Friday, December 30, 2011

My Last Thoughts of 2011

It's been good! I've enjoyed 2011. Learned a lot, seen a lot, done a lot! It went by fast, perhaps TOO fast, but it just reminded me that life ain't playing with me or you, yes YOU!
You gots to grab it by the balls and ride that mofo till the wheels fall off! (My mom and dad would be SO proud!)

We ain't making it out alive no matter what and how hard you pray, so in the words of Robert Townsend, "Give BIRTH to your ideas, goals and dreams!"
What you waiting on?! Loosen the ties that got you held up from obtaining your dreams! WAKE UP, it's time to make it happen!
Do it TODAY! Heck, but if you need a new year; let 2012 be your spring board!
Remember: Ideas DON'T make money, PRODUCTION does!

Many blessings to your success'
Khrystian Nichole

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vision Boards

Who's done one?! How does it work out for you? Truthfully, are you hitting those goals and seeing those visions?!
Inquiring minds want to know?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cliques (Are You an Individual?)

I never quite understood the idea of cliques in the workplace, church, organizations, yet alone as a grown man or woman, over the age of adolescence. For those that may not know, a clique is a group of people that MUST stand by each other no matter the cost, good or bad, through thick or thin. They ALL either love you or hate you and they most definitely can't be seen in public without the others.
It's different from a fraternity or a sorority in that; there's no financial obligations, community service, programs or policies in place. There's no intended goal, except to feel "wanted" or in the supposed "in" crowd or quite possibly like someone "has your back".
It's also different than just gravitating towards like-minded people! I'm not ousting any one and their friendships! It's not about being "friends" and even associates...No; this blog is strictly and strategically about individuals that are DEPENDENT upon their said "friends" for validation or justification.
Maybe in junior high, I'll even give you high school was it appropriate to have to 'call a friend' to make sure they'd be someplace in order for you to attend. Hey! It's quite possible you didn't have your own identity and were still seeking, indulging and molding it! But come on, in college, you were supposed to start exploring interests and taking classes or joining clubs, and networks to begin gratifying any and ever possibility you could so that (hopefully in a perfect world) once you'd graduate there would be a noticeable "personality" to you! You'd come into your OWN. Own mind, ideas, thoughts, goals, visions, desires!
30, 35, 40 and Lord help us all, certainly not over 45 should you STILL be seeking acceptance of others! Live your life. You shouldn't only go somewhere you're invited if, "you go too!" or as long as your friend is invited too, or you and your friend can ride together! It most definitely shouldn't be your concern who's on a guest list. Are you there?! Then, okay! Get up and go if you want, or don't go if you don't want; but for goodness sake don't rely on the opinion or "feeling" of someone else to get you there! *NEWSFLASH* we don't take our last breaths together and we're certainly not born together! Even twins have two separate times they're born*


I'm thinking you had to have had a mediocre to rough childhood and possibly having a foul current adult-life if you constantly feel the need to boast that you're "deleting" friends, followers or contacts!
My opinion: this world wide web has given us such great access to information and even greater ability to act a fool, if willing!
It's one thing to make a blanket statement about things you may or may not view on the Internet or within your parameters of the plethora of social media sites there are, but come on; who really cares if you're Not a friend?!
To publish that statement is simply childish! It's not like someone will lose sleep over the loss of your friendship! Ugh, I take that back, because one of the ten year olds I teach just might feel lost!!
On the flip side, why would you be upset if you lose a said friendship? People act a fool with each other every day. Whether faking and shaking in each others face, or letting you know...and everyone around you, just how much disdain they have for you! So be it! Stop wasting time and energy on having a thousand friends or focusing on if someone likes you or not. For those that feel like the click of your mouse gives you POWER...a power you've never had before, and I might add; a short-lived and pathetic power...carry-on!

I'll leave you with two things:
1. My Khrystian Tidbit:
Sometimes you have to cut people OFF and you don't owe them an explanation! They're weeds in your flourishing garden.

2. Notice the CORRECT use of lose, loss, lost! Each one, teach one!

Good day!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time!

Love, love and love some more! Some people are SO busy "posting" the true meaning of Christmas and judging everyone else's household, or counting someone else's bank account; they've forgotten to sweep around their own front porch!!
ALL holidays are man-made Dag! That doesn't mean people can't have fun in celebrating each one! You should be remembering the Reason for your Season of LIFE, point-blank and period at all times!!
The reason for this season is GIVING! Jesus gave His life up to take on our sins. He paid a magnificent price. He doesn't ask us to give up our life because the debts already been paid, but in reverence to Jesus we GIVE, willingly in the same spirit!
I've seen all sorts of rude, condescending and down-right ignorant posts this entire month! Whether it had to do with what some think of as expensive purchases, Santa, family, Jesus, faith, religion! I mean really, get YOUR life right!
When you were growing up innocently nobody made you feed the ding dang on homeless, instead of giving you gifts! You can do BOTH like most other well-balanced people in the world! It's perfectly okay for a two or four or six, heck, even 10 year old to still believe in Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! You didn't have a problem taking them to see Twilight, or Alvin and the Chipmunks, or the Muppets or Rio or Shrek!! Need I go on?! You probably put up a tree and hung lights, been participating in all the sales and accepted gifts from others; and I know you had your behind out for black Friday!
If you don't believe in the holidays or certain holidays don't participate in ANY! Don't eat BBQ on those man-made holidays offered to celebrate MEN and WOMEN you don't know! Go to work instead! Make sure to give FULL price for everything, don't partake in the sales!! Stop celebrating you birthday and don't accept anything else someone gives you! I mean seriously! You're ridiculous!
Don't deprive your kids, your family or yourself! Teach about the Good Lord at ALL times and not just when it's convenient of you to defy celebrating when others do!
Heck, I know the true meaning of Easter, and I know SHE'S a pagan god. I call and celebrate it as RESURRECTION SUNDAY, but when I have a child I'll let them take a photo with a bunny and they can egg hunt, because it's ALL in FUN! And no, they won't call it Easter Sunday, but they'll understand why! Not just that they won't! My parents taught me, and I'll teach my kids!
It just amazes me how you've lived your life...and all of a sudden, you're SO holy, you can't do, say or partake in, excuse me...partake in WHAT you don't want to!!
Trust me, regardless of my rant; I understand where you're coming from, but your zeal needs to be used for GOOD and not to tear down others!
With that said,
Merry Christmas to All and to All a good night!

The Help

So what I'm late! I really didn't want to see this movie at first! I get tired of seeing the misuse, abuse, mistreatment and outright hatred of anybody, never the less, a race of people that look like me! It still irritates me that Black people, no matter what ethnicity or racial background, can be so ignorant with one another. It saddens me that oppressed people can't ban together and FIGHT!
I look at the movies set in slavery times and I just know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that me with my slick-mouth; would not have made it out alive! I would've been trying to gather a revolution, run away, or kick some booty!!! I say that now, because I was born in the time I was born, but no one can truly understand or empathize what those people, even if it was a grandmother or mother, what a time like, The Help, could have been like! What really cooks my grits is that Black people overall, NOW, have the audacity to be racist with each other! Thinking skin-color separates us. When in actuality; if you're born BLACK, that's all White Folks see you as...BLACK! So get a grip! And get your life right!
I digress...
The Help, certainly wouldn't be placed on my "Top Movie" list, but it was certainly entertaining and slightly endearing! It certainly made some light of the struggles and REAL life of those that lived and worked at that time. Kathryn Stockard most undeniably got flack for her portrayal too, but hey; that's life! People will talk if you do or if you do not, so DO YOU!
My favorite character was in fact- Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly Holbrook, the town's racist and snooty ringleader! I LOVED her! Be mad if you want but she was convincing, crazy and confidently racist! A true depiction of my idea of White Folks back in the day! Without her....who would Minny have fed sh$t to!? LOL! That was the highlight of the entire plot!
Time for me to give a Khrystian Tidbit Reality Check: Say what you will and feel any old way about it, but we STILL have Hillys and Skeeters around, even in 2011 as we approach 2012. You work with 'em, shop with 'em, and are connected to 'em in some kind of way! They can't stand to see you coming, and will put on a happy face around you, but be careful out them; Black Folks (no matter how light or dark or what city you from or how much money you make) you're STILL the Help! Always will be! Oh, they'll invite you to their homes, or clubs and even place you in a great position at work, but mark my words...there's a reason! They just might have something to prove (things that make you go hmmmm) ;-)
Let me stop stepping on toes!
Progression is a Beautiful thang! Check the movie out if you haven't already or better yet, read the book too! Let me know what you think!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

With much love,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Favorite Holiday Movies

In the spirit of Christmas and the holidays, what are your favorite holiday movies? I usually begin watching mine during the week of Thanksgiving and don't stop until after the new year! Here are some of my absolute favorites in no particular order:
1. Home Alone
2. This Christmas
3. Charlie Brown Christmas
4. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
5. A Christmas Story
6. The Grinch
7. Christmas with the Kranks
8. Home Alone: Lost in New York
9. Prancer
10. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
11. The Santa Clause
12. Eight Crazy Days
13. A Very Brady Christmas


I don't know anyone that can't say abc's or don't remember, My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos being the easiest way to learn and MEMORIZE the planets in order from the sun! Somebody lying!!
There are actually people raising a generation and training educators to stop teaching these pneumonics and begin allowing the students or children to create their own.
Nothing's wrong with expanding creativity and knowledge, but to just send someone out into the wilderness ill-prepared is ludicrous! Some people just say dumb sh¥t without thinking and have the audacity to blame it on research! WTF?! Research didn't tell you that! Or better yet, show me this research...who was researched?!
Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Leap Frog, Carmen SanDiego; why you think they've made a killing over the years?! Place a rhyme of knowledge over a catchy beat, and see who won't remember it!

Married On Mondays

Mary B. Morrison's pseudonym, Honey B, wrote a book my book club chose to read for the month of November. Granted its not MY particular style of literature, but it serves a purpose!
It was slightly too pornographic for me, not to mention I didn't agree with all the adultery and fornication. It was realistic, in an unrealistic way.
It's a tale of three sisters, same age, same father, different mother all sent to live with their father at the same mid-teen age because their father was more financially stable than each of their mothers. Spending their earliest years separately; they gain the personality of their mothers. However, their values, morals and identities become shaped by their father!
Each women is established into their own lifestyle when the book opens; they, together, own and operate a bakery with only mentions of their father. The father is imprinted as some sort of wealthy, take-no-prisoners, won't allow his daughters to act a fool with each other, and won't allow anyone else to act a fool with his family- type of man! All three of the daughters definitely hold him to high-esteem and won't involve him in every day matters unless it's life-threatening. You may ask at this point, is the father apart of the story-line? Well; that's for me to know and you to find out ;-)
Back to the daughters, the main characters: One daughter seems to have the perfect marriage, husband is a partner at a law firm, another daughter is shown as the matriarch of the three sisters and holds herself and her husband, also a partner at the same law firm as the brother in law, in high esteem. The third sister is a "virgin" lesbian, that loves her partner as well as her man on the side! This dynamic makes for a huge mess that tangles all the sisters into a web of sure-fire destruction from beginning to end!
Each sister has a guilty pleasure, an appetite for money, lustful desires and a willingness to give ANYONE their greatest fantasies!
The life those three sisters live is a life I've never known or heard of; someone has, but not me. Each sister truly just wants to be loved for who they are collectively and individually and give love unconditionally in return! My favorite quote from the book was:
"Never marry anyone with little to give or nothing to lose."
That is TOO true! I'm taking that quote with me as I continue my love's journey!
In the book there was a location called, Fantasy Island. Now, for the purposes of this blog; Fantasy Island is exclusive to your thoughts or ideals. However, in the book it was a place of absolute pleasure for the intended individual. You could walk into a legitimate bakery and with the RIGHT order and standard price, set out for a life-changing appointment! An appointment you were sure to keep and not a soul would know about!
Because there were three sisters and only one Fantasy Island compound. Each sister used their "skills" and personality to create a "perfect" fantasy quarter! Each quarter unique and fit to suit a sexual style!
During our book club meeting we were given materials (various magazines, glue, scissors, construction paper) to create our very own "Fantasy Island" collage, based on the book of course. Maybe after you read it, you'll do the same! You may now be asking; what is the book about? Did the husbands know? Did anyone get caught up? Where are the mommas? What about the daddy? What does married on Mondays mean? Does the law firm play a role? You should be asking those questions...and MORE!

Happy Reading

P.S I've included my collage of Fantasy Island. Want to know what it all means? Read the book!

Khrystian Tidbits 2011

*Everything done in the dark does come to light! Be ready when it does!

*Sometimes you have to cut people OFF and you don't owe them an explanation! They're weeds in your flourishing garden.

*You can't teach what you don't know, and you can't lead where you don't go!

*Never marry anyone with little to give or nothing to lose!

*Apologizing just to say you were "the bigger person", does not make you the bigger person.

*Don’t promise when you’re happy, Don’t reply when you’re angry, and Don’t decide when you’re sad.

*Don't get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.

*If a prostitute and a ruthless business man can fall in LOVE...anyone can!!

*Practice what you preach and preach ONLY what you practice!

*When older people try to tell you how bad your generation is, remind them who raised, trained and brought it up!

Khrystian Nichole

Judge Not!

Seriously! People are posting, tweeting, writing articles and buzzing about how OTHER people spend their money and time. It's really not your business if someone stands in line for days to get something or not, or skips a bill to pay for something or not.
I wouldn't have even known about these issues had I not been reading other folks opinions on it! I'm just amazed at the hypocrisy I've been reading and hearing. Two things in my life, among many I've for sure learned; 1. A parents love will cause them to go above and beyond for their kids 2. People will usually go after what they want regardless of what you think or how you feel!
Before you go judging someone or adding and subtracting money from their bank accounts remember how you:
Participating in the madness of black Friday
Stand in lines (with your kids on a school/work night) to catch a midnight movie
Move/switch, not pay or pay late on your bills to get something else first
Deplete your entire savings to purchase a dream or create a new reality
Still give your child or children something for their birthday/Christmas/etc even after they come home failing or acting up in class
Went in the red or overdraft your checking account
Got a new car although you were upside-down with your old car
Eat sandwiches to save money or avoid eating out
Wear Christian Louboutin and drive a Honda civic (as Charles Grant said)
I mean come on, the list could go on and on! Stop judging other folks' walk! I don't stand in line or purchase these shoes that's causing this frenzy either, but good for me and those that don't! Those that do, enjoy yourself!
That's life! We won't always agree with someone else's values or choices, but it's not YOUR, yes YOU, place to judge!
Why you mad?!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall in Friends

I wondered why the phrase, "fall in love" is used. I've come up with my own validated reasoning behind it. Falling in love is synonymous with when you "fall" into something or over something or "fall" down.
Think about it! When you usually fall it's unexpected, exhilarating, jolting, scary, can be life-changing, etc and that's everything LOVE is and more!
Falling in love is great, but I feel people should "fall" in friends FIRST! Become good friends, best friends; friends before lovers!
Being friends first could possible cause each of you less likely to hurt each other or be reckless with each others feelings and emotions.
What do you think?

Doctors Office Beef

Why is it that you go into the doctors office and, with each visit no doubt, have to fill out paper work?
I get that on the FIRST visit they need to have insurance info, medical history, family medical history and current medications or ailments but good Lord; after the first visit, especially if you're the SAME person and it's consecutive appointments! Must they waste paper AND time having you fill out this nonsense?!
BUT here's the real root of my beef:

Never mind they make you sit and fill this info out CLEARLY-
They don't READ it!! I know this because you finally get back with the nurse and she comes asking the same questions that were on the "mandatory" paper!
My opinion! If you're going to ASK these questions, don't make me waste paper writing then down and if you want me to WRITE them down, don't ask me them verbatim! Dag! Common sense! The last office visit I went to, when the nurse asked me something that was on the paper I simply said, "I wrote it all down!"
My thing is; not only does the nurse ask you the same questions you wrote comes the doctor: "So you're allergic to aspirin?" Is that what it says on the paper you're reading? Isn't that what I told your nurse and she typed the info into that iPad looking gadget?! Hello?! But, I simply say, "Yes."
Well as you should know by now I try to offer suggestions whenever I have "beef". So here goes:

Having a generic form is fine, however ONLY current information should have to be filled out. For example CURRENT issues or complaints. Have it already in the computer your patients name, address, medical history and allergins! If something needs to be changed; have a place specifically for that.
Online options! Online check-in for paper work. Hello?! Go GREEN!

Khrystian Nichole

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

With the Christmas holiday rounding near many of us need those last minute gift ideas and/or stocking stuffers! And by last minute, I don't mean Christmas Day; I mean the week of Christmas! Here are some ideas I've come up with! These can be for family, friends or associates! Add to my list or not!

1. Cd/DVD/Book combinations
For instance: Sex And The City book, movie and soundtrack;
The Help, He's Just Not That Into You, Waiting to Exhale, Color Purple, etc

2. Gift Cards
Anywhere THEY love, not YOU love! LOL! Restaurants, book stores, specialty stores, iTunes, etc

3. Home Decor or Electronics
This requires a relationship of enhancement. The gift should be something they genuinely could use

4. Wine/glasses/cork
Nothing better than a tasty wine! A fun either personalized wine glass or a nice set conducive to that wine selection and an even more fun cork

5. Accessories
Glasses, hats, scarfs/glove set, JEWELRY, etc

6. Make-up
Or it's accessories

Now back to my shopping cuz' I'm JUST beginning!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Nothing like having some holiday cheer with friends!!! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Khrystian Tid-bit

Grow UP!!  Form your own opinions and fight your own battles!  Stop relying on cliques, crews, da homies, your goons, or WHOMEVER else you try and claim!! (That's sooooooo middle school...get a LIFE!)

Here's to the grown....and the SEXY!