Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Leadership Styles

Around sometime last year a group of leaders and I brought up leadership style. We were asked how we viewed ourselves and leaders and what leadership meant to us. Ever since acquiring my master’s the first charge was recognizing my methodology and philosophy on leadership.
After vivid models from the professors teaching us, not to mention; the on the job training we learned through internship I recognized early on I identified most to Servant Leadership. Interestingly enough, during the meeting last year with the group I, again, identified myself as a servant leader. When I tell you it was one of the most taxing discussions I’ve ever had to have explaining what a servant leader meant and was. 
I would say they were jiving me by pretending not to understand servant leadership but I don’t think the group was that cohesive to come up with the elaborate scheme to trick me. 
I say all that to say; I’m glad to have come across this simplistic chart on leadership styles.