Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Butler

Reminiscent of a Forest Gump type of film, in my opinion, where blocks of history are broken down and given a first-hand account through the eyes of a character! Let's be clear! I'm not, in any way, taking away from Forest Gump, or minimizing the originality of either film. 
The Butler will hold significance or a special place for each person independently. Some will view it as a love story. Others will see it as a dynamic father-son relationship story. A few will view it as a story of one mans struggle to find himself in a world where he's not accepted for himself, regardless of what he does or whom he knows. For some it will serve as a catalyst to showcase the overall plight of a black man beginning from nothing, but obedience, and a will to have better. Someone may say it highlights the Black family through significant life points and conflict. Another person may say it tells the story of the inside entities of the White House. A group of people may say it's highlighting another form of, the Help, a meaningful profession and important role in our United States history.
Whichever story line you recognize as prominent makes no'll understand that this film encompasses all elements of a great historical film. It affirms nobility, hard work, passion, conviction, and love.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and take from it, an enlightenment, or cognizance, of both education reference as well as entertainment. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grown-Ups 2

Waste of film reel! Just because you have a budget to make a film does not necessarily mean it needs to be done! 
This movie was crass and down-right gross! Adam Sandler should've left well enough alone with the first one! Not everything needs a sequel! And the saddest part is...the films that need sequels hardly, if ever, get them! 
A total waste of my time! Literally! I wanted to leave the theater!


I found the film to be rather subpar! No offense to you die-hard Wolverine fans, but I'm quite certain you'll agree the film didn't live up to it's predecessors! 
I went all in expecting something...let's just say...different! 
I'd say they should've waited or not made it at all...because with all the other comic strip films out there; this film just really went to the bottom of the barrel...okay maybe not the rank bottom, but pretty low! After the film was over uou felt like you had an itch that you just couldn't scratch! Sorry Hugh, it was just okay. I'd probably watch it again...if nothing else is on and I'm bored channel surfing.

White House Down

Jamie Fox never disappoints
Channing Tatum, well...he gets my vote

The movie was great and can't wait to buy it from Fry's when it comes out! Go support those great men!

The Conjuring

It's no secret I'm a fan of Vera Farmiga! I first fell in love with her performance in Nothing But the Truth (check it out if you haven't seen it) but since then, I've attempted to view the films she been associated with or at the very least starred in. (ok, ok...not really! Lol! Hey, I do what I can when I can do it)
In wanting to see the Conjuring, it was primarily simply because it was the newest scary movie, or thriller, released. I actually hadn't any idea she was apart of the film so I was pleasantly surprised when she appeared on screen. I knew then, I wouldn't be too disappointed in the film! 
Suffice to say; I wasn't let down as far as jumping thrills and anticipation are concerned. My one critique is that the end was rather vague. The entire story centered around demonic spirits, possessions, and infestations but when the climax of the film came and it was proverbially the "conjuring", I felt the exorcism was cut like a short roller coaster...a few high drops, maybe three and then the end we're coasting back into the station, if that makes sense. 
My favorite- and by favorite, I mean most terrifying scary "exorcism" movie I'd suggest is the Exorcism of Emily Rose! I still won't watch it again! No realistically scary! Not to take much away from the Conjuring, but it was no Emily Rose! 
Who knows if it's a true story....of course demonic spirits and possessions do take place, but who knows if these accounts are actually true. 
All in all I'd give the film three out of five stars. If you've seen it; let me know what you think. 

Wants, Needs, Expectations

Have you ever been asked, straight-up, what it is you want, need, and expect from your significant other when you first began dating?
It could be a daunting question, seeing as how it's a three-part question, but the response could be even more daunting, right?! Or not!
Some of us know exactly what we want, others of us don't. Majority of us don't realize what we want until it's too late, or the opportunity is no longer there. Then there are others of us whom have known what we wanted, needed and expected since we got out the womb! 
I suggest you take a moment and consider or REconsider exactly what it is you want, need and expect out of your relationships! But also, take it a step further; and figure out what you want, need and expect out of life! What is it you want, need, and expect for your day to day regiment in order to get your goals?
Actually create the list, the guidelines, put it on paper, if you need to! This provides focus! Focus is the key to getting anything you want, right? Once you have focus, the vision is clear, the goal is attainable!
Same thing for the relationship: Once you have focus on your wants, needs and expectations in your relationship; the vision and direction of your relationship is set. There is no miscommunication or confusion on what you BOTH see. The gps is set and it's up to the both of you whether or not you're willing to spend the money on gas, upkeep, and maintenance. Are you willing to go those miles? Are you going to take the same route, or does one desire to take short-cuts and dead-end roads? If you can travel that same road the goal is most certainly attainable and you're on your way to your destination!
Problem lies when you hear or set the wants, needs, and expectations without being genuine. Masking what you really want. 
Save time! 
Save heartache! 
Be authentic! 
Mean what you say, and say what you mean!

Good dating!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Today my Ganny would be 80 years old! I still remember the wretched phone call I got letting me know she left this place as if it were today! Every day since then seems as if I'm coasting through a weird dream that I can't wake up from. It's one of the worst feelings I've ever felt in my life! Have you ever felt that way? Sort of like you're not in control of your thoughts or actions. Sort of like you're actually watching your day play out, as if you're watching television. Sort of like at any moment you'll hear a loud, obnoxious alarm clock'll wake and be relieved it was all a dream!'s not a dream! But it sure feels like it...

Well today, I still have to press on and party like she's here! Ganny was a true Leo, lioness that LOVED celebrating her birthday! She actually celebrated all month (that's probably where I got it) 
Happy Birthday Ganny!!!!!!!!! 
She was definitely a Diva! She definitely loved living the life she lived! And I'll definitely honor her TODAY! 
Opening Curtain August 5, 1933- Closing Curtain April 18, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2 Guns

Forget that Denzel and Paula Patton are back on the big screen together if that was ever your reason for going to see it!
Forget that Denzel is back on screen period...if that's your reason for seeing it!
Forget that Mark Walhberg, Markie Mark (ya; I'm biased) is an added bonus if that was your reason for going to see it!
Forget that it's an action flick surrounding Wild Wild West gun downs if that was your reason for going to see it!

This film was raw, wildly comedic in timing, and breathtakingly fresh and witty! It wasn't your average "Bang, bang, shoot 'em up" film! Yes, duh! The film is called 2 guns, but the writers added a flair, I think, that suggested another caliber of your gun-toting bad guy-good guy film! 

I don't want to give anything away so I'll leave it at: 2 Guns gets 2 Thumbs....
Way Up!