Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Married...with Food (Meal Three)

I made my very first ever shrimp and sausage gumbo! My husband came home with colossal-sized shrimp, and so much of them I had no choice but to fry, sauté, grill, bake, broil, turn them into shrimp salsa and finally gumbo! Okay, okay; I’m exaggerating about everything but the shrimp salsa, sauté, and gumbo! I payed homage to Forest’s best friend, Bubba. Surprisingly gumbo doesn’t take long, but the thing I hate most about preparing mostly all meat, especially seafood, especially shrimp, is peeling, cleaning, and de-veining them! It’s yuck! And on colossal-sized shrimp the yuck is magnified 🤢Albeit a daunting task; I did it, added all the other ingredients, browned my homemade rue, even added non-slimed okra, and it has been really, really good! My mom still wears the crown, but I come in a nice and solid second!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Power 610

I can’t stand Cooper Saxe or, Blanca Rodriguez. Leave well enough alone. And not only that; they stay coercing criminals into lying on other criminals🤦🏾‍♀️
Jamie wants out, wants better, has ALWAYS wanted better! Why can’t he have it? (I’ll leave it there) I get in the real world what goes around comes around. Eye for an eye. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. 
Tommy did choose the life that ends with nothing, so why is he upset. He and Pas bought confessed they knew Jamie didn’t kill either LaKeisha or Angela; so why still want him dead?!
What the heck was up with the shoot out scene. WHO and WHY were those people there?! Unanswered questions and people...
Good to see Two-Bit and Spanky safe in lockdown. 
I hate that Ghost offed Terry Silver. That was his mistake in this tragic circle. He should’ve let Tasha ride off with him in the sunset. Their relationship wouldn’t have lasted. Tasha doesn’t want a safe life, she wants the ridiculousness of the street life. And Silver believed in justice for bad guys. He would’ve wanted her son in jail for his actions. Speaking of Tasha- her was laid!
James wanted better, Tasha didn’t. They grew apart. He did attempt to make it work more than once but she wasn’t having it. That’s that. 
What in the world is a Sneak an Peek?! Obviously the entire point of a Peek is to find something. Why in the world would the judge even allow the feds (that office at least) to go after St. Patrick with their background and reputation with the man. After what he learned, after all the deaths of the office. That part seemed off.  
James seeing all his ghosts, speaking with his Uncle Gabe, facing all his enemies one-by-one and seemingly winning, ending relationships, giving back to his old community, making his father proud, seemingly convincing Tariq to do the right thing...all were redemption acts for the life he lived (in my opinion). 
Ghost! As bad of a guy as he is. He wouldn’t be at my house for Christmas. I STILL wanted him to WIN! To be lieutenant governor and take Albany! It’s too much like a happy ending and criminals, thugs, murderers, etc usually don’t get happy endings!