Saturday, April 6, 2019

Life 008

The beautiful thing about life is CHOICE! You get choices in life to live the life you imagine! Most people, especially in America, can take opportunities and turn them into a life worth living. Some people plan their life to the letter T and strategically make moves around that plan. Other people live by happenstance and as life comes to them they swing hoping for homeruns! A vast majority of people shall I say...? As in the Good Book of Matthew 15:27 (side-eye)
Life is unpredictable true and it’s our greatest test of faith but if and when you allow God to order your steps, you feel more confident in your decisions. 
What’s not a good look is making choices to suit your selfish desires and then expecting other people to make moves and “save the day”, pick up where you leave off, clean up your mess, or quite frankly; take over because you can’t, or won’t based on all the life-decisions you make. It’s inappropriate, disruptive to others peace of mind, and rather reckless. 
CHILDREN make mistakes because they learn, grow, and develop through their mishaps and mistakes. Adults can make mistakes too out of error or common misjudgment. But no grown adult, on the other hand, should still be unstable and carefree when they’ve been afforded various CHOICES for several decades of learning, development, and growing. 

CHOICE. It’s a little word used for making selections or decisions based on the best of options for your life. As a new mother I’ve learned that ALL my choices especially now, have to be determined with my child in mind. This will last up until she’s a productive citizen because it’s my priority to model and shape her into a beautiful well-rounded human being. 

Life is not always about being foot-loose and fancy-free. It’s not always about satisfying a self-soothing gratification. Now...are we free to makes that our choice?! Absolutely. But don’t pee on people and call it rain by living your “best” life selfishly and then expecting someone else to splash through your pissy puddles. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Friendship Rules vs Associates

This is a tragedy!
In college I had a group of girls that; it only took one time for me to know they weren’t “friends” to me. It was a night like most college party nights. I wasn’t with my normal group of friends, and I don’t really remember why. It could have been homecoming or some other big party weekend but the girls I spent that weekend with had solely become my associates strictly through our college associations. 
The particular night I recall;  I wasn’t inebriated however, I had been drinking enough. I wasn’t alert however, I wasn’t unaware. 
I lingered one too many times and in turn; they left me! 
I looked around and they were gone. It was dark. It was an outdoors party. And if you’ve ever been l.e.f.t. without prior knowledge that it’s happening it can cause a sudden panic to come over you once you realize you’re alone. It feels as if you hear no sound other than your own heartbeat. Everything and everyone looks unfamiliar. 
I felt that. 
I felt it for longer than I care to remember. However, thank God for grace and His covering.  The night didn’t end tragic, ruined, or even with a spot on the associations.   My friends, true or just simply DECENT...wouldn’t have left me, not even for a second without me knowing it or where they were going and undoubtably not without one staying or them pulling me  along with them. It just doesn’t happen! 
The girls, the chics, the crew, the clique, the ladies I call doesn’t happen! 
The other side of the coin would be to say friends aren’t “babysitters” and my reply would be, what kind of friend doesn’t check up, help, recover, fend, protect, care for, or have concern for another person that they deem a companion? 
So my heart goes out to this young lady’s family. Lord have mercy on the conscience of all involved. Speculations, misjudgments, and allegations, among other things, will certainly conspire but in the end this loss is troublesome and disturbing all around. God be with them all.