Friday, January 29, 2010

The Meet

Meeting and greeting can be a very tedious, intricate and down right disappointing thing. Being a single woman in the millenium has its hardships and challenges. It also has its rewards and privaleges. I've found that-what you put into it is most definitely what you'll get out of it.
Many of us (women); we don't know where to begin. It seems that everywhere you may go, those around you are boo'ed up! You begin to question where the single and let's not forget available men are! You even feel as though they don't exist anymore! Single men have become extinct like the fall of Rome!
I've been asked many times over; where are great places to meet guys?! Truth is there is no absolute 100% correct answer to that question! Sorry ladies! It's like asking me: where the perfect man is.? He doesn't exist. And neither does the perfect place to meet men! However, there is a silver lining to that statement. There are, as always; many tried, tested and true places that could be as lucky for you as they have been for me! Here's my list:
#1. WHERE-
Mutual friends parties
WHY-This includes, but is not limited to; dinners, receptions, and house parties. The friend of the both of you can give helpful and useful incite on the gentlmen caller you're interested in. More than likely, if it's a true friend; they won't set you up for failure. You'll aready know if they're available light is on, you definitely don't have to guess.
HOW-Ask the mutual friend to introduce the two of you. If they're a good friend, they've already got it in the works. They've pumped you up, created a supply and demand and now all you have to do is deliver!!

#2 Least unexpected places
WHY- This includes grocery stores, gas stations, the mall and EVEN at a red light (tested, tried and true LOL) It's refreshingly surprising and you're guards are down. You're more than likely to come across as being yourself and natural. Nothing is rehearsed and prepped! This is the atmosphere, believe it or not, that you are seen as the woman handling herself independently. Think about it! You're alone (independent), running your errands (taking care of business) and you probably have a serious face on (I'm in charge of my life. I got it together.)
HOW-Isn't it obvious?! Just go about your daily business, living your life and concentrating on what's important....YOU! Once that's done...HE'LL come! (and when you least expect him)
The saying goes...Love finds you when you're not looking for it...or maybe I just made that up LOL

#3 Happy Hours
WHY- It's a fun time of day! Everyone's there (hopefully) from at least he has a JOB! It's an open forum of conversation, especially for those of us that are handicapped in the communications department. You can go in a group, with a friend, or alone! It won't matter, because everyone is there to unwind from the work day and relax. There is no customary reasoning behind going to a happy hour; so if you meet be it!
HOW- Go after work. Sit at the bar! Order a drink! Someone will talk to you...even if it's just the bartender LOL! The trick here is to look inviting. If you're uncomfortable in your own skin...everybody else knows it. It's like a wolf sniffing out the sheep. So be calm, relax, drink and enjoy your evening. Don't get too tipsy! It'll cloud you're judgement. And you must keep a look out for the fanthom wedding ring remover! He lurks in the darkness, just waiting to tell the HOT lie that he's single! NOPE!!! NOT!!!

#4 Go back to school
WHY- There's nothing hotter than an educated mate. It speaks volumes. Enough said!
HOW- Study groups are already essential. Why not study with a nice peice of eye-candy. Don't forget the carpool. LOL! Ask a question after class...of HIM! Share the class book. There's already a peice of property to share SMH! On your breaks and in between classes, the two of you could grab a coke and a smile! Latte anyone?! No not you Priscilla (fictious friend that attempts to tag along) I got this!

#5 Poetry Night
WHY- You share a passion for the arts. There is always good dialogue in between acts. There's music as well to dance to with him and you have to be quiet when poets are up, so there's the prime time to get your sexy, quiet whisper voice on.
HOW- Get up and go! They happen all over the city. Look in the paper, visit websites, find a location near you that hosts poetry nights. Especially amatuer poetry nights. The next poet that goes on stage just may be seducing you through the mic! Call it inspiration...or NOT

Those are enough for now! I have more...but I can't give it all to you now!
Happy Meeting! Go out, be approachable, saavy, smart, laugh, live and enjoy love coming to you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

50 Never Looked So Good!

Guess who's 50?!!! She makes it look effortless! She makes it look stunning! She's classy. She's gorgeous! She's fabulous! She's definitely FIERCE! She's my MOTHER!! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Man Down!!

Around the turn of my 27th birthday I decided I had partied enough for 10 other college co-eds. The club scene had gotten REALLY old and monatanous to me. I couldn't bare another night of hearing the same music, seeing the same faces, dancing to the same pattern of songs, being hit on by the same lame guys and getting my feet stepped on! Don't get me wrong; I had been going to different clubs and I had been hypothetically seeing different people; but I have to say, the night may have changed, but it was still the same old thang!
I had gotten into a phase where I only relied on one particular club to hang at...Wednesday, Friday and sometimes Saturday! It was/still is my favorite spot. I knew all the ins and outs. I always had a seat, a drink and I would never tire of dancing. BUUUUUT, even that was getting way OLD!
It wasn't until a few of my high school friends and I got together for what some may call a mini reunion and went to South Beach!! I'll just say we had one doozy of a good time and leave it at that! ;)
However, during that time, one of the major things we would do was buy a section of the hot night clubs along the strip! We had a blast and there were never any unwelcomed men bumping and grinding on us like they were dogs in heat (I absolutely HATE that!). It wasn't too hot. I didn't come out smelling like smoke and my feet NEVER hurt! I made a decision then and there. That was the only way to party!
Mind you, I use to absolutely be "that girl"! The one you could always call at anytime of the day or night and ask me what was popping, the hot spot to go, where it's located, directions on how to get there, what the cover was, and what was the dress code. I knew it all. I would spit it out and even give you a mini review on exactly what you would or wouldn't like about the spot! But now
I couldn't tell you where to go on a Friday night if you paid me a million dollars (Okay! Scratch that! For a million dollars, I'll take you there personally!) But you get what I'm saying! I don't know these new up and coming trendy spots, hot clubs or bars... Trust me-I don't care either! My previous comments still stand.
Now a days; give me a good movie to watch, a nice glass of wine or one of my favorite cocktails from home and I'm great! Where I use to get to a club early to beat a line and make it for drink specials; then stay until the lights come on. Now, I still get there early, but I'm ready to go by 11! I'd rather be in the bed or at least, at home! I rarely feel like dressing up! It's either too hot or too cold. If I do go, I'm ready to go after a few songs!
Now, when I want to go out, I go to bars or resturants and hang out for their happy hours! I love trying and learning about new cocktail recipes! The little bit of a crowd and the wrestle of finding enough bar stools or a decent booth, and hounding for a good bar tender is enough of a rush for me!
And when I feel like dancing; I throw a good old-fashioned HOUSE PARTY!! You're not over-charged, you don't have to worry about parking, you can drink as much or as little as you like, no one is in heat, and your favorite song (well let's just say you can play it as many times as you like!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dating 101

Dating can be extremely tricky and there is no sure fire way to insure you're doing it right. Every book, manual, seminar or training...nothing can prepare you accurately for life! All you can do is tread lightly, listen to those that have come before you (well, those that have experience), decipher what will/could work for you and follow your very own true and honest instincts! Here are some of my personal tested, tried and true tips!

When Meeting a Guy:

1. Don't Take His number
I never take a mans telephone number. No matter how pushy or fly he approaches me. If he hands me a business card or attempts to spit his number to me; I simply explain to him that I don't take mens numbers and (if I'm interested) I give him mine. Mind you. I could care less if he uses it, calls the same night or doesn't call until the next month; I've given him my number and I keep it moving!

2. Talk
When he calls you don't shy away from the call. Make the date. Set it up. There is no rule that says you have to spend several days talking on the phone. If the two of you decide to see each other the very next day...and you're available...Go! No reason to play hard to get, he understands you have other men interested in you. Hell, he was! So it's not a surprise!

The Date
1. Chivarly is NOT dead
If he doesn't know how to open a door, hold the door, pull out your chair, walk on the outside closest to the road, take your coat, pick up the check, etc. Leave his ass alone real quick! Always make it your business to date a gentleman. He sometimes comes few and far between, but ladies; a man only does what you allow him to do. If he starts off not opening the door, it may be that he's just so accustomed to other "independent" women racing him to the door and holding it for him. So stand at the door. If he doesn't get the hints throughout the night...make that your first and last date! See rule number 1, because him giving you his number is one of the first signs!

2. Accept Compliments
It's absolutely acceptable to receive a compliment from a man and not think he's just trying to get under your dress or into your pants. Be gracious when receiving your compliment and always say thank you. Never down play the's for you and you deserve it. He obviously means it or believe me he wouldn't have said it. Instead of, you have a beautiful smile, he could have easily said; tonight looks amazing! However, a very common mistake some women make is allowing a man to give a derrogatory or degrading compliment. That is not a compliment, it's an insult! If he says anything insulting, derrogatory or degrading excuse yourself and leave immediately! Trust me, he's not worth your time!

3. Dress to Impress
Always look your best. This is not just for your date, this is for you!! When we look great, we feel great! And when we feel great, we are more confident and comfortable. He wants you to look good and show you off, just as much as you want to have him as eye candy and show him off. It's a boost to anyone when their date is being noticed in a great way! Want the night to seemingly never end...look great and have a great conversation!

4. Don't Give Away the Recipe
Hold a conversation. Don't give an exclusive interview. Dating is no fun if you tell everything about you. Sure he has to know your nickname or the amount of siblings you have, he may even need to know some of your surface hobbies, like the arts. He doesn't need to know that the only time you go to see a play is at the hobby center; or that you only like musicals. If you get that intricate he has nothing to learn or try. This is what I call giving the recipe. You can tell him the dish, but let he be creative and want to spend the time to get to know and practice and taste all the ingredients it would take to make you say, M'm, M'm good! There are no surprises or spontaneous gestures otherwise. If he knows you like chocolate cake with strawberries on the side; he'll bring you chocolate cake with strawberries on the side! Let him figure some things out on his own. Allow him to get to know you. He may introduce you to new and exciting things you never thought of or would have imagined doing by allowing him to get to know you.

5. Take Your Behind Home
Sure it's the 21st century, but ladies. You've demanded a gentleman from the time he appoached you up to the date. Don't ruin a perfectly good evening by overstaying the welcome. Yes, you are definitely an adult, but just realize when you decide to stay the night after you've put in all the work preceeding that moment; it's in vain! Give him something to think about (you) and miss (you) and want to see again (you)!!! How can he miss you if you never left...I'm just saying!

Have Fun and Happy First Dating, K~

~Khrystian Tidbit~

In my previous post, I spoke about my concern of-not jumping at a man's whim when HE decides he wants to talk or spend time with you. Many times as single women we will "jump" at the opportunity to enjoy the company of a man or go on a "date"!
Some of us get lonely, others of us just enjoy the company of our male counter-parts, a few of us would rather have someone wine and dine us, many of us do it because we'll feel like some sort of leper if we don't go on the occassional "date", and others of us just simply have nothing else to do!
Well in all of my years of being single, dating and being in relationships; I have decided to post a list of entertaining things to do and places to go when biding your time. Instead of waiting by the phone for the guy you just love to call and invite you somewhere. And instead of perverbally lying about faux plans and intentions you have for the evening; or even just not answering the phone as HE calls or responding to him, in the hopes he doesn't think you're some sort of "loser" for being home watching re-runs of The Game on a Friday night; here are a few ideas and benefits to partaking in them:

1. Movies
Take Advantage: Don't go during the PEAK "date times". Go in the early afternoon. Catch a matinee. No one is watching you, they're too busy watching the movie themselves.
Benefit: You catch up on all the movies you haven't seen. No one talks to you through the movie. You always find a good seat because matinees aren't usually packed. It's easy to catch a double or even triple feature. You don't have to worry about him complaining that you're dragging him to a "chick flick"
Time Not Thinking of Him: 90 minutes to 5 hrs depending on the amount of movies you decide.

2. Shop
Take Advantage: Put on some comfortable kicks and you're free to manuever through or peruse your favorite stores at your very own pace. Sales ladies are your bestfriends when it comes to making decisions. Purchase or just look it's up to you. Sip starbucks or a smoothie. Get a make-over. Try on that bathing suit you're to shy too try on in front of anyone or that...shhhhhhhh, no less than 3 carat diamond ring ;)
Benefit: You don't have to worry about your best bud being dressed like you at the next event. No one rushes you to leave or demands that you stay. Get great ideas on make-up, outfits, and accessories. Most fragrance and make-up counters also love to give out samples! You'll always know what you want for a gift when asked!
Time Not Thinking of Him: 30 minutes to an endless time (there is always 24 hour Walmarts)

3. Book Store
Take Advantage: Sit and lounge reading your favorite magazine or book. Bask in the solitude of your own thoughts , or just be lazy and get lost in someones else's world!
Benefit: Takes you away from the daily stresses of life. Catch up on some studying, get exposed to a new language, or learn some new information. Lots of times you'll find book clubs, poetry readings and writing seminars or classes that interest you. Expansion of vocabulary, current event topics, and OMG facts!
Time Not Thinking of Him: Approximately 3-5 solid hours (Endless if you make a purchase and go home)

4. Take a Class
Take Advantage: Yoga, dance, kick-boxing, cooking, art! The possibilities are endless! Sometimes you can find cheap classes at your local YMCA! (PLUG!!!!)For cheap dance lessons look me up:
Benefit: You now have a new fun exciting hobby that takes your time and energy; and you're learning something you ENJOY! You've expanded your communication skills and now have something exciting to share with someone. Many new hang-out buddies as well that share a common interest with you.
Time Not Thinking of Him: 30minutes -1 hour

5. Workout
Take Advantage: That new year's resolution sounds pretty great here. Gyms are a great place to get motivated and healthy; especially if you go right after work or mid morning if you can. No one is worried that you're there alone they're shedding pounds and toning up just like you! They have fun classes offered at most gyms that will introduce you to others with the same goals and work-out plans as you.
Benefit: You'll feel great, look great and it'll become habitual. The next time you go out; those favorite jeans will hug your curves just right. You'll be bootylicious!
Time Not Thinking of Him: 30 min. to 2 hours

6. Cook Dinner
Take Advantage: has some brilliant and fun recipes to try and re-create in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Watch Rachel Ray or any of the other food network television shows. While you're at the book store find a good cook book on sale. The last one I found on Creole cooking was $2.99 (NICE!!)
Benefit: When the time comes to host dinner parties, wine and cheeses or a good old-fashioned get-togethers you'll have a plethora of ideas and to die for recipes that your friends will be begging you for. Brushing up and honing in on those cooking skills aren't a bad idea either. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You mos def don't want to do trial and error on your proposed hunny or friends for that matter ;)
Time Not Thinking of Him: 20 minutes to 2 hours

7. Visit a relative or friend
Take Advantage: Whether it's down the street, around the corner or in another state. Time spent with loved ones and people that care about you is a great idea! Use all the new information you've been seeing at the movies or reading about in those books, or cooking on that stove and again practice those communication skills!
Benefit: Catch up!! Nothing like the company of a loved one to remind you of the importance of just being you! It'll be like a mini vacation.
Time Not Thinking of Him: Endless

8. Update your page
Take Advantage: Myspace, facebook, twitter. Make it happen. Now is the perfect time to change the song, add a blog or note, go search for new friends, reconnect with old friends.
Benefit: You won't have to wait by a phone or computer for him. You'll be so busy keeping up with everyone else. Infact, don't be surprised if your online light prompts him to no doubt call, text, email, chat, tweet, or direct message you. LOL and SMDH!
Time Not Thinking of Him: 10 minutes to hours (don't go past 3 though. Your head will start hurting and you'll get hungry or cotton mouth)

Happy Solo Dating!!

Think Again!

Who ever said that you have the right to call someone at the last minute (because your previous plan fell through, no doubt) and attempt to disrupt their plans assuming they have nothing better to do!!
A foolish person would consider the invitation flattering, but it just seems inconsiderate on the part of said person, to appear out of no where requesting your company. I'm sure you knew of these plans prior to the day, and even if it is impromptu; why all of a sudden an interest in the one person you haven't spoken to in weeks/months?! Get real!
Ladies! And gents too, lesson for the day:
Don't be someone's rebound or crutch! Now, be clear; if this is your nature (to at will and random be used as recreation for another persons pleasure; by all means-Do you!) However, for the more mature of us (me), don't settle for that! A person will do only what you allow, contrary to popular belief. Be better than that! Expect more! Be an example!
You may not even be remotely interested, but especially if you are, make them earn your time! It's not something they can borrow! So say, "No. Better luck next time. Give me more notice."
They'll call back, but next time they'll factor in the fact that, yes, you have a life too! A good life at that, and if they want to be apart they'll respect that you're not sitting around waiting on the phone to ring and they're on the other end of the line!
~And I'm out~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Honeymoon's Over

A good friend of mine and I were discussing relationships and among the many faucets of the conversation was the topic of the longevity of said relationships. There is a period in any relationship where you get so comfortable with your significant other and so emotionally stable with them that it’s only natural that you have let go of any and all inhibitions.
This is the moment I refer to as “the honeymoon’s over.” This is when things are not quite the way they used to be when you first met. The old folks call it “courting”. Putting your best foot forward all of a sudden is not what that is. Usually, during this period, the couple feels free to release all bodily functions (burps, pass gas, etc.). Where excuse and pardon me were once said, it’s replaced with laughs and giggles. Whispers of sweet nothings in your ear are swapped for loud shucks and jives. Beauty, baby, sugar-pie honey bunch are exchanged for dog, goofy or a simple no tag.
The endearing, romantic intentions you came up with to surprise and sweep your mate off their feet become few and far between. When before, money was no object, you find yourself crying budget. To take the place of spare no expense and order whatever you like, you say we don’t need that or let’s just share. All of a sudden there’s no need to spend every moment together, instead you see each other too much. Someone needs space.
I could go on and on about the infamous honeymoon’s over stage. I could even go so far as to describing my own relationship as in that period, because let’s face it after 11 months with the same person; for a woman (or anyone for that matter) that’s not use to long term relationships; it could get tedious and mundane.
However, I can’t feed into the negative energy of bashing a good thing. As easy as it would be for me to highlight negative aspects of my relationship, let’s face it; you’re lying if you say your relationship is perfect. There are imperfections in every imaginable relationship. They take work. But the work can be and should be worth it.
I have to say that after 11 months: I am STILL in the honeymoon stage! I still get surprises that give me smiles, I don’t tire of our moments together; actually, I have the most fun when he’s around. Romanticism is an everyday occurrence, and pet names are insatiable. My relationship is A-okay and full of adventure!

So, for me, the honeymoon is far from over! Can I promise I’ll be writing this same thing this time next year or whistling a happy tune?? Nope, but a girl sure can live in the moment! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

102 Years of Sisterhood and Service

Since January 15, 1908 the sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha has empowered young women around the world to advance in exemplary service! In the fall of 2003, I was MADE to be a member of the Zeta Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated!

I'm elated to be celebrating 102 years of the inception, cultivation, incorporation and perpetuation of the first and finest sorority . So, to ALL my illustrious and oh so pretty Sorors, I send a squeeky Skeeeeeeeeee-Wee!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Club

I'm excited for the first Book Club meeting of the new year! January 30th!! A website link will be coming soon! The read is Steve Harvey's, Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man. There has been lots of talk about this book; positive and negative. This will be my first time reading it, but I am looking forward to it and then hearing the views of others. It should be an interesting discussion. Full of life experiences, true stories, relationship myths and tell-tale all stories! LOL! I'll keep you posted! Happy Reading!

Monday, January 11, 2010

**Randon Rant**

When it seems as if you’re down to nothing, know that God is up to something

Stop using your body as if it’s a congenial welcome mat at the door of Stop n’ Go, you should have much more to offer this world than a piece of ass **if you’re personal relationships aren’t lasting more than 6 months…SELF CHECK!**

If you’re ever feeling so low that you just want to crawl under the covers and hide from the rest of the world. Remember that if God brought you to it, he’ll get you through it.

The best way to show that you have dignity, class, poise and savvy, both professionally and personally is to act in that manner at all times. Those are qualities others see shining from you…you shouldn’t have to announce the attributes!

It has been said that character is the way you are when no one is watching. Often times we put on a grand, magnificent and entertaining “show’ in front of our loved ones. Sooner or later you show your true colors.

Stop letting others determine your value and self-esteem. Love yourself first and others will follow suit.

Remove yourself from negativity. Wake up in the mornings thinking of how you can empower others. Through empowering others you will fully empower yourself.

Don’t live with regrets: mend a broken heart, salvage relationships, build new bridges, pay off debts, and pray more often

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beauty Tip #1

For the past 20 years of experience with my life, I’ve used several home remedies to beautify and purify myself. Beauty and style upkeep can be expensive. I’ve used several proven things that I will randomly share. To keep your feet soft in the harsh cold weather or the summer chaffing from flip flops or high heels; apply Vaseline to your feet and cover them in socks overnight.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

*Randon Rant*

This may be inspired from all the Tiger hoopla, or maybe from a conversation I had a couple of days ago, could be from a post a friend of mine did on facebook, or possibly from my own personal experiences but-
I don't understand why men's actions don't mirror what comes out of their mouth. Okay, okay, it's not just men...but that's who I'm speaking of in my blog. Why tell a woman you love her, or want to spend your life with her or there's no one else you want to be with. If what you say, couldn't be further from the truth. I read a quote a couple of days ago that said, "your actions speak so loudly, I can barely hear what you're saying." It's truth. Men will say these things and have a relationship with a women, but have another women (some side chick) thinking their unhappy in a current relationship. That it's just a situation they're in and not able to get out of quite yet. And women eat it up. Feeling dominant over the supposed girlfriend or wife, who is what you think naive to the fact that her her so called man, doesn't want her. Please believe a woman (or anyone for that matter) usually won't stay in a relationship where they are feeling truly mistreated or neglected. So that man undoubtedly is telling her something to make her stay.
Men will literally live a double-life. Pretending to not have a charge on their phone, or lose their phone, or be asleep in an attempt to not speak to one of the women, be working late, or too tired to be intimate with you. A man will act stressed out financially so he doesn't have to wine and dine you. He will even go so far as to take off from his job to make time for his side-chick. (True story)
Why do they feel the need to lie and manipulate a situation instead of being open and honest with the supposed women they love? Most times a women wants exactly what you want. Especially in these days. She will sleep with you and have no strings attached, so you don't have to play games. Some people are so selfish, or immature, or just plain old ignorant that they don't understand the concept of loyalty, love and dedication! Love is not, as Halle Berry said in Boomerang, "some disease you catch like the plague", it's an emotion that no one is personally asking of you. Of course relationships are cool, but playing the field is great too. If you are innappropriately talking to someone other than your significant other ...i.e asking sexual favors, sending nude pics back and forth, meeting up with them privately, or not able to be around them in the presence of your significant other. You're not living right and you need to move around from the relationship because you're obviously not ready to settle down.
You're not being fair to the person you're lying to. You're selfish and deceitful, hurtful and ruining a life that someone is possibly trying to commit to.
You should go on your merry way, and indulge in the women that caused you to do so much damage in the first place.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Today I honestly believed was an inservice day. Thank goodness I didn't wear jeans to work. I came with no plan and no temperment to deal with pubervescent 5th graders. Little did I know, as I drove up to the school, dark skies, cold wind...even as I walked inside the building head shielded from the brisk morning air, that a swarm of kids would be standing by the entrance next to the water fountain!! WHAT?!! Are you kidding me!??!! NO!!!
I scrambled to get a shred of energy and make use of the day. It won't be so bad, I told myself, as I mustered Good morning, to all the students waving, nodding and smiling at me as I quickly moved to get to the opposite side of the building into the comfort of my classroom.
Good thing I had throughly cleaned and organized before the Christmas break. But I had no lesson plan, not even a hint of where we left off, I usually like to reorganize the desks before the kids return for a fresh start and that wasn't going to happen. I hadn't even had my morning cup of joe, or breakfast; nor did I pack a lunch, because I just knew the day was a teacher day of scantily preparing for the upcoming week. Full of lesson planning, meetings, staff development, sitting through slide-shows, and impromptu mottos and speeches of how great the remainder of the year will be and how exemplary the TAKS scores will be. Complete with laid out continental-style breakfast, hot coffee brewd and ready to drink, and an hour and a half (if we're lucky) lunch.
I wondered why my colleage had called me the night before ( I curse anyone who contacts me outside school hours to discuss school) Seriously...don't do that!! LOL! However, in the back of my mind, I wished I would have taken the call. Then, and only then, would I not be so baffled as to what I would have on the objective for the day.
Others in the department came to me asking what I had on my plate for the day. I had no time to discuss. I raced like a mule horse to the teacher study to get a coke and hopefully a smile. I wasn't exhausted, but heavy eyes were sure to adorn my face within the hour. It was inevitable!
After I got myself together, drank half the bottle of coke, I sat at my desk, turned on the computer and began to sift through the dozens of emails I had recieved in the course of the morning. Are you kidding me?!!?? I ask again. I collectively looked for any indication of what I could do for the classes. Then it doned on me. I was in this alone.
First class. "Good morning! Happy New Year! Today you will create a review poster. You will work in groups and to complete this assignment. Your job is to visually teach others about your assigned topic!" Perfect I thought. Group activity. Thinking. Collaborating. Heck, but not every class can do this. Keeping it real, not all classes are on the same level to produce the same results. I have to come up with a back up lesson. Mission accomplished. By the end of the first class I was ready to conqueror those little 5th graders. I had energy and a PLAN!!