Sunday, May 30, 2010

~Dating Etiquette 101~

It really doesn't matter if it's the first date or the 100 hundreth date.  It doesn't matter if it's a group date or just you and the are some rules that I've come up with in order to help you be alittle more engaging and p.c. in your date life-

Rule number 1- Be punctual
~No one wants to be waiting idle for you.  It's polite to be ready, or be on time for the pick up!  It gives the impression that you don't care if you're late.  It's also thoughtless.  If you know you're running first, and SOON!

Rule number 2- Put the cell phone AWAY! 
~You're on a date and it's extremely rude to all parties involved if you're phone is ringing or buzzing every 5 minutes, if you're answering the phone, leaving every second to answer the phone, texting, checking emails, or playing games on your phone instead of participating in your date.  You just flat out suck!  Of course the only reasonable exclusion would be emergencies; but trust...unless you're President Obama and there is a nuclear bomb about to destroy the world as we know it, I'm sure it can be handled in a timely and polite manner.

Rule number 3- MEN: Be chivalrous, LADY: Let him!
~Have manners and allow a person to have manners and respect for you.  Nothing more attractive than seeing a lady and a gentleman together.

Rule number 4- Look into their eyes
~There's nothing worse than someone that can't look into your eyes when they speak.  It's like you have something to hide or you're really not into the date.  Don't act distracted or bored.

Rule number 5- (my personal pet peeve) No pretention
You're not a used car sales man...You're not selling yourself to the date!  Please don't wear medals, accolades, or references on your chest.  The Great you will indeed shine through, especially if you're pure and real!

*I can only handle 5 today!  More another time*
Happy Courting~

Sex and the City 2

Most Fashionable- Samantha
Best Make-Over- Miranda
Best Story line- Charlotte/Carrie
Story most like my own- Carrie
Best Looking- Charlotte

Loved the fashions, loved the shoes!  What's there not to love!

**Random Rant** This Is It!

You must really NEED to be careful the words which part from your lips!!  The 'universe' i.e. God has a way of surrounding and bringing you exactly what you ask for....OR NOT!
I LOATHE liars and deceptive or misleading or manipulating people!  They are such scum of the earth...especially when there is NO detrimental need.  Meaning; your life or the lives of your family are not affected!  I was taught at a young age, "If you lie, you'll steal and if you steal; you'll kill!"  There's such TRUTH there!  Liars have the capability to steal and kill dreams, goals, self-esteem, worth, joy, life.  All the above!  Don't believe me; Satan is the father of lies and deception; and we know what he's capable of!  He took a third of the Angels with him for goodness sake!!
Why lie people?! 
Is it so hard to be honest, upfront and an open book!!!  Who is it going to hurt to be truthful and honest and forthright???
I have come to the conclusion that liars lie.  That's what they do!  That's what they'll always do! And the sad part is; they do it just cuz they want to.  They know the consequences of their actions and behavior yet, they do it anyway.  There is no reason for me to indulge in this rant anymore because it's just the WAYS of this world.  I will just stop "inviting" them into my life by speaking, writing or uttering my faithful phrases as- "I can't stand a liar."  This is it people, it's a done deal!

Khrystian Nichole

And to any liars reading this- Get it's not that serious. REALLY!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brand Mania

So I'm now guitly of joining this brand mania...where no one really cares who you are, but you still self-import yourselves into peoples life.  I have created a website.  Different than my blog, however one in the same.  It began with my fascination of maintaining my unique or so-I-thought name; Khrystian Nichole. 
When I was younger, I hated my name...Khrystian.  To me when someone called it, it sounded as if it should have been a boys name.  It, to me, at the time didn't sound feminine enough.   Andboy was I girly!  Everyone else's name was Crystal, Crissy, Christy, Christina.  Then came the "K" spellings of those same names. 
I could never find my name as an "example", or in the key chain kiosk.  So, I would feel bad.  But alas, I grew into my name...and loved it!  I don't really remember when it grew on me.  It may have happened around my freshman year of college!  There were just so many people that  a would say my name, and say my name well...that I loved hearing it.  They would give me nicknames to go with my name...and it was fabulous! 
Then I began seeing I wasn't the only K. Nichole (however differently spelled)  It was brought to my attention that there were more. (I know it's not some conspiracy...or maybe) 
Many people think I have a nice name.  Unique.  When I sign up at the bank, when I sign my name or introduce myself.  But now; with the inventions of myspace, facebook, yahoo, twitter, and the like; my name isn't all that unusal or unique!  But it IS! Darn it!  I intend to keep it that way...or at least claim it LMAO!  Okay enough...any who, yes...I have website and I know exactly what I'll do with it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Officially Me!

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is one of the most exclusive and rapidly growing associations of female executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the United States. We span almost every industry, including health and medicine, education, advertising and public relations, manufacturing, publishing, communications, entertainment, law, and more.  I now I'm pleased to be a member as of
April 2010.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood

"Men in Tights"  -Oh wait...sorry wrong review!  This is supposed to be the review of Russell Crowe's 2010 Robin Hood!  Here it goes-
It was decent.  Once (at the end) I realized it wasn't the story of Robin Hood, as I, and by "I"; I mean my era knows it, but the story before Robin Hood!  How the character came to be the hooded skilled archer theif outlaw that robs the rich to give to the poor.  It was pretty long too.  Or maybe I was just bored.  I never leave movies if I don't have to and I left out twice.  Once to get a drink, just cause I wanted to and the second to actually leave the theater and pick up my car after it was finished being serviced.  But guess what?!  I never missed a beat!  Leaving out didn't cause me to miss any part of the story line...tell you anything?  All in all, go and see it.  There were two of us that entered the movie:  One loved it and never left the seat.  The other...well you know the story by now!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Man 2

I will preface this entry by saying: 
I am utterly and irrevocabally infatuated with Robert Downey, Jr.  As an entertainer, performer, actor, comedian, artist, and philanthropist.  The man has to me; such talent, charisma, wit, charm and undeniable come-back capabilities that it astonishes me!  He has gone from shining brightly as a rising star to the gutters and trenches and back again...many times over, I have to say.  But with each downfall and rising, with each scandal and praise; he always returns to the screen and, like a proud moma; I'm excited to see what he'll do, how he'll play the part.  He always seems to excell, endure and triumph over each monkey that grips his back.  I applaud his work, his skill and his ability to seemingly overcome adversity!

Okay, with all that being said, I will get to Iron Man 2!
I loved it! I was entertained and excited.  I wish I could have worked on the set, just because I know they that had too much fun filiming.  I loved the two villians, I loved Scarlett's (totally not even close to real) stunts and kick-ass fighting skills!  Don Cheadle...the man is great and adds a'lil something-something to every part I've ever seen him play.  Gywneth was endearing; although, I still think they teased you on the trailer and then left "something" off; but you'll see for yourself....whatever!  I liked it.  Maybe I'm just a fan of The Jr. and anything he's in, I just like...but not true.  Well...not all the way true.  LOL!  Judge for yourself...I won't do any spoilers for least I don't think I did! 
Enjoy your night at the movies!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CPE Hip-Hop Class!

I was excited for the first class that Crowd Pleasers Entertainment officially offered!!  I worked really hard on everything leading to the class on my own-from setting up and designing the website site, advertising and passing out flyers to choreographing and teaching the routine.  However, thank God for family and friends that extend helping hands!
I stayed up the night before the class until 3am and then turned around and woke up at 7am!  My brother offered to help me and take the class, and so did my mom (she didn't take the class, she just helped)!  They woke up early with me and we were off to the Mall of the Mainland.  Together along with another cousin of mine we; straightened up the room, hung my banner and setup the music! The students that attended the class were great!  They loved the class, ,caught on quite well...and I was glad some parents stayed to help cheer them on as they worked hard to learn the  moves!
Side-notes for next time: 
~Make sure the mall has the AC on and kicking plenty of hours before I arrive!
~Teach my brother the routine way ahead of time so he can assist and make the younger boys feel comfortable.
~Bring windex to clean the glass mirrors-no smudges
~Bring a towel
~Have a seperate photographers
~Place a dance bio of myself in a frame

At 11:59 when I finally left, I was totally exhausted and crashed in my bed!

All in all the day went well!  Ahem...just so said others know; it was advertised as an INTRODUCTORY dance  there was NO advanced class later, and NO advanced movement taught.  If there would have been any advance anything...I wouldn't have just charged $10!  READ!  We gots to do better! LOL

Thanks for all my participants!!  Please check the website, facebook or follow us on twitter@ crowd_pleasers for updates and Specials!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Perverbial Rebound

Also known as wait-listed, benchwarmers...they just didn't make the cut, and rather than dismiss hang on to them, straddle them along for the ride and inevitably you'll "like" them one day.  They are saved like some get-out-of-jail-free card!  The wildcard!  You may not be guilty, but you know someone that is guilty of doing this...hell you may even be on the sidelines as we speak! 
The rebound usually is the one that really likes you too.  They're impressed by you. They probably want nothing more than to be your main squeeze.  They answer when you call, and if not, quickly return the call.  They'll do anything in the world to spend just alittle time with you, that's why it's all too easy to get ahold of them when you're lonely, bored or just down right broken-hearted from the relationship lull you're in. 
However, to be quite honest; they can't do NOTHING right!  You critique them on everything they do; from the way the chew to the way they attempt to hold your hand!  Normally, you wouldn't have anything to complain about, but since it's the perverbial can't stand anything they do or say.  You always find something wrong with them to discuss with your one friend that always asks about them.  It's sad too, because they're probably perfect for you, but since your so-called heart is somewhere else, they just won't do!! "Poor perverbial rebound!" (insert sad face here)
If only they could be the "one" you really want, instead of the understudy!  I think too many times "we" and I use "we" loosely, but "we" get so caught up in Mr. and Mrs. Right; you know...the real thing, "the love of our lives"; that we get set and determined on a Mr or Mrs. Right NOW.  (Thanks Friend for the idea...insert blowing kisses here).  We think we have to have a warm body, or some one of the opposite sex to make us happy, when all the while (as I state entry after entry) we need to focus on building ourselves up.  Establishing ourselves.  Engaging in what makes us smile and happy.  Unsure if you are the perverbial rebound...or if you've used someone as you're perverbial rebound?  Here's some things to take note of.  Now, this is not law.  There is no sure fire way to tell if you're a perverbial rebound.  The rules may vary from person to person, or may even fluctuate depending on your particular situation...but hmpf, this is pretty much so, what that is:

Have you ever gotten a call from someone that sounds so distraught and needs to talk?  You've dated, or er...slept together, been boyfriend/girlfriend at some point; let's just say spent some time together, but for whatever reason you're not together (at the moment) and they; either out of the blue, or sparsely call, text or email you?  Well...I hate to tell you, but you are the rebound.  They need a voice, a warm body, a comfortable screw to get them through whatever it is their feeling.  Did you notice that soon after, you don't hear from them?  Usually the reason you don't hear from them is because they've gotten their need fulfilled. They've gotten their fix. As my momma say, "they've gotten their rocks off!" LOL! So you sit and wonder why you can't have them to yourself or all the time or be exclusive and I'll tell you it's because you're the perverbial rebound.

Do you talk to the so-called "one" only every now and again; and sometimes it's few and far between?!  When you talk to's like they're rushing to get ALL their feelings in.  I call it making up for lost time.(insert side-eye)  They're either fishing to see if you've got someone, pressing the issue of why ya'll aren't together, or in an intense rush to see you or spend "quality" time with you(?)  Do you find yourself totally into them, and you think the feelings are mutual; yet when it comes time to have "the talk" you find yourself bewildered and not able to "read" their feelings?!
 Don't get it twisted or get your feelings hurt...but I'm here to tell you-You ARE the perverbial rebound!
Okay, some of us may be in maybe they call a couple or even a few days after, but STILL (as much as you don't want to hear it) you're the rebound...or perhaps you're guilty of doing this.
If it happens more often than not...sorry, but you have now turned into the perverbial rebound.  Always there ready and willing.  Because let's face it:  You're really into them. You still think there's a fighting chance even though they've been in another serious relationship for over a year.  Their married, but still calling , so the one they with must be over there doing something wrong.  NO just look real weak and stupid! (I'll mos def have to blog on these people of the world that think it's "cool" to date married folks! Or be the "other lover"!)

Any who.  Long story short; there's nothing nice or sweet about having a perverbial rebound or being the perverbial rebound.  Just like the title, someone's BOUND to get hurt!  So watch yourself out here.  Be smart in love and war...cause everything's fair!  You have to know how to distinguish between playing, getting played, reffing or just saying, to heck with all that...I'm more than a rebound!  I'm grown and I don't play games!

Khrystian Nichole
"Know you're position in the game."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

~Happy Mother's Day~

~And especially to my mommy on her special day!  I LOVE you!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Mean Green!

Well, well-I went to two banquets in the past two days! 
The First:  Appetizers; they were pretty great!  Especially the stuffed mushrooms.  Stuffed with crab meat!  No alcohol.  Well it was a Thursday too...and on the campus of the junior high school.  I mixed and mingled with old colleagees from my old school and chatted with my newer colleagues from the new school I work at!  Dinner; was chicken cordion bleu (not too tasty...I'm just possibly not a fan of chicken wrapped in ham), cheesey potatoes and green beans  It was provided courtetousy of The Colliseuem.  I sat with my assistant principal, whom I've partied several times with, and we chatted about the toils and extremeties of the job.  She suggested I go into Education Adninistration, because she feels I have the temperant for it.  I told her I had applied to get my Master's in Special Education and Diagnostician.  The ceremony was nice in itself, over 345 years worth of 5 year teachers were present (for those that didn't read the previous blog:  I'm a five year teacher.)  This banquet took the time to honor those in service of increments of five years and any retirees!  I recieved a nifty pen, certificate and gift card to Dilliards! Dessert; consisted of yummy assortments!  I was stuffed!
Door prizes: none for me!

The second:  I decided my mom would be the perfect date!  She loves me, put me through school, and has guided me through out my life; she would love to see her hard-work exemplified! (and hey, it is Mother's Day weekend!) Appetizers; This event wasn't sponsored by the school district, but by the city of Dickinson Education Foundation, so it was at the South Shore Harbour Resort Hotel Ballroom.  Alcohol was present, although I didn't partake.  I'll just say others did, and I was told by said others that, " need a little something at these things.  Take it from me, I've attended many, many over the years." (funny) Actually there were no appetizers, only salad, bread and tea...and since I was starving out of my mind, I ate while others mingled and bid on silent auction items!  Dinner was served; it was chicken covered with cheese, and a vegetable medley.  The dessert was a chocolate mousse something or another. It was delicious!  The ceremony honored the top 20 graduated students and the teachers, whom they love, grant award winners, staff scholarship recipents and teachers of the year!  No, unfortunately I was not named the teacher of the year; however, why was I there you ask? 
BECAUSE I WON A $1000.00 SCHOLARSHIP  for ANY professional development or continuing education program I decide! 
They didn't just call my name and I walk to the stage to be presented with an award...they actually did all the bells and whistles (literally) LOL!  A group of women came out with pom poms, and flags, and horns, and whistles, cameras flashing, and then on top of ALL that; presented me with this huge check (literally) see the pic! LOL!

It was AMAZING!  A fulfilling moment, a surprising moment and it inspires me more than ever to continue going after my GOALS!!!  At the end of the night everyone was coming up to me congratulating, and offering advice, and email addresses, and more Mean Green...which I am gladly taking ALL of the above!  One veteran has inspired me to continue on and receive a PH.D!  So, I will!  She highly recommended it!
From now on, I may stop saying WWDD (what would diddy do) and say; "WWKD!" (what would Khrystian do)  But for now...I'll keep after Diddy!  He's on fire! LOL!

I leave you with this message, of course; Don't let anybody tell you, or discourage you from going after what you desire in life!  When things look ALL wrong, it's actually ALL RIGHT!  God doesn't take us through storms and troubles for them to last always and never bring us out!  There is always some sunshine after the rain.  Just be positive, man!  And if it gets hard being positive, be around positive people!  And when you run out of positive people, start making positive MOVES in the RIGHT direction!!  I'm speaking strictly from experience!  Tested, tried and true!  I wouldn't advise you to do nothing I ain't done! 

XOXO always and forever,
~Khrystian Nichole (Teacher, Blogger, Business Owner, Creative Director, Choreographer, Dance Instructor, Web designer ;) lol, and soon-to-be PH.D)  Look out World! I'm trying to UP-GRADE you! ;)