Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Shut Up!

If you're not negative this doesn't apply! But for those that are shut up! Up and down my social media timeline I see most good people thanking those that can help. Others I see complaining celebrities aren't doing more, or something. I see comparisons to other people's past devastation and competitions of who suffered worse as if there's some prize attached to devastation. At first before the outpouring of rain people were complaining and criticizing the news for "false information" and "stirring panic". In real time at the groceries stores some people began preparing begrudgingly and laughed off the claims to prepare for five days of natural disaster. Once it hit people complained of not knowing in advance. I don't even regularly watch the news and I knew of the preparation efforts and disaster relief plan warnings. Now that Harvey has hit and devastated us all because simply put; no one could ever predict a natural disaster and the inexplainable damage it could do there's still complaints and blame-placing! Please shift your focus if this is you. Give encouragement and peace of mind if you can't give anything else! Shut negativity down! Focus on what YOU can do and how you can shape the affects of this storm. It's not over! We're moving into Day 5.
I'll leave you with this: a lady got separated from her baby. She was the lowest, down-right most despicable mother ever known to walk the face of the earth until you READ and learned she was separated from her baby once the waters and currents were too strong. She made a brave and probably the hardest decision of her life to hand the baby to an officer that could fit him on the jet ski while she followed behind so the baby wouldn't DROWN they became separated from the rescue efforts and were reunited after both were on safe, dry land! 
You could never understand the sacrifices in adversity you take and make for your children when staring life and support in the eye unless you are in the position making split-second decisions for their safety! Stop judging and condemning and SHUT UP! Do what you can, be good, or in the words of my friend Al "be good at it" 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Khrystian Tid-bits

When a person has the intelligence size of a nat they resort to name-calling, pontificating insults, and foul language.

An unproductive person spends a disturbing amount of time consumed with someone else's life. It's unhealthy to think you know details about a person you don't associate with. Social media is not an intimate relationship...seek help!

Find a positive, stop focusing on negative 

Only buffoons associate beauty with skin color or ethnicity 

If you're over it, you don't talk about it. If you're talking about it, you're not over it.

Mind the gap and reach the next generation 

Deposit MONEY in to YOUR bank account and NOT mess in someone's inbox. 

Expose yourself and be real...nobody respects or honors a fake. Faux merchandise doesn't come with a warranty. It becomes trash once used.


Friday, July 21, 2017


If you have to question a "friend's" loyalty you should check your definition of friend! What's understood doesn't need to be explained...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Postpartum Chronicles

One thing I've noticed, for sure, is that after having a baby; especially if a person (women) know you've had a baby they're looking at your stomach...your body...how well you "snapped" back...if you have signs of carrying a baby bump for months. Don't argue with me about this science because I've seen it for myself. 
When I approach someone (that knows I've had a baby) no matter the race; the first place I see their eyes gaze upon, or gawk depending on the tact of the person lol, is my stomach. One of the first comments out of their mouth has to do with my figure. Again, it doesn't matter the race, ethnicity, or age, if they know you've had a baby they're commenting and/or observing. It's just what we naturally do, I suppose.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Married...With Food: Khrystian-Meal One

I recently had an event by which friends and I were standing around talking.  The discussion was simple: how's life, how have things been going, etc.  We discussed new relationships, married life, new babies, lack of, etc. 
Cooking and eating, while married, career-life discussions came up.  I made the statement that I cook everyday.  Mind you I had been considered stay-at-home for the past three months, so being able to cook every day was plausible.  However, my schedule also allows for some flexibility and capabilities to make this seemingly impossible feat possible.  It's not a daunting task to me.  NO! I don't enjoy cooking that much.  I'd rather be laying on a beach having a nice island boy serving me food on a platter while my husband and I enjoy the sounds of the ocean's waves splashing and hearing the laughter and seeing the smile of my beautiful baby doll. 
What I do enjoy on the other hand is my home smelling of a nice home-cooked meal in the evening.  I also enjoy my husband enjoying the food I've prepared for him and I. 
Mind you- the meals aren't always extravagant.  They are Khrystian-made simple dishes that allow me to move about the house and do other tasks that may be needed i.e polishing my nails, playing with my baby, blogging, watching episodes of Housewives, Power, The Cosby Show, or whatever else I can catch up on. 
My friends looked taken aback as I expressed to them that I'm able to cook daily.  I further explained that cooking daily didn't mean I stand over a hot stove after working an 8 to 12 hour day, but it does mean I have "something" prepared- hot and ready to eat in the evenings before bed. This could also mean hot dogs, tuna fish sandwiches, or the beloved taco.  I'm not going to devote an entire blog to cooking for the married woman, but I will begin to share a few easy peasy recipes for delicious meals you can whip up.  Feel free to share as well because I was, not too long ago, a single-girl without a care or concern for anyone else's well-being as it relates to eating a well-balanced meal.  LOL just kidding

Khrystian-Meal One
Okra, tomatoes, sausage, rice (not shown), and a rotisserie chicken.

Easy, simple, delicious. We have left overs. Pick up the chicken from your local market...hot and fresh.  I made everything else at home.  I'll have to devout an entire post to Rotisserie chicken because you can make several meals with that bad boy.  Pair it with optional side-dishes and create a meal as healthy or a hearty as you'd like.   The sausage in the okra and tomatoes make that a meal all in itself, but I'm a fan of sausage with mine either way. 
Helpful Tid-bits:
1. Cook sausage separately before adding to the tomatoes.
2. Try stewed and diced tomatoes.
3. If you're not a fan, or don't know how, to season...get pre-seasoned items.  Like garlic sausage, Rotel tomatoes, etc.
4. Cook okra separately before adding to the mixture to get rid of the okra slime. 
5. Place chicken in a baking pan and place in the oven while preparing the sides.
6. Chicken in oven, rice on boil, sausage in pan, drain, add tomatoes, "stir fry" okra then add all, medium heat, bring to a boil, place on low, turn off rice, take out chicken, cut, mix, and eat.
Happy cooking and prepping!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

When Questioning Goes Horribly WRONG

I saw a former student sitting alone looking down. I asked what was wrong. (Mistake! I was hoping he was waiting to go to the restroom or was just sad...but that would've been easier than the sh!tstorm that followed.)
"I got put out by Mr. Blank because he said I was-"

Another adult then jumps in...
He continues to explain himself. I feel bad that I even asked and attempted to address the matter. 
"You've been working so hard to do better. Don't make bad decisions. Mom has been supportive. You don't want to embarrass her or yourself after you try and do right then make a bad decision that changes what you're working towards." I say.
Immediately another adult jumps in, followed by another adult addition, which only heightens the situation and consequently antagonized the situation. 

"I know what I'm talking about...(the student goes on a tangent demonstrating what he did explaining his two uncles whom were in the army do it and he was doing it too..."

The adults disagree.
He BLOWS up! 
Next thing I know he's being suspended for banging on the walls, turning over tables, and hollering obscenities as he paces the halls like a rabid dog having stare-offs with the teachers.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Principal Certified

I passed the certification exam in July, graduated in August, (thought I had) applied for the updated certificate in August, called, clowned, emailed, fussed, and presented receipts of (what I thought I had) applied for and now FINALLY my credentials are added to my certificate!!
I am certified to be a principal.
...it only took Lamar University and the state of Texas Board of Education eight months and my mouth to get it expedited in one day after they told me six to eight weeks...and I want to thank them! LOL Certifications

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Observation

The world we live in has people so disingenuous as it comes to their indiscretions and wrong-doings. Most people expect you to "take them as they are" quickly "forgive and forget" or simply "get over it" as they continue to make bad decisions in life and coincidentally affect you with their mistakes, mishaps, misconception, or misconduct.
Now a days there is no true accountability for actions. There is no remorse for bad behavior. Very seldom is there acknowledgement on the behalf of the transgressor.
The apparent lack of restitution or restoration for violations of any sort has left those of us with actual consciences to feel jaded.
When did this begin, you ask? How did this behavior start? Who's doing these things?
Sit back.


Certain groups of people feel as if they can do whatever to whomever and live however and then make excuses to justify their circumstances. Play victim. Become cowards searching for easy ways out.

If I had the answers to the above questions  I think I'd have hit gold! But...I don't know, I can't say, but I know it's becoming an increasingly prevalent culture.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Greatest Accomplishment Thus Far

Khloe Nichole Allen is my greatest accomplishment thus far. She's such a SWEETHEART!! I'm in awe of her and totally obsessed! All the kicking, punching, stretching, bedrest, gestational hypertension, 13 hours of labor and 20 minutes of 4 full pushes to deliver is nothing compared to spending my days with her!
My second greatest accomplishment so far:

Lort it's difficult producing this liquid gold but I'm doing it! (Breastfeeding blog coming soon)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

As The World Turns (In Real Life) Episode 8

"Contact me if you'd like to talk woman to woman."
"I feel the need to clear my name of any lies spread about me."
"I don't bother anybody."
"I know (x, y or z) is about to happen. I'm shocked and thought you should know (a, b, and c)"
"If you know (said name's) wife please let her know that her husband has a mistress."

I could go on and on with the different scenarios found in the inboxes of me and or people I know; perhaps yourself, but for the purposes of this blog I think five real life examples is sufficient.
Let's begin by addressing the biggest elephant in the room...more than likely if you have to attempt correspondence with someone per their inbox on social media that they won't see for months and in some cases years because that isn't there apparent form of social contact with "friends" you are way down the totem pole of importance or relevance to their life. You could possibly be having an accurate and beneficial conversation BUT with the WRONG person. Try talking to the person you believe has a reason to discuss you. Try speaking to the person that actually wronged or addressed you in the first place. If you've NEVER been in contact concerning a particular issue that is obviously disturbing you; seek the closure you need from the person you're actually in disarray with and not the person that has no personal personal investment in you. Speaking woman to woman will not change your situation. It only airs your dirty laundry and what doesn't come out in the wash WILL come out in the rinse. It's best to just go about your business and be more productive in other facets of life. Try a woman's group or some other social organization geared towards women.

To clear your names insinuates that you've even been discussed. *Newsflash* Entering someone's inbox gives you a false sense of self-importance. You've never been discussed and in most cases don't ever need to be especially if it's a historical presence. Expect some backlash and slander when it comes to a break-up...usually from both parties...God's timing is always best and He takes great care of His children, so if you're a child of God; you're in great hands. Watch Him work and you rest your weeping eyes. They did it to Jesus, what makes you so special?
The above mentioned goes for two through four. It could also go along with number five.

Obviously a mistress likes her role or she wouldn't be a mistress knowing the man has a wife or vice versa. Know your role and stay out of it! The mistress isn't the one speaking up...you are. Offer positive and inspiring messages to your friend because they are obviously lost, sad, and pathetic. Admonish your friend for their bad behavior instead of spreading their bad behavior to other people. All you do is help to spread negativity and you could use your power for good over evil!

That's all for now folks! I'm sure my inbox will blow up once again...it always does when folks think you're writing about them. Keep my episodes coming though...they give me great inspiration! Just know I don't have messenger so you won't get a response!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I's Married Now

I think everyone (well, my friends) waits to say the hilarious, made famous, line of Shug Avery after being pronounced husband and wife.  "I's married now!" 
Your soul-mate has arrived, your Love has finally come along, God has sent your counter-part so that, as a woman, you can begin to be a help-mate.  You fulfill a prophecy. 
I could go on and on about the sanctity and proclamation of marriage.  As a "single girl" I wrote and created open discussions about the joys, fun, trials, and mishaps of dating while now as a married woman I'll, no doubt, write and create open discussions about the joys, fun, trials, and mishaps of sharing my life with another person...for ever...at least in front of our family, friends, and God we said until death do us part. 
...Let us bow for a moment of prayer NOW...Forever is a long time.  Forever also is a short time.  It all depends on perspective.  That's precisely why prayer is required. 


Despite all the humanly losses we had during 2016 the year was full of transition. TRANSITIONS. Change. Movement. I had a great year. It was FULL of transitions for me. I gained a husband, we bought a home, and we're going to welcome a baby girl into the world! This time last year I wouldn't have guessed it or even imagined where I am today...in this moment. I'm a wife AND a mom! Wow O_o Time passes and things evolve, and transition whether you're rehearsed or not!
Be grateful you're still in the land of the living in 2017. You get another day to get it right. Another day to make a right decision. Another chance at happiness. Another chance to forgive. Another opportunity to accomplish something. Another moment to praise, thank, and worship God.
Happy New Year!
2017 has more in store...let's try and be positive as we enter and travel through the journey!

¿Question Newlyweds?

I'm just wondering as a newlywed what did you other married (had a wedding or have keepsakes) folks do with all of your sentimental mementos?!
Ring bearer Pillow
Aisle runner
All that stuff we paid money to incorporate into our ceremony or other portions of our special day. I need ideas. I have minimal thoughts but I thought I'd take to my blog to get some other ideas.