from spectators and sponsors. If you don't know that...please get an understanding of business, brands, marketing, and corporations before you speak ignorantly to your assumptions of this fight. Knock outs are exciting but nothing says a formidable rematch more than a feeling that everything wasn't accomplished the first time. A sense of could, would, or should happen the next round. Anticipation. Let down. The terms that make you want a rematch. Perhaps they intend for fans to feel like the fight wasn't enough.
Let's be real for a blog and say; this fight was overall boring! Nothing fantastic, note-worthy, or memorable. Money had the power behind his punches whenever they landed and PAC man had innumerable as they were. He threw many hits, but missed plenty. The hits were most entertaining probably because we saw head slanging and "dancing" around the ring. Audiences were mostly biased and had favorites before the match which made for a competitive night amongst boxing fans! Regardless of what you feel, Mayweather dominated the punches and indeed won! Congrats! Paquiao was a commendable contender and did his job well. He kept Mayweather on his toes for sure ...however; the best man for the night won. 
I've read and heard many people say how they've seen better fights on YouTube, snap chat, or streaming online. People have said they've seen better fights with a bill collector, between kids on a playground, with a fly buzzing around their ear, or with a wireless connection, but let's face it: none of those "fights" ever had a multi-million dollar pay day, endorsements, or the exposure of the match between PAC man and Money May. Those two men are making plans for the next "big" thing and going to sleep well at night. Same folks complaining will be at the next fight party, if not hosting it at their house!