Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Online versus Library versus Book Store

The debate, with myself of course, being should I continue to purchase Ebooks and read them off my phone's Kindle app, or should I borrow from the library when available or buy from the book store!
Anyone that knows me, knows I'm an avid reader! I love, love, love to read! If you've been keeping up with this blog you also know this. It's no secret...I do! Most times I'll finish a book in a day, interruptions included, especially if I enjoy it! Yes! I'm a Book Worm and I wear it proudly! 
As economical as Ebooks can be, because let's face it...sometimes I get them for free or for a penny and if you know me...you know I love, love, love a good bargain; I still feel the need to increase my shelf of books! Then u think, being apart of a book club, what if I loathe the book after reading it and now I've purchased it? But, alas, I've figured it out: if the book is not free or on sale through Ebooks, I'll borrow from the library. If I enjoy the book; I'll buy it. Same basic principle for a book I don't particularly care for. I'll still purchase it...then just either sell it or give it away! Hey! One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?! 
*Yea, I wrote this because you care. Lol*

The Silly Side

You'd be surprised, as you're getting to know someone, just how "silly" they could be!
That is not meant to be a derogatory statement at all. I understand that in logical dictionary terms the word, "silly" is deemed as having a lack of common sense...however; I'm using this word as a term of endearment seen only by close individuals to a person whereby you wouldn't normally see these characteristics. This is not "them" in a professional setting. This is not "them" even in a large group of friends or associates. Sometimes, it's not even them with extended or close family. 
This "silly" side is meant: at a certain point in a relationship with another person you begin to see a side of them that not everybody sees! It's exclusive! VIP's permitted only! It's not meant for everyone! It's an intimate moment when guards are down, masks are removed, the armor is off, there are no aires, the unveiling....the REAL DEAL HOLLIFIELD.
It's beautiful (if you're sentimental, anyway) because it's an extremely vulnerable place when you are your naked self! You become wide open for judgement, but again, not everyone sees it....so it makes it that much more special! Letting go and being YOU, with your imperfect self is...fabulous! Sharing that with someone feels...magical! (again...if you're sentimental)
If someone has shared their "silly" side with you, be honored. It's not planned. So many times we, just in human nature, are striving to be who we imagine ourselves being, rather than just being who we truly are without fictionalizing a character. Make sense? Fake it 'till you make it! Meaning...when meeting and maintaining relationships nine times out of ten someone isn't always their authentic selves. 
Why would you be?! They may not like the "real" you! It may be too much to take in! You may be offensive! They may not take you seriously! You might be rejected! 
So, in order to deny any rejection or even give-way to the clue we're not all we say at this moment, however, we're working on it; we put up facades. We "look" and "act" the part. Not fully understanding that in our vulnerable, and most imperfect moments there's a beauty that's incomparable! 
It's that "silly" moment when a person feels comfortable enough around you to be comfortable in their own skin. The moments you are a REAL person with quirky traits, habits, and idioms! Sharing your "silly" side, should indeed be limited editions. It's not for everybody...
That's not you? Oh. You still don't get what I'm saying?! You're your "naked" self at all times? Oh. What you see is what you get? Oh, okay. My bad then! Carry on. Lol


Rule of Thumb

Don't make promises you can't deliver or have no intention of delivering. I was raised in a home where we were taught: your word is your bond! 
So if you say it mean it! Practice, not only saying what's right, but; doing what's right! Integrity is important. When all material possessions are taken away, and all the "things" you worked toward or built are destroyed the one and only thing you have left is your word...your word and your faith! No one, not one person can strip you of that! 
Ironically, and so beautifully prophetic is the immutable fact that Jesus is the Word! So in essence you're not only keeping the "words" that come from your mouth, you're also keeping Jesus with you at all times! 
Isn't that amazing?! That's cause for a praise break, right?!
On the realistic side...if you're not keeping your word, if you have no real meaning or truth behind your words, if you deny your words after they're spoken, if you don't maintain your words...you are not keeping Jesus!
At the start of this blog I had no idea that revelation was going to be written, and definitely not spoken! Interesting...the power of words...

*Aside* I just love the phrase "immutable fact" ever since Angela Bassett said it on the film Jumping the Broom! If you hadn't seen it yet...you're late...Lol!


Take a Page Out This Book

How are you a nail tech and underneath your fingernails are dirty?
How do you style hair, and your hair stays raggedy?
How are you in fashion, owning a boutique, and you're not fashionable?!
How do you advocate and sell health and wellness when you, yourself, are not healthy or well?! 

Take a page from Corporate America, Small Business Owners and contract workers! When you work for companies you are required to wear AND sell their brand, right?! So why wouldn't you use that same, exact, initiative when you work for yourself! Who better to advertise and brand your ideas, your gifts, your talents than yourself?! 

One Man's Trash is Another's TREASURE

Don't be down in the dumps! So what you didn't get that one job you thought you were perfect for! So what you felt rejected time in and time out by others! So what, so what, so what to the countless other things you have running through your mind that signifies feeings of brokenness, disturbance, or stenches of funk you still have lingering around! Dust yourself off! Clean yourself up! Wash all the mundane nonsense from yourself! 

Fact of the matter is: Everythang Ain't for Everybody! (Yes, it's bad grammar, but it's great philosophy!) 

Just because you didn't get the job you "thought" was perfect for you doesn't mean the "good and perfect" career is not coming your way! Just because that seemingly beautiful relationship ended, doesn't mean your "good and perfect" for you-relationship isn't around the corner! Just because you lost your mind, man and money doesn't mean it's the end of the world! Lol! Ok...that's alittle tragic...but you get the picture!
The point is life will sometimes deal you a card you're just not expecting...just don't ACCEPT it! Make it do what it do, Baby (in the famous words of Ray Charles!) It takes time, heat and pressure to create fossil fuels- an invaluable natural resource  that we use up by the second! (Ok! That's the fifth grade science teacher coming out of me...but it's logical and conducive to what I'm saying lol) 
You are invaluable! You are a natural resource! God made you! Your value increases throughout your lifetime! The heat and pressure allows you to shine brighter than any diamond! Value yourself and your worth before allowing someone else to stamp a clearance tag on you! 
They don't want you...their loss...you are of value! Imagine where Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Vanessa Williams, Michael Jordan, and our very own President of the United States, President Obama would be, had they taken in to their spirit the fact that they were discounted as trash! Really?! Listen...this world owes you nothing! Not anything! So what! Keep it moving! One man's trash is another man's treasure and I'm just simply telling you there's a message in the mess! Don't take for granted something covered, that you're too lazy to uncover, and miss your treasure!

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Relationship Rule:

You and your Significant Other should ENJOY each other! Spending time together, getting to know each other. If, when you make plans together, you feel like you're doing a chore...move around! Time won't make it any better! 
Word to the wise...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Resurrection

Just when you feel a situation is dead...and even sometimes buried...the resurrection happens! A renewing of your mind, an awakening of your heart, a refreshed attitude, an adamant desire for revival! The dead situation I'm speaking of could be ANYTHING that's dead-end: job, relationship, health, family, finances, you name it! 
The honest to goodness truth is that this unproductive or dead situation within your life can and will come often and without warning. Keep hanging on! The elder-folk used to say, "Just keep on living..." That phrase is all too often an omen of certainty! If you have yet to experience a dead situation...just keep on living! But, on a more positive and uplifting note...If you are in a dead situation right now, feeling at your witt's end, broke, busted, and disgusted...just keep on living!!
Because just as Christ was resurrected, although He miraculously did it in three days, there's hope in knowing our resurrection is indeed coming as well! We may not know the day or hour, but we know that as long as there is breath in our bodies and we keep waking up to a new day; there will be NEW, different opportunities! What a difference a day makes?! 
That dead situation you're going through is just REST for your mind, body and soul! So rest in PEACE! Rest in comfort knowing that no matter how detrimental or tragic the situation may seem; God is still in control! Glorify Him through it all! RIP that dead situation because sooner than later the RESURRECTION will occur! Just remember; the night is darkest just before the dawn! 
In the words of Max Lucado on twitter: Next time you're disappointed, don't panic. Don't give up. Don't run away. Be patient and let God remind you He's still in control!
Happy Personal Resurrection day to YOU,

*Inspired by this life I live and I'm loving my resurrection*

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Single Girl Gem #86

So many times you may find yourself out with a Lame, or just someone that you find yourself disinterested in and it almost always happens DURING the date. Couldn't be before, right?! That's too much like RIGHT!  
You may have begun the night with great expectancy, but let's face it; sometimes a guy will say something, do something or just plain old turn you all the way OFF! A way to politely "rid" yourself of their petty advances->
Guy: When's the last time you were held (insert any verb here)?
Doll: Last night

Lol! Trips them up every time! They don't know what to say next! Of course you probably weren't even with someone the night before...but if you're disinterested in the said person, and they say something disengaging; that's a great comeback/response to "end the night" sooner than later. 
Your welcome

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Words Than None

Take away RACE in America and just focus on HUMANITY! A man serves time for killing dogs in his yard. Another man actually takes a human life by following, persuing, attacking, and then not being able to handle his bluff; kills a child and is found NOT guilty! A human life can be TAKEN and there is no accountability!! I would be appalled, if I didn't know what country I lived in and what dark powers and principalities ruled this world!
Let's be crystal clear: this verdict does not mean he did not commit murder, it simply means this jury did not convict him! As difficult as it is, we should not forget that God does NOT sleep!  Just as other defendants found not guilty of murder have paid the penalties for their crime, this heinous crime will not go unpunished either.
A conversation needs to be had about race relations because whether you understand it or not; racism and predjudice has never NOT been a factor in America, it doesn't matter that it's 2013! 
This only furthers my divine purpose to fight for social justice within and through the classroom where I teach young, impressionable preteens of all races.  I teach Trayvon Martins. I teach George Zimmermans. 
The question is: You're mad now. You're upset in this moment. Imagining being apart of the Martin family and placing yourselves in their shoes...but what are YOU going to do! Posting black screens in support is not enough. Going on social media rants is not enough. Looking upside someone's head is not enough! Be angry enough to turn that rage into work. Teach, educate, Do better. Be an example. Hold conversations. VOTE! Use your voice and be heard!! Love one another. It won't happen overnight at all...but one small step is all it takes towards progression! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Single Girl Gem~ Khrystian Tid-Bit Edition #88

When you can't see past what you want, you don't receive what you're WORTH! 
You have to make them WORK for it!  


Isn't it amazing how music, a single song, can place you right back to the setting you were in when you first heard the song? Not only the setting, but that exact moment, emotion and even sometimes conversation you had! Powerful! 
Music brings it back! It takes you there. Doesn't matter if it was a good memory, great memory, bad memory, or sad memory...hearing the music...that song places you in that moment all over again! 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just a Lame Excuse!

"I don't want to get married!" 
That's usually just a lame excuse to curb the pain, frustration, and/or utter disdain for a pathetic situation you've found your self in! Especially when your Significant Other, or anyone else you've been dating, has not proven to be 'marriage material'! 
So...what do you do?! You sike yourself out! You attempt to fool yourself and anyone else that'll listen!
"I don't think marriage is for me!"
"I'm loving my life now, I don't want to get married and change everything!"

Oh...but when you have that ONE! ...the line does change! Remember every ending is just the start of a new beginning! 

Good luck in Love,