Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

That's all I can really muster up to say about this year...
Prayers up for a prosperous, joyful, and exhilarating 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013


If someone says they "may" do something for you, or "may" come and see you, or "may" have you over....I dont know; in my mind it seems as if what they "may" do is an inconvenience? Or am I overreacting...reading too much into it...or just plain ol' doing the most?
I just figure if you really wanted to do any of the above mentioned, or had any interest in any of it whatsoever; "may" wouldn't be the word I'd use.
I'm just saying...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Sad things is...it less than 12 days til Christmas and I'm not in the spirit at all (sad face here) I don't know why either! No day have I felt like getting in the crowds, hustle or bustle of shopping! I don't even feel up to internet shopping! Actually, at the the time I'm partially in the mood- when I'm leaving with rehearsing with my kids- I'm discouraged though to actually get in the parking lot of any store alone hearing all the tragic stories of young, old...hell; it doesn't matter, something's happening to any one going out to the stores alone! (Sad) 
Yes I have protection...mace, a stun gun, two stun guns actually...but who wants to even place themselves into the situation where they may actually need to use it?! 
I don't!
The roads are a mess! Traffic everywhere! Rude drivers! Yesterday:
I was driving to my second location and of course there was traffic. The red light had us at a standstill and this driver behind me had the nerve to blow at me to move up so she could get into another lane to pass by. I obliged, but first honked for the car in front to scoot up. My Texas friendly driver in front obliged as well. So here I am thinking I'm being a courteous driver and that raggedy heffa had the nerve to slow down beside me as I allowed her to pass with her window down saying some explicatives! As if I didn't just move up for her. Of course; I ignored her! Ain't nobody got time for that...I was singing along to my music! Her friend in the car must've agreed with me because she had her head down motioning for the raggedy heffa to keep it moving!
But do you see my point? I'm not in the mood! Point, blank, and the period!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grown Woman

Let's be clear:
Yoncé has been giving you hints that she's a grown woman for years now! I don't follow her lyrically enough to speak intelligently about the "demonic" references few are referring to, or the culturally "religious" credence she's been given but what I do know is all the hoopla over her supposed "too" explicit lyrics are ludicrous! Yes! They are a tad bit more explicit than some more previous albums but REALLY?! When did you ever feel her music was based towards a "family" or "tween" or "children's" audience?! It certainly hasn't been gospel or christian contemporary since Destiny's Child's Silent Night, Holy Night rendition! Even when she was with Destiny's Child...did you actually think young girls in high school, middle school and younger or what-not should be focused on a MAN that could pay their "Bills"?  On being "Bootylicious"? At that age is there room for concern of being "Dangerously in Love"? 
Get real! 
Having "Resentment" towards a man or needing and wanting a "Soldier"? Oh, my bad...it came out around 9/11 so you literally thought she meant a soldier in our beloved United States Army? What did you think "Check Up On It" meant...actually?! Checking on homework?! 
When has her performances or albums ever been kid-friendly? 
It must have been when she recorded "Baby Boy" or the duet between she and Luther, "The Closer I Get To You"? No; I got it! It was when she recorded "Ego" and "Video Phone" or when she told us all about sleeping in her mans "T-shirt"? Nope! My bad; it was "Dance for You." Better yet! "Love On Top"!?
Be for real! The woman has always used sexual prowess and innuendos when creating her music, lyrics, and performances. You LOVED it before! You've always LOVED it! Bought albums, shirts, concert tickets. 
For as much as I've known; she's always taken her actual experiences, thoughts, feelings, or inner conscienceness as most all ARTISTS do and created her work with it!
Now she's in her thirties! She been through some thangs, she's experienced LOVE, and all the emotions and side-bars that go with her specific love and she's creating her work with her experiences. Maybe it's "Déjà Vu" to you? Or maybe you felt those experiences were "Irreplaceable" and they'd never be spoken of but I think it's ridiculous that now all of a sudden she's "too" explicit or classless? Why? Because she's not just using the term bitch anymore? She's not placing a finger over her lips when cursing or giving a sly grin? She doesn't say the word over a bass or other riff-type sound, now she's extended the vulgar language to four-letter words of her choice? Has her "persona" now exposed you for the person you truly are and, although she calls hers "another character" you're who you really are? Now's not the time to decide whom you really "belong to" by osterisizing the artist! You knew it all along! 
By the way; her exploits are with her HUSBAND meanwhile some of you use her music as a background for your "many" boyfriends! Hello?! (Wow)
So, why are you really mad? We all will sleep well. Trust. No one really cares. I'm just wondering why it was ever discussed in the first place. Ok. Bye!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lumps on Logs

If you can't skate, don't attend a SKATE party.
If you're not going to dress up, don't attend the COSTUME party.
If you're not into games, don't attend a GAME night.
If you don't like to read, don't join a BOOK club.
If you don't indulge in meat, don't attend a BARBEQUE! What do you think they'll serve...only salad?!
Moral of the story:
If you don't participate in the required or, shall I say, specified activity, regretfully decline. You serve no good purpose watching everyone else partake in the said activities. You tend to make others feel uncomfortable ogling and onlooking. Seat holders are only useful at award shows, and even then; they ask you to clap, cheer, and stand at particular times. I'm just saying; it's annoying to the other guests and especially the host if and when you don't participate after saying you would by accepting the invitation! It's a sure-fire way to never be invited again! After all that is the point of extending an invitation, you know? The request that you WILL participate or at least...what's the word: ATTEMPT!


How you invite some one over and they end up having to supply the food, drinks AND entertainment?! Really? 
It was YOUR big bright idea! Everyone was minding their own business!

All GREAT Things Come in THREE's!!

I've had yet another excellent birthday! It was the first birthday I didn't spend with my Ganny, so I did, at first; think it would be horrible and emotional. It was quite the contrary! Although she's no longer here physically, I felt her spiritually :-)
Originally, back in August, I had another idea of exactly how I'd plan my birth DAY party (parties) but that plan was quickly dismissed when another person I exposed my idea to during my planning stages, took it. Now, I'm not naive enough to think I'd have the idea first, last, or anywhere in between; but it was a deep side-eye situation and I've learned my lesson (I'll just say that) 
Needless to say; everything happens for a reason and my THREE-part (and then some) birthday went on without a hitch! 
There were a few people that were on my nerves, slightly, because (my opinion) they're not "used" to the spontaneous type of fun-loving girl that I am...yet! I mean, yes, I plan...in detail...but there are times...I don't! Either way...fun will be had by ALL! I think they get it now! Lol! 
Happy Birthday to Muah!! 

She's another year GREATER!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013



How dare I have to be on a liquid diet for a day?!!!!! ...and ten hours?!??!

I'm starving! 

I want a baked potato, French fries, roast, rice and gravy, a hamburger...with cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard and ketchup, lobster, green beans, blueberry muffin, banana nut bread! I'll take some pizza, blackened fish, pasta, fried chicken wings, a salad...loaded! Put Italian and ranch dressing on the side; I'll figure it out later! Give me pepper jack cheese cubes, a ham/turkey sandwich, chicken and dumplings,...NO SOUP! I'll have some bread pudding, lasagna, spaghetti with every meatball, chocolate covered strawberries, a banana split, steak...it don't matter the cut! Slice of cheesecake, ribs, pork chops, macaroni...the kind my mommy makes, egg rolls, shrimp fried rice, an orange, some whip cream, in fact...give me fruit salad, chicken salad, potato salad, smoked boudain, steamed crab!  I just want some FOOD!!! NOW!



To be standing in the same spot, doing the same thing, never actually achieving anything is a curse. It's some type of curse to also be chasing your tail, like a dog would! 
Now, the question remains; what do you do to change your current situation?
The answer is what makes you a conqueror, a mighty warrior in the world we live in, or a coward...a victim of what lies in front of you. Which do you choose? How do you choose? 
You only get one life...on this side...so make it count!