Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Black History Saga

I see it every year! We're getting further and further away from reality. People say, "it's the past...forget about it...heal from better...move on..." 
When you lost a loved one did you MOVE on?! Did you forget about them?! It's history!! There's a story there. It's a legacy! It really is (in the dramatic words of Angela Bassett) an immutable FACT- 
They died so we could LIVE! 
They sacrificied so we could prosper!
They suffered so we could enjoy simple freedoms!

No one has the right to diminish the hard work and unparalleled injustice of our past ancestors...Black, African American, Negro...whatever "new" phrases  you want to call my heritage of people. They persevered and this new generation NEEDS to know the sparse rights and freedoms and certain justices and privileges they have now didn't come easy or without struggle.

It straight up pisses me off (sorry mama) when someone tries to dull that pride...that promotion...that admiration WE as a people, and by people; I mean humans, attempt to give. NO it is not the same as your sexual stop saying it! It is human rights! 
The following, in and of itself, is annoying-
I LOVE(s) my heritage...Lord, knows I do, but you have got to FACT check these Black History facts please that are posted as truths! (rolls eyes here) We live in an era where people think of the Internet as truth!! These young children (30 and under) (Yes! I said THIRTY) are googling and looking up, by way of the Internet, information that is truly a lie or a satire and they don't even know what the word satire means! (Sad! It truly is) then, if that weren't the icing on the cake; they pass it along as fact and attempt to invoke revolutions and hashtags that are just as incoherent as a belligerent drink walking the line after a night of binge drinking. They are untruths that no one has truly researched. They may be funny as satire but not funny when "exposed" as truth. The legacy is real and shouldn't be exploited or taken for granted. People can be mad at me if they want for speaking the truth, but honestly you need to do better. Educate yourself on truth and don't perpetuate fiction when it comes to a legacy and history of an entire race of people! 

Here is a site of ACTUAL facts...what has he Internet done to us?!