Monday, October 11, 2010

Jerry Wayne Brown-Jackson

My Uncle Jerry is in a better place now, so, I won't mourn the loss of his fun-loving spirit; I'll celebrate his LIFE instead.  God saw fit to share him with us; his infectious laughter, his sharp-tongue, and larger than life heart.  He fought a Good fight until his last breath, surrounded by loved one's until the very end just the way he wanted it!  I wouldn't change not one moment I've shared with him, and especially not the last hours I spent with him in THIS life.  To his friends, thank you for ALL you have done to support my Uncle, whether it was a silent thought, a fond memory, a quick chuckle, a visit to the hospital or an uplifting prayer, he was truly loved by everyone that met him!
Ganny's head can be held up high, as she was highly blessed to witness his alpha and omega, his first breath and his last!  Your job is done, as he was a respectful man that believed in God and never departed from your teaching.  Mommy and Uncle Tony, you have to continue to have the courage to be strong as his siblings and the future of our family.  You already know he would be all up in you arse (as he would say) if you were actin' ignant (smile)!  Kisha, Alana and Duncan; blood is thicker than water, I love you more than anything and I'm always here no matter the distance or the time!  Know that you don't ever have to feel alone or be in need!  I would do anything to protect and support my family!  God's will is done and we walk by faith and not by sight, because of that; we know my Uncle Jerry is amongst the angels (up in the middle telling jokes being the "life of the party", no doubt)  No matter what I know he's FINALLY resting in eternal peace!  pictured below with our cousin Michelle -Thanksgiving, 2008

November 5, 1949-October 7, 2010