Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas!

Love is in the air! ...SOMEWHERE! :-) I'm a confessed bonafide procrastinator! I'm not proud, but it's MY story! As they say, "It is what it is." Very rarely am I able to think of, order, and get shipped anything personalized; so with that being said I'm putting together a list of great bridal shower ideas that are sure-fire lovely gifts for the intended receiver to ensure a picture with them...or at the very least a thank you card! Lol! You could very easily personalize some of them or not, but they're nice, inexpensive...and GREAT!

•Linen napkins and napkin rings
•Picture frame
•Champagne/Martini glasses
•Coffee maker
•Bundt pan
•Cocktail guidebook
•Bathing suit for the honeymoon
•Embroidered robe
•Breakfast-in-bed tray
•Theater tickets
•Beach towels and a beach bag
•His/Her massage
•Gift certificates (you can NEVER go wrong)


Monday, June 18, 2012

Style Khrystianism #37

Some events you'd just rather not dress particularly "down" for! An alternative to wearing flat shoes during an outdoor activity like the beach, a lawn barbecue, festival, park, etc. would be wedges!
Have fun and stay sheik ladies!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Many Ways to Cheat

...let me count the ways!
Cheating, unfaithfulness and disloyalty are all common intercerseres of failed relationships. Not just monogamous relationships, but; business partnerships, friendships, etc.
I've come up with reasons people cheat, are unfaithful or disloyal!

1. Fear- most people hate to lose, hate to (seemingly) be the underdog, don't want to be one-upped. They must do whatever necessary to stay on top and WIN (so they think) and this includes cheating! They cheat to get ahead or stay ahead (so they think) Ever played a game of cards or dominoes, or even entered a contest with a cheater? What do you think they're cheating for?!

2. Needy- the constant need for validation or stroking! If they don't constantly feel validated by you they NEED to feel it somewhere and the first person showing them attention or validating the fact that the matched their shirt and pants for the day gets them all for themselves. The "yes friend" is loyal right?! The one that goes along with all of your narcissistic schemes and plans? The colleague that loves all of your ideas no matter how much they'll cost the company or how far off the mark they are?! Wrong!!! Careful of the "fans"! They'll lead you in the deep waters and then watch you drown! But you love 'em, right?!

3. Easy to Please- you have to be right?! I mean, when something is exclusive that means not just anyone can have it! Limited edition! Worthy! A true treasure! Reserved for VIP's! Clearly, you're easy to please and ANYBODY can have you AND get you off! They can make you "feel" good! They know how to show you a good time! But as Oprah said; it's easy, "fun" and great to have all those people riding in the limo with you, but where are they when you need a ride or catching the bus? (Don't worry...I'll wait!)

4. Greedy- they can't eat just one, they must eat the entire bag of potatoe chips! When they're done...yea; they feel like crap. Want to make up for it and beat themselves up but yet, like clockwork, the moment another opportunity arises (bag of chips) they're pouncing all over it!

The moral of the four: Grow some! If you're scared...go to church! Get secure in your own skin; you don't need anyone to validate you! Take a look around you! The people you can really, truly count and depend on...these aren't the folks you should cheat! The deserve faithfulness and loyalty! Give it!!

I'm out!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Today is the day set aside to honor and encourage all the fathers working hard, and holding it down for their children and families! ...Continued blessing, infinite favor and Happy Fathers Day!!💗 Especially to my dad! Nathan Cunningham! He's set a standard incomparable to match!

**Public Service Announcement**
Today is NOT the day for negative, toxic male-bashing, absent father slogans please put it away! We are celebrating fathers and father-figures! Make peace with yourself! If not for you, for your children and their children! Let go and let God! (oldie but goodie)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What EVERY Woman Needs!

"Every woman should have four pets in her life: A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass to pay for it all!"
-Mae West

Happy Thursday! Lol!