Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beauty Pet-Peeves

Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder!  Here are a few of my beauty pet-peeves, inspired by a question provided on twitter!  BTW...follow me @DivaSexyCool08

1. Less is Best
-----Caked on make-up, overly done up hair, let's face it...too much of anything can never be good.  I'm all for glam and glitz and even over-the-top fashion, but there is a time and a place for it.  Maybe I'll blog helpful hints for time and place later!
2. Dirty Finger nails!!!! 
-----That is just Gross!!  It shows you clearly do NOT wash your hands...which speaks volumes about your character!  *True Story* I got up from the chair at a nail salon because the lady about to do my nails had dirty finger (natural) nails...Hold On Playa- where you going with those dirty finger nails?!
3. Bad Weave
-----If I can see your tracks, so can you! STOP IT NOW!
4 Lace fronts
-----Ain't nothing wrong with it far away!  And some people will actually be enhanced by the right lace front job...however; have you looked in a mirror?!  Cause that's NOT what's up!
5. Ashy anything
-----This makes me laugh, because (honesty time) I will only lotion the part of my body that I think will be visible, so if something happens where some other portion of my body that I did NOT lotion is showing I'm screwed and utterly embarrassed!  LOL!  Happens often enough, I'll just say that!  Ashy, crusty feet...eeewwwwww!
6. False eye lashes
-----The ones that look is supposed to be an ENHANCER, and most times beauty is a SECRET; that's where beauty secrets come from!  So, my question is: How do you go out of the house with caked on glue over your eyes?  Better yet; how can you see through that glue...your eyes seemed weighed down?
7. Matted hair
-----Especially on your face!  Gross!
8. Ghost-like make-up
-----If your face is five times lighter that the rest of your body...I ask again; DO YOU HAVE A MIRROR AT HOME OR A FRIEND IN THE WORLD?
9.  Dirty earlobes
-----Every time you wash your face, or shower and bathe; you should be cleaning your ears.
10. Chapped Lips