Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving...Yes I'm late...but oh well!!
This year has been really great! The normal culprits still top the list– family, close friends, my health, the health and happiness of those I love, etc, etc.. However, the list I’m going to compile for you today are those things that I may not always express my thanks for, the things I am more apt to complain and whine about. At the end of the day, my problems are not that big, and if looked at them in the correct light, they actually have blessings written all over them.

1. my job...I didn't actually like my job at first, but it really has major and almost incredible perks. I have vacation time that is exceptional. A week off for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks off for Christmas, Spring Break, and's like I'm still in college, except I get paid!

2. the economy sucks...well it does and there is a recession and all that other jazz; except I haven't actually been feeling it so much. I still travel, shop, fine dine, and splurge on the occasional "necessities" I feel I deserve.

3. i'm about to be a year me, it's clearly better than the opposite!

4. i'm still single...however, I am single by choice; I am thinking of changing this status really soon ;) though. There are major perks to being single- no unnecessary drama being at the top of my list, the added bonus being instead of one birthday, Christmas, or Valentines gift. I get several.

5. i'm flat-chested...there are push-up bras that are my quick-fix love!

6. my computer is acting up...I have an I-phone that serves the same purpose I really need my computer for

I suppose my point for this blog is that I'm pleased with my life and I really don't have anything not to be grateful or thankful for!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bringing in the 44th President of the United States

This is such a historic night that I am pleased to be apart of!!! I already knew this evening would come, I saw it back when he first announced that he was running for the highest honored and most prestigious office; but to see it come into fruition is even better than how I dreamt it!
I have a President that looks like me. He can relate to what I struggle with and he's smart and admirable and has integrity.
Message***One thing America has to understand is that this man is not some super savior that will change the outcome of the American economy over night. It won't take 4 years, as he's stated throughout his campaign; but the greatest achievement he will and has already brought to our counrty is hope for what is to come and the change that has been needed since the conceptualization of this great country.***
Race shouldn't be a factor, as this man is clearly just the best person for the job! God bless Barack Obama, his family, and the United States of America.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things I do for Change!

So today is Halloween right!?!

I have been planning to early vote since...well everyday! I've been really busy with work though, so I hadn't been able to get a free minute. Well today is the last day, so I decided to take half a day off from work to go and make a difference in the country by voting.

Okay...long story short, at my one job, it's Drug-Free week and today is the day the staff could dress up for Halloween. This is a first that I've been able to do this and I wanted to be a team player, so I came dressed as a Tiger. Well due to me leaving early from work, and dumbingly (if that is even a word) thinking I could quickly run in and vote, then get something to eat, and then change to go to my next job; I went straight to the voting poll. HAHA!!!!

The joke was seriously on me, as I pulled up and saw the line wrapped around the library twice!!! UGH! I wanted to collapse right there. This was the last day to early vote, and if the lines were this long during early voting...I could just imagine how long they would be on election day! So, I stood in line-

...and yes I even had on the tail!! Many people did love my costume and I got a lot of praise for how creative it was from the people in the polls! LOL