Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kick Rocks

*Sometimey people--> Those that acknowledge or speak, are kind or friendly only every now and again.

*Ignant people--> There's a definite difference between those that just don't know and those that just don't care to know or understand anything.

*Flaky people--> It's not okay to not be dependable and to add insult to injury ALWAYS have a lame excuse.

*Disrespectful people--> We're not here to always agree or get along with everything each other does, but practice tolerance. It just means; you agree to disagree RESPECTFULLY.

*Rude people--> Keeping it real doesn't mean get real rude and nasty.

*Gossipers--> Sip your own tea and shut up! Perhaps it's not as sweet as you'd like to think.

*Shallow people--> Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Money is to be made not treasured. Go and gold dig and hopefully you'll strike oil. You don't like it...look away.

Hey! At least I didn't say; play in traffic! Lol

Put the phone DOWN!

Driving from the southwest side to the southeast side of town I saw the aftermath and sat in the traffic caused by three, I repeat, THREE different wrecks!!! Thank God they were all minor accidents, causing only scapes, bruises and damaged cars and not lives! The fact still remains: 
Stay OFF these phones! Seriously! That split second you glance at that screen could cost you, someone else, or yourself a life! We've all been guilty in some way, shape, or fashion to not be totally focused on the road. There have been times where I'll reach my destination and truthfully not remember the route I took. in a time where we move at lightening speed and have half a million things going on at one time. Eating and driving. Make-up and driving. Calculating and driving. Etc., etcetera., etc.! But enough is enough! Let's take accountability. Put the cell phone away, turn the loud music down, focus on the road and especially those around you.
Happy driving and good day!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Filling Voids

Is it temporary? I compare it to tooth fillings or seat fillers...I may be wrong! Could quite possibly be wrong? It just seems as if, when a void is being filled; it's taking the place of something else. Like with a tooth filling: the original tooth/enamel is weathered away. It's no longer present. There's a empty...hollowness, so it's filled. That filling soons wears away as well, though. Over time. After all, it was just a replacement. A fill-in to the void.
Let's take a look at the seat filler. They, again, are the replacements! They sit in the seat until the original returns. They fill the void of empty seats so that the stadium, or auditorium, "looks" full. It's a sham! Once the original returns, that seat filler either fills a new void or is dismissed because there's no room for them. Ouch! 
I'm trying to help somebody! 
For the person that's getting the void filled- they're happy. They're good, in fact, they are great! But for the purely-innocent "fill" they may be happy for a time, but once they're worn, weathered, or simply not needed; they may feel used and abused. Better yet, on the short-end of the stick! 
I may be wrong. Could quite possibly be wrong, but if I'm not...I just helped somebody see the light at the end of a dead-end tunnel. A tunnel they quite possibly were traveling alone. A tunnel, that once they see the light, they'll understand that tunnel was never designed for them in the first place. You are no filler! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Can You Stand the Rain?

I was riding along today when the New Edition hit, Can You Stand the Rain, came on through my airwaves.
I speak of the weather in our lives often. The storms, the rainbows, the clouds, the winds, the sunny days....the rain. I love the analogies because they are so profound...yet so accurate and when spoken or seen paint the PERFECT picture! 
New Edition sang about the storms in a relationship. An affair to remember! They sing to say, love me now, when the sun shines, and I got everything together...but can you love me when I'm less than perfect? When I don't do the right things or say what you want to hear? Can you love me when my money gets funny or when I'm on my last leg? 
That's all relevant, but I ask; can you love God through the rain...the bad times? Can you still praise Him on those rainy, bad weather days? Can you worship Him? Can you stand the rain...the floods He sends our way? Can you still value your life and morals and not compromise any of them during the rain?
Rain may seem drab and bleak. So many people groan at the rainy days. Hair doesn't hold up, plans get canceled, people can't drive, gridlock traffic, etc. However, alas; rain brings forth NEW things! Remember the great flood?
Rain nourishes land. Rain promotes  productivity. Rain provides GROWTH! 
Let's talk more specifically about this flood. When we think of floods, we think of natural disasters. Well...I would think of a natural disaster if someone used it in a conversational context. Usually when we think flood; we see most as natural disasters bringing about devastation. However, God says He'll open the FLOODgates and give us a blessing we don't have room enough to receive... 
That doesn't sound like devastation to me! In fact; He says it's a BLESSING! So, imagine all the effects that, with our human eye, we see as devastation, God has that much power in store for us! That blessing! WOW! 
Can you stand the rain? Sunny days are great and EVERYBODY loves them. Why wouldn't they? But can you stand the rain? Because after the rain comes something greater....but only if you can stand it!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Every Now and Again

Every now and Again something happens... someone might say a WORD that drops you down to reality like a ton of bricks! It shakes you to your core! It reminds you that petty nonsense and drama is worthless! That worry is stupid and never solves anything! Lord, sometimes you (I) feel as if your (my) prayers just hit the ceilings and FALL back down. You may get angry or hurt, but when "something" happens you feel ignorant for even making your trivial problems, or rather, issues seem relevant! 
Prayers UP and continued blessings for ALL things (Good) God brings our way. We don't see the blessing for seeing the lightening and hearing the thunder during our storms but if we just hold on...the sun does shine again. 
An alumni friend of mine whom has one of the sweetest and most gentlest of spirits I've yet to meet has a brilliant testimony! His story. His trials! His TEST just begins. He must endure BUT even this moment: his testimony shows God's sovereign strength, HEALING power, everlasting love and enduring VICTORY! Well done, to him! His words...his post proves he's not only a child of God but a good and faithful SERVANT. 
Not that I matter in his moment...God's moment of LIGHT to show someone the way, but; I'm extremely proud of him and grateful to know him....and his healing!
Well done, my friend!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pearls to the Swine!

A friend asked my opinion based off a post another friend gave about charging people for talents. Gifts God gives! The post read as if a person shouldn't charge for their God-given gift of singing. Ever. The post further believed that if the "work" is for church they'd never, ever charge.
I gave my opinion and afterward my friend saw the light. I think at one point my friend may have agreed with the post...perhaps someone else will too...perhaps not.
Let's be clear: ANY talent God-given is a gift. Heck, life, itself, is a GIFT. Gifts and talents, for whatever strange reason "the church" has made you feel this way, however, I'm here to tell you; singing, dancing...THE ARTS are not the only gifts God gives. I'm exhausted with Christians "preaching" not even TEACHING about money, wealth, and prosperity but only as it pertains to the hierarchy of that church. GIVE, give, give to the church but don't take, anything, except the word and it, alone, will sustain you! Really?!  Of course this is not ALL churches so don't get your panties in a bunch pseudo-Christians! My pastor, Dr. N.C Cunningham taught ALL things well and with understanding so we, as a flock, understood. The church is not, I repeat not, a building, dear friends. It is God's people! God's not coming back for some building without spot or wrinkle; He's coming back for YOU, without spot or wrinkle! 
It is asinine for you to believe or feel that a singer or a dancer or any artist, or any person working for the church should only be compensated with a "thank you", "we love you and God does too", "bless you", or a junk bag full of dollar store goodies as a token of appreciation! 

You're good at math and became an accountant! God gave you that TALENT, that gift, and you work everyday to provide for your yourself and your family to be a blessing among them. 
God gave you the gifts of articulation, speech, and language so you studied hard, graduated with a Masters, or not, and now you are a radio host, talk-show host, public speaker, speech pathologist! Does this mean you work for free?! 
An administrator, a graphic design artist, a technician...should they be WORKING for FREE?! Absolutely NOT! Everyone has a livelihood...a GIFT! ALLof us are born with several gifts and talents, most of us will use our talents for good, while few of us even scratch the surface or hornace ALL the gifts God intended for us. They are indeed your gifts and it doesn't matter if it's part-time, full-time, or on-time! Stop wanting something for nothing. Stop using the word of God to belittle, or talk down on a person that capitalizes on their gifts in order to live the life God ordains! It's certainly okay for pro-bono work or charity work if a person chooses, but no one should expect that from a person...and at ALL times! Get real?! do know your Pastor gets paid right?! Yes, to bring the word of God, as he should! The list could go on with everyone that gets paid within the church...and let's be crystal clear again: THEY ALL SHOULD!! If anything, instead of talking down on people that do God's work; take care of them! Take care of people that minister...whether it be spoken, read, sung, danced, created! Don't abuse people or their talents!

Now, I've said my piece, AMEN!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Funny!

So: a student is sitting at a table the wrong direction. I then say, "sit correctly"(meaning face the appropriate direction to face the screen). This baby turns another wrong direction! We go through this three separate times. I finally say, in utter bewilderment, as this is not the first day of class and we have under 50 school days left, "Get under the table." This child literally got UNDER the table! LOL
The entire class, including my literal baby got a kick...oops; I mean LAUGH out of that funny!