Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bounce Back

Its not a waste if at the time you thought it was perfect for you! The "it" I'm referring to could signify anything; that tweed pantsuit, that special charm bracelet your wore with every outfit, your favorite pair of gator shoes, that class you took that you have absolutely no use for, the plaid sofa, that move across country, those extra souvenir shirts you bought, that relationship you've been in for three years (you know the one, that after the first year, you knew it wouldn't last!) doesn't matter!! Because at the time, it was clearly something you believed in and wanted to make work!  
If anything, think of it as a learning experience! A short segment of your life that was a blessing through teaching you a great lesson. A lesson that only experience...and um...(clears throat) a ton of cash could have taught you. We're too hard on ourselves sometimes! Shoot! Everyone makes mistakes...the key is knowing how to bounce back! Everyone has had major setbacks and disappointments. We've ALL had those "uh oh" moments, but think positively! If you hadn't taken that class that you have absolutely NO use for; you never would have met *Kenny, and if you never met *Kenny, you wouldn't have met *Shirley, and let's face it; had you not met *Shirley, she couldn't have introduced you to *Tim....and *Tim is the one who got you the amazing job, with the company you absolutely LOVE!  
As I say; Life happens...and it's happening with or without you! So buckle up and enjoy the ride...I mean, why so serious?