Wednesday, August 4, 2021


This daily motivation couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! 

It’s worth a screen shot if that’s your style. 

This is current events!

I left my comfort zone of, going into 17 years, because I needed to protect my peace at all cost. I wasn’t powerless, and neither are you if you feel at odds more times than not with a person or situation. You just have to use your power for good and cash OUT! 

That power I harnessed came at a cost. A bargain price of sanity, a little bit of anxiety, an entire expense of wonder, and tokens of change called perseverance; but in the end God took the tags off my peace and showed me there was NO value more comparable than standing on his promise! As a continual reminder God has the power to override the antics of Satan. Evil will NOT win. Evil does NOT win. 

I’m just grateful no matter how frivolous I may have been in the past, how cheap I was with my peace yesterday; God still SEES my heart! He looks from on high and still sees low!! He STILL offers me discernment! A discerning spirit to watch the company I keep and the words that leave from my lips! He is TOO good! 

He is SO good that our value has already been set by Him and no one can mark you down or clearance your gifts and talents! So I publicly say:

Thank you for the power to protect my PEACE


Staying prayed up in this next season!