Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Relationship Rule

Everybody has a past, that's what make you who you are. Each relationship you enter, in a perfect world, should be began with a clean slate and NO misconceptions or lingering skeletons. Unfortunately, however; that's not always the case. Know when to be candidly open and when minor details and trivial nuances can be laid to rest!
Word to the wise; if it will affect your current relationship: DISCLOSE
If it will NOT affect your current relationship: leave well enough alone
Here are two specific examples of when to DISCLOSE and when to leave alone::
1. I was kicked out of student council in 7th grade for getting into a fight at the dance we hosted. (Leave alone)
2. I currently have a restraining order on me for a bar fight I had a few months before I met you. (DISCLOSE)

See the difference?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crawfish Catastrophe!!

I called myself craving crawfish and went down to Kemah. Needless to say, it was a catastrophic catastrophe of epic proportion!!! Word to the wise to all crawfish conneisours whether you boil them or just enjoy them...they must be purged and cleaned several times before seasoning and serving!!!
God bless America, God bless the Swamp Shack, and God bless the poor souls that believe the Swamp Shack has great crawfish; a.k.a the man that told my friend and I they were good and the waiter (whom i can't really blame because he's paid to advertise) however; one dip into the butter with that crawfish and it tasted like you're taking a bite out of sh$t! Literally!!!!! I immediately STOPPED chewing!! Better luck next time for me because that was NOT hot!!!

Who mad?!

Who's mad cuz your child can't follow policies at school and you sending angry heartfelt emails to the teacher?! MEANWHILE the teacher enjoying her cocktail at home!

Who's mad they give a man they're "hardly"-earned money hoping it'll turn into a relationship MEANWHILE he with the one he really love taking your money to the bank?!

Who's mad they KNOW they in a dead-end relationship but yet get married anyway and miserable filing papers three months after saying "I do"?!

Who's mad their once ALWAYS single homegirl getting married before them MEANWHILE you going through a break up?!

Who's mad you the chick on the side so you attempt to end HIS relationship with his wife to tell her how much he loves you and wants to spend his life with you; meanwhile YOU get dumped?!

Who's mad that you thought it was cute to spoil you're child all their life and now that their grown, they're whooping your ass?!

Who's mad that you're SO insecure about your sexuality you have to wear and constantly proclaim a label?!

Who mad you think everybody hating on you MEANWHILE it's really just the TRUTH.COM and everybody sleeping good at night?!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


To All,
Please pass this info on- Opportunities for children just in case you know someone who can benefit from this...

1. Wake Forest University has an opportunity for minority students to attend its MBA program for FREE, and so far, the response has been very poor. Please pass along this opportunity to your friends, families. This is a great school and a tremendous opportunity to attend a top graduate school. See the details below, the contact person is: Derrick S. Boone, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Rm.3139 Worrell Professional Center, Babcock Graduate School of Management - Wake Forest University_ WINSTON_SALEM N.C 27109-8738 email: or visit phone# toll free (866) 925-3622

2. Black Male Teachers needed. Do you know any Black Males who are seniors in high school who want to go to college out of state for FREE? The CALL ME MISTER program offered by 4 historical black colleges in South Carolina, Benedict College, Claflin University, Morris College and South Carolina State University - visit the details online application or call1.800.640.2657

3. Harvard University is offering free tuition to families of HONOR STUDENTS and their income is less than $125,000 per year. Visit www.fao.fas.harvard.edc or call 617.495.1581.

4. Syracuse University School of Architecture is desperately seeking young women and men of color interested in pursuing a 5 yr. professional degree in Architecture. Contact: Mark Robbins, Dean School of Architecture, 201 Slocum Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244-1250 (315) 443-256

5. Visit Target Optical departments to get free prescription eyeglasses for children 12 years and under with a valid prescription.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My First Love

My first LOVE never cheats. He's faithful even when I'm not! He's patient when I don't get it even when I can't fathom. He'll never leave no matter where I go. He sees past my faults and whenever I ask; He forgives me! His presence can not only make me weak in the knees; at the same time He gives me strength and courage to move mountains.

*I retweeted a portion of this from someone I follow and decided to add to it...I think it perfectly describes my FIRST love*

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unsolicited Advice

-You know those times someone (anyone) gives you advice...that you didn't ask for? Yea, that awkward moment where you realize you didn't ask for an opinion, but one was given to you anyway and without your consent! Here it goes-

*Careful whom you call your friends
They are talking about you behind your back and don't have the courage to tell you to your face. They will mask an underhanded compliment with a smile or joke. You remember the time everyone laughed and you were LOST...? Yea! They were talking about YOU and that's NOT what friends do!

*They don't know how to love you
You know a person loves you when you're not questioning it. Actions speak louder than that void "love" word they're giving. Contrary to popular does NOT hurt! It feels good and you want that feeling all the time once you get it!

*You can do it
Sure, it's cliché, but it's the truth! It won't always come when you want it but the change gon' come! You can make it happen, you have the capability one way or another!

*There's nothing "cute" about being known for having a bad attitude or a negative disposition
Get your life! It's TOO short! We all have our crosses to bear, but nothing is more precious than time! It's our worst enemy and once you lose it; you never get it back! Don't waste it away with negativity and stupidity!

*It's 2012 shower others for their good work and correct them when it's not up to par
This includes tipping servers!

*Don't be so proud that you miss out on a GOOD thing
Help is normally a phone call away...and with technology now a days: a google search away. ASK! Or at the very least LISTEN. Take nuggets folks giving out because in this day and age they're few and far between so if someone is giving them...take it!

*Not everyone is FOR you
Pray for discernment. Ask for wisdom.

*If you have to suck it in or lay across the bed to zip up they are TOO tight to wear to any civilized event
Yes, we CAN see what you feel! There's nothing wrong with self-esteem but there's something wrong with those pants!

*Dont lead people on
If you know you're not hiring them, let them know via email, phone call, letter, your assistant, or something. If you don't want to be serious with them, tell them. If they choose to stay after that, at least you've said your peace. Practice being upfront with people.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Khrystian Tid-Bit

It's SO easy to critique a finished product; talk to me when you start to CREATE!

Everybody has something to say when things are complete, but no one is there in the trenches, through storm or rain, cloudy or clear days motivating, encouraging and for ding-dang-on-sure not creating! So if you're NOT creating....shut the hell up! Let us do what we do and you do what you do...NOTHING but criticize, complain and cripple!

Khrystian Tid-Bit

We attract what we focus on!
What's YOUR focus on?!

Power of attraction is a serious matter!