Thursday, April 23, 2015


There are several costs associated with being the best, good at what you do, or a master at your given craft. Whatever the situation or reason; you'll have them talking about you regardless-good or bad so give them plenty of ammunition! 
Keep being great and continue developing, transforming and last, but certainly not least; don't dim your light! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Conferences, Festivals, and Workshops oh my!

As an adult I've adopted the mantra of life-long learning. You learn something new everyday. Take what you learn and use it! I would be remiss to not receive formal training, or network with other professionals, or "pick" the brain of a successful person or groups of people I intend to model after. 
Conferences,festivals, and workshops work to build, not only relationships, but bridge gaps, define talents and refine gifts that you otherwise wouldn't receive without surrounding yourself with other like-minded individuals and professionals. 
Treat yourself to these events. Don't cheat yourself of the knowledge you gain from others' wisdom, trials and errors. Use someone else's platform to springboard and discover tips or tools to give birth to your ideas or nurture your development. 
Here are some GEMS I took away from my first Writer's Conference. Some I knew and when that occurs; it becomes life's way of assuring you are on the right path. Other new ideas and methods learned become gems to polish and use. As a published author, I've been approached on numerous occasions about becoming a writer, author; I've been asked about publication practices, and so-on and so-forth. Here you go in a nutshell (thanks Mr. Halliday for your expertise):
1. Writer's write! Just do it. Write anything. Everything. Your grocery list, a letter, a task list, whichever it is: WRITE! 
2. Have it your way. It's your work, not your editor, or the publishing house. Own it. Stick to the non-negotiables of your story and save compromises for how the story is told.
3. Keep your target audience and purpose in mind throughout the writing, editing, and re-writing process. 
4. Decide the how of your book-style. Will it be informative? Informing your reader or stating information, or is it for a particular group? Explaining how to do something.
5. Study, study, study. Your genre, writing styles, favorite authors, undesirable authors, words, content, etc.
6. Find your voice and perspective. Use your gifts because they're unique. You won't be Stephen King because God already created him just like He created you.
7. When using the element of surprise in your writing- don't forget it. 
8. Strategic order versus logical order. Begin with the end in mind and write leading your reader to it.
9. Watch superlatives! Watch frivolous words and cliche phrases. (My take away, for sure!) Edit your writing without intimidation to use strong verbs and concise language. There aren't gestures, intonation, inflection, or accents with written words. Reading becomes repetitive without ACTIVE verbs!
10. Be brutal when re-writing! Abort what's not good. 
11. It's not EVER as good as it can be! Don't ask? While writing keep in mind; is my voice effective and meant for my audience?? 
12. Trendy can be overdone. It's not new, as much as, it's popular. Stay above the trends. Be aware, but above.
Thanks HBU Writer's Conference 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Much Can Happen in Three Days!

Thank God for the Son! Happy Resurrection Sunday!