Wednesday, October 12, 2011

As the World Turns (in real-life)... Episode 2

"Hey! How are you doing? I hope you are doing great and staying blessed. I have been trying to get in touch with someone and they're not returning my calls. They owe me money and wont call me or send me my check. Facebook... erased. And emails or calls no response.  All this what happens, didn't only happen to me!! It happen to a lot of other girls and I really can't get in touch or make contact, so I was wondering if you could advise me? Please let me know and God bless you! I really appreciate it. Ciao ciao"

So often we become victims of our kind hearts and circumstances.  I think the most important thing to do, is going to either- follow through legally, that is provided you have proper evidence that money is owed to you, continue contacting via web, ask the other girls how they handled the situation, or charge it as a learning lesson.  The lessonALWAYS have signed documents, contracts, agreements, whatever, when conducting business.  Not only that; don't do work or complete work in full until you're either paid partially or on the agreed upon terms.  Set deadlines.  Set parameters.
Business is business.  So often people jump into a so-called "business" situation not really understanding what they are doing or whom they're entering into that "business" with.  As once said on Jerry Maguire (I love that movie); "It's not show-FRIENDS, it's show-BUSINESS!"  Treat it as such!  Going into a business arrangement with someone and not having a contract is like like working for someone where you have to pay their bills and when it's time for you to get paid; you actually expect them to have money to pay you!  Umm, hello?!  You just had to PAY their bills!  It just doesn't happen...not realistically anyway! 
However, God's not sleep.  He takes care of his children.  Maybe they needed the money more than you, maybe God has something much better in store for you!  Whatever the situation; count it ALL joy!  It'll all work itself out in due time!


Monday, October 10, 2011

First Date FAQ's

A first date can be quite awkward and I don't know about you, but; I despise the mundane questions: Where'd you go to school? How many siblings do you have? What do you do? Blah, blah, blah...
Here are a few "frequently" asked questions that may alleviate uncomfortable silences and ignite blazing conversation! Could also give a greater insight into their personality without asking, "How would you describe your personality?"  Feel free to add to my running list...

•What's the last book you've read?
•What's the most beautiful place you've ever seen?
•How do you measure success?
•How do you measure happiness?
•3 worst qualities?
•3 best qualities?
•What do you love to do in your spare time?
•Where's your next trip?
•If money was no object and you could go anywhere, where would it be?

~Happy Dating~

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm ALL about progression, empowerment and inspiring but let me tell you like this: I would never leave my Fo'show (like the old folks say) for a Don't Know!  It's just not gon' happen! With that being said, and yes, I'm 'bout to lose some readers and possibly friends cuz the truth hurts and nobody ever really wants to hear it! But I have to say this!  It's gone too far! 
Pyramids, inverted pyramids, sideways pyramids, people we've all at some point seen them;  saw a blessing, saw an opportunity and jumped at it! Trust me! I have!  However, I have the good sense that God gave me, to know that when I did indulge in one of the many companies, businesses and or programs out here, my motto was always- "Show me the MONEY!" Not only show me the money in my bank account, but I'll keep my original career, job, or livelihood until I've actually arrived!
Trust me when I say I'm not pointing fingers! EVERYBODY wants the American dream!  Who wouldn't want to be self-sufficient, your own boss, setting your own schedule, taking luxurious trips around the world, spending money as if you had your own money vineyard in some exotic location where there was never the threat of a drought or any other natural disaster?!  You're lying to yourself if you say, "not me!"

Of course everybody has their own idea of what financial security looks like.  But, you reap what you sow! Sow good seed and your harvest will be plentiful!  Sow the right seed and you'll reap for a life-time!  Quitting your career to begin selling an idea, goal, or product is beautiful, if you're able to do it!  Hello?!  Key phrase, IF, IF, IF you're able to do it! Not if you're struggling to pay utilities, medical bills, insurance, house notes, car payment, cell phone, even gas!!!!  Anybody can quit a job and now become a burden to society just to say you work for yourself, but are you sustaining?  Maintaining?  Keeping your head above water?  Times are hard for EVERYBODY, and I'm not just talking about financially; I'm speaking on mentally, spiritually, physically...the woes of life creep upon everybody and no one is immune to daily struggles no matter how large or small.  I suppose my point in all of this is to say: don't stress someone elses life out because of life decisions you make!
If you want to sell a dream, goal or product GO FOR IT!  Do it, but if you've quit a job to solely do that and now you around here struggling to make ends meet, you could easily get from in front of the computer emailing or out of a mixer or meeting long enough to get a job that can handle your everyday expenses. Part-time. Seasonal, whatever floats your boat!  I take serious offense to a person using terminal illnesses that hit close to home to play on the emotions of a consumer to make a buck!
Again, I must say: Show me the money! If you're in the business of selling products, dreams or goals and you aren't living the "life" you're SELLING me.  Please move around until it has come around!  You around here selling dreams and you, yourself are busted and disgusted?!  How does that work?!  We (your target audience)  need the visual!  Your business is not our plan, it's not our vision or passion.  It's yours!  You have us here, or there or reading but... SHOW the money!
Of course I've heard of starting on the ground floor, and that's superb if, like I said; it was our plan, our vision, our passion. But it's not, it's yours! Do SOMETHING with it!  Have INTEGRITY!  Be CREDIBLE!  Everything else WILL follow...
Great Luck!

Professionalism 101

There are some things that, in a professional setting, you should already know and practice.  However, it has come to my attention that not everyone graduated from the same School of Common Sense, so in my extreme desire to maintain  my community service hours I've come up with a crash course on professionalism

The word professionalism means the conduct, aims, or qualities having interest and desire to do a job well as holding a positive attitude towards the profession. 

 Here are a few tips...feel free to add:

Be Direct!
*No need to sugar-coat. Be specific with expectations of others. Say what you mean and mean what you say!
*Don't leave room for misinterpretation. Stick to what you expect and have a back-bone when a professional decision is questioned.
Be positive!
*Take CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism
*How ebarasssing to hce misspelled weeds! <--Precisely why spell AND grammar check are necessities
Be Articulate!
*Nothing worse than listening to someone mispronounce words or not know how to accurately explain themselves.
Disagree Amicably
*You wont always agree, be right or get your way; however, remember you're in a professional setting! *Don't roll eyes, huff and puff or storm off as if you're six years old on a playground (no offense to those mature six year olds)
*Don't be sarcastic (if they have a mouth like mine) you may get your feelings hurt.
Be Prompt
*To be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late and to be late is unacceptable.
Be tolerable
Read your contract
*Know your job, your role and your responsibilities! When you do, you're not easily influenced nor swindled into a position you're not comfortable with!
*In a professional setting know your rights! Stick by them.
When offended address the issue head-on
*If the offense made you angry; if it doesn't primarily affect your life or livelihood give yourself a cool-off period in order to maintain composure!

Here's to a  more professional, POSITIVE and productive working environment!

Out of Control!

It's appalling! What sick individuals want to resort to broadcasting sexuality under the mask of "tolerance" on a pre-school educational program?!! Who does that?
Sesame Street has been around for decades, I grew up on it, you grew up on it, somebody you know grew up on on it! It is an educational program that utilizes muppets (body puppets) to teach and entertain pre-school age kids on the subjects of colors, shapes, and numbers for goodness
Why on earth are there people petitioning for a same-sex marriage or ANY type of marriage to be aired between Bert and Ernie?!
Bert and Ernie are FRIENDS that were created to look very different from each other but yet love, respect and have tolerance for each other!!!! Children, now a days, have enough to learn and take in with out us placing sexuality upon them before they're freaking potty trained! I mean, where do you people come from?! Get some self-esteem, get some self-love and get some real business!