Thursday, November 28, 2013

Words Have Meaning

Have you ever found yourself taken aback by the words someone says or writes? Good or bad? Words have meaning. Words have power. That's why it's important to watch what you say and almost just as importantly...HOW you say it!
There's someone in my life whom uses words (in a great way) to their advantage however; as kind or as generous as the words may "seem" this person always ruins it by their actions. We all know and have been taught: Actions speak louder than Words. 
I'll leave my comments to that. Actions speak louder than Words. There's really nothing left to say.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

No matter the circumstance practice being thankful for where you are and what you have in life! Remember practice makes PERFECT! Enjoy your day with food and family❤️


Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Man Holiday

I get it! I really do...they needed a REAL reason to come back together again after all that went down during the first installment of the Best Man! I understand! It's real difficult for a man, especially, to look past and willy nilly accept an "apology" and continue on a "friendship" like family with another man whom bedded your wife down...and to add insult to injury, he's the best man in your wedding, and then to add about a pound more salt to your wound; you find out through a book he's making money off of. Then, even after all that, everyone in your circle knows before you! So yeah, I get it alright! Lance is a better man than most! But hey, love is an invitation to crazy (as Ernessa T Carter says it in her book) and love will make your behind do some strange thangs (not things LOL)!  
So on to the Holiday; I liked it! I enjoyed it even! I went with a large group and the theater was packed considering we went on opening night! However, I'm not quite sure I could see it again, eventhough I need to in order to really hear every single punch line and/or get every single aspect of the movie I may have missed the first go around. Thing is...the film hit way too close to home for me...and although it's most people's reality and YES, it had a greater tone than extreme sadness...and YES at the end and even throughout it was, actually, (in a mature person's mind) a celebration of LIFE. It was still too soon for me! I as, the 35 million other people that saw the film that weekend, went through an abundance of emotions. I'm not sure I would've went through as many emotions (phyically) had I not had first hand experiences (twice) with what the film exposed to us. 
But in the end; that's what makes great cinema! Art imitating life; life imitating art! So, kudos to Malcom D. Lee and the entire cast and crew! Life isn't all peaches and roses and every aspect of our lives won't always be 100% percent...but it's always a blessing! And Malcolm D. Lee does an impressive job of illustrating those concepts through film in both installments of the Best Man! I'm looking forward to Three! What's in store for Lance (L Boogie), how will Harper and Robin be doing? Will Jordan make it work with her new boo or will work consume her as always, and like so many women in this day in age she be left serial dating and in dead-end relationships? Can Murch and Candy endure all that come up against them since they married not fully knowing "all" about each other? Is love enough? When will Quintin and Shelby stop monkeying around and actually get together and raise their child together (side-eye)? Yes! I believe that's their child together! I wouldn't be surprised if Shelby wouldn't be the reason Quintin doesn't get married to anyone but her. If he attempts to marry someone else...Shelby will spend half the movie trying to get her man! After all; that's the only real reason she'll eventually leave Murch and Candy to their happily ever after! 
Well, if you haven't seen it yet! You're late! Get it together and go and support! If you have, share your thoughts! 

Happy Holidays!

Great Season, Not-So Great Hands

I'm just saying the Fall through Winter season is great and I'm a all for it, but what I'm not all for are the GERMS! YUCK! 
Sneezing, wheezing, running noses, coughing, etc., etc., etc.!
"People" are bad, this season more than others, about their germs! Not washing hands and what-not!
This is the season where it's chilly out and everyone wants to snuggle and or stay warm. They'll attempt this by hugs, even if it's the sideways-church's still a hug and germs are atill transferred! Because, most people, don't readily carry sanitizer and/or tissue around with soon as they sneeze or cough it's either with an open mouth spreading germs like wild-fire at about 20 miles an hour OR they wipe the germs, which were placed into their hands onto their clothes OR they've sneezed or coughed into their shoulder, sleeve, or pants. These same people will hug, shake your hand, or give you dap.
Get my picture?! YUCK! This season is YUCK! Lol! 
I still love it though!
Keep it safe! Keep it clean! No bacteria! No germs!! Wash those hands...and clothes real good! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

32 Candles

A book by Ernessa T Carter, her first book actually. I quite enjoyed it and found myself pleasantly tickeled throughout the page-turning thirty-two chapters. 
Without giving too much away- 32 Candles was nostalgic and reminiscent of 80's movies mostly starring Molly Ringwald...well the official "Brat Pack" of the Eighties!  In my honest opinion; it also coupled the thriller Carrie, not with such chilling allegations of morbid actions and plot lines, but with hints of sordid overtones and themes. The book did however, pay homage to the Nineties film, Fatal Attraction. 
Most times during the plot, the author, makes her references to any outside influences known and uses them as catalyst to further develop the story, other times if you consider yourself a movie buff, as I do, and clearly like the author; you recognize quirky indirect suggestions to otherwise well-known films in the Eighties and Nineties. 
After fully reading the book my rating out of five; I give this book a strong five! I enjoyed it and I believe you would too! 
My only advice to you, that I've taken from the book, would be; "Don't accept the invitation to crazy...unless you really want to!" (said with a wink and a smile) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buzz Word

I'm sorry and I certainly don't mean to be insensitive to those that have experienced bullying in any form or fashion. I have the upmost empathy for you, as any form of verbal, physical, or mental bullying is outright wrong, humiliating, and could cause serious psychological long-term effects. 
I must. I'm obligated. I'm led to put out there however, that "some" of us have taken the term to an entire different level. It's ridiculous! You, if you have experienced or made these claims are, in fact, making a complete mockery of the seriousness of those affected by bullying! 
Bullying is defined as the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or impose domination over others with forms of aggression. The behavior is (often) repeated and habitual

Bullying is not: 
1. Looking at
2. A "perceived" insult or rude comment
3. Not being "friends" with
4. Disagreeing
5. "Accidentally" doing anything to you 
6. Getting shoved or pushed in a small, yet, crowded area 
7. Debating or Confrontation 

The list could go on, but these are some of the "bullying" tactics said individuals are using to make a mockery of a serious matter.  A more timid individual or quiet individual is no more a "victim" than an outspoken individual or boisterous individual is a "bully"! 
Building "intimidation" in your mind or feelings of inferiority is your own insecurity rather than everyone else around you is victimizing you. Ralphie in A Christmas Story got bullied. The Karate Kid was bullied.  Your child is not getting bullied because another child doesn't like them. 
Children make do adults! 
Children hurl remarks and sometimes insults...especially in do adults!
Children do adults!
Children do adults!
Children do adults! 

The point of if all is that life won't always be lollipops and gum drops! Everybody won't always think your idea is the best. Everybody won't always like working with you. Everybody doesn't want to be your friend. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone won't want to sit by you...especially of you stink! Everyone will acknowledge our differences. Everyone won't understand our differences. Everyone isn't born on the same level and everyone won't die on the same level. There is a season for everything and everyone. 
If you walk around believing everyone is on your are sadly mistaken! There are lions crouching at our doors! 
I'm not telling anyone that it is ever ok to be bullied, or accept bullying....if it is indeed bullying! But what I am saying is chill out with the use of the buzz word. There are really people experiencing terror daily from abuse: mental, physical, verbal! 
Lay off the caffeine! Stop taking all these "medications" for nerves or other created disorders that cause anxiety, tension, stress, heightened anything else. Get out the house! 
Exercise more! Build your own self up! Stop the expectations from others! And if nothing else...PRAY!