Monday, March 26, 2018


When God says must GO! Don’t walk, don’t stutter-step, and most importantly don’t look back because you are sure to fall down.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The REAL in REALity- Mindless Rant

It's been a whole while since I blogged about reality tv.  So here it is in a nutshell.

I've enjoyed Married to Medicine this season.  It has been intensely real.  Dr. Jackie has big decisions to make and women have been making them for decades.  Nothing new.  Quad is tripping.  I'm not in her shoes, and clearly she doesn't want to be either.  I don't advocate divorce, but she doesn't seem to love...or at least like Gregory and I'm sad for their relationship every time they have conflict.  I just know it stems from her not wanting to have babies.
I miss making fun of Lisa Nicole...where is she? LOL  Heavenly is one of those chicks in high school that you just don't have time for with all her antics. And Simone is still screaming lol

Atlanta Housewives just is.  I did agree (for once) with Linethia Leakes.  They should stop asking that married woman about Tyrone.  Once was for television, twice to add the drama, third time and beyond; you're about to cause problems at home and there's really no excuse for it because whether they had something going on in the past or not...they don't now.  He's with Sheree and she's married to Greg.  Speaking is Sheree totally smitten and in love this season, when she was just trying to rekindle a relationship with Bob?  She was even talking about moving him into her house.  Did we all forget? Kenya is all too proud to be a wife, and I'm about sick of hearing about it.  Kim should just permanently dismiss herself, but then who would the ladies band against?  I would say poor Porsha but that girl is making money hand over she got it!  I still say...Marlo needs to write a book honey!

Beverly Hills are rich women whose husbands take care of them drama.  I still watch it to see the fashion and real estate.

...Really those are the only ones I invest my time into watching during this season.  Which do you watch?  Leave a post about it!


Side Chucks

This has obviously always been overshadowed by the side chick, but there is an increasingly large population of men that revel at the desire to be "in a relationship" with married women.  I'll call them side CHUCKS.  You know how badly I wanted to call them the rhyme of chicks, but...come on...this is a family show, and I try to be as decent and in order as humanly possible as often as is necessary :-)

I was asked to be a panelist on a discussion of women including; wives, singles, and side chicks.
...I got to thinking...

There is always controversy surrounding the side mean...chick.  SHE is always on the receiving end of scrutiny, even though the man in the said-relationship is actually the guilty party to the betrayal.  SHE gets all the air time, songs written and dedications, plays surrounding, and movies chronicling the lifestyle.  SHE even gets a voice on a panel to speak in hopes of getting some sort of vindication.
But the side CHUCK is REAL.  He lives.  He breathes.  He miserably lives in the shadow of a woman's husband.  He hopelessly slick-talks these men's wives and desperately sexts them all the while she's actually with her husband.  He outrageously courts other men's wives and make futile plans when he thinks her husband is away. He undresses her in his mind and vividly embraces her through depressing visions because more often than not, she's never leaving her husband for him.
He may never want her to himself either.  He's the weak-willed, lazy type that you wouldn't want to marry either way because in the end there would be an upsetting loss.
Honestly speaking, if not just for myself, I would have never imagined men would want married women.  Not just desire, as in, "I'm attracted to a woman and she happens to be married", or "I never officially had my chance with her and now she's married so I'll wait on old dude to mess up", but actually...wanting to on the phone...court...sleep with...whichever is clever when her husband is not around! 
Just writing that makes me sick to my stomach on both ends of this disgusting spectrum.

Call it naivety, but I thought if nothing but for the simple fact of that egotistical macho fa├žade some men put on; surely they wouldn't want another man's wife? Hunty!  I was wrong.  They are desperate, disgusting, and damaged.
There is really no excuse for men OR women to do it.  I'm just here to blog the reality that is: Some men and women prefer to be side pieces and it's not exclusive to one gender as so often depicted socially.