Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tray 1 Week 2

I only have a few more days until I'm on Tray 2!!! Excitement!
I FINALLY got comfortable with Tray 1 and it's time to change! Go figure! But you know what? That seems about right. A few tips:
I DID have to file down the edges of my aligners with a nail file. It safe. It's normal. They may get rough and dig into your gums and/or jaws. If this happens...just file! But carefully. You don't want to pay for replacements. Simply carefully file the edges smooth, until they're comfortable to your bite. If filing doesn't work; you probably just need to make an appointment. Lol! Not being funny...for real. 
I didn't bother with taking mine out for clear, or non staining drinks. Meaning no red or dark colors. I did follow directions and take them out for warm drinks! There goes my daily morning coffee! 
I DID chew ice with them...well Sonic ice!it was still real good! I have a problem....I know! 
I DID brush and floss after every meal no matter what; which made eating inconvenient. I like that, because I want to lose some weight though.
Ok! There's my Tray update! Bye, bye 

Days 1-3 Tray 1

First day was great! Tight...but right! I was uber excited about the entire process...attachments, aligners, the whole shabang!
Days two and three have been a bit of an adjustment. Discomfort and sensitivity. Just say...it's Invisalign, but they are still, In Fact, braces! Lol. Here I am...first day...big face! Lol

Sunday, May 25, 2014

¡Painting With A Twist!

I've been wanting to get my feet wet with a painting class, cooking class, etc forever! Time and opportunity just never quite presented itself at the perfect collision. I never was quite sure if I wanted it to be just family, a combination of family and friends, a couples activity, all girls....I just wasn't quite sure. I knew I wanted it to be a memorable and easy-breezy occasion. That! I was sure of. After seeing several different subpar paintings posted, I finally settled on one class that I was certain would be a hit, well; to my kind. The kind that'd like to try something "new", least of all "different". I invited a few people that are usually looking for "something" to do on the occasional, inviting Friday night. An after work, wind-down out of the mundane routine of drinks, dinner, movies, or clubs. So, after I saw the calendar for an after-hours Friday night, couple or single painting class, with the cute wine glass or beer mug option; I thought it was perfect. Gives folks time to enjoy their perfectly good Friday, and allows them to come...if desired. 
I sent out texts....not to everyone I know...but to people, like I said that's always inquiring about my Friday plans. 
We had a GREAT time! We brought in dip, trays, and drinks! I mean...it IS painting...WITH a twist. It moves fast though....so u gotta pay attention! If not...Who really cares!? You pay a measly $35 for a painting, YOU paint, to hang in your home, memories to share, and a fun, relaxing (only if you're NOT a perfectionist lol), bonding experience, and if you're like my group...you even meet new people! All in all; I give kudos.  I can't wait to go back! 

Hold Me in Contempt

By Wendy Williams was pretty good! Had me glued to it like was watching an episode of Wendy Williams Shows segment of Hot Topics. Turning the pages or reading from chapter to chapter was the much anticipated return from commercial breaks. 
If you know Wendy, well are familiar with her knack for giving juice and serving tea...you could imagine her book not straying from the same imaginative, intriguing details either. 
Although everyone in my book club rated the book a FOUR against my FIVE; they felt the book gave too many insignificant details and had a slow start. I thought the details dwindled at the end and, sort of, ended abruptly. Or...I should say; it seemed like she looked at page numbers towards the end of writing and said: let me finish this already! Lol
For me; I enjoy details. I enjoy visuals. I want to be engaged....place me right into the nucleus of the characters brain, life and what's going on. So, I was okay with some details. Although, I agree; some things left you saying, "Ok! What's the point of telling me that?" 
It's not, by far, the best book I've ever read, but I'll certainly blog about it...which in essence is telling the world. 
Check it out yourself and let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

B Angie B I don't Want to Lose Your Love

I LOVED me some B Angie B honey! I'll STILL shake a tail feather to this song!

Allow it...

This is SO relevant...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Things That Can Annoy the Hell Out of Me...and Promptly Get Your Ass Cursed Out!

-Rushing me on MY time!
-Ignoring me over and over again!
-Antagonizing me!
-Overly criticizing!
-Hidden agendas and ulterior motives!

I'm quite certain you have a few also!